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Home remedies for breast enlargement | How to increase breast size

Desires are many, but we are gifted with a few. Wondering what I am referring to? Each woman has her own way of dressing and at some point in life, she might be dissatisfied with the kind of bosom she has. Some get pretty conscious about the outlook and try out various things. Many fail to understand that everything is genetic and nothing can be changed. Some even go to an extent of going under the knife for silicone implants to have a perfect figure. Even though the silicone implants have come into existence, they have many side effects and it also needs maintenance, it is not a one-time affair. Do you think it is necessary to go through all that pain? Here, I will share those age old remedies for natural breast enhancement.

Home remedies for breast enlargement

Onion juice to enlarge breasts

Onion is the simple home remedy to increase breast size. Take a fresh onion and blend juice from it. Add honey and turmeric to it. Mix them well and use this mixture to your breast. Apply this mixture to breast and gently massage. This helps to increase breast size and can firm your sagging breasts. For better results, apply this mixture at night and rinse it off in the next day morning. You can have it until you can bear the smell of onion. The onion mixture massage results good. Repeat it twice a week for about two months to get noticeable breast enlargement results.

Eat banana to increase breast size

Banana is the best ingredient for fat tissues of the mammary glands. This is the best ways to get larger breasts. If you are thin, then it is quite natural that there is less fat in the body. Banana helps to enhance breast size. This also increases breast size and is an ideal way to eat bananas every day. Bananas are good for health. Eat two to three bananas every day to increase breast size. Avoid eating junk food to the requirement of fat.

Breast enlargement home remedy for flax seeds

Flax seeds are rich in Phytoestrogen and linseed, which is common herb in India. This is the best amazing herb increases your bust size. It is pure and naturally give ample satisfaction. You can pop up in flaxseeds and chew it with a nutty flavor. Ground some flax seeds, which is healthier and is compared to their whole counterparts. Add it in flour and prepare a paste along with other herbs in food preparation. Flaxseed or linseed oil is used as a topical for massaging or in diet. You can also use is as topping salad or seasoning. Flax seeds are rich in flavonoid, omega 3, 6 fatty acids and helps to produce lignans, which acts as an estrogens. This helps in breast and ovarian cancer.

Massage to increase breast enhancement

Researchers have found that natural breast enlargement can be done by giving a daily massage to the breasts. Massages help in blood circulation in the breasts and expand the tissues.

  • Take oil in your palm, rub the oil in both the palms before beginning to massage on the breasts. This produces heat; now rub inwards on the breasts in a circular direction. Use oils like olive oil and almond oil are good to use.
  • You can do this in the morning and also before bedtime.

Exercises to gain extra pounds

The workout is a better way anytime in the body. It not only keeps you fit but also keeps you in desired shape. You have a number of exercises for each and every part of the body. People work out to cut down, there are people who work out to get a few extra pounds.

  • Pushups, chest presses are a few exercises that enhance the chest.
  • Doing it not more than 30 minutes will enlarge the chest slightly.

Fenugreek seeds for breast enlargements

Fenugreek seeds have a property to stimulate hormones, which are necessary for the breast enlargement.

  • Soak Fenugreek seeds, grind to make a paste and massage the breasts using this paste. Leave it for less than an hour and wash. Alternate method is to roast the seeds, make a powder and add water.

Red clover best herbal product

Red clover is an herb mostly grown in Western Asia, Europe and NW Africa. It helps make the breasts firm.

  • Dry the flowers, add it to hot water. Keep it for around 40 minutes and strain it, drink this liquid. You can follow this for a few months and check the results.

Fennel seeds to produce estrogen

Fennel helps in breast growth. It has flavonoids, which produces estrogen.

  • Put two spoons of fennel seeds in cod liver oil and heat it. Allow it to settle down. Strain the oil and massage the breasts with this oil. Wash with warm water after 30 minutes.

Wheat germ oil for breasts

Wheat Germ oil is rich in Vitamin E and good for breasts.

  • Massage with this oil for about 10 minutes in circular motion. Remember massage means not just rubbing oil, there is a way to do it. You can do this 3 times in a day.

Saw palmetto to stimulate breast tissue

This is an herb, stimulated breast tissue, hence resulting in breast growth. You get this in the stores.

  • You can make tea and consume it 3 times in a day.

Wild yam for tissue growth

This herb contains phytoestrogens, needed for breast tissue growth.

  • You also get these capsules. You can either take capsules or make tea and drink.
  • You also get Wild Yam cream, which can be used to massage the breasts.

Quick remedy with Dandelion root

Dandelion is a flowering plant, an herb and its roots are good for the breast enhancement.

  • You can make tea out of the dandelion roots.
  • Dandelion capsules are also available in the market, you can take one every day.

Eating radish helps to increase breast size

Radish helps to treat breast enlargement that contains astringent properties. Radish helps to improve blood flow. This acts as a local tissue that helps in increasing breast size. Eating radish increases breast size quickly and effectively.

Natural best tip for breast size with Milk

Milk is the best food to increase breast size. Daily consume whole milk that is rich in fat content. Add dairy products such as butter, cheese, which helps in the growth of breast size. Milk is good for healthy which gives more energy and keeps you healthy.

Include vitamin rich food into your diet

Low levels of vitamins in your body are one of the reasons for breast size. So, add vitamin such as A,C,E, and B6, which are important in breast enhancement. This helps to promote breast development that is great in extent. Vitamin B6 is used to build new blood cells in the body. Vitamin A helps to promote skin cell that can regenerate and rejuvenate your body. Vitamin E helps to increase the cholesterol levels in the body. Vitamin C is rich in collagen restoration that can increase fullness and helps to support cellular tissues and skin.

Massage therapy with oil and aloe vera

Massage therapy is the best way in enlarging breasts with easily available kitchen ingredients. There are some natural herbal home remedies that help to increase breast size. Maintain a proper diet that is rich in vitamin for the breast enlargements. Simply, you just massage your boobs with some essential oils that help in enlarging your breasts. Massage your breast with any of the ingredients like olive oil, coco butter, borage oil, coconut oil, and aloe vera gel. Take any of the oil or aloe vera gel that helps to massage your boobs. Fist, make your warms by rubbing them together continuously. Rub your breast with your warm palms in a circular motion for about 2 seconds. Continue you’re rubbing process for at least 100 – 300 times. But, stop rubbing them between the base ingredient and warm up your palms. You just massage your boobs twice a day for a minimum of 30 days daily in the morning and evening for effective results.

All the above remedies have zero side effects. So, there is nothing wrong in giving it a try than going to a cosmetologist who takes a bomb just for a consultation. “Slow and steady” are always a good mantra. Massages are a safe-bet and exercise too. These are the ones I fall back on. Exercise not only gives you the desired result, one would really feel energetic and healthy from within, no matter what kind of exercise it is. However, if you are a person who like to do a whole lot of muscle exercises, then, please do it under a professional’s guidance.