Spicy crunchy chicken bites

This spicy crunchy chicken bites is very delicious and easy making starter or a side just takes 10-20mins of your time.Give your family a hot and spicy treat with the spicy crunchy chicken bites in this cold and shivering rainy season. Enjoy the taste of spicy crunchy chicken bites with tomato ketchup.

Spicy crunchy chicken bites

Spicy crunchy chicken bites


  • chicken-250gms (cut them into small cubes)
  • ginger,garlic paste-2tsps
  • lime/lemon juice-2tsps
  • olive oil-1 tbsp(you can use any oil)
  • pepper powder-1/4tbsp
  • coriander paste-1tsp
  • green chilli paste-1/2tsp
  • salt to taste

Step 1: Take chicken into a bowl and wash it thoroughly.

Step 2: To marinate take another bowl with chicken, add ginger garlic paste,lemon juice, chilli paste, pepper powder, fresh coriander paste,salt and mix it well.

Step 3: Leave it for at least 3 to 4hours (until its nicely marinated).

Step 4: Take a oil in a frying pan, once the oil is heated add the marinated chicken into it.

Step 5: Stir it well and keep tossing the chicken until the chicken gets fried on both the sides.

Step 6: Now go a head turn off flame,serve in a plate.