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Home remedies for neck pain – Causes of neck strain

Many people feel frequent pain in neck or neck stiffness. This is because of poor posture or maybe over usage or strain to neck. There may be some other cause like neck pain due to injury from a fall, contact sports or whiplash. The neck is made with vertebrae where it is extended from the skull to the upper part of the body or torso. The cervical discs absorbs shock between the bones. The neck helps in supporting your head with the bones, muscles and ligaments. The neck allows your head to rotate. Neck pain is due to injury, inflammation or abnormalities or neck stiffness. If you are facing neck pain, then you will not be able to rotate your head and pain in the neck. It would be difficult to handle daily activities and sometimes you may forget it and suddenly turns your head. This causes more pain and is disturbing your work. The neck pain may also lead to shoulder and muscle pains near the neck.

Causes of neck pain

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  • Headaches
  • Tingling
  • Tenderness
  • Swelling at neck
  • Numbness
  • Stiffness
  • Swallowing difficulty

The neck pain may be due to various reasons. The main reason is due to muscle tension and some other several causes like sleeping or sitting in poor posture, working long hours and some neck jerks during exercises.

There may be some other reasons for neck pain such as deficiency of nutritions, nerve compression, cervical spondylos and fibromyalgia. This can be caused due to spinal infections. Thus, there are some effective home remedies to treat neck pain quickly.

Top home remedies for neck pain

Ice packs to ease neck pain

Ice is the most useful element for pains. The ice helps in reducing the inflammation of neck pain. You can use either an ice cube of a bag full of ice pieces. Take some ice cubes and crush them well. Place them in a plastic bag and wrap it. The plastic bag or any thin towel can be used to pack the crushed ice. Place the ice pack on your neck. Place it for about 15 minutes or more. Repeat the process 2 – 3 hours in a day for better relief. It is recommended that you should not apply ice directly on to your skin.

Epsom salt water bath

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Epsom salt helps to relieve from muscle tension. Warm Epsom salt water can reduce stress. This helps to give instant pain relief. The magnesium sulfate of Epsom salt has a natural muscle relaxant. This helps to reduce swelling and pain. Take 1 – 2 cups of Epsom salt into a warm water tub. Soak your body daily. Do it until your neck pain is reduced. This helps to be completely reduce neck pain. Avoid these natural home remedy those who have heart problems, high blood pressure or diabetes.

Neck exercises to relieve from neck pain

Daily exercises help to keep you fit and healthy. This motion exercises can reduce neck pain. The exercises help in strengthening and stabilizing the neck muscles. This helps with upper back pain and can reduce stress. Do neck exercises that help to ease out and prevent neck pain. It is better to apply some moist heat that helps the neck to rotate freely. Apply it before doing the exercise. Gently rotate your neck in a circular motion that in the direction of clockwise and anti-clockwise. It helps in stretching out the agitated muscles to relieve from neck pain. This helps to cause a little pain at the beginning, but helps your neck to loosen up and heal the process. This helps to move your neck slowly back and forth as well as from side to side. Each exercise must be about five times per sessions per day. This also hurts too much that don’t do without any consult with your doctor.

Blackstrap molasses treatment for neck pain

Blackstrap helps to relief from neck pain. This is specifically done due to lack of calcium and potassium.  The blackstrap molasses is the best home remedy for neck pain. The abundance of calcium and potassium, which helps to give strong muscles, bones and joints. Take one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses in a glass of warm water. Mix them well and drink it twice a day to get relief from the pain.

Ginger for neck pain relief

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Ginger has natural anti-inflammatory properties that help to improve blood circulation. The blood flow may be affected in the area and this can reduce pain and inflammation. Take a small piece of ginger root. Cut them into small slices. Boil the ginger slices by adding them into two cups of water. Leave it for about 10 minutes. Strain the solution and add honey into it. Drink this tea. Drink three cups of ginger tea daily for a few days to get rid of neck pain. Another method is prepared by mixing one and half teaspoon of powdered dry ginger and add them into a glass of water. Drink this tea for about three times daily for a few days. Alternatively, prepare a mixture of ginger compress and take three tablespoons of fresh grated ginger and wrap them in a piece of cheesecloth. Place the cheesecloth in hot water for about 30 seconds. Let them cool down and then place it on the neck. Let them leave for about 15 – 20 minutes. Repeat the process daily until you relief from neck pain.

Cayenne pepper to get rid of neck pain

Cayenne pepper helps to reduce neck pain with its anti-inflammatory properties. This helps to reduce neck pain. Take one teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder. Add two tablespoons of lukewarm olive oil into it. Mix them well. Apply it on sore muscles in your neck area. Repeat it twice daily until the pain gone. Take capsaicin cream. Gently apply it on your neck. Apply it on back muscles for quick relief. Use this cream twice a day.

Turmeric for neck pain

Turmeric helps to treat neck pain. Turmeric curcumin have important phytochemical acts well to get relief from neck pain. Turmeric is rich in anti-inflammatory that helps to reduce pain. Turmeric helps to improve blood circulation and can speed the recovery. Take one teaspoon of turmeric powder. Add them into a glass of milk and heat the mixture. Heat the mixture on low flame for about five minutes. Remove it from heat and add a little honey into it. Allow them to cool down. Drink this mixture twice a day to reduce neck pain completely.

Lavender oil for neck pain

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Lavender oil is used to get relief from the neck pain. This is the best home remedy used for massage therapy. Massage your neck with this lavender oil. This helps to reduce pain and sleep better. You should take a hot water bath or shower that keeps you relaxed and can reduce the muscle pain in neck muscles. Apply a little amount of lavender oil on your neck and shoulders. Gently massage in circular motion. Massage neck with this oil on the area where you have pain for about 10 minutes. Repeat them daily for best results. Instead of these you can also dilute some amounts of lavender oil, coconut oil and olive oil and use it for better results. Gently massage the neck area that causes pain.

Apple cider vinegar for neck pain

Apple cider vinegar have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. ACV helps to relieve from neck pain. ACV is rich in nutrients, which helps to relief from neck pain. Take some apple cider vinegar in a bowl and soak a paper towel in it. Dip in it and place it on the area of your neck. Leave it for a couple of hours. Repeat it twice a day. Alternatively, take two cups of apple cider vinegar and add them into a lukewarm bathtub filled with water. Soak your body in the mixture. Leave it for about 15 minutes. Repeat it twice daily to recover them completely.

Hydrotherapy for neck pain relief

Hydrotherapy is the best home remedy for neck pain. This is used to treat neck pain at the time of the shower. The water force that is coming from shower will affect all the body parts. The shower water force helps in reducing the pain as well as soreness too. Take a hot shower with warm water for about 3 – 4 minutes. Even if you bare, cold water, you can go for cold water and mainly focus on 30 – 60 seconds. Repeat the process several times a day for quick recovery. Hot or warm water helps to increase blood circulation and reduces muscle stiffness. Whereas cold water helps to reduce inflammation. This helps in making your neck straight and make sure not to rotate your neck while you are having your shower.

Tips to reduce neck pain

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  • To get rid of neck pain, one should lie down without a pillow. This helps to relieve from neck muscle pain.
  • You can even try some abdominal breathing exercises. This can be done at a place where you can find peace and fresh air. Try some relaxation exercises such as yoga and meditation.
  • You should be fit and should take care about healthy weight.
  • You should always sit in a comfortable chair that works well.
  • Quit smoking for quick healing.
  • You should stop driving until you feel relaxed from neck stiffness and neck pain.
  • You should sleep on a firm mattress. Always keep your head that should be aligned with your spine when you sleep.
  • Make sure to hold your hold in the right position. Don’t turn or bend your neck that it can touch the shoulder. So, be careful while talking on the phone for longer hours. You should use headphones, if you are continuously speaking for long hours on the phone.
  • Daily swimming helps to strengthen neck and back muscles.
  • Do some posture that does not harm your neck? Make sure to maintain a spine and head balance exercises which are related to gravity.
  • You should not take much stress and feel free. As decrease in stress can trigger muscle tension and use best otc diet pills.
Health benefits

Anti-ageing powers of green tea – Health benefits of green tea

Tea has garnered attention for its health promoting potential throughout the past several decades. Green tea is not oxidized so its buds and leaves retain much of the naturally occurring chemicals that are present in the leaves when they grow.

The health benefits of green tea are generally attributed to these health promoting flavonoids that are particular to a catechin and polyphenols. Unwanted toxins that enter your body create unwanted free radicals.

Anti-ageing benefits of green tea

  • Green tea helps in anti-ageing of skin. As the cells can replicate the age, the DNA sequences at the end of chromosomes are called telomeres that can shorten.
  • Water extractable polyphenols exists in tea that is powerful with antioxidants and hunt down free radicals in your body.
  • Green tea has five different types of catechins, but the mightiest of all epigallocatechin gallate or EGCg for short.
  • The antioxidant properties of the green tea have constituent nutrients that protects telomeres from oxidative damage in the normal aging process.
  • The green tea has polyphenols exists as a series of chemicals called as catechins. Catechins can hold all the potent antioxidant and disease fighting properties.
  • This helps in encouraging the average difference in the telomere length between tea drinkers and non-tea drinkers that corresponds to the difference of 5 years of life.

Free radicals will damage your body cell decomposition that it is pretty much speeds up the whole aging process as well as other diseases related to aging.

  • Anti aging, anti heart disease, and anticancer: Antioxidants that are in a nutshell fight off these free radicals, thus helping you look young and feel young too. It is great for the skin that it helps to keep those darn wrinkles away while retaining that vibrant, youthful glow.
  • Anti wrinkles and dullness: Green tea contains amino acids that help you relax and relieve you from stress and anxiety.
  • Anti stress: Green tea is great for when you are trying to lose a couple of unwanted pounds. This gives your metabolism a good boost. Green tea helps to burn up to 70 calories in a single day and helps to add up to 7 pounds in a year.
  • Weight loss, control, obesity: Green tea helps to stop the movement of glucose in your fat cells. It prevents you from gaining back the weight that you already lost by gaining any more pounds. It also helps to control your blood sugar levels.

Health benefits of green tea

Weight loss: Green tea increase energy and fat oxidation in humans within 24 hours of supplementation. It is significant thermogenic properties and promoted fat oxidation more effectively than either the placebo or caffeine. It is great for losing a deadly fat known as visceral fat that is at inside the abdomen.

Brain cells: Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties to penetrate the brain barrier that protects neuronal death. People who take green tea daily will have a lower risk of death due to stroke.

Anticancer: Cancer cells while leave healthy cells alone, a feat that current cancer treatments have yet to match. Five cups of green tea each day will reduce the risk of lymph cancers by up to 48%, and blood cancers by 42%.

Cellular aging benefit of green tea: In the study of Chinese, men who take green or Oolong tea has cells, which are most enthusiastic tea drinkers that are showed about five fewer years. This is better to wear and tear compared to the cells of those who drank little tea. The benefits when you take green tea of three or more cups each day. But, those who didn’t benefit drank less than one cup. This is examined in the participants of telomeres to see how the cells had aged. Telomeres are the protective caps on the end of your DNA strands. Each time your cells are divided to telomeres shorten a little. This is eventually old cells are not able to replicate properly. Thus, the study showed that the most devoted tea drinkers had significantly longer telomeres those who drank less than a cup a day.  Thus, the researchers think that the antioxidants in the green tea help maintain your telomeres. This is quite interesting, it was only men who benefit from this effect, but not for women. This is because some of the feminine hormones already provide the same protection. You can notice that there are plenty of other resources for women to drink green and Oolong tea.

Some other health benefits of green tea

Sun damage protection: The polyphenols contained in green tea are powerful antioxidants which are not only protected by the body from damage by free radicals, but it also protects the cells against DNA damage from UV radiation.

Graceful aging: Green tea provides anti-aging benefits that pave the way for graceful aging. People who drink green tea are more agile and medically independent as they age. It helps to protect your body against general health impairing effects by fighting cell damage.

Boosting the immune system: Green tea consumption helps from illness during influenza season. Consume green tea daily to get out of sick less often by drinking between 1 – 5 cups per day.

Clearing nasal congestion: Green tea blocks histamine production that it helps to boost the immune system.

Reducing stress: People who are suffering from psychological stress helped to lessen that stress, found by drinking five cups of the tea each day. It helps to reduce stress up to 20%.

Improves memory: When EGCG reaches the brain that it appears to stimulate neuron growth in the hippocampus, a brain region related to memory. It works a maze faster than those that didn’t get into the compound.

Green tea benefits for skin

Green tea helps to prevent a number of skin diseases, including skin cancer. The high content of anti-oxidants, called polyphenols, seems to be responsible for this by removing free radicals from the skin before they have a chance to attack the DNA in your skin cells that it leads to cancer. It protects against UV exposure from the sun, and is used to reduce the impact of the sun that has on the health of your skin.

Green tea contains a high concentration of polyphenols, chemicals with potent antioxidant properties. It prevents and treats you from various skin diseases including skin cancer. It will damage cell compounds that alter DNA molecules in the chromosomes, including harmful mutations that lead to the initiation of skin cancer.


