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Home remedies to control appetite

The urge to eat or hog on food, even when you are not really hungry and just want to treat your taste buds is a way to overweight. At some point in time, it is better to suppress the appetite for a healthy lifestyle and to safeguard you from unwanted health complications. The increased appetite can be due to various reasons such as depression, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, anxiety and emotional factors. Increased appetite may result in hyperthyroidism, hypoglycemia, and diabetes. An increased appetite may last for a few days or can become a part of your life. Hence, it is better to control your appetite by strictly following few home remedies.

Home remedies to control appetite naturally

Apple for appetite

Apple is rich in fiber. It is high in water content too. These two factors are enough to control the urge of eating more. The fiber keeps your stomach filled for a long time. Apple contains pectin, which helps cut down few calories and also helps to control the blood sugar levels. Apple is a good snack during evenings or even in the morning. Chew the apple properly, and it is good to eat apple than preferring a juice.

Yogurt to prevent appetite

Yogurt is the best source of protein to suppress appetite. It contains large amounts of calcium to control hunger pangs. It also helps your body to keep going the whole day. It has fat burning potential. Yogurt reduces weight on daily consumption. The thick, creamy texture of yogurt can be added to some fruit while preparing snacks in between meals.

Flax seeds good for health

Flax seeds are rich in fiber, Omega 3 fatty acids and protein. It helps in suppressing the appetite and stays content for a long time.  You can sprinkle flax seeds on your food. Flax seeds are good for health as well as hair. Omega 6 fatty acid increase appetite level and also suppresses hormone cholecystokinin. Add one tablespoon of grounded flax seeds in the morning shake or smoothie that increases the nutritional value.

Avocado keeps you healthy

Avocado is the best food that helps to suppress appetite. It helps to reduce the urge to overeat. Avocado is rich in heart healthy monounsaturated fatty acids and is soluble fiber. Avocado takes long time to digest and provides a feeling of fullness. It consists of oleic acid that helps to weight loss and suppress appetite. Avocado is a creamy fruit that is high in calories and fat.

Oatmeal best food to reduce fat

Oatmeal in your breakfast keeps you full for a long time. It contains both soluble and insoluble fiber, helps in increasing an appetite regulating hormone. It is a slow-digesting food, regulates blood sugar and insulin levels and speeds up the fat burning process. Oatmeal helps in lowering the cholesterol.

  • You can just cook oatmeal in water and a little milk and honey. You may also add a bit of cinnamon powder.

Eggs great fat free diet

Eggs are a great source of protein and saturated fats. It can help you cut down on your snack between meals. Hence, eating an egg in the breakfast can help you suppress your morning hunger at bay. Eat more of egg whites than the yolk, as egg white is a low calorie diet and fat free.

Green tea for weight loss

Green is rich in nutrients, zinc, Vitamin C, carotenoids, chromium, minerals, and selenium. Green tea is the most powerful and easy remedy for appetite. Green tea is rich in phytonutrients like EGCG that increases the hormone cholecystokinin. It helps you to stop mindlessly snacking in between meals to suppress appetite. Green tea slowly raises blood sugar and prevents high insulin that is due to the presence of catechins. It helps to stable blood sugar levels that will stabilize hunger cravings. Drink 3 – 4 cups of green tea in a day control cravings as well as promote weight loss.

Leafy vegetables to control appetite

Leafy vegetables are rich in fiber and water; it keeps the stomach filling for a long time and curbs hunger. Green leafy vegetables are rich in nutrition. Vegetables such as kale to spinach are fibrous greens that are delicious and definitely keep your hunger at bay. These are low calorie too, and good for health. Spinach, collard, asparagus can be used in salads. These vegetables are nutritional in nature.

Cayenne pepper increases metabolism

If you are someone who likes to eat spicy foods, then prefer adding cayenne pepper to your dishes. It helps to burn the fat and helps to reduce weight. Most of the people used to have hot and spicy food, but too much spicy is not good for health. Spicy food such as cayenne pepper helps to feel fuller longer as it contains a compound called capsaicin. This increases metabolism in your body and helps to burn fat and calories. This has a faster rate to lose weight more quickly. Eat raw cayenne pepper, cooked, dried or powder to increase metabolism. Drink freshly squeezed half lemon juice and drink it in between meals.

Carralluma extract to reduce body fat

Carrallium fimbriata is an edible cactus plant that is used to suppress hunger and increase endurance. An individual has 1 gram of carralium extract per day for 60 days can reduce weight and waist. Diet and regular exercise were not controlled in need to determine how effective this herb is at appetite suppression and whether it can cause side effects.

Sweet potatoes for appetite treatment

Sweet potatoes contain starch that resists digestive enzymes and make you feel full. Sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin A and C. Sweet potatoes can be used in different forms of preparing food. You can prepare different recipes with them and enjoy eating.

Dark chocolate to be healthy

If you are someone who goes bonkers about chocolate, this adds up to your weight. Try to eat dark chocolate whenever you have an urge to eat chocolate. The bitter taste of the dark chocolate lowers the appetite. The citric acid present in dark chocolate helps slow digestion, making you feel full for a long time.

Psyllium fiber benefits

Eating a diet high in fiber can reduce your risk for heart disease and diabetes. It is used to make fiber supplements that help to reduce appetite and promote feelings of fullness. This effect on hunger and balanced glucose levels will improve the response of insulin. It transports glucose to your cells and reduce high cholesterol levels that lower high blood pressure. But excess fiber can cause digestive side effects.

Vegetable juice for appetite

Vegetable juice fills you up. Take a glass of vegetable juice before dinner, this helps to cut down your appetite. It helps you eat less, however, keep in mind to take low-sodium varieties.

Pistachios reduces fat

Pistachios contain cholecystokinin, which reduces the appetite or kills the urge to eat. The chemical present in it will reduce fat in your body and control on overeating. If you eat it, it helps you feel full of stomach, so that you cannot eat any more.

Almonds for craving

Almonds contain healthy fats like polyunsaturated and mono – unsaturated fats, which kills the urge to eat more. They are rich in fiber, which again takes time for digestion. Almonds are good for the heart. Almonds prevent overeating and keep you healthy with low cholesterol levels. Almonds are rich in appetite killing fiber that takes time to digest and prevents hunger craves. Eat ¼th cup of almonds daily in between meals that gives a strong craving to eat. These are roasted and or soaked with almonds rather than sugar coated or salty ones.

Exercise to be fit

Exercises such as high intensity equipped ones generate hormones that lower the appetite. Walks, cycling, Zumba are a few types of exercises you can rely on. The exercise of one hour every day is good and makes to stay fit. This is the best way to treat appetite and makes you feel free and refresh.

Caffeine helps to suppress your appetite

Coffee is a popular thing for most of the people who are busy in the mornings. Caffeine is the best way to suppress your appetite that can reduce your desire to eat. Coffee aids in weight loss and includes the diuretic effect that has on the body and thermo genesis the stimulation.

Low calorie beverages to reduce appetite

Low calorie beverages such as diet soda and tea can satisfy when something is sweet and is desired. You can add a sugar substitute to your tea that makes a healthy beverage. You may fend off cravings with high calorie desserts. This is the simple appetite that suppresses strategy in chewing gum. Thus, a piece of chewing gum can add a few calories and also give you a shot of flavor while keeping it into your mouth.