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How to prepare Carrot curd pickle – Carrot grate perugu pachadi recipe

Carrot is one of the commonly available vegetable which contains rich source of vitamin A. This can be called with different names like carrot raita, carrot thayir pachadi, carrot perugu pachadi and carrot curd pickle. I usually prefer to eat raw carrot to improve the vision. People use this vegetable in biryanis, fried rice, salads, soups etc. Sweet taste of carrot and color of it attracts the food lovers. Those who don’t like to eat carrot directly they prefer to have a carrot juice.

Carrot curd pickle is one of the tasty dishes which we can prepare easily for a meal. Carrot grate is used to prepare this yummy carrot perugu pachadi. Mixing of curd with carrot gives lot of benefits like consuming of this dish can control the heat of the body at the same time carrot is well known for vitamin A, so it’s good to have at least once in a week.

Eating of this crunchy power food (carrot) gives lot of health benefits like improves vision, fights from cancer, gives beautiful skin, works as antiseptic, healthy and glowing skin, prevents from heart diseases, cleans the body and gives healthy teeth.

Curd is an all time healthy and useful food. It is health promoting, valuable and highly versatile therapeutic food. Curd is well known for its refreshing taste and smoothness. Some of the people use to buy the curd in markets but the taste will be different from what we prepare at home. If you want to prepare a tasty and thick curd then use perfect buffalos or cows milk in which the cream is not removed from the milk. Than milk curd is reported as a better nutritive value. Curd contains calcium and phosphorous that is more assimilated. It is eaten with salt or sugar.

Mixing of this carrot and curd not even gives a tasty dish but also well for health. Use fresh curd to prepare this carrot curd pickle. The output of this dish would be so colorful and is eye-catching. Children’s like to eat this colorful dish with more joy. Enjoy preparing this mouth watering pickle with our cool recipe. How to make shows you the step by step process in an image format for you quick reference.

Carrot curd pickle

How to prepare Carrot curd pickle


  • Carrot grate – 2 cups
  • Curd – 4cups
  • Onion – 2
  • Green chilies – 2
  • Salt (required)
  • Poppy seeds – 2tbsp
  • Turmeric – 1 pinch
  • Red chili powder – 1tbsp
  • Oil – 2tbsp
  • Curry leaves

Step 1: Take fresh carrots. Peel off the skin of carrots neatly.

Step 2: Now wash the carrots with water by taking them into a bowl.

Step 3: Take the grater and grate the carrots nicely.

Step 4: Chop the onions and green chilies and keep a side.

Step 5: Keep a vessel on stove. Add oil to it.

Step 6: Let it heat in low flame.

Step 7: After oil getting hot add poppy seeds.

Step 8: Fry them till they become yellow in shade (2 minutes).

Step 9: Now add onions and green chilies to it.

Step 10: Fry it for 2 minutes. Add curry leaves also.

Step 11: Now add carrot grate to the mixture.

Step 12: Mix well and add turmeric, red chili powder and salt.

Step 13: Fry all the mixture nicely for 5 minutes.

Step 14: Turn the stove into a low flame. Cover the vessel with a lid.

Step 15: After 3 minutes turn off the flame. Keep this a side.

Step 16: Take a solid curd into a bowl.

Step 17: Beat the curd with spoon or beater till it forms into liquid.

Step 18: Now add the curd into the fried carrot mixture which we prepared before.

Step 19: Mix well so that the curd mixes with the carrot mixture.

Step 20: Tasty carrot curd curry is ready now. Garnish with coriander leaves.

Note: If you like you can add raw onions pieces to the curry for better taste.
It can be served as a relish or side with rice or roti. Carrot grate will give sweet taste when you start eating. It just takes only 10 mins to prepare this dish. Easy and quick recipe within ten minutes.