Home remedies for water retention – How to cure water retention during pregnancy

Women often have a complaint at the time of pregnancy like “I am growing fat.” And one of the most common is “My feet always look swollen.” Such condition is medically termed ad edema or in common language is called as water fluid retention. It may be due to excessive accumulation of fluid in the tissues of the body. It occurs in feet and legs and even in other parts of the body as well too. The major factors may include high sodium intake, poor circulation of blood, lack of exercise, deficiencies of various types of vitamins, venous insufficiency, stress, pregnancy, heart issues, kidney problem, chronic lung disease, liver disease, thyroid disorder use of certain medication and even oral contraception’s. Water retention mainly causes swelling and puffiness on affected body organs. It also causes stiffness in joint, change in weight of the body, bloated feeling and even increases in blood pressure and even pulse rate. Following are few home remedies that will help in water fluid retention at the time of pregnancy.

Home remedies for water retention during pregnancy

Coriander seeds for water retention

Coriander seeds are diuretic in nature. This helps to prevent and eliminate water retention. Coriander is rich in potassium that helps in removing the fluid retention. The other main components of coriander seeds are Vitamin A, C and K, riboflavin, folic acid, calcium, iron, magnesium and other small quantities of niacin. This is also rich in Vitamin B6, phosphorous and zinc. The Ayurveda recommends coriander for faster elimination of water retention. Take 3 tablespoons of coriander seed and add them in a glass of boiling water. Boil it until the water remains to the half. Strain the solution and let it cool down before drinking. Repeat the process once or more. Drink this coriander seed, water twice a day for better results.

Onions for water fluid retention

Onions are rich in diuretic that helps for blood cleansing. This helps to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Take a raw onion in four cups of water. Boil the water and add salt to taste. Strain the solution. Drink two or three cups of it for a few days to relieve from water fluid retention. You should eat more diuretic foods such as cabbage, cucumbers, watercress, celery, bananas, pineapple and watermelon. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, limit your salt intake. Drink less alcohol and exercise regularly.

Dandelion for water retention

Dandelion is an herb available at very rare places has been noted to have a diuretic effect. It is best in the removal of excessive water from the body. It also comprises of potassium as well as help in reduction of sodium level in the body. It is also rich in magnesium content and is good in relieving pre-menstrual bloating

Steep one teaspoon dried dandelion in a cup of hot water for almost 10 minutes. Strain and drink tea almost thrice a day. You can even intake supplements or tincture of dandelion. Before using any herbal remedy such as dandelion tea it is advisable to consult a doctor as may get mixed with drugs.

Parsley to get rid of water retention

Like that of dandelion, parsley is also one of the excellent diuretic agents. It is comprised of calcium, magnesium, etc., elements that are every much essential in water retention at the time of pregnancy.

Take some parsley leaves and prepare a tea of it by adding two teaspoons of dried parsley leaves in a cup of boiling water. Let it steep for 10 minutes. Drink it thrice a day for better results.

You can even intake parsley juice or lemon juice as per your convenience for water retention treatment during pregnancy.

Epsom salt for water retention during pregnancy

A bath of Epsom salt is best in getting rid of water retention and a bloated tummy or swelling of feet with the help of reverse osmosis. It may draw out excess fluid and toxins in the body. This relaxing bath also helps in soothing sore muscles and also calms the nerves.

Take two cups of Epsom salt in a bathtub comprising of lukewarm water. Soak the affected area in it for almost 15 to 20 minutes. Repeat this for almost thrice a week for better result with regular intervals.

Lemon juice for excess fluid

Lemon juice helps in flushing off the excess fluid as well as toxins from the body.

Take two tablespoons of lemon juice in a cup of warm water. You can even add honey to it. Drink the solution. Continue the remedy once daily for a few days till you see proper improvement.

Fennel seeds to get rid of water retention

Fennel seed can be considered as the best diuretic agent which may help in increasing sodium and water output from the kidneys. It helps in preventing the toxins from the body, and aids digestion and even relieves gas, so that retention of water takes place easily.

Take few fennel seeds in a cup of hot water. Cover and let it steep for 10 minutes, then strain it. Try this thrice a day till improvement is observed.

Nettle to prevent water retention

Nettle too is diuretic agent that will work well in the prevention and reduction of water retention at the time of pregnancy.

How to use it?

Use tea prepared from nettle root. Boil a cup of water and add powdered nettle root in it. Let it steep for 10 minutes. Drink this tea thrice a day till the improvement is observed.

Pregnancy is the best stage of woman’s life, One should take care of herself during this stage so Try this few home remedies and get rid of water retention from the body at the time of pregnancy specially.

Reduce your salt intake

Sodium is an essential mineral because it’s used to regulate the fluid levels in body tissues, excess intake of sodium that cause excessive fluid retention in the body tissue. Try to avoid foods that contain high amounts of salt, such as potato chips. Avoid processed foods like tinned and canned meat that helps to reduce the amount of salt you add to the food you eat.

Drink more water

Drinking more water can solve the water retention problem. If you are dehydrated, your body reacts by storing water that it can cope with what it sees as a dry spell. Drinking more water helps to excrete more salt from your body. Drink 8 glasses of water every day. Ironic foods seem to be excess in water with the body that are usually in a sign and has the body to be afraid that losing even more water and thus attempts to hold on a precautionary measure. This is the best way to cure water retention that is by drinking more water. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Water in taking should be evenly spread over the day. Drink too much water that too in a short period of time and can lead to intoxication. This is a water poising or hyper hydration. That, you should even take a better, that is to drink more water that is purified of dehydrating with salt or minerals. Drink more water that is most effective to cure PMS related water retention.

Increase the amount of Vitamin B6

If you notice that water retention before your period, it is advisable to take 100 milligram of Vitamin B6 everyday for five days before menstruation. This helps you to excrete more urine and as a result reduce the water content of your body. It helps to balance your progesterone and estrogen levels. Bananas, spinach, fish, chickpeas, poultry, and avocados are foods that are rich in Vitamin B6.

Yogurt to reduce water retention

Yogurt has high amounts of protein and many nutrients. Lack of protein is the main cause of water retention, so increase the amount of protein into your diet that helps to relieve you from this problem. Yogurt is rich in potassium and protein. The sources of protein include cottage cheese, fish, milk, and tofu.

Eat fiber foods to digest food

Fiber foods help to digest easily. Eat foods that are rich in fiber and helps to relieve water retention. Fiber absorbs a lot of water as it passes through the small and large intestines. Foods that contain large amounts of fiber are seeds, whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts, vegetables, and fruits.

Garlic for water retention 

Garlic helps to release excess water and flushes toxins from the body. It helps to lose weight and reduces fat in your body. Eat 2 – 3 raw garlic cloves in the morning and at night. But be sure to chew thoroughly. In another way, blend fresh garlic to make a paste and add melted butter to mix them well. Spread on bread and enjoy garlic bread. Third way of consuming garlic has added them to all your meals.

Hair care

Home remedies for long hair – How to get silky and smooth hair

Soft, silky, & long hair are nowadays fashion for the girls and women. But due to the pollution, stress, smoking, environmental effects, nutrition deficiencies, mental stress, aging, genetic problems, hormonal imbalance, strong chemical based hair products, other scalp infections the hair is losing its elegance, strength, and glow. There may be different causes, but by maintaining proper caring, anything can be achieved. So, here we are discussing the points for better growth of hair with smooth and shiny in texture.

Natural home remedies for long and silky hair

Onion juice for long and thick hair

Onion juice is an effective home remedy for long hair and is used on the scalp for better results. Onion juice has an excellent source of sulfur that can boost the collagen production. This helps in encouraging re-growth of hair. Thus, chop an onion juice and squeeze out its juice by applying it on the scalp. Leave it on the scalp for about 15 minutes. Rinse it off with water by using a mild shampoo.

Beer to get smooth and shiny hair

Beer is an excellent hair tonic. This is rich in protein and helps to repair damaged hair cuticles. This also helps to provide hair nourishment for hair follicles. This can add luster and shine to your hair. Rinse your hair with shampoo and then apply it with a flat beer from the roots to the ends. Gently massage your scalp with beer in circular motion and leave it for about 5 minutes. Rinse it off with water and repeat the process for every two weeks.

Apple cider vinegar for soft hair

Apple cider vinegar is best and can make your hair soft, shiny and can moisturize. This helps to remove the residue that makes your hair look dull and lifeless. This helps to treat dandruff, itchy scalp and frizzy hair. Mix them well together in equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water. After shampooing, pour your mixture into your hair and gently massage it onto your scalp. Leave it for a few minutes and rinse them well with cold water. Other ways is that, prepare a mixture of two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and add one lemon in a cup of water. Use this mixture as a final hair rinse after shampooing your hair. Repeat this home remedy once a week for better results.

Avocado for damaged hair

Avocado is rich in nutrients that can deeply moisturize and nourish your hair. This makes your hair shiny and smooth. Avocado is rich and is better to treat dry and damaged hair. Take a ripe avocado and mash it into smooth paste. Add two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil into it. Mix them well and apply this paste to your hair from the roots to ends. Cover it with a shower cap and leave it for about 30 minutes. Rinse and shampoo your hair. Alternatively, mash a ripe avocado and ripe banana. Mix them well together by adding one half tablespoon of almond oil. Massage this paste on your scalp and hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap. Leave it for about 30 minutes. Rinse them off with lukewarm water. Shampoo your hair. Repeat the process once or twice a week depending on the condition of your hair.

Oil massage for long hair

Proper massage of scalp helps the hair follicle in increasing the blood circulation and strengthens the roots. Massaging relieves stress and increases relaxation. So application of these coconuts, olive oil, almond oil, castor oil, amla oil onto the scalp and massaging this twice a week gives better result.

Neem to get silky hair

It is also a natural medicine for the hair and the body. It purifies the blood, prevents the lice and dandruff. Application of this neem paste or oil or combined use of neem powder/oil with the coconut oil or curd on to the hair promotes hair growth. Massaging this oil also improves blood circulation.

Methi for silky hair

It acts as a miracle herb in Ayurveda and is commonly available in households. Apply this paste directly onto the scalp for 30 ins and wash it off. It gives more hair growth.

Aloe vera to get healthy hair

It is the best remedy not only in Ayurveda but also in general view. It is the best medicine that it cleans the body totally from inside. Its juice also enriches the metabolic rate of the body. Applying its pulp onto the scalp also gives nourishes the hair.

Beet root juice for hair color

As we know beet root has many health related benefits to the skin, body, and hair. Beetroot juice is rich in vitamin b, c & calcium, phosphorous, potassium, so apply the paste of beet root leaves along with the henna, to the scalp for 30-40 minutes and wash it off. Practicing this in alternative days gives you the best result. Having the juice of beet root also nourishes the skin & scalp. We can also go for the carrot juice, spinach juice mixed with the beet-root as a great health drink.

Biotin& iron rich food to get long hair

Food containing biotin & iron are preferably taken for hair growth. Nuts, green leafy vegetables, oats, cashews, brown rice, lentils, peas, sunflower seeds, walnuts, and soybeans dry fruits, oranges, wheat, figs, and berries promote hair length, thickness, & healthier hair.

Henna best natural herbal treatment for hair

As we know the natural henna is used as a best conditioner to hair and natural colorant. This henna strengthens the hair follicle from the root. We can use this henna along with the curd and fenugreek paste for thick hair. Boil the mixture of dried henna powder & mustard oil for a few minutes and drain the oil from it. This is also used for massaging the scalp. Practicing this twice weekly gives better results.

Hibiscus natural treatment to reduce hair fall

Hibiscus flowers or leaves have many benefits as it prevents hair fall apart from graying and nourishing the hair. Dried flowers are mixed with the sesame/ coconut/ almond oil and used for massaging the scalp. Later wash the hair with mild shampoo. This gives better hair growth.

Amla juice for dry hair

Apply the amla powder/ juice with the lime juice in it into the scalp and allowed to dry. Wash it off with warm water promotes hair growth.

Egg white for hair care

A paste of egg white mixed with the spoonful of olive oil is applied onto the scalp. Allow it to dry for 20 minutes and wash it off with warm water & mild shampoo. Repeating this twice in a week gives good result.

Avoid combing wet hair

Wet hair is prone to easily break out the ends finally lead to stop the growth of hair. So combing the tresses/ tangles in the wet condition is avoided to obtain a smooth & shiny hair.

Avoid hair dryers

The dryer is so hot enough to occur a split. Try to avoid usage of those expensive tools and go for a natural drying with a towel or air dry. If mandatory use a nozzle directed air flow dryer which controls the air in all directions completely rounding the hair. This prevents the splits. Minimize the heat produced by dryers for better hair growth.

These tips are easily followed at home and can acquire smooth, shiny, and long hair.

Health benefits

Quick home remedies to reduce body heat

Body heat is not any disease or symptom of any kind of disease. Increase in body heat causes many health issues. This is the good sign for your body that is working against disease and illness. It causes headaches, acne, and pimples on the skin. During summer heat slowly raising the mercury levels outside. There are many ways to cool you’re your body. Feel irritated, but sapped of energy.

The symptoms of body heat are acne, heartburn, skin rashes, and diarrhea. Drug intake may also occur increased heat in your body. There are some safe and easy ways to get rid of your body heat.

