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Sravana masam special dedicated snack recipes – Neevedalu or prasadalu for goddess lakshmi devi

One of the most important and auspicious months for Hindus is Sravana maasam. Especially women do vrata which implies the worship of goddess of wealth. Introducing the famous three recipes which are best prepared as a sacred food for goddess lakshmi devi in sravana maasam. These dedicated recipes are easy to prepare and most liked dishes for goddess. Let’s see how to make this items.

Sravana masam special dedicated snack recipes

Beaten rice or Atukula laddu recipe

Beaten rice or Atukula laddu recipe

Atukula laddu or beaten rice is easy and simple festive sweet. It is mostly prepared in homes and offer to the goddess during sravana maasam. Flattened rice or beaten rice is healthy and popular ingredient that is used to prepare lot of varieties. People follow lot of methods to prepare this atukula laddu. I would like to post a different version of the beaten rice laddus. Lets see how to make atukula laddu or beaten rice laddu or flattened rice laddu.


  • Ground nuts – 1 glass
  • Flattened rice – 1 glass
  • Ghee – ¼ cup
  • Jaggery grate – 1 glass
  • Elachi powder – 1tbsp

How to make Beaten rice or Atukula laddu recipe


Step 1: Fry the groundnuts in an pan without oil. Peel of the skin and keep a side.

Step 2: In the same pan add ½ spoon ghee and heat it in low flame. Add beaten rice or flattened rice into the ghee.

Step 3: Fry it nicely and collect it into a small bowl.

Step 4: Put the fried groundnuts into a jar. Grind the nuts into dry powder.

Step 5: Now follow the same for flattened rice. Add the flattened rice to the groundnuts powder and grind them nicely.

Step 6: Add jaggery grate, elachi powder and ghee to the mixture and grind well.

Step 7: Collect the mixture into wide pan.

Step 8: Apply some ghee to your hands and start taking the mixture into the hands.

Step 9: Start turning the mixture into round shaped balls.

Step 10: Continue doing the same with remaining mixture also. Don’t forget to apply ghee to your hands while making the balls.

Flattened rice laddu or beaten rice laddu is ready to offer to god. This laddus can be stored for month in air tight container. If you want to store it too many days just keep in mind a small thing, Grind the ingredients to fine powder before forming mixture into laddus.


If you want you can add dry fruits to the mixture before making the balls.

Maida biscuits / Maida Billalu

Maida Billalu

Hope everyone tastes different varieties of biscuits which are available in the market. Especially kids like to eat biscuits. But I am presenting you the special dish for offering goddess laksmi devi in sravana maasam. Maida biscuits are mostly prepared in festive season.


  • Maida – 1glass
  • Jaggery grate – 1 glass
  • Cooking salt – 1 pinch
  • Water – 1 glass
  • Elachi powder – ½ tbsp
  • Oil (for deep fry)

How to cook Maida biscuits


Step 1: Take the jaggery grate in a bowl.

Step 2: Add 1 glass of water to the grate and keep the bowl on the stove.

Step 3: Allow it to boil in low flame for 15 minutes.

Step 4: You can observe the liquid starts getting strong. You can check the strongness by touching the liquid.

Step 5: Add elachi powder, maida flour and cooking salt to the liquid.

Step 6: Mix it well by stirring. Note that there should not be any lumps.

Step 7: You will get a paste after mixing all this. Turn off the flame.

Step 8: Start making the balls with this paste and press them like round chapathis.

Step 9: Now cut that chapathis into diamond shape or the shape you like.

Step 10: Meanwhile keep the oil in bottomed vessel for fry on stove.

Step 11: Now add this diamond shape biscuits to the hot oil.

Step 12: Fry them till they become brown in shade.

Step 13: Collect them in a plate.

Store this biscuits in air tight container so that these can be stored for many days.


  • Sprinkle sugar on top for sweet biscuits.
  • Instead of diamond shape you can also make them in square.
  • Fry the biscuits in medium heat oil to enjoy the crispiness.

Blackgram dal murukulu / Minapa janthikalu

Minapa janthikalu

Murukulu or janthikalu is very famous savory snack prepared in festive season in south india. It is traditional item which is every ones favorite snack item. I direct this dish to be best prepared as a sravana maasam special dedicated snack and offer the goddess with this nice crispy item.


  • Black gram dal – 1 cup
  • Rice flour – 4 cups
  • Ajwain – 1 tbsp
  • Butter – ¼ cup
  • Salt (required)
  • Oil (required for fry)
  • Red chili powder – ½ tbsp

How to prepare Blackgram dal murukulu / Minapa janthikalu


Step 1: Take a pressure cooker add black gram dall and two glass of water.

Step 2: Cover the cooker with lid and allow it to heat till it get four whistles.

Step 3: Turn off the flame and open the lid after pressure goes out.

Step 4: Remove excess water if anything is there in the cooker.

Step 5: Grind the boiled black gram dal into fine paste.

Step 6: Add rice flour into the paste and mix well.

Step 7: Now add red chili powder, salt, butter and ajwain to the paste.

Step 8: Mix well. Mean while heat oil in a pan for deep frying.

Step 9: Take small amount of dough and put it in a chakrala press or muruku maker.

Step 10: Press the dough in hot oil in circle shape in clock wise direction.

Step 11: Fry the murukulu by turning on both sides till they get golden in color.

Step 12: Do the same for remaining dough also.

These are stored in air tight container. Without this crispy minapa murukulu the festive won’t ends. Enjoy cooking these snacks by offering to the god and get quick blessings.