North Indian brides wedding hairstyle ideas

North Indian states are formed up with 5 states in the northern region of India, and it also includes two union territories. So, you can observe that there are a lot of similarities in their way of living, along with their traditional values. Thus, the North Indian bridal styles are with a mixture of sarees, suits and lehengas, which also lets them choose from a wide variety of hairstyles. Here, we will go through some nice Noth Indian bride hairstyle ideas which have been followed by North Indian beauties. This article will give you a vivid concept of how these hairstyles can be created, so that they can be incorporated for your use as well.

Low big bun hairstyle with trendy & simple jewelry

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The simple and stylish jewelry does look beautiful. Mid part your hair and prepare a low bun. Secure the bun with pins and clean & smooth brushed hair looks good. If you want, you can decorate the hairstyle with beautiful designed hair pins and natural flowers. Place a manga tikka on the mid of and wear simple designed jewelry which adds more beauty with a beautiful dark colored saree. The bangles and designer blouse make you look good.

Indian wedding style to look gorgeous


The brides mostly cover their head with pallu and try to style their hair to stick pallu over it. The bride bun hairstyle with manga tikka and jhoomar with eye makeup make her look pretty cute. The jewelry with red stone adds more beauty with the trendy heavy pallu. The bride dresses with matching jewelry is good and make her look gorgeous. The hairstyle with slight simple makeup with a pleasant look makes them look more beautiful.

Top tight bun hairstyle with elegant look


The top bun hairstyle with beautifully decorated natural flowers looks awesome. The hairstyles with manga tikka make her look pretty simple and cute. Try this stylish hairstyle to look beautiful and trendy. This simple hairstyle with green studs in the face like a tikka looks beautiful. Heavy necklace matching earring matches the saree. The hairstyle with red colored saree and blouse of green border makes her look stunning. This hairstyle with beautiful flowers adds more beauty.

Tight front blunts and back bun hairstyle

4. traditional-north-indian-bridal-makeup-kamarbund

The bride is in red colored saree with simple trendy jewelry. The hairstyle looks her more stunning with a simple jewelry. Try this stylish look with a beautiful. Prepare a tight plaits on both sides decorated with chain and manga tikka. Style your hair with a simple jewelry makes her looks elegant. The heavy bordered pallu on the head with the help of bun and are pinned not to loosen the pallu.

Front puff small parts of low braids

5. Best-Bridal-Jewellery-designs-2012-in-Pakistan-01

Brush the hair back and make sure to tangle free. Prepare a front puff and pin it to secure. Prepare a small briad with the remaining hair and bring them on one shoulder. Cover the hair with a heavy pallu. Decorate with a good bridal jewelry set or kundans. This gives a new trend of luxury and jewelry that will be warmly welcomed by many of indeed. This gives an interesting look chic, fun and elegant line. Thus, the wedding jewelry makes her look beautiful with a stylish trendy beautifully.

Back pinned hair with half-down waves

Back pinned hair with half-down waves

In the picture below, we can see a lovely bride who has been dressed up very glamorously. She has worn a navy blue suit matched with a golden odhni. The hairstyle with added jewelries can enhance the look. It proves that she doesn’t have to do much with the hairdo. But here’s the catch, as there is a tradition that a lot of North Indian women can carry odhnis over their head, so we need to see how we can still enhance the look.

You can make three sections of your hair, so that you can back-brush the zone in the middle and pin it up below the crown. Prepared that the rest of the hair falls from two sides equally. Use an Instyler to make it wavy but not curly. The waves should be to the right on the external side and are not to the left.

Side-brushed hairdo with bun

Side-brushed hairdo with bun

A lot of North Indian bridal styles gets inspired by Pakistani styles. The countries have a blend of each other, especially in the Northern region. This is due to the geographical closeness. The hairdo in the picture below is made into a bun because of the odhni, which hides most of the hair. The hair has been straightened and then brushed from one side. It has been brushed without any sectioning. Thus, it has been given a slight lift. At the end, there is a mang-tikka attached to the opposite side of combing.

Middle parted hair with bouffant and bun


The North Indian bride has a style of having an odhni over the head. Thus, hair bun is the safest option. It is not just manageable, but it gives us more space to accessorize ourselves. Follow the hairdo in the picture below, first have your hair straightened. Part your hair from the middle to keep a section for mang-tikka or mang-tikka chain. Create a bouffant at the back and attach at the crown zone. Prepare a bun with the remaining hair, which falls down thereafter.

Wriggled curls with pallu over head

Wriggled curls

When you use an Instyler then it is better to go for absolute curls, they make your hair curly. But when you use to keep making waves at every section. Thus, it is more of a wriggled form  which is not completely curly. A subtle printed and dark colored lehenga choli might suit such a hairdo. Thus, the hair has been open and parted from the middle. An Instyler will help you make the wriggled hairdo. Then you have to set it free and wide open. Even if you have an odhni put over, you can flaunt the hair from both sides of your shoulders. Place a beautiful mang-tikka for sure!

Half up waved with half down curls

Half up waved with half down curls

The hairstyle can be prepared by parting your hair from the middle. The half up wave is straightened hair with a convex bent towards the middle. The rest of the hair is being curled up nicely. You can try to keep the spaces between the curls or have it completely curled to the tips. Finally, add a mang-tikka which is not let the forehead look bland. You can also have your odhni and let the hair fall down the shoulders.