Home remedies to reduce body heat

Watering in body heat

When you notice excessive body heat, drink a large glass of cold water and then take a half bucket of cold water. Add some ice cubes into it if possible. Immerse your feet in the bucket and soak them for about 15 – 20 minutes. Then you can feel relax and comfortable.

Butter to reduce body heat

Butter helps to reduce body heat, which is quick and natural home remedy. Take one glass of warm milk and mix two tablespoons of clarified butter into that milk. Drink it will regularly and it can protect you from cholesterol problem.

Poppy seeds natural way

Poppy seeds have cooling effect on the body. This helps to regulate body temperature. This helps to reduce body heat. Eat a little amount of poppy seed to get rid of excessive body heat. Take necessary precautions to go for this remedy. Don’t take large quantity take little amount only. They are not safe for the children so be careful while taking any poppy seeds.

Watermelon for excess heat

Watermelon helps to reduce body heat with high water content. This can detoxify, and fruit helps to remove harmful toxins from the body. This can contribute the body heat. Eat watermelon regularly during the summer season that helps to keep you hydrated. This is good for your health as it contains 93% of water and it is red and juicy fruit. It contains vitamins A and C, fiber. Apply some crushed watermelon slice on your face to round cooling off your body. It helps your body to cool down.

Cardamom for high temperature

Cardamom or elaichi is an Indian spice, which is widely used for cooking recipe dishes. The cardamom has an excellent detoxifying quality which can in turn cools down the body. This is taken along with tea. Cardamom is the best way to reduce body temperature. It is great to reduce your body heat. This is the most ancient home remedy for many health issues.

Barley water best way

Barley water is the best way to keep you hydrated. This helps to reduce body heat and keeps you healthy. Consume barley water to take out the heat from your body. Boil two tablespoons of barley in two cups of water. Boil it for about 3o minutes. Cool down the liquid and sip them it at regular intervals. It helps to reduce body heat.

Sandalwood and fuller’s earth pack

Sandalwood has natural cooling property. This is effective to reduce body temperature. Fuller’s earth or Multani Mitti keeps you hydrated. Sandalwood and fuller’s earth have cooling properties. Prepare a paste of sandalwood powder or fuller’s earth that gives some raw milk and apply it all over your body before going to bath. It helps to cool down the body immediately.

Buttermilk natural home remedy

Buttermilk helps to reduce body heat. This helps women who are suffering with hot flashes and men with high metabolism. This provides the required amount of minerals and vitamins that are lost during excessive sweating. Drink a glass of buttermilk when you find your body is heated during summer season. It reduces the unnecessary body heat and flushes out toxins from your body.

Pomegranate juice and almond oil for hot body

Pomegranate is the best and heavenly fruit with lots of nutrients. This helps to treat cancer with a fatal disease that can undergo medical treatment. Pomegranate juice helps to recover the body quickly with an excellent cooling food. Take some almond oil and extract juice from pomegranate in a glass. Prepare a mixture and then drink it, in the every morning. It helps to reduce your body heat and make you healthy.

Honey and milk for body heat

Take a glass of cold milk and add one tablespoon of honey. Mix them well and prepare a paste with the salad wood, water, and cold milk. Apply this paste on your forehead; it helps to reduce your body heat.

Coconut water best in summer

Sipping on tender coconut water can cool down your body during the summer. Coconut water is rich in vitamins and minerals. It helps to reduce the effect of body heat, dehydration, without adding anything to your calorie count. Drink water from tender coconut water to keep yourself fit and cool.

Avoid spicy food 

Spices add heat to the food. Avoid spicy food that causes more heat in your body. Consume foods that are easily digested and has lots of fiber and water content. Add leafy vegetables, cucumber, and buttermilk in your diet. Cut down your consumption of sour foods and nuts.

Apricot for excessive heat 

Apricot works as an alternate to water. It can quench your thirst and reduce body heat. Take a glass of apricot juice in the morning that reduces excessive body heat. Apply the simple method that reduce the excessive heat and produce required amount of heat in your body.

Sabja seeds to reduce heat in the body

Sabja seeds help to reduce excessive body heat and keeps you cool. Sabja seeds can be soaked in water for some time and then add them into milk. Add some rosewater that is effective in reducing body heat.

Lemon quick home remedy

Lemon helps to get rid of body heat quickly. This is the most common home remedy to the fluid intake to a level of dehydrated body. Lemon helps to become a high in Vitamin C that can reduce body heat and is a healthy fluid. Lemon juice makes juice to lower body temperature. Squeeze out half lemon in a glass of water and add a pinch of salt into it. Mix them well, don’t add sugar into it, which is really unhealthy and gain fat. If you like, then it is better to use a spoon of honey in it. Drink this solution for best results.

Indian gooseberry to control body heat

Indian gooseberry helps to control body heat mostly in summer. This helps to come across with the foods and drinks to control your body heat. Amla or Indian gooseberry is a natural powerful home remedy and is a great source of Vitamin C. This helps to give you relief from extreme heat. Blend amla juice and take 2 tablespoons of it. Add 1 tablespoon of honey and half a lemon juice into it. Add a pinch of salt for taste. Mix them well and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. This helps to reduce irritation and excessive heat.

Home Remedies

Home remedies for age spots – How to get rid of liver spots

The age spots are common among the people that are in 45’s. They are also called as liver spots, sun lentigines, and sun spots. These appear as small, flat, black/brown spots on face especially. They are also seen on hands, neck, back, chest, shoulders. Though they are not harmful to the body, but give a bad appearance on it. They occur in any age group if they expose to sun more. The exact reason of spots cannot be known, but they may be due to sun, heredity, aging, stress, improper liver functioning, and vitamin deficiency. Here we are discussing the home remedies to control the age spots at home.

Home remedies for age spots

Onion and apple cider vinegar pack

Mix the juice of onion into the cider vinegar and make a fine solution. Apply this solution over the spots for 30 minutes and wash it off. Orange juice also used along with vinegar instead of onion for application. Onion paste alone can also be used for applying on to the spots. Practicing this continuously for 5-6 months give a better relief. Apple cider vinegar can be directly used to drink to avoid spots. Honey or lime juice can also add to it for more taste.

Lemon juice to get rid of age spots

Lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C which helps to act as a bleaching agent. This helps to remove age spots by applying it on age spots twice a day. This helps to treat and is administered for six to eight weeks. Thus, the age spots begin to disappear. The citrus acid and its antioxidant can rejuvenate the quality that makes these home remedy very effective. Apply freshly squeezed lemon juice directly on the affected area. Leave it for about 30 minutes and rinse it off with cold water. Repeat the process twice a day for about two months. This helps to have a sensitive skin that can dilute the lemon juice with water, rose water or honey.

Castor oil for age spots

Castor oil helps in healing properties which is effective to reduce brown spots. Castor oil is rich in Vitamin E oil, coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil that helps to remove brown spots. Apply castor oil by using a cotton ball in the affected area. Gently massage for a few minutes. Leave it for a few hours and rinse it off with water. Repeat it once in the morning and once at night that helps the brown spots to fade out and this makes your skin tone even. Sometimes, you can observe that it is rough in texture. On regular usage twice a day for few months improves the appearance and texture of the age spots.

Aloe vera to prevent age spots

Aloe vera gel is the best homemade tip used in case of rash. As it contains the Vitamin C, E & anti inflammatory properties apart from antibacterial & fungal properties. Apply its juice on the affected area. Aloe vera has natural healing properties that aids in skin rejuvenation. This is an excellent home remedy to get rid of brown spots that are caused by sun exposure. Rub some fresh aloe vera gel on the age spots and leave it for about 30 minutes. Rinse the area with cold water. Repeat the process twice a day monthly for better results.

Olive oil to remove liver spots

This is most preferably used in sports. The therapeutic property contained in it gives a relief from irritation. Take a spoonful of olive oil and apply it on the age spots. This helps to wash off with water and repeat it after half an hour. This gives a useful home remedy to erase age spots. Olive oil mixed with vinegar also used for applying on the spots and washed off after 30 minutes.

Papaya mask treatment for liver spots

Papaya is rich in enzyme called papain and helps to exfoliate your skin with the alpha hydroxyl acids. This can reduce the age spots, acne and scars. This also helps to get rid of blemishes and any other skin problems. Papaya gives a clear and brighter skin without any spots or wrinkles. Take some fresh papaya and grate it with 2 tablespoons of papaya. Apply it on age spots and gently rub it for a few minutes. Leave it for about 20 – 30 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Alternatively, papaya paste is prepared and applied onto the face. Allow it for 15 minutes and wash if off with a warm water. This gives acne/spots free skin. If skin becomes too dry, apply the moisturizer after cleansing the face.

Turmeric natural home remedy

As we know turmeric powder have an antiseptic properties can be used in many skin infections. Apply it thrice daily over the affected area gives a great relief.

Cucumber juice for best results 

Cucumber juice can also be used in treating the freckles. Apply it onto the spots and allow it to dry. Practicing this 2 times in a day gives better results.

Radish to treat age spots on skin

As we know radish is rich in vitamin C, paste of radish is prepared and applied onto the freckles for 10 minutes. Practicing this daily gives better result. Add a cup of the milk to the powdered radish root and boil it. Allow it to cool and drain it. Apply this liquid to the spots for about 10 minutes and wash it off. Practice it for better results. You can use the lemon juice to make a paste of radish pulp and applied onto the spots.

Buttermilk & tomato for skin spots

The buttermilk and tomato juice mixture are applied onto the spots for a few minutes daily. Repeat about weeks gives the spots relief skin.

Watermelon juice to prevent liver spots

Watermelon is rich in antioxidant compounds and Vitamin C. This helps to improve the skin appearance of age spots. Rub a slice of watermelon over age spots. Gently massage and leave it until it dry. Rinse it off with water. This helps to remove age spots quickly. Try this natural home remedy for quick results.

Cumin seeds to get rid of liver spots

Wash the face with the boiled cumin seeds water. This water releases the essential oils needed for the face. This gives the spot relief, skin. Care is to be taken that boiled water is only used to wash than the cold water.

Garlic to get rid of black spots on skin

A paste of garlic is applied onto the spots and washed it off after 30 minutes. This gives relief from spots.

Yogurt mask for clear skin

Apply the milk, yogurt onto the spots after washing it clean. This yogurt cleans the pores directly and nourishes the skin. This gives the spot relief, skin.

Dandelion stem to cure skin infections

As we know that dandelion stem cures many skin infections. The stem paste is applied onto the spots and washed off after 10 minutes. This gives the spot relief, skin. Eating this stem is also helpful for spots.

Rose water, lime juice, radish, vinegar

A solution of rose water, lime, rosemary oil, radish, vinegar is made and applied onto the spots. This also enlightens the skin tone.

Rose water, saffron, & sandal wood pack

A pack of this made and applied onto the face. Allow it to dry and wash it off with warm water. This also en lights the skin glow.


Natural home remedies for mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcer or sore is painful inside the mouth. It is hard to eat and drink. Here you have some home remedies to treat mouth cancer that can cure and speed healing.

It appears on tongue, lips, gums, inside the cheeks. It is a sign of tingling, burning sensation in the mouth. This is due to singly or in clusters. Usually they are white or yellow in color surrounded by red halos. There are three types of ulcer they are Minor, large, Herpetiform ulcers.

The cause of ulcer is poor dental hygiene, nutritional deficiencies like iron, vitamin, especially B12 and C, food allergies, stress, infections, biting the cheeks, skin diseases.

Natural home remedies of mouth ulcer

Honey for mouth ulcer

Honey helps to soothe ulcers helps to retain moisture and accelerates the healing process. This has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Honey helps to retain moisture and prevent dehydration. It helps to reduce scarring and hastens the process of tissue growth. Dab a little honey onto the mouth ulcer or mix it with turmeric. Apply this paste on them.

Coriander leaves to relieve pain

You can also use the coriander seeds that bring you relief and can reduce inflammation. Take one teaspoon of coriander seeds and add them in a cup of water. Boil the seeds. Let it cool down and strain the solution. Swish the water around it in your mouth. Repeat the process 3 – 4 times a day. Boil some coriander leaves in water that are simple and reduce mouth ulcer. Let it cool and gargle lukewarm water for about 3 -4 times a day.

Tulsi/basil leaves natural herbal treatment

Basil leaves help to heal the process for mouth ulcers. Basil leaves are rich in antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Tulsi helps to give a medicinal property. Chew some leaves of tulsi and follow with some water for about 3 – 4 times every day. It helps to get rid of ulcers faster than preventive action.

Gargling best home remedy

Warm salt water content around cells is greater outside than the inside osmosis that takes place with water being drawn from inside the cells that helps to balance out the concentration. Water is a painful puffiness that excess fluid can cause diminished. This helps to reduce pain and puffiness with the excess fluid that causes diminished. Gargle with one glass of cold or chilled water and one glass of lukewarm water alternatively. This gives more relief and helps to reduce mouth ulcers.

Coconut natural way to reduce pain

Coconut oil is rich in anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. This helps to get rid of canker sores. Dry coconut or coconut oil and coconut water are very useful to treat mouth ulcers. Drink coconut water that helps to cool the body. Apply a little coconut oil directly into the mouth or chew some coconut helps to reduce pain and inflammation.

