Home remedies for skin discoloration – How to get rid of skin pigmentation

Discoloration of skin can bring dim patches on the face and an uneven shading. Melanin production is one of the most important issues of discoloration of skin on the face. It can be due to hormonal change, different health issues and even environmental factors affect it. It is mainly observed on part of body, hand, legs, etc. It can also be during or after pregnancy that discoloration can be observed in the skin. You can dispose of discoloration of skin with straightforward and simple home cures, with all the available items.

How to get rid of skin discoloration

Lemon to treat skin pigmentation

Lemons comprise of citrus which help in fading of skin and is one of the best home remedy in the treatment of discoloration of facial skin. This common method can be easily available and applied at home.

How to use it?

Take a lemon squeeze and massage it on the skin utilizing a cotton ball. Leave it on for around 10 to 15 minutes, and after that wash it off with water. Try this method for almost a month with a recommendation of using it twice a day.

Note: Those who have delicate skin must weaken the lemon juice with a little water before utilizing it.

Potato treatment for hyper pigmenation

Potato is extremely expected material which will be very much helpful in problem of skin discoloration and even the spots and imperfections related to skin. Potato comprise of catecholase which help with skin toning.

How to use it?

Peel a potato and cut it into thick pieces. Put a couple drops of water on the surface of a potato piece and after that massage it on your skin for 15 to 20 minutes. Then wash it off with lukewarm water. Try this for at least three or four times each day for no less than a month.

Apple cider vinegar to remove dark skin

Apple juice vinegar is considered best when it comes to lessening the presence of dim fixes on the skin. It is comprised of antiseptic property which help in the restoration of skin shading.

How to use it?

Blend equivalent amount of apple fruit extract, vinegar and water and utilize this and apply it to the influenced zone. Leave it on for a few minutes, and afterward flush it off with lukewarm water. Take after this cure twice every day for a couple of weeks


Take two teaspoons of apple juice vinegar to a large portion of a glass of warm water. You can even add a teaspoon of nectar. Drink this arrangement every day, morning and night, for several weeks until you see a change.

Vitamin E face pack for skin discoloration

Vitamin E is an undeniable treatment for skin discoloration of the face. Being a cell developer, vitamin E will also kill the impact of the destructive UV beams of the sun and repairs the secure skin.

How to use it?

Take vitamin E oil and then include three or four drops of castor oil to it and blend well. Then apply the blend on the influenced skin before going to bed. Flush it off the following morning. Try this cure for almost a week or two, every day.


Knead vitamin E oil into the influenced skin for almost 10 minutes twice every day to diminish the skin discoloration. Take after this basic solution for a couple of weeks until you get positive results.

Turmeric natural home remedy for skin lightening

Turmeric has bleaching properties that can help dispose of the manifestations of discoloration of skin. Also, turmeric can keep the skin free of contamination.

How to use it?

Blend one teaspoon each of turmeric powder and lemon juice. Apply it on the influenced territory. Permit it to leave it for a few minutes and afterward flush it off with cool water. Do this once every prior day showering to amplify the results.


On the other hand, you can make a paste of turmeric powder with that of milk. Apply this paste on the influenced skin and tenderly massage it on for five minutes. Leave it on for 20 minutes and afterward wash it off with warm water.

If you have skin discoloration of face, then don’t waste time and money at parlor or in surgery or treatment, when you can get home remedies for skin discoloration on your phone and screen itself. Try this and make your skin glow.

Tomato, oatmeal and yogurt face pack for skin discoloration

Tomato acts as natural bleach and is gentle on the skin. Yogurt moisturizes the skin to give a soft and supple skin. Oatmeal pack has natural scrub that can remove dead skin cells.

How to use it?

Take a tomato and blend it into a smooth paste. Add 2 spoons of oatmeal and half a spoon of yogurt. Mix them well to form a smooth and thick paste. Apply this paste on the dark patches. Leave it until it dries off. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. Repeat the process on a daily basis, which can make a difference.

Papaya treatment to remove skin pigmentation

Papaya is rich in an enzyme called papain. Papaya can exfoliate the skin and helps in skin regeneration. This treatment helps to remove the pigmented layers of the skin that helps in skin exfoliation.

How to use it?

Grate papaya and extract juice from it. Apply this juice on the pigmented area. Leave it until it dry and observe the best results.  This also helps to reduce and remove the pigmentation marks. Papaya helps to get rid of dark skin and gives a natural glowing skin.

Honey and milk pack for skin discoloration

Milk has the best property for skin whitening. This helps to nourish the skin. Honey is the best face pack for dry skin. This has a nature’s elixir for all skin problems. Take honey and add it with milk. This face pack is best to give natural glowing skin. Honey has natural antibacterial agent that acts as a good home remedy for all skin problems. This can retain moisture in the skin cells. Milk and honey pack can moisturize excessively dry skin and adds a natural glow to it. Use raw milk, which is an excellent skin cleanser and helps to improve skin complexion.

How to use it?

Take 1 tablespoon of honey and mix it with 1 tablespoon of raw milk. Mix all the ingredients well in a glass of the bowl and apply it to your face. Massage them for 2 minutes in a circular motion. Leave it for about 15 – 20 minutes. Rinse it off with water.