Hairstyle ideas about oval face – Find perfect haircuts for oval face shape

Oval faces are comparatively longer and wide. Forehead and jaw line have almost the same width and the chin is rounded with no hard lines. Oval faces are widest at the cheekbones and can be suited with numerous hairstyles. In this article, we will go through some lovely hairstyle options which you can choose from if you have an oval-shaped face. These are not just to help yourself style better, but also to rectify the mistake you had probably been doing all through the years. Suiting hairstyles with face shapes are important as when they complement each other, they make both the features look better.

Best shoulder length wavy hairstyle


The length of the hair matter’s when you go to style your hair. You should choose the hairstyle that best suits for your face shape. The wavy hairstyle for oval face shape can add extra volume and can draw out your cheekbones. This makes an oval face look slightly rounder and can rather than lengthening it. Thus, you should make waves work on fine hair and can also add volume at the hair roots.

Boho waves hairstyle for oval face shape


The Boho hairstyle is the classic look with an each side fullness and is the top of a little bit lifted, which helps to balance out and has a great look. The bone straight style would accentuate her longer face frame. This is best and can get a roughed up texture look. The hairstyle looks a mist to your hair with a beach spray that is loosely curly with a large barrel curling iron. This can run your hands through it.

Side swept layered wavy hairstyle


The oval face shape looks longer that it is wide and cheekbones are slightly wider with forehead than chin. This is better and don’t fear if you think you should fit that bill with the face shape and is the most versatile when it comes to pull off a whole host with different hair looks. The brown hair beauties mostly tend to opt for long tumbling styles and so other things that you can consider is when trying to find the perfect hairstyles for oval faces. Thus, the A line side fringe and messy curls are perfect for adding shape to an oval face that is around the cheekbones.

Wavy polished texture hairstyle for oval face


The best and stylish hairstyle that is because as it looks softening. This is better and helps to look as a third day wave that she just brushed out and looks great. This will add texture by spritzing a thickening spray to your roots. This is one of the best before you blow dry and wrapping random sections of hair. Thus, this hairstyle is better and simpler with hair around a large barrel curling iron.

Classic bob

Classic Bob

The classic bob hairdo gracefully falls on an oval face and makes you look good. If you have medium-length hair, it is time to switch over to something that suits your face. This hairdo will not only look to make your facial features expressive, but also get better prominence. Have you medium-length straightened and then slightly curved for the bob. If you have fringes fall on the face, it just adds some more grace to the look.

Fringes with messy waves

Fringes with messy waves

Fringes really compliment oval faces. Since oval faces are long, fringes hide the forehead zone and make the face shape look a little smaller. If you have medium to long hair, you can try to opt for fringes in front. They not only make you look good, but let you carry a nice style regularly. Part your hair from one side. Let the heavier section let the fringes fall on the face. Let the rest of the hair fall in front. Now have it nicely waves and unevenly combed. This will give the messy effect and make you look adorable.

Top knots

arrives at the Myer Autumn/Winter 2013 collections launch at Mural Hall at Myer on February 28, 2013 in Melbourne, Australia.

When you want to let your oval face flaunt the best, you should try out the top knot. Topknots are not like the usual buns, they make a huge plump on the crown zone and that alternatively leaves an effect on your facial features. To compliment both of these you can try this hairdo, as it does suit the oval faces. Has your hair nicely straightened to make a neat top knot. Brush your hair to the back and then roll your hair to create the knot. These would surely look good with casual clothing.

Fringes with puff

Fringes with puff

This is yet another example to assure you that fringes look good with oval faces. This lady has lovely hair and her fringes fall on the face. This is with the help of letting the front section fall in front, while the rest has been back-brushed for the puff. Have your hair sectioned with a way for the fringes of the side bangs and then brush the rest back to create the puff. Let the rest of the hair fall down naturally or have it slightly waved up.

Straight hair parted from the middle


This is a medium-length hairdo which is easy to do and can be followed for regular times. If you are growing your hair from medium to long, this is one hairstyle which you can stop with, in between. Have your hair nicely straightened and part from the middle. Now take small sections from both the sides and pin them up behind the ears. Let it flow in front as it is. It will not fall on the face due to the pinning up process.

Side parted ponytail

Side parted ponytail

The picture makes the girl look really adorable and pretty. The pair of eye-glasses she carries adds some more charm to the look. To follow this hairdo, have your hair nicely straightened from root to tips. Part the hair from the one side and up the crown zone. Take the entire hair around the nape of your neck and tie a ponytail. Make the ponytail fall of the heavier side of the sectioning. Let some bangs falling on the thin side to make a look a little better.

Middle-parted messy hair

Middle-parted messy hair

This hairstyle happens to be really intriguing. People might think that it looks like that, naturally, but you would have to bring in a lot of effort to make it look how it is. Has your hair nicely washed and then use a curling iron to unevenly wave your hair. Use a comb and run it up and down through the strands. Let the messy effect come in after which you can part the hair from the middle. Pair this look with casual clothes and for casual occasions.

Half up straight and half down curls

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This is also a hairstyle which you can try with your oval face. This is not just manageable, but also gives you a lovely finish. Have you had nicely washed and then straightened entirely. Put it from the middle and then use a curling iron to wave up the last 3-4 inches of your hair. Have them nicely sectioned and then styled. Let the hair fall in front equally and down both sides of your shoulders.

Chinese fringe with messy waves

Chinese fringe with messy waves

You can also opt for the Chinese fringe hairstyle and not the regular one. This one will have the hair in front, chopped off just above the forehead. This will make you look really nice and make your facial features to grab more attention. Let the rest of the hair fall down equally from your shoulders. Now use an Instyler to curl up the hair messily. Have it combed to make it look unruly. This hairstyle will make you look sexy and different!

Side-parted and back clipped waves

Side-parted and back clipped waves

Has your hair nicely waved up in horizontal sections. This will not make the hair look very curly, but just slightly waved. Now, let the bangs in front fall on the face, while you part the hair till the crown zone. Let the hair be neatly brushed at the back and then clip it up. Let the hair fall down from the heavier side of the partition.

Straight or wavy hair for oval face shape



If you have straight or wavy hairs then, it will be good to go to the edge of the layers. This will spotlight in some specific areas of the face. So, cut your hair with layers up to the cheeks or lips or chin. It may depend upon your feature you want to highlight. This is the best way to get a very creative with the way you cut your layers to fall on that has around the face. You can also try with pairing bangs that are a length that hits at the collarbone. It is simply a portrait, just like a frame up to your cheekbones. Try side swept bang and a crisscrossing angle to reach a natural, beautiful look with different hairstyles.

Long wavy layers with simple look


You can have long layer hairstyles with straight hair to get a gorgeous look. Try this long layer that may cover to start at your chin. So, you need to hit your face on your chin. It helps to style your hairstyle frame of your face shape perfectly. So, it is better to wear a longstanding hairstyle with simple layers hairstyle on any western dress with simple accessories. It is easy to wear and looks pretty.

Try simple soft waves for oval face shape


You can try some simple hairstyle for different look. Try this soft wave’s hairstyle to give a unique look and identity with a beautiful hair. This wavy shape has a skimming fringe and lusciously beautiful hair that gives an amazing stylish hair that looks luxurious. You can try his thick brow skimming fringe hairstyle with your hair. So, get with a soft wave that is masses of texture and has a clever layering that can fall below the jaw line. This helps to prevent the style from becoming weighed down hair.