Fenugreek leaves for mouth sores

Fenugreek leaves are best to treat mouth sores. Thus, the mouth sores are painful and increases puffiness. Take one cup of fenugreek leaves and boil them with two cups of water. Strain the water and keep it aside for some time. Cover it with a lid. Gargle the water 2 -3 times a day.

Poppy seeds to reduce body heat

Poppy seeds have cooling effect to the body to reduce body heat. This reduces mouth ulcers. This is the best home remedy. Mix some sugar to crushed poppy seeds and consume this solution to get relief from mouth ulcers. Poppy seeds can reduce too much heat in the body.

Aloe vera gel to get rid of mouth ulcer

Aloe vera helps to promote healing and alleviates pain. This acts as a natural antiseptic. Thus, aloe vera gel is rich in antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. This helps to treat oral problems like mouth ulcers, cold sores, lichen planus and gingivitis. Aloe vera is a natural home remedy for mouth ulcers. Take at least two tablespoons of aloe vera gel thrice daily to get relief from ulcers.

Liquorice for mouth ulcers

Liquorice is rich in anti inflammatory properties that are responsible for its action against painful mouth ulcers. Rub the stem with a little water on a grinding stone and apply the paste to the ulcerated area. Apply to the mouth ulcer directly. You can also mix it with a little liquorice powder with turmeric into a glass of warm milk and drink it 3 – 4 times a day to get good results.

Camphor and sugar candy to reduce blisters

Apply the mixture of camphor and sugar candy on the blister. Mix it with 7 parts of mishri and one part of camphor. It is one of the simplest home remedy for curing mouth ulcers. Alternatively, take some sugar and mix them with 1 part of camphor. Mix them well and apply this mixture to the blisters. Thus, this mimics effects of the glycerin and relieves from pain.

Honey and turmeric to relieve from pain

Turmeric has antibiotic and anti-bacterial properties. This helps to promote healing. Honey is best to treat infections and also limits the growth of bacteria. Take one teaspoon of honey and mix it with ¼ teaspoon of turmeric to prepare a paste. Rub it on the canker sore. This gives relief to repeated use.

Coconut oil and honey for mouth ulcers

Coconut oil treats mouth ulcers and reduces mouth ulcers. Honey helps to soothe pain. Apply honey on the affected area to get rid of mouth sores.  Massage the gums in the mouth with a mixture of honey and coconut oil. It cures your mouth ulcer with great ease.

Mouthwash to prevent mouth sores

Mouthwash kills the bacteria and inhibits your mouth sores. Prepare an antiseptic mouthwash at home. Take 10 drops of tea tree oil in 1/3 cup of water. Swish this mouthwash for more than 30 seconds and spit it out. It helps to cure the infection and heals the sore.

Indian gooseberry to reduce pain

A bark of the Indian gooseberry plant and powder mixture helps to soothe mouth ulcers. Mix this root of Indian gooseberry powder into honey to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on your blisters. This gives relief from mouth ulcers. Alternatively, take a gooseberry and grind them into paste. Apply the paste directly. Repeat the process for at least twice a day. This gives quick results.

Banana and curd to soothe mouth ulcers

Avoid eating crunchy and spicy foods like chips, dried bread; it is better to include fruits such as bananas, apples and papaya as snacks. This helps to soothe and achieve a quick recovery from mouth sores. This helps to provide great relief from the burning sensation and reduces mouth sores. This is the most effective way to treat ulcers. Eat a banana with curd in the morning can give you better results.

Turmeric powder and glycerine for ulcer

Turmeric powder has antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. This helps to promote in healing bacteria and infection. Glycerin is the best way to treat mouth ulcers. This is most effective and best home remedy to treat blisters. Apply the mixture of turmeric powder and glycerine. Prepare a mixture of one pinch of turmeric and one teaspoon of glycerine. Apply it over mouth ulcer. This can reduce the ulcer.

Tomato to prevent mouth sores

Tomatoes are rich in nutrition and cover the deficiency of vitamins in your body. The tomato is rich in Vitamins that helps to prevent mouth ulcers. Consume one raw tomato also helps to get rid of mouth ulcers. Try to gargle with tomato juice 3 – 4 times a day.

Foods to eat to prevent mouth ulcers

Consume lots of fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin B such as banana, citrus fruits, cereals, wheat grains and leafy vegetables. This is a proven effective home remedy to treat mouth ulcers. Vitamin B12 and folic acids promotes the production of red blood cells. Thus, it helps the immune system to strengthen your immune system and fights against bacterial and viral infections that cause mouth ulcers.

Health Care

Home remedies for fibroids

Fibroids medically termed as uterine leiomyoma which is a tumor caused in the uterus. It has been observed that all around the globe 80 percent of women face the problem after the age of 50 yrs. The cause of fibroids is still not described. There are many factors that may cause like abnormalities in vessels, genetics, and hormonal imbalance may cause fibroids. Women who have never undergone the pregnancy state and the one with their first menstrual cycle starting before the age of 10 are at more risk. The major symptoms related to fibroids like heavy bleeding at the time of menstruation, prolonged menstrual periods, pain in the pelvic region, bladder problems, etc. Uterine fibroids are not very much dangerous like cancer or other disease, but it may cause discomfort and even cause disease like anemia and even heavy blood loss. It may even cause complications at the time of pregnancy. Proper diagnosis and treatment is required if the symptoms appear very complicated. Here are few natural home remedies that will help you in fighting with fibroids and the symptoms related to it.

Natural home remedies for fibroids

Castor oil pack to treat fibroids

Take castor oil and make a pack of it by folding a clean cloth and applying oil on it. Apply pack on the abdomen. It helps in the stimulation of lymphatic as well as the circulatory system and even increase the number of lymphocytes and eradicate the toxins present in the body.  It helps in pain relieving.

Take a piece of wool and saturate it in castor oil. Place it on the abdomen and then cover it with plastic. Then take a hot water bottle and place it on it and then cover it with a towel. Leave it for almost an hour and then remove it. Try this thrice a week for a month or until the improvement is observed. It is recommended to avoid, remedy at the time of menstruation.

Avoid dairy products to prevent fibroids

The first thing in treating fibroids is avoiding certain fairy products. Foods that are rich in fibroids are beef, red meat, and dairy products. They can alter the estrogen levels in the body and lead to hormonal imbalances. It tends to support the development of fibroids. These foods can increase individual chances of getting fibroids later in life. Avoid these foods altogether in the intake of the condition that is completely cured. Increase the intake of caffeinated products like sugary foods, artificial sweeteners and alcohol that increase the chances of being affected by fibroids. It helps to reduce the size of existing fibroids, and prevent recurrences and promote quick healing.

Chasteberry to reduce pain

Chasteberry is a well-known herb which maintains the hormonal balance and even lowers the level of estrogen and even reduce inflammation.

How to use it?

Take 25 to 30 drops of Chasteberry two to three times a day. It helps in regulating the menstruation and even bleeding, but can reduce the effect of birth control pills. It is not advisable for pregnant women.

Fiber rich foods to reduce fibroids

Foods that exist and effects of fibroids are fresh fruits, vegetables, pulses, whole grains, cereals, pulses, bean sprouts, split peas, lima beans, kidney beans, black beans, mung beans, and fava beans etc. They help to reduce fibroids. These foods are rich in fiber in regulating the estrogen levels in the body by flushing out excess estrogen from the system.

Milk Thistle to get rid of estrogen

It helps in metabolism and getting rid of excess estrogen. It is a reproductive hormone that may help in stimulating cells that releasing growth hormone, which contributes the fibroid growth.

Take 10 to 25 drops of tincture of milk thistle, for almost 3 times a day for three to four months. It is not advisable for pregnant women.

Green tea for fibroid cells

Green tea contains a compound called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that inhibits growth of fibroid cells. It helps to increase their death rate. It offers anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferation, and antioxidant effects. It helps to reduce the size of fibroids; green tea can reduce the severity of fibroid symptoms. Drink 2 -3 cups of green tea or take two 400mg green tea capsules daily for several months.

Dandelion to eliminate excess hormone

Many specialist has a belief that the poor condition of liver functioning can even lead to poor elimination of excess hormone that contributes fibroids. Dandelions can help in clearing excess of estrogen from the body. It also aids in liver detoxification.

Take two to three tablespoons of dandelion root with three to one and half cup of water. Let it simmer for 15 minutes. Turn off the heat, and allow it to steep for 15 minutes more and then strain. Drink this tea thrice a day for three months.

Garlic natural treatment

Garlic is the most natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It discourages the growth of tumors and uterine fibroids. Eat 3 -5 cloves daily, the garlic taste and odor are too strong for you. Follow with a glass of milk and helps to reduce the incidence of fibroids.

Milk home remedy for fibroids

A woman that consumes four times more diary items a day may get 30 percent less risk of facing uterine fibroids as compared to others who do not consume them. The calcium present in dairy products may help in reducing cell proliferation. Try to include more milk and milk products in the diet. Even increase your diet with iron and other nutrients that will help in combatting anemia that causes heavy bleeding at the time of fibroids.

Blackstrap molasses is best in getting shrink fibroids that can be combined with blackstrap molasses. So intake one to two tablespoons of blackstrap molasses in three quarters cup of warm milk. Drink it once or twice a day on a regular basis for months.


You can intake, milk, curd, panner, and other dairy items that may be useful in getting rid of fibroids.

Gooseberry to get rid of fibroids

Antioxidant and immune modulator, gooseberry are an excellent remedy to reduce fibroids. Mix together one teaspoon each of Indian gooseberry powder and honey. Consume it daily, first thing in the morning. Continue for at least a few months to get positive results.

Ginger improves blood circulation

Ginger is very effective to reduce the pain and increase blood circulation. Prepare tea by adding some fresh ginger roots in a glass of boiling water. Then, strain the tea and drink it many a times in a day. Ginger helps to reduce inflammation in the ovaries and uterus.

Soy products for fibroids

Soy products are the most essential to treating fibroids. They are rich in phytoestrogen that can resemble estrogen to an extent and effectively filled the cells in place of the latter. This in turn helps to control the estrogen levels in the body. This can reduce the symptoms of fibroids in addition that prevents recurrences. Soy beans similar foods in common with soy milk, tempeh and tofu etc.

Hot compresses to fibroids

Fibroid causes some immense pain at the time of menstrual cycles. This is best and is wise to opt for a hot compress, and then in order to get relief from the pain and discomfort. Thus, the warm water bag, hot water bottle, heating pad or towel and place them carefully above the stomach to reduce the pain.

Apple cider vinegar to shrink fibroids

Apple cider vinegar is the most effective way to shrink fibroids. This helps to dissolve small fibroids completely. Take a small glass of apple cider vinegar just before meals. This helps to deal with the symptoms of the condition in order to get a great extent. This is a diluted solution of apple cider vinegar that can be opted which is a first and the dosage that can slow down the change to the undiluted solution with the time of the best results.

Drink more water

Water is the best way to consider which is the best and miracle that can cure almost all kinds of disorders, illness and diseases. You can drink plenty of water every day, which is an effective flush out to free from radicals. This is the best harmful organisms from the body. This helps to flush out these impurities from your body. This would help you to reduce the size of the fibroids and get rid of them eventually. Thus, drink at least 10 glasses of water every day to treat fibroids effectively.

Turmeric powder to get rid of fibroids

Turmeric is the best healing property to fight against fibroid tumors. This is the best way to treat 445 mg turmeric that can extract or capsules thrice a day. This is the best to have turmeric capsules. You can add turmeric powder into your regular diet by adding them into the curry. Another way is that, drink turmeric water is by adding two tablespoons of turmeric powder or roots in 32 ounces of water. Let them boil for about 15 minutes. Steep them for about 40 minutes. Let it cool down and drink the solution after it gets cool down.

Try these few home remedies and do take care of small notes provided because a small mistake may cause harm. Stay healthy and don’t worry if you suffer from fibroids use these and get rid of it.

Home Remedies

How to reduce body heat naturally?

Body heat is not a disease or symptom of any kind of disease. It is a good sign that your body is working against disease and illness. Too much heat can sometimes be dangerous. The normal body temperature of an individual is 98.6 degrees, which keeps varying with slight changes. It can be maintained irrespective of the weather. Here, you can see top best home remedies to reduce body heat. Foods and drinks to reduce body heat naturally at home.

Causes of body heat

  • Climate: When you are in an extremely warm climate and you do not drink enough liquids, you could have problems with your body heat.
  • Exercise: Exercising too much will exert your body and your body heat will go up.
  • Illness: When you have a cold, it is normal that your body temperature will rise. This is because of killing viruses and bacteria.

There are some more causes like medicines or drugs that make your normal body temperature will rise.

Tips on how to reduce body heat naturally

Drink plenty of water

Drinking lots of water during the summer, keep you hydrated. Water protects you from excess body heat. Drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water in a day. This helps to dissipate the heat from your body. This also helps to remain hydrated and feel exhausted. Water helps to flush of toxins in your body.