Bouffant and bun with stylish curves in front

Bouffant and bun with stylish curves in front

Section out the first one and half inch of your scalp. They are parted hair from one side. The rest of the hair should be back-brushed to create the bouffant. Thus lets a nice section of hair fall in front, and you get a nice idea to have to shape in waves. Now, you can make your bouffant and tie a bun. For the front area, take the strands of hair and use an Instyler to create the waves. Plan the hairstyle as if you are wearing a chained mang-tikka like the picture below, it will flaunt on one side. The other side will be hidden by the waves. The thinner section will be dominated by the accessory.

Messy bun hairdo hairstyle

Messy Bun Hairdo

Messy hairdos add an amazing contrast to perfectly dress-up brides. They also add a sensational aspect because it makes you look natural and sassy. Now, section out your hair in front and part from the middle. Let the rest of the hair is back-brushed for the bun. Thus, the sectioned portion will be untidily brushed. The strands right at the front can make some locks. While the other ones at the back can be twisted and pinned up.

Side braid hairstyle for traditional wear

Side braid

To authentically create a side braid. For this, you must section out your hair from one side and then make the braid. For this you will have to brush it back on the fuller side. Even though, you can also give the front portion of a fuller side a slight light and then pin it up on the side of the braid. Choose the type of braids you want to opt for, which can be a fish tail, French styles, and etc. Just make sure that it falls down from the heavier side of the section.

Back-brushed hair with curls on one side

Back-brushed hair with curls on one side

When you can carry your odhni heavily on the side. Then you can flaunt your hair on the other side! The picture below perfectly explains this. Have your hair back-brushed properly. So, now pin it up in the crown zone and then make the curls. Depending on the length of your hair, you will have to leave 3-4 inches after the pinning up. Then, you can continue with the curls. Let all your hair fall from the opposite side of where you odhni has been placed.

Messy curled bun with flowers

Messy curled bun with flowers

Alike South Indian bridal hairdo, whereas even North Indians wears flowers in their hair. There are also common with the messy bun hairdo. Where the hair is twisted into shapes with the sectioned hair strands. Back-brush your hair so that it doesn’t look messy at the front. Part the mid of the hair to the middle of a mang-tikka. Curl up your hair and make a messy bun, or add twisted sections with more expertise. Finally, add flowers to one side of the hair and make it look more glorifying!

Easy best North Indian bridal hairstyles


Side swept fringe hairstyle with high bun gives a gorgeous look at wedding. Thus, the bride can wear this hairstyle with pallu on his head. It is easy to wear and supports odhni over the head. Now, you can part some hair from the front and side swept like a fringe on the left from the side. Then, tie bun with the remaining hair. So, side part with the fringe is decorated with artificial flower hair accessories. Tie tikka from the middle, which gives a simple look. Odhni over the tied bun with this simple accessory makes you look beautiful.

Braided high bun with mang tikka


The North Indian wedding hairstyles mostly focus on the mang tikka. So, now pick a beautiful ornament to decorate your hair and neck. Simple crown is the best choice to decorate your hair. With this braid an intricate woven bun is prepared with your hair. So, place them if you have a freestyle. Mid part your hair  and side swept to the place a mang tikka can be placed. Try to wear the mang tikka and just tie your hair high bun.  The high tight bun looks beautiful. The bun helps to carry over pallu on it. Simply decorate this hairstyle with mang tikka, and side parted tikka. Thus, it is just like a flower with matching earring, neck and hand chain. This hairstyle looks simple, but when decorated with these flower accessories, and also gives a gorgeous look.

Loose hair with curl fringe on front


This hairstyle is simple, but when you decorate with kundana manga tikka, it looks cute. Earring with a hanging chain makes it look beautiful. This hairstyle best suits for round face. Simple comb your hair and mid part your hair to place manga tikka. Leave a left side fringe from a front part section of hair. Comb the remaining hair on your right. Simply, curl the left fringe to give a beautiful look. Leave all your remaining hair on your left shoulder. And, curl your hair and roll them on down. This simple braided hairstyle looks awesome. Decorate them with natural white flowers. Just pin the flowers in a row.

Trendy fashion bride hairstyle with Manga tikka and Jhooma


The bride hairstyle with a bun and loose opened wide hair looks cute. The hairstyle with manga tikka and the jhomma is trendy with a fashion look. The hairstyle with a bouncy bun and mid part hairstyles looks cute. The mid part back brushed hair with loose wide opened hair looks beautiful with different hair accessories and pallu over the head.

Bridal wears hairstyle with plates at the front


The plaits at the front just like a puff make you look stylish. The hairstyle with plaits around the head, which are braided and tightly tied at the front of the head, looks beautiful. Try this stylish braided plait hairstyle with manga tikka and chains pinned back of the ear. The pallu over the head with heavily designed looks beautiful.

Mid part loose wide open hairstyle


The dark black hair with wide open hair. Decorated with hair accessories looks cute. Try this stylish hairstyle with heavy manga tikka with chains and earrings. The hairstyle for brides with bunch of flowers in her hand looks awesome. The traditional jewelry and outfit with this hairstyle looks trendy and fashion at her wedding.

Mid part bouncy crown back bun hairstyle


The hairstyle with mid part and manga tikka over, it looks beautiful. The bouncy hair with back bun covered with pallu looks gorgeous. Try this stylish hairstyle that looks beautiful with a mash up of the North Indian bride. Try this stylish hairstyle on wedding day with beautiful accessories and jewelry.