Fall beauty makeup tips | Makeup essentials for women during fall

A fall makeup essential brings you some interesting beauty trends. Cherry red lipsticks are out and the burgundy lips are the one that will look better on you. You can also try the fashion accessories for your hair and it is the ear muff that can also act as hairline de-frizzier. Flick it upwards and make it a bit thicker to make it perfect. The hair can be made up in braid to look stunning and fashionable. Fall is the perfect time to play with dramatic shades, bold color, and rich textures, like a bright blue eye or a stormy gray nails.

Make up beauty fall essentials for women

Moisturizer: With the weather changing, your skin is surely going to get affected. Hence to fight dry skin, make sure you’re equipped with a super hydrating moisturizer this fall.

Concealer: This is good for keeping away dark marks around the eyes and other small marks on your face. The proper application can give your face a blemish free soft look. This is non greasy and you can dab it on the black marks. Spread it with your finger and allow it to start working. Then blend the edges with the foundation. Use feather touch strokes of your fingers to blend the concealer.

No show foundation: This foundation is good for keeping your face out of shine. The matt look is the trend and this foundation can help you with it. Test the foundation on your jaw line and take the one which is barely seen on your face. Now when you have it, you can apply the foundation after cleansing the face properly. Blend the dots and you are ready for the show.

Eyelash curler: This is for curling your lashes. You must make sure that you curl the lashes before putting on mascara. Place them near to the base and then press on for a few seconds. Now they are curled and you can apply mascara so that they remain in the curled position for a longer period.

Dramatic lashes: Big is in this fall and long lashes can be your best accessory. Dramatic lashes can elevate your look instantly. Applying mascara on your lashes will keep them curled upwards. You must apply the wand upwards and turn it backward and forward while going upwards. This makes sure you apply the mascara for each of the lashes.

Eyeshadows: Must be a few shades darker than your facial skin tone. If you have fair skin then it should be in lighter shades of pink and the dark skinned should go for light brown or taupe gray shades. Blend the shadows with the pencil lines in swift and light strokes of your fingers.

Eyeliner pencils: The use soft pencils on your eyes will be helpful. You must check if the product says it is ophthalmologist tested. Hold on to your upper lid’s lash line gently and then apply the pencil to place dots on the lashes. Then blend the dots to get a smoky effect.

Natural blush: This blush will give you a light shade of wearing blush and should not have shimmer. Use a brush for applying this on your cheeks. The apples of cheeks are the right place. You should not find out where the color starts and where it ends. This will be the right kind of application.

Highlighter for effects all over: This must be a cream highlighter that can lift the brows or slim down the nose. They should be in soft shades like peach, soft nude or pink.

Nude lipsticks: These shades are neither brown nor shades of pink, but they are completely free of any color. The lips must be moisturized with a good lip balm if you have chapped lips before applying the lipstick.

Extreme hair color: Make a statement with brighter strands. This autumn, hair color is pretty extreme with red hair and a whitish cool platinum blonde making a statement.

Nail polish: Take your nail color from bright to bold. When it comes to darker colors, gel polish is an absolute essential because any slight chip becomes immensely exaggerated. Just a good, classic black shall do the magic.

Best and beauty essential things to keep in your bag this fall

Deep conditioner for hair care

Buy best hair products in this season to condition your hair. This is because of hair strands that are often suffering from moisture and can loss during the fall. Make sure to opt for a conditioning treatment for at least once a week for added hydration. This can leave in product from midshaft to ends. So long, frizz is with conditioning of your hair.

Choose solid perfume for your body

Make sure not let your favorite fragrance can get carried away with the heavy wind in this season. So, it is better to try a concentrated solid perfume that is instead for a hint of moisture and is a whole lot of scent.

Try lip salve for your lips

Keep your lips a tin or tube of your favorite lip balm. This is easy and can on the go way to heal your driest areas. Thus, lips, elbows and cuticles can offer all benefit from the added hydration. This is a plus and can work in a pinch for stray flyway.

Better body butter for soft skin

If you don’t use body lotion on a daily basis, then it’s time to get your seasonal tube of body butter. This is the rich hydration that will do your body good and helps to leave dry, flaky patches for another day.

Foundation’s choice

The foundation is very important to bring out a heavier foundation for the colder months. This helps to give your skin and can also add protection and coverage it craves. Thus, the plan to keep face powder nearby is to maintain the matte makeup that can look that’s on trend in this season.

Dark lipstick color

Then go to color cosmetic can fall as it is a deep, wine stained lipstick. This can think oxblood red, which helps to leave the rest of your makeup, natural for a fresh take on the style.

Metallic eye shadow

You should brighten up with a neutral look and is a bit of jewel to be toned as a shadow or eyeliner. Thus, the eyeshadow is chosen as Sapphire blue, emerald green or an amber tinged bronze that will all fire up your fall makeup palette.