Watermelon for excess body heat

Watermelon is an excellent summer fruit that has more than 95 percent water that works better to cool you down. It is rich in minerals and vitamins that are probably because of excessive sweating. It helps to balance your body heat.

Peach for cold effect

Peach is full of water that contains vitamins and potassium.  Peaches can be a very good natural source to reduce body temperature. It has potassium, B2 and vitamin A that can be beneficial to control body heat. Take 1 – 2 peaches in a day. This will bring you the maximum result. This is very good during the summer. If you eat them while they are cold they can be delicious.

Natural home remedy to reduce body heat with lemon

Lemon is the best drink during the summer that reduces body heat. Lemon juice is the best, most effective home remedy to cool down your body. This helps to prevent heat related issues.  Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and helps to lower body temperature. This also helps to hydrate and oxygenate the body. It also keeps you feeling energized and refreshed during hot summer days. Squeeze out the lemon juice from half lemon in a glass of water. Add 1 teaspoon of honey into it and add a pinch of salt into it. Drink for about 3 glasses to get refreshed in a day.

Pomegranate juice and almond oil for healthy

Pomegranate juice has lots of nutrients and prevents cancer diseases causes. It is medically advised that pomegranate juice helps to recover from body heat quickly. This has an excellent cooling effect. Drink a glass of pomegranate juice daily that can bring down body temperature naturally.

Take almond oil and pomegranate juice in a glass of water. Mix them well and then drink it in the morning. It helps to reduce your body heat and make you healthy.

Almond oil as well as almond milk is also good to reduce body heat. Drink a glass of cold milk added with two drops of almond oil into it. Mix them well and consume it first thing in the morning daily.

Honey and milk to lose body heat

Honey has antiseptic and antibiotic properties. This is good for health. Take a glass of cold milk and add one tablespoon of honey into it regularly. You just prepare a paste with the sandalwood, water, and raw milk. Mix them well and apply this paste on your forehead. It will help you to lose your body heat.

Mint gives cooling effect

Mint can provide cooling effect to the body that is perfect medicine to lower body heat. Mint is the best recipe for a deliciously dish. It has an aroma herb that is incredible with a cooling property. You can include mint chutney or juice in your diet in summer to maintain body temperature.

Muskmelon for body coolness

Musk melon is good for keeping your body cool. It includes more grains, beans and starchy foods in your diet. It helps to reduce body heat. Drink a glass of musk melon juice with a spoon of sugar. Musk melon helps to provide cooling effect on your body. This is rich in water content and is loaded with nutrients and can prevent heat stress. So, it is better to drink muskmelon juice every day to reduce body heat and other health related problems.

Best tips to reduce body heat with coconut water 

Coconut water is the most effective home remedy to treat heat exhaustion. This helps in electrolyte composition, which is an excellent source for dehydration of your body. This is completely loaded with nutrients and helps to lift your energy. So, drink a glass of tender coconut water few times a day. Coconut water will help you to cool down your body. It helps to restore the balance of electrolytes in your body. Coconut water can reduce body heat.

Cucumber for body heat reduction

Cucumber is great to reduce body heat. It contains lots of water. Cucumber is rich in water content that gives cooling effect. This is widely eaten food in summer by Indian’s. This helps to bring down body temperature and tastes good. You can add cucumber into your salad every day to stay away from heat stress.

Butter and buttermilk to reduce excess heat

Buttermilk is the best way to reduce body heat. This helps to get rid of body heat naturally. This is very beneficial for women who suffer with hot flashes and have a high metabolism. This provides the body required minerals and vitamins, which are lost due to excessive sweating. Drink a glass of buttermilk with your breakfast in the summer that helps to keep your body cool throughout the day. Alternatively, blend ½ cup of yogurt with some water and pinch of salt with buttermilk twice a day for better results.

Take a glass of warm milk and mix two tablespoons of clarified butter. Drink this regularly. You can also drink a glass of buttermilk in summer season that helps to reduce the unnecessary body heat.

How to get rid of body heat with poppy seeds 

Poppy seeds have best cooling effect. It regulates body temperature and reduces body heat. Take 1 teaspoon of crushed poppy seeds and mix them with a little sugar. Drink this during the summer to get rid of excess body heat. You can also eat a small amount of poppy seeds before going to sleep.

Eat a little amount of poppy seeds to get rid of excessive body heat. They are not safe for the children so be careful with your children.

Note: This remedy is not suitable for children and don’t take large quantities of poppy seeds.

Cardamom best tips for body heat

It is the best way to reduce body temperature that causes cardamom. A great value to reduce your body heat. Cardamom has been used since the ancient days as a home remedy for many health issues.

Apricot treatment for body heat

Apricot works as a water to quench your thirst that reduces body heat. Take a glass of apricot in every morning.  Excessive body heat is not a difficult task to deal with. Apply the simple methods that can reduce the excessive heat and produced by your body.

Sabja seeds for excess body heat

Sabja seeds are best known to reduce body heat. Soak them in water and add to milk with rose syrup. It is a good drink to cool down your system instantly.

Amla supplements to reduce body heat naturally

This is rich in concentrations of natural Vitamin C that boosts immunity. It has heart tonic, antipyetic, cerebral, anti diabetic, aphrodisiac, and gastrointestinal toner. It raises the total level of protein and helps to maintain body weight due to its richness in nutrients. It reduces body heat naturally. Prepare a mixture of 2 teaspoons of Indian gooseberry juice, one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of lime juice in a glass of water. Drink this on an empty stomach.

Home Remedies

Home remedies to reduce pus cells in urine

Urinary tract infection refers to the infection of the urinary system. The urinary system is comprised of the urinary bladder, which stores the urine. Kidneys are the major organs that filter wastes out of the body. The infection makes it entry by infecting the bladder which stores urine and serves as a medium for bacterial growth. Pus cells in urine indicate some type of infection. The symptoms of urinary tract infections that severe pain while urinating. Pus is a thick glue like substance which is whitish or yellowish or slightly green in color.

Pus cells are made up of dead white blood cells and other cellular matter. The most common causes for pus cells in urine or urinary tract infection due to diabetes increase the chances of urinary tract infection. The urinary tract consists of the kidneys, urethra urinary bladder, and urethra. Sexual transmitted diseases can trigger pus cells in the urine.

Cause of pus cells in urine

  • Fungal infections
  • Viral infections
  • Kidney stones
  • Chemical poisoning
  • Anaerobic bacterial infection
  • Infection in prostate glands in men
  • Cancer of the urinary organs or genital organs
  • Tuberculosis of the urinary tract.

Home remedies for pus cells in urine

Baking soda to prevent pus cells 

Baking soda promotes an alkaline pH balance in your body. Higher level of acidity gives rise to many diseases. Increases acidity in urine that can prevent your infections from curing and the pus cells may not reduce. Take ½ tablespoon of baking soda and 1 glass of water. Mix them well and have it twice a day.

Water and other fluids to treat urinary tract infections

Drink lot of water in normal course and have a habit of overall health. This flushes out the bacterium that infects your urinary tract. Drinking a sufficient amount of water is the good habit of overall health. This helps to get rid of pus cells in urine that results in urinary tract infections. Drink lots of water that helps to increase urine output. This helps to flush out the bacteria that can infect your from the urinary tract. So, it is better to drink at least 10 glasses of water in a day. You can also include fluids instead of water. Fluids such as fruit juices, vegetable juices, coconut water, fresh vegetable and fruits that rich in water content and plenty of water are important to your body. Vitamins and minerals are present in fluids that help to strengthen your defense mechanism. This is better to fight off any infection that leads to pus cells in your urine.

Vitamin C to get rid of pus cells in urine

Vitamin C fights off infections. It is abundant in having vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables like Indian gooseberries, guavas, oranges, bananas, kiwi fruit, pineapples, papaya, grapefruits, strawberries, red and green peppers, broccoli, and cabbage. Vitamin C is the best essential oil that supports the defense mechanism of our body. This fight against infections and can suffer from pus cells or any other urinary tract infections. It has large amounts of Vitamin C that helps you a lot. This helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria with the acidifying urine. So, get Vitamin C in abundance that you need with some more and can had by increasing the intake of Vitamin C which is rich in fruits and vegetables.

Coriander seeds to remove pus cells

Coriander seeds have medicinal properties, volatile oil, linalool oil, digestive, carminative, and anti flatulent properties. Take 250 grams of dry coriander seeds without peel, 250 grams of sugar candy. Gently break coriander seeds from inside. Remove the peels and mix them with equal quantity of powdered sugar candy. Store it in a dry mixture in an airtight container. Take 5 grams i.e., 1 – ¼ teaspoon of the mixture with water on an empty stomach. Avoid eating anything for about 1-2 hours after having this coriander seeds mixture. Repeat it in the evening. Take it twice a day and take it for 5-7 days.

Cranberries juice to prevent urinary tract infections

Cranberries juice has an acidic property that makes it tough for the infection causing bacteria to thrive in. It contains a component called pronanthocyanin, prevents the bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract. Consume unsweetened, organic variety of the juice. Add sugar content that will decrease the acidic quantity of cranberry. Take 400ml of the juice daily.

Amla or Indian gooseberry to protect from infections

Amla is rich in vitamin C. It helps to boost your immunity and protect you against any infection. Take 2/3 cup of amla juice and 1-1/2 tablespoon of honey. Mix them well and have it 2 -3 times a day. Repeat it until it eliminate pus cells, but also cure other urinary troubles.

Yogurt fights against infectins

Yogurt contains bacteria that fight against infections. Combining yogurt with other ingredients will expel pus cells out of the body that it can help you immensely. Always have plain unsweetened yogurt. Mix chopped onion in yogurt and has it daily. Grate some cucumber and add this to your yogurt. Have this daily to get rid of urinary troubles.

Onion to treat pus cells

Onion has components of alliin, sulphur, potassium salts, and flavonoids. It gives anti-inflammatory expectorant, antiseptic, antifungal, anticoagulant, antithelmitic, and analgesic properties. Cut 2 onions into slices and add 2 cups of water into it. Bring it to boil on low flame and boil till the water remains half its original quantity. Strain and drink the solution.

Garlic best home remedy

Garlic has anti-bacterial properties. It is best to take garlic raw. Crush two garlic cloves and chew them or swallow with water every morning on an empty stomach. Or mash two cloves of garlic. Pour 1 cup of hot water over it. Leave it for 5 – 10 minutes. Strain the solution and have 2 -3 cups of this garlic tea every day.

Cucumber juice to remove pus cells in urine

The best and natural home remedy to cool your body is cucumber juice. It has 96% water and is rich in nutrients. Cucumber is also rich in minerals, manganese, molybdenum, potassium, silica, sulfur, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, and chlorine, vitamins like Vitamin A, C, B and folic acids. Cucumber has a natural diuretic property that can flush out the toxins like pus cells from the body. This is good for kidneys and bladder. It also helps to protect from infections. Cucumber has alkalizing agent that helps to neutralize the highly acidic environment of urine to relieve from urine function. Cucumber juice removes pus cells and other infections in the body.

Take 1 cucumber, ½ teaspoon of lemon juice, ½ teaspoon of honey. Grate cucumber and extract the juice by pressing them using a cloth. Add 2 tablespoons of cucumber juice and mix lemon juice and honey into it. Drink this solution 3 times a day. Drink at least 25 ml of cucumber juice thrice a day.

Radish juice for diuretic effect on urinary system

Radish is rich in folic acid, Vitamin C, anthocyanins, zinc, B-complex vitamins and phosphorus. This contains lots of water and detoxifies your body. This is rich in vegetable and is natural diuretic acids. This is the effective home remedy to combat and prevents urinary tract infections. This is the best symptoms just like pus cells in urine and also reduces burning sensation while urinating. This is the excellent kidney cleanser in the form of juice, which can blend the chopped radish. Discard the leaves because they are rich in Vitamin C, protein and calcium than radishes.


Homemade skin polishing naturally

Skin polishing is nothing but the process of removing the dead skin manually and rejuvenate the skin to develop new cells. Thereby skin polishing helps the skin to moisturize, repair, and good blood supply. This also enhances the beauty of skin. Nowadays, many people are wasting time their valuable time by fixing appointment of skin polishing in the parlors. Polishing is just a process of warming the skin before in order to moisturize the body. This can be achieved by applying any oil to the skin. Massage the body with the oil for a while in the circular motion. It is more cautious and is taken in case of face. This polishes the skin after a wash out. Skin polishing enlightens the skin tone and adds more glow to the skin. So here we are discussing many tips to manage the skin polishing which occurs due to pollution, stress, heavy workload in a natural way.

Homemade skin polishing scrubs naturally

Coconut oil for fairer skin

Make sure of having a warm water bath by applying the oil all over the body. Gently massage the skin all over the body in the circular motion. You should take more care in the areas of the eyes. Pumice stone can also be used to rub the skin in the dark areas such as heels, elbows, knees after applying any oil or Vaseline before you rub. Then rinse the body with the warm water. Rub the body gently with the hands in order to remove the oil from the body. So, you should not rub the skin too hard and allow it to dry. Don’t use the towel for rubbing the skin. Practicing this skin polishing twice a week can enhances the skin color and gives perfect shining to it. Olive oil, almond oil can be used for polishing the skin similar to that of coconut oil.

