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Natural home remedies for blackheads | How to get rid of blackheads on nose

What are blackheads?

The black spot like thing lying underneath the skin on your face. When the pores get blocked with excess oil and dead skin cells, these blackheads appear. If the pore is open, the skin cells are in touch with the oxygen and hence, turns black. Many believe that blackheads are a result of exposure to dirt and pollution. The blackheads can be removed very well at home instead of a beauty salon. Let us take a look at a few remedies.

Blackheads cause

  • Black head is caused due to excess body oil that is secreted under the skin.
  • Black heads causes due to excess sebum at the time of menstruation or while using a birth control pill.
  • Black head can be due to the reaction of some drugs.
  • Stress may also result blackheads. Improper cleansing also leads to blackheads.
  • Cosmetic with chemicals also rich in the skin and causes blackheads.
  • Stay away from smoking and alcohol, or caffeinated drinks that cause blackheads.

Home remedies to remove blackheads

Fenugreek seeds to get rid of blackheads on nose

Fenugreek seeds are best and is the simple home remedy for blackheads. Prepare a thick paste by mixing fresh fenugreek leaves with a little amount of water. Mix them well and apply it on the affected area. Let them dry for about 10 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. Repeat this home remedy. This helps to eliminate blackheads and is used regularly for long-term results. If this doesn’t work for you, then you can consult a dermatologist.

Sugar and olive oil for blackheads

The mixture helps to treat acne problems. Prepare a mixture of 1 teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of olive oil. Mix them well and apply it on the affected area. Apply this mask on your skin and leave it for about 1 minute. Rinse it off with clean water. Make sure not to rub it on your skin. If you want, you can also add some lemon juice for better results.

Green tea solution to remove blackheads

Green tea is the best to concentrate clogged pores of your face. Green tea is rich in antioxidant that can diminish oils and irritation on the skin. Add serves to secure it from future harm. Small dark obstructed pores can cover your face. Brew green tea that helps to ostracize the zits for good. If you want to apply this solution, you need some items such as one saucepan, drinking glass, soft towel, gentle face wash, cotton ball and 2 bag green tea. Fill the saucepan with a mug of water. Heat it until the water gets boiled. Remove them from the container and place 2 green tea packs into the water as well as let them steep for 30 minutes. Place the green tea mixture into another glass and let it chill for one hour. Rinse your face with a tender face wash or baby cleanser. Rinse them well and pat it dry with a delicate towel. Take a cotton ball and wet it with chilled green tea. Dab tea onto the clogged pores all over it. Leave it for about 15 minutes. Rinse your face with cool water. Pat it to dry completely. Apply some skin moisturizer and repeat the process for a week for better results.

Effective home remedy with egg white mask

Egg whites are rich in nutrients and are good for the skin. This mask can actually tighten the skin pores, which prevents further appearance of blackheads.

  • Separate the egg white from the yolk. You will need 1 egg.
  • Cleanse your face. Place the soft tissue paper on the egg white and carefully put it on your face. Let it dry. With your fingers, apply egg white on the tissue, place a 2nd layer same as you did with the first one. When the mask is dry, peel the tissues off and wash your face.

Natural home remedy with honey and milk

Honey has anti-bacterial agents and milk softens the skin. Using the combination of this makes the skin supple.

  • Mix a tablespoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of milk in the ratio of 1:1. Heat this mixture for 5 minutes.
  • Wait for a few minutes before you apply to let it come to a comfortable temperature. Apply a thin coat on the black heads, place the cotton strip and wait for 20 minutes. Peel off the strip carefully and wash with cold water.

How to get rid of blackheads with lemon toner?

Lemon juice acts as an excellent astringent as it contains acidic properties and its skin-lightening property helps in lightening the color.

  • Extract lemon juice and store in a bottle. Dab the cotton and apply it to the affected area before bedtime. Leave it through the night, wash off with lukewarm water in the morning. Repeat this process for 3 times in a week.

Cinnamon and honey for blackheads

Cinnamon and honey together treat the black heads.

  • Take cinnamon powder, add honey to it and make a fine paste.
  • Apply a thin layer to the blackhead and cover it with cotton, leave it for 5 minutes. Rinse your face with normal water. Follow-up with an application of moisturizer.

Baking soda and water to prevent blackheads on the face and nose

This is an age old remedy.

  • Take baking soda in a bowl. Add water to it and make a fine paste.
  • Massage your skin evenly with this paste.
  • Wash off with water and pat dry followed by an application of moisturizer, else the skin gets very dry.

Sugar scrub to moisturize

Sugar is a natural exfoliating agent. It removes dead skin. A combination of any of these oils i.e., jojoba oil, grapeseed, olive, or sweet almond oil makes a good scrub.

  • Take 1 cup of sugar, 4 tablespoons of jojoba oil and mix well. Store it in an airtight container and keep it in dark and cool place. Stir before you use, take it onto your finger tips and massage on your face in a circular motion. Rinse with water, followed by an application of moisturizer.

Steam to clear clogged pores

This is one way to open up the pores and remove the blackheads.

  • Boil the water in a container. Cover it with the lid so that the vapor does not escape. Cover your head with a towel and lean on the container, take the steam. When done, wash your face with warm water, clean the blackheads with the towel. As usual, use a moisturizer after this procedure.

Mint toothpaste removes blackhead overnight

  • Mint toothpaste helps in clearing the skin. Apply a thick coat and let it dry. Use a wet cloth to wipe and remove the blackheads.

Best tip with turmeric and mint juice

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Turmeric helps to get rid of blackheads. Turmeric is best to treat all skin and health problems.

  • Add mint juice to turmeric and make a paste. Apply it to the area where you have the blackheads. Leave it for a while, wipe it with a wet cloth and remove the blackheads.

Tomatoes to remove black heads

Tomatoes are rich in the property of antiseptic that is effective and is used in de-clogging your pores. Take a tomato and mash it into smooth paste. Apply this paste on face and peel it off when it gets dry. Concentrate more on the areas of the nose and face where you find blackheads. If possible, you can stay with this pack all over the night on your face. This pack helps to dry up blackheads and naturally fall odd from the surface of the skin.

Epsom salt packs for blackheads

Epsom salt is a great source to ease sore muscles. This helps to remove blackheads. Epsom salt can be used in the treatment that it dissolves the dead skin and oil. Epsom salt pulls the plug out and can clear clogged pores. Start by exfoliating your blackheads and baking soda helps to remove dead skin on it that cleanses process. Take one teaspoon of Epsom salt and mix it in a half cup of hot water. Add 4 drops of iodine into it. Mix them well and stir it until the salt gets dissolved in the solution. A Massage with this warm mixture on the affected skin until the blackheads dry completely. Rinse your face with warm water and pat it dry with a clean cloth.

Oatmeal packs to get rid of blackheads

Oatmeal pack helps to get clear and natural glowing skin. Oatmeal is used to remove dead skin cells and soothes irritation. Take 3 tablespoons of oatmeal and soak them in yogurt. Blend them well to remove blackheads. Add one teaspoon of honey and four teaspoons of tomato juice into that paste. Mix them well and use this paste as a scrub. Apply it on face and leave it off for 10 minutes. Repeat this process daily for clear skin.

Alternatively, prepare a paste with 3 teaspoons of yogurt, a few drops of lemon juice, 2 teaspoons of oatmeal, and a few drops of olive oil. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Apply this paste on your whole face and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it off with water.

When it comes to skin, it is again dependent on your eating habits and lifestyle. If you are more of a person who eats outside, then such skin issues will be a recurring one. Your appearance is always a projection of the inner self. Eat healthy, stay happy, keep your skin and health issues far away!!