Home Remedies

Best home remedies on how to get pinkish cheeks?

Rosy cheeks adds more beauty  to your face.  No doubt rosy cheeks play an important role in uplifting your glam factor. Nowadays, most women look forward to getting those rosy cheeks like fair ones. But what happens when you buy those expensive beauty products. Sometimes you won’t see any results in getting rosy cheeks? You will only end up getting a severe outbreak of acne and dark blemishes which can ruin your complete appearance.

Instead of going in for harsh and expensive products. Here are some beautiful and friendly tips that help to get rosy cheeks. There is always a notion that only some women are lucky to get rosy cheeks. As they are born with it, or depending upon the product they used. But let me tell you this, that in spite of all those expensive products, leave all of them, which may or may not work, there are always natural ways for you to bank upon. There are some natural ways to get rosy cheeks which is simple and easy to follow. If you are struggling to make your cheeks look like red apples, supple, soft and beautiful. Now, have a look at some of these natural tips we have lined up for you. These natural ways give a rosy cheeks that are perfect for your skin, and will give you the result you are looking forward to. Let’s see how we can make your cheeks rosy using natural homemade tips.

Easy steps to get that blush naturally

Eat healthy: Eat a healthy diet with plenty of antioxidant-that are easily available and rich in fruits, vegetables, and essential fatty acids. Everything you put in your body will eventually show up on your face.

Exercise outdoors: Exercise, preferably outdoors, daily with pleasant atmospheres relieves all your stress. Both the cold and the sun will put a natural glow in your cheeks. Some breathing exercise also helps to keep you beautiful.

Exfoliate: Exfoliate your skin regularly in order to slough off dead skin cells. This reveals your inner glow. There are natural homemade exfoliating techniques to get glowing skin naturally and quickly. Exfoliate your skin with olive oil and sugar combination for better results.

Massage: Massage your face to stimulate and improve the blood flow. Simply, apply moisturizer, and then make small circles with your fingertips all over your face. This massage gives a concentration on your cheeks. Milk and honey are the best products to get well moisturized skin

Use apple cider vinegar: Dab a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar. Now, pat it dry on your cheeks for an instant blush. This gives dark pinkish cheeks with a natural glow to your face.

Fake it until you make it: Fake it until you’re glowing naturally by bending over for about 30 seconds with a slowly standing up. Apply a light layer of blush with a brush where your cheeks are flushed with a glowing skin. A little effort helps to achieve that cheerful, rosy look!

Homemade remedies to get rosy cheeks

Sugar crystals for rosy cheeks

Massaging damp cheeks with sugar crystals. This is the best way to get rosy cheeks. You can try this tip to achieve pink beautiful cheeks. Sugar crystals help to remove dead skin cells and gives a clear skin with rosy cheeks. Sugar crystals give a fresh, glowing skin.

Almonds and rose petals to get pinkish cheeks

Grind a handful of almonds with fresh crushed rose flower petals. Add a few drops of honey into the crushed rose petal paste. Store the mixture in a refrigerator for about a week. Almond will exfoliate the cheeks and can enhance the skin complexion. Rose flower petals will add that desired rosy texture to your cheeks. Regular usage will let you enjoy rosier cheeks to get better results within just seven days!

How to get rosy cheeks with pink lentil

Soak up pink lentil or Masoor daal in unboiled or raw milk for about half an hour. Now, grind the mixture into a smooth paste. Add some amount of kaolin powder to it. Mix them well. Dab it on your face. Leave it on your face for about twenty minutes. This remedy will help your skin glow like a rose flower.

Natural  homemade remedy with banana paste for cheeks

Bananas are great in achieving pinkish cheeks. Take 1 – 2 ripe bananas and mash them into smooth paste. Apply this paste on your face. Wash off after 20 minutes. This face pack is quite helpful in providing you a deep red rosy glow to your face.

Face massage treatment to get rosy cheeks

Massaging face gently with face oil help to increase blood circulation under the skin. You need to do it in circular and anti-circular ways. This will make your skin rosy within days. For this, you must continue the facial massage to enjoy proper benefits.

Apple cider vinegar to get rosy glow

Apple cider vinegar gives a rosy glow to cheeks. You simply need to clean your cheeks using apple cider vinegar in order to get desirable rosy cheeks. Take some apple cider vinegar and soak a cotton swab in it. Take the soaked cotton in apple cider vinegar and pat them on your cheeks until it dries off completely.

Orange peel powder to have beautiful cheeks

The orange peel home remedy is the best home remedy for rosy cheeks. Take orange peel and dry it off. Grind them into smooth powder. Take a tablespoon of orange peel powder and mix it with sufficient amount of milk and a little cream. Mix them well and apply it on your face. Leave it until dry and wash it off with water. This remedy gives healthy and beautiful cheeks.