Baking soda & aloe vera to get polished skin

Aloe vera gel has antibacterial properties that help to treat skin and beauty problems. This is also good for health. Extract aloe vera gel and mix it with baking powder. Mix them well until the powder gets perfectly mixed with gel. Use this as a body scrub. This helps to get rid dark skin. Try this natural herbal scrub which results quickly.

Brown sugar & jojoba oil for dead skin removal

Sugar acts as an exfoliating agent. This helps to remove dead skin cells. Jojoba oil has a natural moisturizing property that can encourage new cell growth. This helps to get polished skin and gives a natural glowing skin. Take 1 cup of brown sugar, ½ cup of jojoba oil, 1 tablespoon of orange oil, 5 Vitamin E capsules. At first have a hot water bath that helps to open skin pores. Mix all the ingredients well and apply a thick paste on the skin. Gently apply circular strokes to exfoliate your dead skin cell. This is too harsh to your skin and exhibits natural beautiful look. Wash your body and pat it dry. This gives a soft and clean towel. Apply a good moisturizer to get a final glow to your face.

Sugar & strawberry scrub to prevent dark skin

Strawberries are good for skin exfoliation. Strawberries helps to get the fairer natural skin. Take two ripe strawberries. Smash them into smooth paste. Add some almond oil and a few spoons of sugar. Mix them well as the sugar gets dissolved into the mixture. Use this mixture as a scrub on the body. This scrub acts better upon frequent usage to get skin polishing.

Sea salt and olive oil for natural skin

Mix sea salt and olive oil into a fine paste. Apply onto the clean & bathed body. Massage in a circular motion and offer washing, wipe it off with a clean towel. You can use a pumice stone  in the dark skin places such as heels, elbows etc. This is used as scrub for skin polishing.

Apple & brown sugar to do skin polishing

A mixture of apple pulp and sugar skin is prepared and applied onto the skin in a circular motion. Pumice stone is used for harder dark skin areas like elbow, knees, etc. Wash the body and wipe it off with a clean towel. Apply moisturizer later.

Sugar, olive oil, flower petals scrub to prevent dark skin

A mixture of olive oil, lavender oil, rose petals, lavender petals, sugar. Mix all the ingredients and apply them to the body. This acts as an excellent scrub in skin polishing. Apply this and massage in circular motion. If you have, then you can use the pumice stone in the areas like elbows, heels, knees. Wash it off and wipe with a clean cloth. Later apply the moisturizer.

Sleeping habits for skin lightening

Sleeping for more hours helps and gives time for your body to repair the dryness. Follow proper sleeping timing and if you don’t have enough sleep then you will feel nervous. Try to sleep at least seven hours each night. In order to achieve the enough sleep, you should plan the day and schedule the works accordingly. It’s the best tip for skin lightening before going for skin polishing.

Drink water for natural fair skin

When a person is dehydrated, especially in an air-conditioned office. This due to the body starts storing water as a defense mechanism. So, it is recommended to drink plenty of water which helps in skin lightening and gives relaxation before opting for skin polishing.

Dietary habits for glowing skin

Fruits and vegetables: A balanced diet is necessary for a growing skin. Make sure that the diet containing lots of green vegetables like spinach, carrots, beet-root and yellow fruits, that includes mango and papaya which are rich in carotene (A precursor of Vitamin A), milk, egg, fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, some meats, poultry and fish.

Oil treatment for skin polishing

Coconut oil is the best way to get natural glowing skin as it has antimicrobial, antioxidant, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. This has a better way to treat human body. Take 2 cups of coconut oil, ½ cup of almond oil, 10 drops of lavender oil, and 1 cup of cornmeal. These all have natural properties to give a beautiful skin. Warm coconut oil on gas or microwave oven for some time to become softer. Take almond oil and cornmeal together and blend them in a mixer. Make sure that it is completely blended and doesn’t have blemishes. Add lavender oil into blended corn meal and almond oil mixture. Mix them well. Add coconut oil to the mixture and mix them well. Leave it for an hour as it becomes a bit harder. Use this after an hour for skin massage. Use this mixture twice a week for fresh and smooth skin.

Olive oil and pumice stone body scrub

Olive oil gives a beautiful glowing skin. Take warm water and have shower with them before applying this scrub. Warm olive oil and apply warm olive oil on your skin. Massage your skin for about 5 – 10 minutes. Exfoliate your skin using a body scrub. Again, massage for 5 – 10 minutes. You can also use a loofah and body wash. Gently scrub the hard patches that to near elbows, knees where the dark skin is more. This gently scrub with pumice stone helps to get rid of dead skin. Have a shower again and apply a moisturizer on your skin.


Homemade scrub for dead skin cells

Dead skin on face looks odd. So, you have to get smooth skin with natural homemade scrub. It is completely natural and free of nasty chemicals. Here you can see some homemade scrubs that can put into your body. Scrubs have exfoliated property that can make your skin smooth. Skin exfoliation helps to clear out the dead skin cells and helps in better blood circulation that can be renewed your skin. Dead skin removal is the important step during a pedicure and can afford expensive foot scrubs.

Natural home remedies for dead skin cells

Sandalwood face scrub

Prepare a sandalwood face scrub to get rid of dead skin cells and the impurities like dirt; the oil on your skin can make you hard to get rid of dead skin cells. Mix sandalwood with rice powder, gram flour, milk, and rose water. Mix them well to form a thick and smooth paste. Apply this paste on your face and neck for about one in 2 weeks to get desired results.

Natural foot scrub for dead skin

Prepare a mixture from half a lemon, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of brown sugar. Mix them well and apply it on your feet. Massage the mixture on your feet and leave it for about 15 minutes. Then rinse it off and pat dry. This mixture of scrub can moisturize your feet that help in eliminating the dryness. Repeat it a weekly ritual to pamper your feet. This scrub helps to keep them looking good.

Baking soda scrub to remove rough skin

This is an ingredient used to come in handy to remove dead skin cells. Mix it for about a quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda with rose water. Rub them on your elbows, feet and knees. Try to avoid face as the skin on the face is very sensitive. This can lighten up your skin and makes your skin soft.

Sea salt hand scrub to prevent dry skin

Sea salt is slightly harsh and the area such as hands or feet of the face. You need to add oil to the scrub it can be used to mellow down the harshness. Select for an essential oil like lavender or virgin olive oil or sweet almond. Mix them well together. Apply the mixture on your hands. Leave it till it dry and then wash off with water.

Daal body scrub to get natural glowing skin

Daal is a common ingredient to prepare a body scrub. Red lentil or Masoor ki daal that makes an excellent scrub. Take 2 spoons full of Masoor daal and grind them into fine powder and then mix it with either honey or milk. Apply this smooth paste on your skin just before going to bath. Leave it for about 15 minutes. Then wash it off with water.

You can also use moong ki daal that can be kept under the sun for a day before preparing the paste. Add ¼ th, rice to it and grind them into fine powder. Take some powder and add it with turmeric and milk to it to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on your face and body for glowing and blemish free skin.

Rice, curd and rose oil face scrub

This scrub is a creamy moisturizing scrub that helps to remove dead cells and can leave the soft skin. It helps to remove tan and prevents cell damage by neutralizing free radicals. Add rice, curd and two drops of rose oil in a bowl. Mix them well and apply this smooth moisturizing scrub on your face and leave it to dry. Rinse it off with water to get smooth skin.

How to remove dead skin cells with pomegranate lip scrub 

This helps to exfoliate the dead skin. This helps to get back natural pink lips that are made from pomegranate seeds. Crush a few seeds and mix them well with some milk cream. Mix them well in a bowl. Apply this smooth paste on your lips and rub them gently. You can also combine crushed pomegranate seeds with sugar and olive oil. This scrub benefits to get glowing skin. Wash them with plain water and pat dry. This acts as a lip balm at home.

Oats and sugar scrub for skin

You just soak some oats in water for about 10 minutes and then mix them well for few granules of sugar. Into that mixture, add some honey and apply them on your face. Try to avoid that area around eyes.

Anti ageing coffee scrub to get smooth skin

Coffee is rich in antioxidants that make it excellent for removing dead skin that prevents sagging skin and wrinkles to a certain extent. For this, take some coarse, ground coffee bean and add some olive oil into it. Add raw sugar if required. Gently rub it on your face. Leave it till dry and then wash it off with warm water and pat dry.

Natural ways on how to remove dead skin cells from the face

The best way to remove dead skin cells is by steaming your face. You can start off your face by steaming to open up the skin pores. This helps to get soft skin and removes oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. This helps to work deeply. It is easier than using scrub that helps to remove dead skin cells. Practice to steam your face for at least 20 – 30 minutes just before applying scrub. This helps to exfoliate your skin. The steaming works effectively to get rid of dead skin cells.

Chocolate and oatmeal scrub for facial glow

This facial pack helps to remove dead skin cells. Take cocoa powder, oatmeal powder, sugar, honey, a few drops of lemon juice, and olive oil. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Mix them well to form a smooth, thick paste. Use lemon juice only if you have oily skin and olive oil is also optional. Mix the paste well and rub it on your face and other body parts. Gently massage in circular motion and this helps to remove rough skin. If you feel any harshness then you can add a little olive oil into it. This facial scrub can remove dead skin cells from the pores.

Rice and curd scrub for sensitive and dry skin

This face pack best suits for sensitive skin. It acts as a scrub that removes dead skin cells. Take uncooked rice and grind them to get a coarse rice powder. Take it into a small bowl and add curd or yogurt into it. Add a few drops of rose oil into it. Mix them well and apply it on your face, arms and legs. Let it dry and wash it off with cold water. This face pack helps to remove tan from the skin.

Reduce stress levels

Reducing stress helps to prevent dead skin cells from the body. The stress levels damage skin such as itchy, irritated, and dead skin cells, depending on individual stress levels. The dry or dead skin can be seen mostly on working people. So, it is better to reduce stress levels that include risks for stroke and heart attack. So, it is better to reduce stress.

Body Care

Best Indian sunscreen lotions

Sun screen in summer is used in a wide range to protect from sun. Choose the best product as there are many creams available in the Indian market. It is best to maintain proper diet and balanced hydration levels. Sunscreen has been developed to take care of your skin from unwanted and harmful UVA and UVB rays. At this time there will be damage to the skin that it causes sun tan, unwanted fine line, skin aging, wrinkles. The best SPF for Indian’s skin is SPF 30 for any skin type. Your skin would burn in the sun after 10 minutes. Always apply sunscreen lotion before you are going out into sunlight. It allows the sunscreen to soak into your body and protect you from the UV rays of the sun.

Best sunscreen lotions that are available in the Indian market

Ansolar daily use Gel-cream SPF30

The sunscreen is safe to use and is mostly for oily skin girls. The lotion is in light weight and also water resistant. This is better when you go out and will protect your skin from excessive sun exposure.

1. Ansolar Daily use Gel-cream SPF30

VLCC sweats free SPF 40

The sweat free SPF, which is not actually free off with a good sunscreen lotion. This best suits for dry skin. The lotion is a bit greasy, but doesn’t compliment for the oily skin. Try this solution while leaving out to protect your skin.

2. VLCC sweat free

Sebamed Sun Care 50+ Very High Multi Protect Sun Lotion

The sebamed sun care is a very highly multi protect sun screen lotion. This works better for sensitive, dry, and on normal skin. The lotion is light, water resistant, and protects you from excess sweat. The lotion can’t be used for oily skin.

3. Sebamed Sun Care

Banana Boat Ultra Protect SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion

This lotion works better for dry and normal skin people. This also helps to lighten the skin, but won’t for oily skin. This lotion takes some time to absorb into the skin and make you feel greasy. Try this water resistant lotion that can last for longer time.

4. Banana Boat

Lotus herbal sandal screen sandalwood sunscreen lotion with moisturizer

The lotus herbal sunscreen lotion suits for all skin types. This is especially made for people with dry skin. This gives a matte finish look which is good for all skin types, such as dry, oily and combination skin.

5. Lotus herbal

L’Oreal Paris Dermo expertise UV perfect moisture fresh sunscreen – SPF 30

The Loreal product is less expensive and well suits for another, this sunscreen is a worth pricy and does not hold good. The product is developed easily with the skin, while being free of cakey finish. The sunscreen lotion is very light on the skin and can offer a mild fragrance. This offers a unique and slight glow to your skin that can give a dewy effect on the face. It can be completely absorbed by skin and does not give any greasy effect. This lotion is perfect for the people with lots of sweat as it controls the sweat.

