Easy nail art designs for beginners guide – Step by step nail art designs for beginners

Nail art is the creative art. For the beginner, pick the right tools that are required to challenge the design. This is advisable to keep it simple with both the designs and can be chosen tool. The simple nails are is beautiful and is eye-catching. The complex designs should not be tried at the beginning as it looks displeased. The most important thing is that the budding nail artist should learn how to choose basic essential tools that can master before expanding their collection. The dotter allows buyers to create perfect dots on the nails that can brush and are needed for freehand painting. Choose best high quality nail polish that makes the process easy to achieve the best results.

Make your nails fabulous and gorgeous. In order to add flair to your look, nail art can compliment your outfit for a special event or add a unique touch to your personality every day. Nail art is done with creative designs using different art forms.

If you are tired of simple uni-colored nails, it is time to spice it up with some nail art. It is very easy to do, even for those with unsteady hands. Your nails are very small canvas and it is essential that the art you choose is not too crowding. If you are fairly new to this, you start with the simplest, bigger art, such as the block and dotted designs to get a feel for it.

Tips when applying nail art

  • First nails should be manicured before painting. If your natural nails are too short or bitten down, apply acrylic nails before painting your design.
  • You should be very effective and that work as fast as possible, since nail polish dries rather quickly. If you want to get reality in your art feel free to mix glitter into the polish colors before painting your nails.
  • In order to make your designs last longer, apply a coat of clear nail polish every two or three days. Don’t use your nails as kitchen tools and wear gloves when doing tasks that may cause damage to your nails.
  • It is better to use a Q-tip and nail polish remover to clean any polish application mistakes.
  • You need to try out things you like and customize it with your choice that there are no rules. Nail art is like makeup.

It is very simple that first you should gather some items for making the nail art design.

  • Base coat
  • Transparent topcoat
  • Two nail color shades
  • Scotch tape or cello tape
  • A pair of scissors
  • White nail polish
  • Dotting tool/ toothpick/bobby pin

Step 1: First you need to manicure your nails. Shape your nails and properly file your nails. You need to push the cuticles back by using an orange thin stick. Clear the moisture in the nails.

Step 2: First step to begin nail art is to apply a base coat. It is a second venture to get lovely nail art. As you have completed the base coating for all fingers, you should allow it to get dry for a few minutes. Apply a single coat of skin colored nail polish. Base coat gives an extra strength to your nails. Use a good quality base coat.

Step 3: Now you have to apply the coat of your selected nail polish for your fingers. You may use same colored nail color shades for all fingers or you can change as well. Apply 1-2 coat of your selected nail polish and let it dry completely to move to the next step.

Step 4: Select the nail art that you like or you can create on your own. According to that take the second choice of nail polish and stroke it in diagonal or curve or up and down lines as you wish according your design choice. Draw them with your nail art brush. Wait for few seconds for allowing the coating to get dry.

Step 5: Now take your thin nail art brush and make small designs that gives a more realistic feel. You can also dot your nails with toothpick/bobby pin/ dotting tool. You can make the use of them and simply dip it in the selected nail polish and have a design of some big or small dots.

Step 6: Give a good finishing touch your nail art and draw a small dot inside the design and also you can except the ring finger. Use best nail polish to make them look real.

Step 7: For the last, use a nail polish remover with a thin brush to clean up the cuticle stains. It is necessary to give a neat look.

Nail polish for beginners

The nail artist is not going to get very far without nail polish. This is the most basic and essential item required for buyers that need to purchase good quality nail polish. The top coat is most preferable to purchase and can provide cover for the nail art.

Nail polish choice

The best way to select nail polish is for a smooth, but can fairly thick in consistency. The nail art beginner is more beneficial with quick drying nail polish and don’t prone to clumping. There is a small number of different colors of nail polish to begin with black and white, classic colors like red, bright colors such as blue, yellow and green.

Top coat nail polish

The top coat nail polish is nothing but a clear liquid that is used over the colored polish. The many top coats that are produced have an attractive shine. Thus, the buyers should choose for a better high quality top coat rather than low quality. The good quality top coat forms a thick protective layer which when applied properly. This can smear the artwork beneath. The good quality top coat can dry quickly, but where as poor quality can stay sticky for an hour or more. The top coat increases the longevity of the nail art. Thus, it is more effective for a week or more, when the wearer can perform a regular housework task that includes washing up.

Mehndi Designs

Best flower mehandi designs for hands

Mehandi is a thing that gives a beautiful look to the hands as well as legs in an occasion. Most of the women are fascinated by it and have loved it. The women of ancient times are found equally loving mehandi. There is a lot of patterns that are more fascinating, attracting, and beautiful. The designs were specifically for some particular areas.

Mehandi is an art of people who love to have a lot of efforts to flourish it. This is a top most important thing on every event. They want to carry it casually that also falls a latest new design ever. Women of Asia are specially found interested and fascinated by it and their events are only completed by henna.

Most beautiful floral mehandi patterns

Flower is the most beautiful part of nature and they are always a thing of inspiration for humans. Henna is a natural thing that is obtained from dried leaves which is a thing of attraction for humans. The two things that are combined on the hands and feet of women give a complete beautiful look.

Floral patterns can be used in any type of design like in Arabic, and Indian. It can be added with shading, filling to enhance the beauty of it. Floral patterns added with glitters and shimmers are perfect for a bridal and also for girls on special events, moreover simple they can be carried casually. Floral mehandi designs are especially in demand as it reflects the beauty of the nature and look elegant on the portion where it is applied.

The floral design may contain dots, little circles, squares, diamonds, triangles, criss-cross, diagonal lines and half circles. Then that can be decorated around with tiny leaves, small flowers, half spheres, twisted lines. This is a tradition and familiarity added to it.

Simple floral design

Floral design is a very common mehandi that are essential for the foundation of mehand arts. It is simple but yet beautiful to apply to hands. The flower in the center of the back arm are followed by a single figure design make us look like an Arabic design. Another side is followed by braclet like design and a flower on top of it. It is amazing to look for any type of hand and you try it as it is very simple.Simple-floral-design

Floral mehandi bridal design

The design is easy and simple that can be done for any occasion. The asymmetrical mehandi design that can be wearied on both hands makes you look more flower pattern. The beautiful flower design laid on the back of the arm makes us attracted. This motif’s as well as the floral Mehandi designs on the fingers that are quite unique.Floral-mehandi-bridal-design

Beautiful floral design on wrist

Here is a design that interior floral design with elongated curves. They are filled with dots and design curves. The outer design is also covered with flower like structure. The flowered design which is more fascinated in order to get beautiful look. It is the latest design that you can wear on the wrist.Beautiful-floral-design-1

Floral beginner design

This design is simple and it can vary with other that flower is followed by leaves like mango shape. They are filled with curves and dots. It can be viewed on the curve with the dots.Floral-beginner-design

Beautiful floral design

The design is beautiful on the beautiful hands. It can be followed by flowers on which the roots can be changed. The small flower is covered entirely with a large flower and then followed by small flowers. The tip of the fingers is decorated with small flower below the nails.Beautiful-floral-designs

Floral design with curls

The design is extremely thrilling with a wonderful design on the palm backside. The design is done by till wrist level that is highly exquisite that shall look amazing on palms with long fingers. The floral design looks flawless that can be quite made up with the edges that contain finest curls.Floral design with curls