Easy quick hairstyles for working women – Easy to do hairstyles to work

Here, we go to a last minute event comes up hairstyles with a little time for pampering. This gives ideas to style your hair with an unscheduled meeting. Thus, the glam audition, or any simply an impromptu outing to gives a flashy look. The right hairstyle can change your entire look. So, let’s take some time to change up with a unique look at the office. With less time in hand to get ready in the morning, here are a few non-fussy hairstyles for working women.

Simple French Roll braid

The simple French roll braid is the lovely style that makes a statement during an interview. This looks good for an important meeting. Try these unique hairstyles, which is perfect for second or even third day hair. This has all wow with none of the headache and simple wrap them and tuck. Pin the tuck and style your hair in this French roll. This hairstyle adds a decent look with accessories.

1. simple-french-roll

Twisted pony tail in less time

The best and short cut to style your hair is by creating a fake an up do. The ponytail ideas for getting your hair out of your face are still looking elegant. This is easier than it looks good. Thus, all you need is hairspray. A few Bobby pins and clear elastic all you need to style your hair. This hairstyle gets in a few minutes and is good looking at your work.

2. twisted-phony-tail_0

Weaved ponytail hairstyle

The simple and stylish ponytail hairstyle is weaved ponytail. This elegant take on the traditional low pony adds with a little sophistication and fun with the unique hairstyle. This is more often reserved for a casual day. Thus, there is no need to fuss with hair straightening. This will disguise even worst with a bed head. Twist the hair on both sides and tie an elastic bang to form a ponytail.

3. weaved_ponytail

Quick twist hairstyle

This is the best short hairstyle to be worked at the office. The hairstyle is quite easy and takes less time to style your hair. Section your hair into two parts and twist them and one on another side. Twist the hair criss-cross and blush your hair. Simple brush up your hair and try this hairstyle to be effective. The simple and stylish hairstyle looks good and makes you look professional. The hairstyle best suits for formal dressing such as suits, formal trousers.

Woman with beautiful long brown hairs

Asymmetrical twist hairstyle for office

The hairstyle seems to be traditional chignons. This makes you look a little stern. This hairstyle is another good option for a chignon lover. Thus, try this stylish, simple hairstyle for meetings. This hairstyle gives a professional look. Thus, this simple asymmetrical twist hairstyle is elegant and turns everyones attention at you for a beautiful look.

5. enhanced-buzz-28488-1378752666-27

Messy wavy hairstyle

Wash your hair the previous night and condition it. Do not comb your hair at all. When you wake up the next morning, using your fingers, just scrunch your hair a bit. Curl your hair in one inch sections with a curling wand, leaving about an inch of your ends straight to make it look more natural. Next, twist & wrap your hair into two with spray wax and let them sit for about 20 minutes while you do your makeup. Let down your locks, blow dry upside down, shake it out, and then set with spray wax and hairspray. This is a hairstyle, which is ideal for those who have natural slight curls.Messy-waves1

Elongated bob hairstyle

This hairstyle sits pretty on those who have straight, short hair. This is an upcoming hair trends tend to revitalize the time tested and old time glam hair designs from the past. Wash your hair in the morning and apply a conditioner. Once you are done with that, wait for your hair to dry out completely. Using a thick brush, comb your hair backwards for the air to settle in. An elongated bob haircut is a part of hairstyles for fine hair round face. This will lend a blow dry effect on your hair and make it look voluminous.Elongated-bob2

Fishtail side braid hairstyle

If you have long hair, this look will take only five minutes of your time in the morning. This braid, which works best with longer hair, needs a bit of texture to hold. Divide your hair into two large sections, parting in the middle. Separate the ponytail into two sections. Pull out a thin strand of hair from the outside of the left section and pull it over to the right section. Keep alternating between right and left. You need to incorporate hair from one section into the other until you run out of hair, then secure with a clear elastic. After you reach the bottom, tie it with a rubber band. Keep the braid loose and messy.side-fishtail-braid3

