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Home remedies for psoriasis

Psoriasis is a complex chronic skin disorder that occurs as hereditary or through the lifestyle modifications. It occurs as red, dry, inflamed, dark flaky patches on the skin. It mainly occurs on the knees, elbows, scalp, lower back, neck, knuckles. Overexposure to sun, overweight, drug therapy, over alcohol consuming, stress conditions, may also lead to occurrence of psoriasis. We cannot control this completely, but can control to some extent by following some of the home remedies. Here we are discussing about tips to control psoriasis.

Baking soda

Baking soda controls the itching of scaly scalp/skin. Mix 1 1/2 cups baking soda into bucket water and apply onto the itchy patches with a fresh and clean cloth.

Epsom salt

Applying this salt also reduces the swelling and itching of the scaly skin. Having a bath with this solution gives a better relief.

Olive oil

Mixing this oil in the bath water along with the milk will relieve you from scaly and soaring psoriasis. Mineral oil also used for sharing and itching skin. Having a bath with this oil gives soothing effect. Gentle massage of warm olive oil onto the scaly scalp softens the skin and gives much relief. Having the regular shampoo later helps to wash out the oil. A gentle massage with the vegetable oils reduces the stress and pain caused by psoriasis. If any irritation persists still avoid massaging.


Make a habit of doing yoga daily for 20 minutes. It reduces the stress, pain, itch of psoriasis. It also increases the motility of the extremities if there is a psoriatic arthritis. This makes you comfortable from pain.


As the fish cartilage contains more protein and carbohydrates. This helps to minimize the psoriatic pain. Fish contains omega 3 fatty acids that help to reduce the skin diseases. At least try to eat fish oil supplements if you cannot go with fish directly.

Gluten-free diet

The gluten rich food   like wheat, rye, barley, and oats contains the inflammatory agents that may lead to pain. So check out the food containing gluten before taking it.

Aloe vera

Application of this aloe vera juice thrice daily gives a great relief from redness, scaly and inflamed.


As we know turmeric powder have an antiseptic properties can be used in many skin infections. Application used in many skin problems. Apply it thrice daily over the affected area gives a great relief.


This gives a good relief from inflammation and rash. Apply its oil onto the affected area. Having a bath of oatmeal is the best therapy for itching rashes. A warm oatmeal bath is best in case of serious rash.

Avoid exposure to allergens

Avoid exposing to allergens like dust from an air conditioned room. Avoid using artificial creams because they may also contain some of allergens that cause rashes. So check out its expiry while using them.

Tulsi leaves

As we know basil leaves are easily available in every home holds a great medicinal value. This paste is prepared and applied on the affected areas. This relieves from inflammation. This is used more effectively in healing many skin diseases.

Tea tree oil

This oil has antiseptic properties help in the reduction of inflammation. Apply it over the affected areas leave for some time and wash it off later. This relieves from pain. Care to be taken because some people can cause allergic reactions due to this oil.

Red chilly

Chilies contain the capsaicin, which helps blocking nerve terminals that cause pain. This helps in reducing the pain. Inflammation, redness, scaling caused due to psoriasis.

Daily oil bath

Having a shower twice in a day helps to remove the dead scales and inflamed skin. Adding oil, oatmeal to the water bath makes a clear, and pain relief skin. Hot water flush and harsh soaps are avoided as they worsen the condition.


Drinking more water helps in retaining the moisture from the skin and prevents drying. So make a habit of drinking at least 8 glasses per day helps to get relief from itching and inflammation.

Use moisturizer

As the skin becomes scaly for a psoriatic person, strong ointment based moisturizer should be applied when the skin is moist after a bath. This prevents water to evaporate from the skin and thereby the patient may feel relaxed.

These tips can be easily followed at home and can overcome the pain caused by psoriasis.