6. L’Oreal Paris Dermo

Lotus 3 in 1 Matte lock daily sunblock SPF 40

This lotion consists of three things like sun protection, skin lightening, Mattifying. It prevents tanning and is a solid option without breaking the bank too much and for oily girls. It is not greasy and has a matt finish when applied on the skin. This seems to be the one sunscreen that really mattifies their skin. This gives the skin the fell of silica primer, lasts long, is sweat free, mild fragrance.Lotus-3-in-1-Matte-lock-daily-sunblock-SPF-40

VLCC Matte look sunscreen lotion SPF 30 with pineapple extracts

VLCC sunscreen gives softness to the skin. It works for all skin types and is non greasy. It smells pineapple flavor and diffuses in the air. It can blend and gets absorbed in the skin beautifully. If you have an oily skin, you need a moisturizer in combination with it. It keeps the skin hydrated.VLCC-Matte-look-sunscreen-lotion-SPF-30-with-pineapple-extracts

Neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch sunblock SPF 50+

It improves skin tone, texture, and color. This lotion is as light as a Hydrator. It is oil free, waterproof, and sweet free. It cannot be easily rubbed off and has a light fresh scent.Neutrogena-ultra-sheer-dry-touch-sunblock-SPF-50+

Lakme sun expert sunscreen lotion SPF 50

Lakme lotion has highest SPF, 50 PA++++ that is thick and heavy on the skin. This is the best sunscreen for face and packed with citrus smell, non greasy. It gives good texture between creamy to powdery.Lakme-sun-expert-sunscreen-lotion-SPF-50

Ayur sunscreen lotion SPF 15

It offers moderate protection for sensitive and dry skin. It offers a mild smell. It can easily blend with your skin and is non greasy. It can possibly make you look dull that it does not have effective as some of the other products.Ayur-sunscreen-lotion-SPF-15

L’Oreal Paris Dermo expertise UV perfect moisture fresh sunscreen – SPF 30

This sunscreen can easily absorb by the skin. It can be free of the liquid and is light on the skin. It offers a mild fragrance. It is a unique and slight glow as well as a dewy effect on the face. It is completely absorbed by the skin. This is a perfect sunscreen for the people who sweat a lot.L’Oreal-Paris-Dermo-expertise-UV-perfect-moisture-fresh-sunscreen-–-SPF-30

Garnier sun controls daily moisturizer SPF 15

This sunscreen goes a long way as little is enough. It is thick peach in color and is consistency. And it is easy to spread and is non greasy too.Garnier-sun-controls-daily-moisturizer-SPF-15

Lacto Calamine sun shields daily use sunscreen – oily to normal skin variant SPF 30

Lacto calamine has been the aid of many helpless acne prone girls over all these years. But it won’t work better for oily skin as it makes oily skin sweat profusely. It is good for normal to dry skin with lemon extracts. It helps to control oiliness.Lacto-Calamine-sun-shields-daily-use-sunscreen-–-oily-to-normal-skin-variant-SPF-30

Biotique face and body sun lotion SPF 30 – Bio aloe vera

Bio aloe vera offers moisturing and soothing effect when applied on skin. It has a natural ingredient that helps to protect you from the sun. Its price is effective for the quantity it offers.Biotique-face-and-body-sun-lotion-SPF-30-–-Bio-aloe-vera

Nivea moisturizing immediate 30

Nivea sunscreen with SPF 30 is the popular sunscreen that is good for all skin types. It moisturizes the skin and protects it from the sun. It gives soothing effect and works best for dry and oily skin type.Nivea-moisturizing-immediate-30

Aroma magic aloe vera sunscreen gel SPF 20

Aloe vera is the best suited to acne prone skin that is highly sensitive skin and is in combination with oily skin. It can drop covers the whole face and is extremely light on the face.Aroma-magic-aloe-vera-sunscreen-gel-SPF-20


How to choose best saree for your body type?

Many of you will confuse in choosing saree that best suits you. Here you have the tips on how to choose a perfect sari?

Saris are best outfits for women, the best things about the saree is that they are suitable for all occasions like wedding, party, function or any other event. The right choice not only can hide any flaws in your body, but also increases your beauty and make you look like a queen.

The saree that best suits you can increase the personality and beauty manifold. Choose the right saree according to the body type you have.

The traditional Indian dress sari is one of the best outfits for an Indian woman. It is suitable for all occasion’s workplaces, travelling, wedding, and party or any other event. The problem lies in choosing the right type of sari for the right occasion and the best type that would suit the body type of the woman.

Tips to choose a perfect saree for you to make you look more beautiful and gorgeous

Saree draping style

  • Draping a saree will also decide you how you will look.
  • Draping saree in some particular way you can look taller, short, slim, fat and strange.
  • Drape your saree properly, otherwise it looks untidy, clumsy, and can make a woman appear fat of what you are wearing.
  • Plates should be neatly tucked.

Fabric used in saree

  • The fabric used to make a saree will also decide how you look.
  • Fabric made saree suits a particular category of women.
  • Stiff cotton saris give a heavy look that are not suitable for overweight women.

Prints on the saree

  • Women avoid big and large prints as they look large and gaudy.
  • Try to avoid large prints for short women.
  • Small floral and leafy prints are evergreen and every woman can wear such sarees.

Border of the saree

  • The border of a saree plays an important role base upon your personality.
  • Saree with no border or shorter border advice to you. Shorter border if your height is short.
  • You should wear sarees with broad border if you are tall.

Color of the saree

  • Overweight women can go for dark colors.
  • It similarly works for dresses also that dark colors make a plus size woman look slim and beautiful.

Embroidery work, zari work, stone work, heavy work

  • If you are slim then you can go for heavy work that will be best for you. If you are overweight and fatty then go for light work that is suitable for you.
  • Embroidery work can make you look fat and strange.

Designs of the blouse

  • Designer blouse can make you look more beautiful, sexy, and gorgeous.
  • Latest trendy blouses can make you look gorgeous.
  • There are beautiful designs with blouses like sleeveless blouses, short sleeves, short neck, deep neck, deep back, and backless blouses.
  • Consider blouse length, various sexy neck and back designs depending on how much you want to expose your front and back.
  • Embroidery, sequins, stonework can make a blouse very attractive and give women a rich look.
  • Select a blouse for you that should suit your personality.
  • You can buy a contrast blouse instead of a matching color blouse.

Matching accessories for saris

  • Accessories like purse, bag, clips, earrings, bangles, etc., should match with the sari and should not look odd.

Choose saris according to the occasion and time of the day

Wedding party

  • For wedding party and functions you can wear sarees with the rich look and work.
  • South Indian silk sarees like Kancheepuram silk sarees, Mysore silk sarees, Sambhalpuri silk sarees, and Banarsi sarees are best for wedding and party.
  • Not only wedding but you can wear during any festival. They are quite costly but look rich and make you look gorgeous, beautiful.

Day time event

  • For daytime event or party or function avoid dark colors except black color, otherwise you look overdressed.
  • Light color sarees are the best option for women with light green, light yellow, cream color, peach, light blue.
  • A white saree with some designs and beautiful prints can do wonders.
  • Avoid saree with heavy embroidery and zari work that it may give you look odd. Avoid them in daytime.
  • Lace work is better for daytime function and party.

Evening and night function

  • For evening and night function like wedding party and other functions the saree with the rich look and heavy embroidery and zari work is suitable.
  • Silk sarees like Banarasi silk sarees, Mysore silk sarees, Kancheepuram silk sarees gives a rich look for women and perfect for wedding party.

Travelling and outing purpose

  • Light weight and synthetic sarees are better for travelling and outing that can be manageable and comfortable.
  • Saree with light colors, light embroidery, and small prints are ok, but avoid dark colors, large prints, and heavy embroidery & zari work.

Festival occasions

  • Designer sarees are good for festival occasions.
  • Indian silk sarees are perfect to wear during any festival. Like Banarasi sarees, south Indian silk sarees like from Mysore and Kancheepuram. They give a traditional and rich.

Office purpose

  • Light color sarees like light pink, green, peach, blue, cream, off white, and white sarees with light prints and embroidery work that are suitable for office going.

Saree according to the body type

Saree for Tall Women

Saree for Tall Women

Tall women should wear saris with large prints in bold colors and heavy borders. The ideal choice of saris for tall women is cotton, raw silk and pure silk saris. Tall and slim ladies have more option to make a choice for saris.

Saree for Short Women

Saree for Short Women

Women with short height should wear light color sarees with narrow borders or no borders and preferably vertical prints.Ideal choice of sarees for shorter ladies is chiffon, georgette and silk sarees.

Saree for Overweight Women

Saree for Overweight Women

Obese women must choose georgette, chiffon and crepe sarees.  Printed dark color sarees are best for overweight women. Get a personalized look with the sari draped.

Saree for Thin Women

Saree for Thin Women

Ladies with thin physique must go for a tissue, cotton and other fluffy sarees. They must avoid chiffon and net sarees. Printed sarees with large prints give a decent look to thin ladies. White, off-white and light colour are the best choice.

Saree for Hour Glass Women

Saree for Hour Glass Women

Women with the hourglass figure have a wider choice for sarees. They can choose any type of sari according to their weight and complexion. You must choose the appropriate costume and be the one among the fashion statement.

Saree for Apple Shaped Women

Saree for Apple Shaped Women

Women with the upper body bulkier than the legs must choose embroidered saris. Check out the picture and you see the beautiful lady with the apple shaped body look.

Sarees for pear shaped body women

1. pear body shaped women

The pear shaped body looks as a heavier bottom than the upper body part. Try to choose fabrics such as chiffon and georgette, which can balance the upper and lower body parts. Avoid mermaid cuts, which can add unnecessary attention to your lower part. Drape your saree in the seedha Pallu type that can make your body look proportionate. Choose the best bold and brightly colored saree that best suits for you. The sarees that best suits for this body shape are with beautiful borders, small prints, and embroidery work.

Saree for Voluptuous or plump shape women

2. Plum shaped women

The Voluptuous shape women can go for georgette, chiffon and net fabrics which are best for them. This king of saree will help you to snugly wrap around the body and highlights your curves. The dark colors and heavy sarees best suits for you. You should not choose to stiff sarees, opt for embroider and beadwork sarees. These sarees will be good fall, which makes you look slimmer. Try full sleeve as they can effectively hide your flab, and blouses with criss-cross strings hold together.

Sarees for short and slim women

3. Short and slim women

The sarees for short and slim women can try with a thin border. They should avoid big prints with heavy borders. This sarees make you look tall. So, it is better to choose a medium sized prints that will look great for your body shape.

Sarees for tall and slim women

4. Tall and slim women

Tall and silm women look good in heavy border sarees. It is better to opt for big bold prints with a variety of colors and can tend to divert the attention from your height. Try heavy border saree with different blouse designs to look stylish and beautiful. These saree make them look gorgeous.

Health Care

Simple face massage for stress relief

Facial massage is easy to do and is a great form of stress relief. They help to control stressful. Stress may lead to death – heart disease and cancer. Stress can create and exacerbate physical and emotional conditions such as chronic fatigue, digestive upset, headaches, back pain, high blood pressure, and risk of stroke.

Chinese medicine

There are many facial acupressure points that can reduce stress and restore energy. Acupressure is based on principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It can restore the energy flow in the body. It is a firm finger pressure on these facial acupressure points to increase circulation, alleviate fatigue.

Locate a facial point on your face that can sink in gradually with your finger, hold pressure for at least a minute. Make circles or rock back and forth on the place to stimulate it more. It’s all right if you felt some tenderness at the location is called nerve center. Then take a deep breath that benefits your body’s ability to calm down and promote healing. At least take a full glass of water to flush out toxins that are released from the pressure points.

Simple face massage

Stress relief massage helps you to relax in this busy world. There are many techniques to use as stress management. Massage for stress reduction is one of the most effective tools. There are simple things you can do to help relieve stress. Your body may respond to stress by tensing up, which can cause pain. Learn to relax your muscles that reduce muscle tension and anxiety. Muscle relaxation is an exercise will help you to relax.

Stress relief exercise

  • Take 5 ml of your essential oil in your hand and work it into your fingers a little bit. Apply it quickly over your face, starting from your forehead. Strokes around the eye area, then over the cheeks, nose and chin. Last at your neck.
  • Place your hands that ends of your fingertips meet together in the middle of your forehead. Circular movements all over your fingers, work from the middle of the forehead out to the sides. Bring the fingers back to the middle and repeat twice more.
  • Start massaging between the eyebrows using your first and middle fingers on each hand. Gently work your way outwards around your bony eye socket, pressing down briefly then moving on. Make circles all round your eye areas. Prepare tiny circular movements down each side of your nose, from between the eyebrows down to the tip. Repeat the sequence.
  • Make a tiny circular movement down your cheeks using all your fingertips. Continue it from the cheekbones to your chin. Make a circle of tiny pressures all around your lips. Use your first finger and thumb on both hands will meet in the middle of your chin. Massage along your jaw out to the side.
  • Make gentle sweeping movements by using the palms of both hands. Continue the strokes up your cheeks. All over your nose and forehead to your hairline. Meanwhile, rest your hands on your forehead to finish the massage.
  • Take a dime-size amount of massage oil or lotion between your hands until it’s at body temperature. Oil helps your hands to slip over the skin and avoid chafing. Massage the scalp, your partner may need to wash afterward if you use oil.
  • Locate the hard bones of the shoulder blades and the spine. Try to avoid bone while you are massaging, focusing, only on the muscles.
  • Tap the face starting at the chin and moving slowly up the forehead using fingertips. Avoid eyes and move back down again taping the cheek. Increase circulation that improves skin firmness.
  • Make tiny circles on the forehead and temple using fingertips. Move down the sides of the face and back up again.
  • Firmly pinch right between the eyebrows increases blood circulation. Slowly work down the eyebrow, pinching lightly and repeat on the other side.
  • Press two fingers on the skin next to the nose and staying in one spot, move your fingers in circles, move outwards repeating for ½ inch every motion. The pressure points, massaging them will relieve sinus pressure and problems that promote lymphatic drainage.
Beauty Care

How to get naturally gorgeous skin without spending a cent?