High-slung braid hairstyle

If you have medium or long straight hair, being by combing your hair backwards. Tie it up with a rubber band and start braiding your hair. It could be a fishtail braid or a normal one. When you reach the bottom, tie it again with a rubber band. Make sure that the end is not too short. Comb the curls backwards; using the comb lightly and moving if you are getting tired of the same old style with young long hair then medium hairstyles are perfect.High-slung-braid4


Steps to hide a hair/bobby pin with beautiful hairstyles

In the modern times many changes have taken place in the way a Bobby pin is to be used, it is used in several new innovative ways, either to hide something, or secure some hair or to make different types of hair styles. Ideas of hairstyles with bobby pins. Stylish hairstyles with bobby pins. How to hide hair or a bobby pin to style your hair?

Hair pins are one of the beauty tools with endless uses. Hairstyle varies from person to person. Using a hairpin is a technique to make your hairstyle look beautiful. Select the hairstyle that best suits your face. Hairpin helps to tighten your hairstyle. Take hair pin and aim the open end of the pin against the direction that your hair has pulled to tie a ponytail. Then, rotate the pin, so that the open end of the pin is facing in the same direction as the hair. After that, push the pin towards your head to secure it. Then the pin will pull your hair tighter and cannot be identified. In this way, you can hide the hairpin to tighten your hair. Go on repeating the steps until you hairstyle gets completed.

  • Bobby or hairpins used to flip the Bobby pin over so that the wavy side is against your head. If you have a hard time to keep your hair in place, try flipping the Bobby pin over.
  • Try to flip the pin as the straight side is slicker and won’t grip as well as the wavy.
  • Spray dry shampoo or texture on the Bobby pin before insertion to prevent slippage.
  • Tie the ends of your braid into a knot, and then slide a Bobby pin up into the knot to secure it.
  • Secure the end of a braid with a hidden Bobby pin to make your hairstyle look more chic. This is done by tying the ends of the braid into a knot. Then slide a Bobby pin upward into the knot to secure it. That way you can see a braid with no unsightly hair ties.
  • Insert a Bobby pin with the open end pointing toward your face in the opposite direction of the section you are pinning back. If one Bobby pin is not strong enough, then try to use a larger one or reinforce it with a second pin.
  • Tie a ponytail and insert 2 – 3 Bobby pins halfway inside the elastic and facing down toward your head. This makes your ponytail fluff and flips it over for a fuller look that won’t sag or droop.
  • Use a goody spin pin instead of several Bobby pins to secure your style.

Tips to hack your hairstyle with Bobby pins

Bobby pins can do more for your hair than ever.

  • Use the right side when you put in a Bobby pin. Because the wavy side is facing down and the straight side up. This will ensure a better grip.
  • Try a triangle with two cross sections of your hair over one another in the neck of your head. Slide a Bobby pin horizontally over the crossed section. Then slide two Bobby pins diagonally up on the left and right side to make a triangle.
  • Stealthy hair pulls back by twisting the hair back and slip a Bobby pin into the center. The hair will hide the pin, and you will have an elegant curl hold in the hair back from the side of your face.
  • Instant bob for long hair will rock for a day. You just give your hair some finger waves. Then tuck the ends of your hair up and under the top sections and pin them in for an instant bob.
  • Bangs gone with style by braiding your crown and tucking your bangs into it. Secure with a Bobby pin.
  • You can use Bobby pins to have different hairstyles. Bobby pin can also be used to decorate your nails.

Easy hairstyle in seconds with Bobby pins

Tease the crown of your head with a teasing comb. After that, grab a section of hair between your hairline and the crown of your head. Secure it with a Bobby pin or more. Then grab a tiny section of hair from the front right side of your head. Again, wrap it behind your head and secure it with a Bobby pin. Repeat on the other side, and continue these steps until you pull back three to four sections on each side. Place pins every time. It is an easy half-up updo hairstyle.