Exfoliate with oatmeal to enjoy rosy cheeks

Oatmeal face pack is a fabulous method to enjoy rosy cheeks naturally. Mix raw oatmeal and equal quantity of raw milk. Mix them well. Apply this paste on the face. Leave it until it gets dry. Rinse it off with water. Exfoliating techniques can eliminate dead skin cells by covering live cells that can be contributed to a rosy glow.

Tomato juice with a youthful look

Tomatoes are generally rich in anti-oxidant property. It is very helpful in providing you with youthful skin and firmer texture. The ingredients you need to take for this juice are tomatoes, water and honey. Prepare tomato juice from 2 tomatoes, 2 cups of water, and 2 teaspoons of organic honey. Grind them well to get tomato juice. Drink this tomato juice on an empty stomach early in the morning to get rosy cheeks. Try to avoid eating or drinking for about 30 – 40 minutes.

Lemon juice and cucumber juice for pink glow

Lemon and cucumber juice are best to get naturally glowing skin. Squeeze out fresh lemon juice and blend fresh juice from cucumber slices. Mix them well with equal proportions. Add a little amount of honey and milk in the juice. Applying this mixture to your face and leave it for about 30 minutes. This will help you to get natural, glowing pink cheeks.

Best nutrition diet for glowing skin

Your diet also plays an important role in giving you a glowing skin. Take a healthy diet which can reflect your skin glow. Consume some fresh fruits, fruit juice, fresh vegetables, and milk to get the desired pinkish glow on your face. Include Vitamin C and E that help in giving rosy cheeks. So, have a bite on plenty of citrus fruits and leafy vegetables that give pinkish cheeks.

Rosy cheeks with beet-root juice

Beetroot is good for health and helps to get glowing skin. Beetroot on regular consumption improves your blood and fiber content in it helps in easy digestion. Take beet-root to get rosy cheeks. This can be used by any age women. Daily consumption of beet-root is good for skin and gives rosy cheeks. Blend juice from beet-root and use it in face packs or else drink this juice to get rosy cheeks.

You should stay away from stress and be happy for glowing skin. I am sure the glow of happiness will make you look rosy and pink naturally.


Proper usage of makeup brushes

Travelling in the world of beauty and beauty products is not always easy, especially when it comes to makeup brushes. Deciding which makeup brushed to add to your collection. So how do you know which is best for applying bronzer or foundation, and when should you use a natural hair brush versus a synthetic one? And most importantly: How many do you really need?

If you don’t know how to use makeup brushes the right way, you can follow these tips. So finally, here are the answers to the countless questions revolving in our mind. Trying to decide which brushes you need can be overwhelming. Firstly, to get things straight, there are 10 brushes you need to have in your makeup kit which are as mentioned below. Once you learn a few basic guidelines about makeup brushes difference then it will be easy to use them in correct way.

Angled Liner: This brush works in two very convenient ways. First, you can use it to apply gel eyeliner and create a perfectly lined or cat eye. Second, you can use it to achieve a strong eyeliner look using eye shadow by dipping the brush in water before applying.2.-Angled-eyeliner-brush

Blending: This brush is perfect for applying on the crease of the eye and blending. It softens any harsh eyeshadow lines and is perfect for creating a wash of color on the eyes.3.-Blending-brush

Domed Eye shadow: This type of brush will allow you to get more specific with your eye shadow placement. Rather than blending and creating a wash like the above brush, this is great for applying stronger color on both the top and bottom lids. It can also be your brush for applying a shimmery shadow to the inner corner of your eye.4.-Domed-eye-shadow-brush

Smudge: This is essential when creating a smoky eye. First apply the eyeliner at the root of the eyelashes, and then use this brush to smudge. The short, stiff bristles will allow you to embed the product right into the lash line and get that “slept in” look.5.-Smudge-brush

Eyebrow Spoolie: When doing your eyebrows, you should always brush up and out with an eyebrow spoolie. This will soften the brow, remove any excess product, and open up your eyes.6.-Eyebrow-Spoolie

Concealer: Use a synthetic brush to apply concealer. It will get perfectly into all the small nooks and corners around your eyes and nose.7.-Concealer

Contour: This super fluffy brush is used to apply powder and blush as it keeps the powder deposit minimal.8.-Contour

Powder: You should have a large, fluffy brush for applying bronzer. Swirl it in the product and do a wash on the cheeks, forehead, and down the nose.9.-POWDER-PRUSH

Stipling: This brush is for applying foundation and cream blush (and body makeup if you wish). It will allow you to really buff the product, blending it together seamlessly with the skin.10.-Stipling-brush

Beauty blender: This is not a brush, but it’s equally as important. You can use it to apply foundation and cream blush as well as to blend concealer and layer blushes and cream bronzers.11.-Beauty-blender