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Natural sore throat home remedies – How to soothe sore throat

Most people are affected by sore throat. Even if you are old or young or kid’s sore throat is really bad to bear. Since it’s caused by a virus and we don’t know any solution other than our doctor we end up with a pack full of antibiotics, but still sore throat will not go in a week or so even if you consult the best doctor. And antibiotic tablets are really not good for health and why do we go to doctor for all these simple things when we have the remedy to cure it at home.

Sore throat can be cleared without taking heavy antibiotic dosage, but with some home remedies.

Home remedies for sore throat

Cayenne pepper to treat sore throat

Cayenne has a chemical compound, which is called as capsaicin that can temporarily relieve pain. Drink warm water with cayenne that make you feel better and is involved with hot peppers in any way, shape and can searing throat that seems to help it. It accomplishes by hindering a substance, which can transmit pain signals to your brain. Thus, the throat discomfort is quickly recovered with cayenne. Take ½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper and add it to a cup of boiling water. Mix them well with honey. Drink it throughout the day and make sure to stir it frequently, as a cayenne that can tend to settle. This is the sensitive spice to reduce the sore throat.

Fenugreek seeds for sore throat

Fenugreek seeds help to give an instant relief from sore throat pain and inflammation. Prepare a gargling solution by using fenugreek seeds, which is more effective to treat a sore throat. Fenugreek has a mucus dissolving property. Take two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds and add them into six cups of water. Boil them well for half an hour. Let them cool to room temperature and strain the solution. Gargle the solution 3 – 4 times a day for better results. In the next time, you can reduce the sore throat with these home remedies to be better and thus, the sore throat lasts for more than two or three days.

Chamomile tea to prevent sore throat

Chamomile tea has natural soothing properties with its oldest herbs that are used medicinally to condition your sore throat. This has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and astringent properties. Simply, you can inhale the chamomile steam that helps to relive the symptoms of cold that includes sore throat. Drink chamomile tea that offers the same benefits and can stimulate the immune system that aids in fighting against causes of sore throat.

 Wheat grass to get rid of sore throat

The best and a good source of sore throat is wheatgrass juice. The quick rinse and spit with this chlorophyll rich liquid helps in prohibiting bacterial growth. This helps to ease throat pain. You should hold this in your mouth for about 5 minutes. Wheatgrass juice helps to revitalize weakened gums and stop toothache pain.

Gargle is best

It seems to be too old for the new generation, but the fact is old is always gold. Gargling gives quick relief from sore throat.

  • Take a teaspoon of salt and add it in hot water. Make sure the temperature of water is something which you can hold in mouth to gargle. Why salt in water is best is because the salt has mild antiseptic property. It helps to draw water from the throat mucous membranes, thus phlegm can be cleared. That’s the reason why the saltwater gargle is the best homemade remedy for sore throat.
  • Take half teaspoon of baking soda and mix it in a glass of warm water and gargle with this solution one time a day. It also gives relief from sore throat.
  • Boil some basil leaves in water and remove the leaves. Now gargle using this for 2-3 times a day it also gives better relief for sore throat.
  • Gargle with juice of Aloe Vera juice for sore throat. But do it only once a day. And it’s not advised to do if sore throat is due to cold.

Honey reduces pain

The antibacterial property of honey makes it good for the treatment of sore throat. Honey is a homemade remedy for many things. Honey can help to reduce the pain and swelling.

  • Take a teaspoon of honey and mix it in hot water and drink.
  • Take a teaspoon of honey and add it to tea made of herbs or dried ginger.
  • You can also directly consume ginger and honey for better results.
  • Make lemonade not like normally, you do in cold water. This one make in hot or lukewarm water and add a teaspoon of honey and mix well and drink 2 times a day. This will help in getting complete relief from sore throat.

Garlic relieves from sore throat

Chew the dried garlic to get relief from sore throat. Since, garlic has antibacterial elements, it gives quick relief.

Vitamin C fights against infection

Whatever is the reason of your sore throat you can get a speedy recovery from it if you take Vitamin C three times a day. Because sore throat is because of a virus and to fight infection and get better immune system Vitamin C can help. Don’t take over dose as it has a chance of getting diarrhea.

Vaporizer / Humidifier

The lining of throat gets dried due to the atmosphere of your room. So running a cool-mist humidifier or vaporizer in your room will help you out with it.

Breathe through nose

Natural way to humidify the air that you are breathing is by using your nose to breathe. Some people have the process of breathing through the mouth. It leads to a sore throat.

No smoking

The lines of the throat will break with the cigarette smoking and it will result in sore throat so avoid it.

Change tooth brush

Switch to a new toothbrush if you are repeatedly getting a sore throat because reason would be the bacteria’s in your toothbrush. Bristles of toothbrush will get caught with bacteria’s to make sore throat repeatedly.

Herbal tea to prevent pain

  • Make black tea lightly and add pepper powder a pinch and crushed dried ginger and lemon and mix it with a teaspoon of honey instead of sugar. It will serve good for sore throat.
  • Make black tea and when the water boils, add the dried blossoms of chamomile and drink it. You can drink this like 3-4 cups a day.

Apple cider vinegar with honey to reduce sore throat quickly

Apple cider vinegar is used to prevent health, beauty, and skin issues easily at home. Honey helps to remove a bacterium which causes food poisoning. The bacterium is known as infant botulism. This causes sore throat or allergic reaction in adults and mostly in children. Take 1 tablespoon of honey, and apple cider vinegar. Mix them well in 1.9 liters of hot water. Stir them well and drink this solution frequently to get rid of sore throat. Also make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water. This helps to lubricate with soothing liquids. Drinking plenty of water can prevent dry and irritated throat.

Drink warm liquids to prevent throat infection

Warm liquids help to reduce the pain caused due to sore throat. Drink warm liquid such as herbal tea, plain tea without any caffeine ingredients, warm water with honey, and hot soups. Hot liquids help to prevent sinus mucus. This helps to feel better and can also decrease stuffiness. You must keep yourself hydrated mostly when you are sick.

Ways to reduce sore throat with lemon juice

Lemon juice is the best natural home remedy to treat sore throat. Take a lemon and squeeze juice from it. Mix freshly squeezed lemon juice to a cup of warm water. Add 1 tablespoon of honey into it. Stir them well until the honey gets dissolved in water. Drink this juice frequently to get rid of sore throat. Take 1 spoonful of honey and 1 spoonful of lemon juice. Mix them well and drink it. This is the fast and quick natural home remedy for sore throat.

Turmeric best home remedy for sore throat

Turmeric has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This is used to treat sore throat that can be caused due to bacterial infection. Take ½ tablespoon of turmeric powder and mix it with salt water to gargle. Use this solution to gargle several times a day to reduce sore throat.

How to get rid of sore throat with cloves?

Cloves are rich in properties such as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. This helps to prevent sore throat. Take 3 teaspoons of clove powder and mix it in hot water. Mix them well and use this solution to gargle. Repeat it several times to remove sore throat and its pain.

These are easily curable things with homemade remedies. Now for sore throat don’t knock your doctor’s door now you have the table of medicines in your home.