Braid with Bobby pin hairstyle

Braid with bobby pin Fix tiny braids with a concealed Bobby pin. This is the modern way to use the Bobby pin. It is used here to fix a small braid at the back of the head.  Braid small strands of hair and take it back and make it secure with a Bobby pin

Side twist hairstyle

Side twist

Twist a part of the hair, and slip the Bobby pin underneath to pin back the strands taken at the back from the front. Push the pin on the opposite side of the strand that is being pinned back. More than one pin or a larger pin can be used if the strands are not secure with one pin.

If your hair has a lot of shorter layers that stick out of your braid, tuck them in with pretty pins.

Pin Curl Twist hairstyle with Bobby pins

Pin Curl Twist

It is a hairstyle in which the shorter layers of hair coming out of the braid are fixed back with a pin. It is a quick hairstyle which can be done on medium or long hair.

This style is made by fixing a two inch section of hair with two Bobby pins. Take the strand of hair from the left side and take it back to the crown of the hair. Twist the pony twice and take it to the back and fix it with pins. Do the same for the right side. Then connect the two twists with Bobby pins. This will leave a bunch at the back of the neck, which can be rolled into a coil.

Half-Up Half-Down haristyle

Half-Up Half-Down

It is an easy hairstyle which can be suitable for any type of hair.  This style is made by taking a section of hair from one ear to the opposite side. Take another section of the opposite ear and secure it over the previous section. Continue the same way until there are four to five strands of hair crisscrossing each other and secured well with Bobby pins.

Straight long frizzy hair turned to bob cut hairstyle with Bobby pins

14-long-bob You should style your hair according to your face shape. If your hair is curly then you need to wish it for straight hair. Simply, using hairpins, you can have straight hair. If your hair is long and are not contemplating a chop. Then don’t have the guts to go through with it, try this trick to have a faux bob with the help of a few Bobby pins. Try this hairstyle to look something different which gives a better look. Just comb your hair and mid part it. Brush them smoothly and fold the hair end to form a simple, straight bob hair style. Secure the end hair fold with Bobby pins from inside. So, that the Bobby pins not appears on outside and also makes your hairstyle look beautiful. Make sure to secure the pins properly not loosen your hair.

Simple wrapped long straight ponytail hairstyle


The hairstyle looks simple and easy to try. This hairstyle best suit when you are rushed for any work. Bobby pins helps to style your hair in many ways.  Instant hairstyle gives a traditional look. Tie a tight ponytail and take a section of hair from it. Then, wrap it around the elastic and secure it tightly with a Bobby pin. This is just like a base of your ponytail and looks somewhat different. This hairstyle is best suitable for long straight hair. Try this simple, elegant looking hairstyle on any occasion gives a pretty good look. This hairstyle on any western wear is simply superb.

High top centered ponytail hairstyle with a wrapped hair


The hairstyle that is favorite for kids is long ponytail. It will be routine and is boring if you have a normal ponytail. So, let’s try this different ponytail that makes your little one look different from everyday life. This will take five minutes and is pretty hairstyle.  Comb your hair and remove any tangles. Swept your hair to form a ponytail, which would be slightly higher than the center of the back or middle of the head. Use Hairspray to get smooth style before brushing your hair smooth down any loose hairs. Wrap the ponytail using elastic. Make sure to tie it tightly and against the head by dividing them into two half’s. Pull each of them in opposite directions. Pull your hair at the crown up and forwards, slightly loosen it from the elastic. It will add volume to your back comb the hair. Divide them and try a ponytail into two halves and curl each half towards each other with a curling iron. Take a part of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band to hide it. Secure the end of the hair underneath the ponytail and move your hair pin upwards to hide it.

