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Best eyebrow shaping tips – How to shape eyebrows

Eyebrows play a very important role in revealing the appearance of the face. Well-groomed and well-shaped eyebrows highlight the features of the lady. The correct shape of the eyebrows that would suit the face should be carefully determined by a professional.

Touching up your eyebrows is one of the most subtle ways to highlight your face. The right shape can make you look thinner, younger even happier. You need to trim eyebrows from time to time, especially to people who have bushy, big and very thick eyebrow.

Most people confuse eyebrow trimming to shape. It is recommended that you first trim them before you can shape them or apply other brow makeup. Trimming eyebrows at home can be very time and cost effective.

The first step to trimming and shaping your own eyebrows is to brush them into place so you can judge where you might want to do some trimming and places you’ll want to avoid. This gives you the shape you desire and the look you want to leave the trimming and plucking to whatever might be outside of the stencil you’ve made for yourself.

Now that you’ve got a basic idea of your desired eyebrow shape, you are now going to take the eyebrow brush and brush your eyebrows up toward the ceiling as much as you can; sure you look a little crazy for the moment! Once you’ve got your eyebrows brushed upward you’re going to take your tiny trimmer and carefully trim the ends of your eyebrow hairs; trim as much as you need to for you to be satisfied with your eyebrows.

Now, make it happen by brushing it into place and filling it in with an eyebrow pencil, powder and or gel.

The most important trick to doing this is to trim just a little bit at a time, you can always take off more but you can never put more back on. Trim a little bit and then brush them back to a natural state so you can see what you want to do next, if you want to trim more or if you’re satisfied with the results you have. The growing process isn’t that long (about two weeks) so if you do slip does not worry, just grab an eyebrow powder or pencil and keep it handy for you to be able to fill in with.

Trimming your eyebrows in a dimly lit room can result in you trimming off way more than you realized or than you expected.

Eyebrow solutions for different face shapes


Oval: Face gracefully tapers toward the chin, wider forehead, prominent cheekbones and an ideal face shape. Goal to maintain this ideal oval face. Solution generally a soft angled eyebrow shape would be best maintained this ideal oval face.

Long: Face gracefully taper toward the chin, a Bongated feature from forehead to chin and some have prominent chin. The goal is how to make a long face appear shorter. The solution is a flat eyebrows shape. Its horizontal line would stop the viewer from seeing the elongated face, instead makes it appear to be shorter.

Round: Face width and length almost the same and widest at the cheeks. Goal to make a round face appear to be longer. The solution is that a high arch eyebrow shape. It’s up & down lines would draw the viewer’s eye up & down and lengthens it. It creates more vertical lines as you can avoid rounded brow as it makes the face more round.

Square: Forehead, cheekbones and jawline almost the same width, square and bony Galen are prominent features. The goal is to soften balance the strong jaw line. Solutions depend on the curved eyebrow shape and then add more angles to create balance. The stronger and move bony the jaw line is the more angled brow shape should be created. A defining sharp peak at the top of the brow makes it appear longer.

Heart: Face strongly tapers toward the chin, shin tends to be pointy and the forehead may be a prominent feature. Goal to soften/balance the strong pointy shin and may be the prominent forehead. Solution forehead may be the widest of the face. Depend on how prominent of the forehead, start first with a low arch, round curves brows, then adds more volume to it as it adds more length to the forehead as well as balancing the pointy chin.

Diamond: Face highly angular and somewhat bony. The widest at temples, not as common compare to others. Goal to soften the whole face and makes the widest portion less wide. The solution is a curved eyebrow shape. Its curves will soften the angled face and reduce the widest part of the face temples.

Steps to determine the shape of one’s eyebrows

Step 1:  The innermost beginning of the eyebrow is determined by holding the tweezer vertically on the outermost part of the nostrils up to the eyebrows.

Step 2:  The middle part of the eyebrows are determined by holding the tweezer horizontally. Both eyebrows should be of the same height

Step 3:  The end part or tail of the eyebrow is determined by holding the tweezer diagonally from the outer part of the nostrils to the outer part of the eye.

Mark these portions with a pencil and remove the extra hair from all sides. The head of the eyebrow near the nostrils is broader than the tip of the eyebrow near the corner of the eye. The middle part which is in the form of an arch is the broadest.

Guidelines for filling the eyebrows

Steps 1- Filling of the eyebrows should be done with a shade lighter than the original color of the eyebrows. It should be started with the head of the eyebrows with light short strokes.

Step 2— the middle part of the eyebrows are the most dense and should be filled gently.

Step 3—the tail of the eyebrows is the thinnest which crosses to the outmost corner of the eye.

Step 4—Brush the eyebrows with a spoolie brush to blend the pencil marks with the natural hair.

Grooming of thick eyebrows

Step 1—Pluck out the extra hair around the natural line of the eyebrows with the help of a tweezer. Always move the tweezer against the grain.

Step 2- Tweezer and remove the extra hair from above the eyebrow arch.
Step 3- Thin excess hair from the temple can be removed with the help of a razor. The excess hair on the forehead can also be removed in this manner.

Steps to perfectly groomed eyebrows

Eyebrow raise for a beautiful look

Touch up your eyebrows that is one of the most subtle ways to highlight your face. This is the most important task to set out with an outstanding look. An eyebrow can overshadow with a set of fantastic features that are not to mention and take a week to grow out. This is best and an eyebrow can expect the fancy look. Try arches looking eyebrows with a clear and neat look.

Gathering eyebrow making tools

Gather your tools that you need for your eyebrow shaping and is simply with a brow pencil to fill out the sparse areas that an eyebrow brush, slanted tip metal tweezers and grooming scissors for a perfect eyebrow shape. This helps to get the perfect eyebrow shape that can add a beautiful look with shaped brow.

Map with brows

The best and important this is to map out brows. The best to find your natural brow shape is by thickness. Thus, let the brow out you for a month to get a better look. Hold the brush against the side of your nose at the side of your nose is its tip rests on your forehead. Thus, the brows should begin where the edge of the bris. The perfect eyebrow shape adds more beautiful look on your face. Try to get the better eyebrow shape from the well experienced beautician to get a natural looking face.

Trim out extra hairs

This is another best way to trim the extra hairs. Use the brow brush and sweep brows up toward your forehead. Thus, the grooming scissors, and snip strands of hair for longer than your natural brow line. Thus, the brush hairs back to a natural position.

Tweeze your brows

Tweezing is best to stand out a foot from the mirror, pluck the hair in one row of hair on the bottom of brows. The nose to arch to temple. Thus, it is better to pluck always in the direction of hair growth that helps to prevent ingrown hairs. Pluck the hair stray along to get a natural beautiful look.