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Home remedies for stomach bloating | How to get rid of bloating problems

Stomach bloating is a type of stomach irritation when you feel full and tight due to the development of a in the digestive system. This makes the stomach region unstably swollen. Bloating is joined even by many other diseases like pains, looseness of bowels, shortness of the breath and even pain in the lower back. There can be various other reasons for bloating like peptic ulcers, anorexia, even nervousness, smoking, water maintenance, air gets caught, acid reflux and some important main reasons are premenstrual disorder, menopause and  peevish gut disorder. A very decent approach in diminishing the bloating is empowerment of passing gas and even the solid discharge.  The bloating and gas problem can disturb your daily routine in some or the other way. Try walking, exercising, yoga, eat healthier and lighter food, and take care of cleanliness, these are just a few things we can do to avoid abdominal bloating. There are some straightforward remedies for abdominal bloating which are as follows

Home remedies for abdominal bloating

Caraway seeds for abdominal bloating

Caraway seeds are carminative that helps to prevent buildup of gas that aids in quick expulsion. The caraway seeds have antimicrobial properties that help to eliminate bad bacteria that causes gas. This also allows good bacteria to thrive and can promote proper digestion. Chew a pinch of caraway seeds several times a day to relieve from bloating. If you don’t like seeds, try caraway seed crackers. Alternatively, crush 2 teaspoons of caraway seeds and put them in a cup. Add some hot water and let them steep for about 10 minutes. Drink them regularly.

Eat anise seed to prevent gastric problem

Anise seed is rich in anti-spasmodic properties. This keeps you relaxed for your digestive track. This has a tendency to react to stress in an unpleasant way. The relaxation helps in cramping. This also carminative with a fancy way to say that it can expel pent up gas and can relieve the bloating that goes with it. But, you need to check with your doctor. But, parents with colicky babies said that providing anise seed in water can often times to bring relief to their children.

Garlic to cleanse stomach problems

Garlic helps in easy digestion and is similar to those in turmeric results. They help to stimulate the gastric fire in the belly that helps to alleviate gas and bloating. You can use fresh garlic in your cooking as much as possible and is added with some ground up garlic to any one of your other teas as well for extra benefit.

Asafetida to reduce abdominal swelling

The best and most beautiful spice is that your digestive system is regularly used in Indian cooking. Thus, asafetida is strong enough home remedy for gas and is definitely worth trying. This helps to keep you healthy. Take some water and ground asafetida to form at thick paste. Apply this paste and rub it on the stomach. Leave it for about 10 – 15 minutes. Rinse it off before washing it. You can also notice your gas problems vanish quite quickly with this natural home remedy.

Fennel seeds for bloating problem

Fennel seeds are very extremely viable for the digestive issues like bloating due to their diuretic, pain decrease and even work against microbial properties. Fennel seeds help in assuaging bloating by unwinding muscle fits in the digestive tract.

Bite on a couple fennel seeds in the along with major supplier.  You can also try like drinking hot water with fennel seeds for this include one teaspoon of fennel seeds to some boiling point water. Cover and permit it to soak for 5 to 10 minutes. Strain it. Have this tea a few times each day.

Peppermint to get rid of gas

Peppermint comprises of menthol oil, which has coolness properties, and have a concussive impact on the smooth muscles of the digestive tract. It fits in the gastrointestinal tract, bile pipe and even the gallbladder. It has likewise cooled fart and helps sustenance go through the stomach rapidly.

You can bite on crisp peppermint leaves for alleviation from abdominal bloating.


Soak a peppermint tea sack in heated water for around 15 minutes and intake this tea twice a day.

Ginger to get rid of bloating

Ginger no doubt can be understood as the herb which be utilized to lessen the gas and bloating in the stomach.  It comprises of few dynamic types of fixings which may include sharp mixes gingerols and shagoals that help to decrease pain and irritation in the digestive system and also unwind the intestinal muscles.

Take five to six pieces of ginger in a glass and then add little warm water to the glass. Cover the glass and let it soak for almost 10 to 15 minutes. Also include honey and lemon juice to it and then drink it up at least thrice a day.

Chamomile tea for bloating problems

Chamomile tea is one of the very successful alternative in getting rid of bloating. This tea can be grown at home too and is very good for stomach issues as it has convulsive properties that help in the alleviation of stomach and help in the acid reflux also.

Heat some water to the point of boiling. Empty it into a glass containing one chamomile tea sack. Cover and let it soak for 10 minutes.  Crush out the tea pack and include some lemon squeeze or honey as wanted. Taste the tea gradually. Have this tea a few times each day between dinners.

Pumpkin to treat stomach bloating

Eating pumpkin has a great approach as it forestall undesirable bloating and gas and is best for stomach related issues. Pumpkin is best because it comprises a proper measure of vitamin A, potassium and even fibre that is an assistance in absorption.

Including only one measure of pumpkin to your dinners can help make a smooth digestive stream and lessen gas. You can steam, heat or cook it, or incorporate it as a fixing in your formulas.

Abdominal Bloating is sometimes dangerous as it may disturb the daily activities and exercise of life. Yet with this home remedy you can withstand the upbeat the stomach.  If the condition is incessant it is advised to eat light food and consult a specialist for further inquiry. Try these home remedies for almost a week, so that bloating cannot knock your door and disturb you in your daily activities.

Fennel seeds to relieve gas

Fennel seeds work well for digestive problems. It has properties like carminative, diuretic, anti-microbial. These seeds relax the muscle spasm, thereby, relieve bloating.

Chew a few fennel seeds after the meal.

Take one teaspoon of fennel seeds, add it to a cup of hot water. Cover it for 10 mins, strain it and have this tea. Drink this tea 3 times in a day for relief.

Bananas to reduce bloating

Bananas too can help reduce the bloating and the gas. The potassium regulates the fluid levels and reduces bloating.

Add it as a snack or in your salad, anything is good. It helps soothe the stomach.

Lemons to cure stomach bloating

Lemons are rich in Vitamin B and C, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, proteins, carbohydrates. All of these help in digestion. Acidic property of lemons stimulates the  hydrochloric acid, in turn breaks down the food.

Mix lemon juice in warm water and drink this solution on an empty stomach to treat the stomach bloating.

Yogurt for gas bloating, flatulence

Yogurt is good for anyone, it gives relief to the stomach. It contains potassium, riboflavin, potassium, iodine, zinc, and Vitamin B5, B12. B12 helps in maintaining red blood cells keeps the nervous system functioning properly. The protein helps in absorption of water by the intestines, thereby improving hydration.

Exercise and diet for gastric problems

Exercise is a very effective tip to reduce this problem. Walking, jogging, swimming, cycling are all good and quickly release the gases.

Diet is an important part of our lives. Avoid foods that accelerate the stomach to bloat. Fruits such as apples, prunes, oats, dairy products, broccoli, lentils, cabbage, sprouts, corn, whole grain products cause bloating. Take the diet rich in potassium such as mushroom, spinach, nuts, tomatoes, etc. Avoid fried and spicy foods. Take a lot of leafy vegetables that help absorb the fluid in the intestines. Avoid beverages such as carbonated drinks, stay away from smoking and alcohol.