Front French braid hairstyle with bobby pins


This hairstyle best suits and can begin with sectioning off part of the hair along your hairline. The simple French braid is simple and easy. But, make sure to pull in all front pieces to keep hair out of your face. You can reach slightly past by using one or two bobby pins to secure the braid behind the ear. The pins are facing the back of your head. Just, leave some hair fall over the end of the end of the braid to hide the pins.

Triangle shape with 3 bobby pin hairstyle


Pick three beautiful looking decorative bobby pins. Take two small sections of hair from front of your face and pull them back. Secure the each section with one bobby pin at an upward angle to create two sides of your triangle. Add the third pin straight across the bottom connecting your triangle. This is difficult to and is at the back of your head. Make your fingers can easily feel the shape of a triangle and be able to close in the gaps.

Mini victory rolls with 4 bobby pins


Start grabbing the front section on one side of your hair and twist them towards back. Push it forward slightly for some volume out of your roll. Place one bobby pin parallel to ground that is facing back to your head. Take second bobby pin to anchor the first by pinning them across the first bobby pin with an opening face to the top of your head. Secure the roll and repeat on the other side.

 Stylish hairstyles with painted pins


Here, you can most beautiful, stylish hair pins used to style your hair. The painted bobby pins add a beautiful look to your hair. This hairstyle makes to look good and is more beautiful. The bobby pins are interesting with different styles and are simple painted with nail polish. You can prepare designed stylish hairstyle with your own art. Try something new and open out with your own talent in art at your holiday’s time.


Stylish short hair cuts that you could try it right now!

Bob’s have been a rage for a very good reason! That wondrous feeling of freedom that it gives you and not to mention those gazillion options that gives you to play around with. The very thought leaves you so happy and peppy. How you’d feel once you have it, is an indescribable!

Here are some classics in short haircuts that you can try right away from that it will bring the fun side of you right out. They have never been out of style and they never will be!

Short hair cuts are as elegant as they are easy to have and less time to prepare.

 Style 1: Layered Bob hair cut

The more you look at bob hairstyles, the more you love them. The interesting thing is that your appearance will be completely different, but it will still be you. A new one and it’s better to you. The style is neat and fun at the same time. This is definitely one layered haircut to try!

Style 2: Side-Swept Bangs short hair cut

Side swept bangs can be a great addition to any look. It needs to add a new dimension to your face while framing it beautifully. Side swept bangs are very short but a cute factor to them and makes them really easy to maintain and style. Whether you pick a heavy or light bang, it brings out your eyes kicking up your attraction quotient by more than just a notch. Plus they hide a large forehead with utmost ease.

 Style 3: Choppy Short haircut

Choppy short haircut is a short and layered hairstyle in which the sections are very clearly visible leaving you with a very natural and sporty look. Plus is this one of those hairstyles where you don’t have to worry about adding color will affect it!

 Style 4: Soft A-line Bob

These are also very popularly known as inverted bobs and are extremely popular too! These look flattering on all face shapes adding an air of mystery and glamour. The soft flowing lines express motion and mimic the curve of the perfect soft a line bob.

Style 5: Wavy bob cut with side fringe

Take a classic bob and add waves from the mid length along with a side fringe for a dainty yet smart look. This looks best for fine to medium hair.

Style 6: Bowl Cut Bob

Bowl cut bob is one style that was very popular back in the days not just for simplicity of maintenance but also because it is so very easy to do as cut also. The sides and back are cut short to the same length invariably making it seem like someone put a bowl over the head and chopped off the rest! This is also known as mushroom, beach or put cut.

This is not recommendable for those of you who have round faces as it ends up giving the face a very roundish look!

Style 7: Classic Bob with Straight Fringe

The classic bob started a statement of rebellion by the women when they had just gained the right to vote. These chin grazing styles with straight bangs some a look and comfort that just caught on like fire among women. It highlights the eyes and adds a frame of power to the look. However, if you already have a round face then it would be more suitable if you keep the length below the chin.