We want to look beautiful among a crowd. If you want to look beautiful without any makeup you need to follow these steps. It is better to have a shiny, healthy hair and smoother skin. You just forget chemical based products that give instant glow. You can attain fresh, glowing skin by following this simple tips to get a little crafty that are present in your kitchen.

Tips to achieve beautiful complexion

Exercise or morning walk

If you want to live long day you have to put a rack of ribs on the table, our bodies weren’t designed to sit behind a desk. Sitting in front of television gives makes to increase fat in the body without any physical work. Keep your muscles toned that it is a matter of body sculpting. It helps the blood transport vital nutrients to cells in the body. Whisk away damaging toxins. Exercise can dampen the testosterone-related hormones that results in nerve wracking breakouts.

Coffee powder

It helps to make a fantastic facial exfoliate all over your body. The coffee grounds that brewed up your morning pot of java. A handful of moist grounds is preferred to scrub your body. It helps to slough off dead skin cells that give smooth skin. It gives remarkable finesses, also tightens, and firms pores. Take 1 – 2 tablespoons of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and add it with coffee grounds works better for dry skin.

Shorter warm showers

It is better to go for cool showers instead of hot showers. Hot water whisks away the water retentive fatty substances in your skin. Let it dry for some time that they cracked. Cold one leaves you shivering and may cause fever or cold. Try to go for warm shower instead of a scalding one. Lather up, rinse, and skedaddle out of there instead of staying longer than necessary. As it hot shower causes skin damage and opens pores.

Wash your makeup tools

When we have to clean your make up tools, you have to take care or follow steps to clean your makeup tools. Because dirty makeup brushes and sponges are hotbeds of bacteria and grime. Allow them to fester in their filth and then rubbing them all over your face is the quickest path to clogged pores, zit outbreaks, and the gnashing of teeth. Don’t share your makeup tools with others because the skin contact with them makes to attack with skin infections. Wash your tools at least once a week with a spot of shampoo and warm water to get them as good as new. So, it is better to maintain individual makeup tools that should be kept clean and neat.

Steam your face

Steam your face to open pores, blood circulation that flushes out toxins. It staves off acne. Put water in a bowl, and light stove and take a towel. Boil the water that reduces the heat and let it simmer for about 5 – 10 minutes. Place a pot on a trivet on a kitchen table. Drape the towel over your head like a tent. Lean your face over the steaming pot. Not too close that you can bear. Leave it for 5 minutes and rinse it off with cool water that close your pores.

Fruit facials

Fruits and vegetable peelings that are used the inner for the flesh part to get the glow. Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruit, and lemons cause citrus for its powerful astringent properties. Potatoes are made to reduce acne and tan that it helps to reduce puffiness. You need to scrap off the inner peel of a banana, apply it to your face. Leave it for about 15 minutes, then wash if off with water. Avocado for plumping up your complexion and benefits your skin in many ways. Pineapple is used to brighten the skin instantly due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Avoid sweets

Sweets are rich in sugar that has carbohydrates, like white bread, white rice, French fries, and sugary sodas. It can speed up zit formation as well as aging. The chemical process known as glycation that result of sugar breaking down and hooking up with protein molecules. It also diminishes the elasticity of collagen in your skin.

Facial massage

Massage on your face increases blood circulation to your epidermis. It improves the firmness of your skin while losing muscles that are locked. You have to scrub your face that even applies your usual toner. It moisturizes and starts at your chin. It sweeps you hands that are upward toward your cheeks, eye area, and forehead. It also helps to moisturize the skin and gives fresh glowing skin.

Hydrate yourself

Drink plenty of water that is around 6 – 8 glasses a day. This helps to rid your body toxins out. The smaller the chemical burden your body has. The more energy it has left for cellular renewal.

Body Care

Natural home remedies to get rid of body acne

Acne is a skin problem that affects all ages. Most of the teenagers suffer from acne due to increase in hormone levels of their body. This will be embarrassing, uncomfortable, and hard to get rid of.

Acne can be caused due to not having enough sleep, too much stress, unhealthy eating, and lifestyle. They can occur on the face, chest, back, and scalp. Acne caused by overactive oil glands gets clogged by excessive dead skin cells or sebum.

Natural home remedies for acne

Baking soda: It works gently to exfoliate for your skin. Prepare a paste on one or two teaspoons of baking soda. Add little water into it. Apply it on the affected area. Rinse it off with the help water. It helps to remove dead skin and unplugs the pores; regulate the pH balance of the skin. You may also mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda, one teaspoon of cinnamon powder, the juice of half a lemon, 5 tablespoons of honey. Apply this paste on your affected area and leave it for 5 minutes. After that wash it off with water. It has mild anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Repeat it twice a week.

Apple cider vinegar: It helps to balance pH of your skin. It prevents breakouts naturally. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent. Apply vinegar on the affected acne area, don’t forget to dilute with some water before doing so. You can consume it orally with some honey and water.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal is beneficial in reducing acne because it cleanses your skin pores and absorbs excess oil. Mix 1 tablespoon of honey and lemon juice. Add a cup of cooked oatmeal to it. Mix them well and rub this mixture on your skin. Leave it for about 30 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Repeat it twice a week.

Green tea rinse: Dip green tea sachet in a cup of hot water. Wait it for the tea to cool down. Pour it into a spray bottle. Add some more water. After taking bath, spray the diluted green tea onto the acne area. Pat dry with a clean towel. Repeat it daily as it acts as an antioxidant and helps to eliminate inflammation and dryness.

Fuller’s earth: Multani mitti works better to absorb excess oil, unclogs the pores. It helps to improve your complexion too. Mix equal quantities of fuller’s earth, rose water, and sandalwood powder. Apply this pack in your body. Wash it off with water. Repeat the process in a week.

Honey and turmeric mask: Honey moisturizes the skin and turmeric aids to control sebum production that prevents scarring. Mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder with two tablespoons of organic honey. Apply it onto acne area and leave it for 15 minutes. Repeat it for 2 days to get better results.

Lemon juice: Acidic property of lemons is useful in treating acne. Lemon has accumulated it the pores that will harden the sebum. Take a slice of lemon and rub it on the affected area. Leave it for a few hours and rinse it off with water. Other than that, you can also mix lemon juice with rose water in equal proportions and use the solution to wash the affected area thoroughly.

Milk of magnesia: Milk of magnesia actually cures body acne. Just dab a small amount onto the affected areas once daily. It helps in balancing the pH of your body and the temperature of your skin. It unclogs pores and reduces oil and sebum production.

Toothpaste: Toothpaste is used to clear acne. Take a small amount of toothpaste and apply this paste on the affected area. It will reduce the swelling and dry out the acne. You should see significant improvement.

Aspirin and vinegar: Aspirin has healing properties where crush 5 aspirin tablets into powder. Mix the powdered aspirin with three tablespoons of distilled or mineral water. Add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and apply this affected area daily.

Tea tree oil: It acts as an antiseptic and disinfects the pores. It helps to kill the bacteria that cause acne. Apply one drop of tree tea oil to the affected area. Repeat it three times a day. Sometimes if undiluted tea tree oil causes skin irritation, redness, and over drying, then uses a 5 % solution if tea tree oil.

Orange peels: Orange has vitamin C that reduces acne expert. Place the orange peels under the sun and let it dry. Grind the dried orange peel to form a powder and store it in a jar. Twice a week, add water to the powder and apply this paste on your acne. Leave it for some time and wash it off with water.



Methods for facial hair removal

The unwanted hairs in the visible areas of the body are hands, face, feet. They cause some cosmetic problems faced by many women. The causes of unwanted hair growth are hormonal imbalance, heredity, stress, irregular menstrual cycle, and consumption of medications during pregnancy. There are many latest techniques that are involved to solve this problem. Some of them are waxing, laser hair removal, electrolysis etc. Facial hair problems make one shy and conscious about their looks.

Some facial hair removal methods

The techniques of removing facial hair are quite painful, because they are removed from the roots of the skin. But the face is so far and sensitive than skin on other parts of the body.


Waxing is the method to remove facial hair. Most of the women choose to go to a salon to wax that ugly mustache off. You need to just spare yourself the pain of threading. But it is not advisable to go for waxing. Hair is pulled from the roots of the skin. It may cause pre-mature ageing. Skin also loses its elasticity with the waxing.

Peel off masks

You need to just apply peel off masks on your face to remove facial hair. The cream is spread over on your face, but chooses the best cream that suits to your skin type. Allow it to dry out. It adheres to the upper layer of the epidermis but also to the unwanted hair. The dead and dry skin along with the unwanted hair will be removed. This is an easy way to take care of your skin and facial hair removal.


Threading is done to rip out the hair on your face. For this they use thin thread to rip out the hair one by one, but it is very painful. Sometimes people may cry due to heavy pain. Threading is a very common method used by most of the people as it is less expensive, but it gives more pain and swelling too. But its effect does not last long. If you are going on threading regularly, then the hair growth becomes less frequent.


If you are having very dense facial hair then this is the best solution. It throws in a pair of tweezers in your bag. Get facial hair removed without causing a scare. Just you need to pluck them out as they turn up with this method.


Bleach changes according to the skin tone. They use various forms of bleaching like lemon and also cosmetic bleaches. They do more harm than good. Cream bleach is suitable for lightening dark facial hair. Facial bleach has different concentration than body bleach. The skin on your face is prone to irritation. Bleach to some extent has a corrosive effect on your skin. But sometime it may cause infection, hyper pigmentation, and tanning.


Electrolysis is a better solution in which the hair is burnt from the roots. It can be done by using electric current. It is a time consuming process that needs to repeat before the permanence sets in. The amount of the hair on your face may decide by hormones, even under the number of sittings. It may require more sittings if you have more hair and its thickness. Consult your doctor before you are going to electrolysis.

A sterile probe is inserted alongside the hair in the follicle opening. A probe is different from a needle which is hollow on the inside. A radio frequency is then applied to destroy the individual hair follicle. The technician cab slips the hair out of the follicle by using a sterilized forceps to grasp it. Once the hair cells are destroyed completely the hair will not grow back again from that follicle.

Hair removal cream

Hair removal cream is simple and painless. Using a hair removal cream it is especially good to visit a parlor. Most of the hair removing creams come with moisturizing properties and leave your skin feeling silky and soft.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal treatment is brilliant but is expensive. It destroys follicles creating hair growth. It can be getting rid of your unwanted facial hair permanently. In this process, they selectively pick the dark cells that responsible for hair growth. Then they destroy them. A light ray at a specific wavelength and pulse is selected. The light waves sent out can be modified to target the darker colors.


Epilators are used to get rid of unwanted hair. These are good for removing small hair. Epilators are convenient to carry around. It is a painless and quick process to remove unwanted hair.

Home Remedies

Home remedies for seborrheic dermatitis

This is the common skin problem faced by all age groups. The causative reasons are not only the hereditary but also the stress, pollution, lifestyle, medical therapies like diabetes/obesity, extreme climatic conditions, junk foods, and usage of strong detergents or soaps on the skin. This appears as the oily/ dry, scaly, itchy swelling of the face, eyebrows, under arms, upper chest, back and other body parts. As it is a recurrent disease, proper care should be taken in order to avoid it. So here we are discussing the tips for controlling this itchy & irritated dermatitis.

Golden jojoba oil

The organic jojoba oil is used to treat many skin infections as it loosens the scalp and increases the sebum secretion, apart from removing the dirt from clogged spots. Applying this oil onto the skin relieves from itching and irritation and nourishes the skin.

Coconut oil

Apply the pure coconut oil onto the affected area gives an anti fungal, antimicrobial, anti inflammatory action. This gives the soothing effect when it is applied.


Applying this onto the affected area gives the soothing effect because of its moisturizing effect.

Neem leaves

Neem leaves paste is prepared and applied directly to the affected areas. This gives better relief from inflammation and irritation caused by a rash. Neem oil is also used for application.

Tea tree oil

This oil has antiseptic properties help in the reduction of inflammation. Apply it over the affected areas leave for some time and wash it off later. This relieves from pain. Care to be taken because some people can cause allergic reactions due to this oil. It can be used alone or in the shampoos for application onto the scalp.

Lavender oil  

This oil gives calming and soothing effect of acne, boils, burns, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, insect bites, psoriasis, stings, etc., because it contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties more than the other oils.

Rosemary oil

This oil decreases the over secretions of the skin and nourishes the scalp, so that it improves the hair growth.

Patchouli oil  

It is very effective in curing out the rough, cracked, scaly, flaky, and overly dehydrated skin. It is mostly used to treat acne, eczema, sores, dandruff, and fungal infections.

Peppermint oil

This relieves skin irritation and itching apart from reducing redness and inflammation. It gives very soothing and cooling effect when applied to the affected area.

Eucalyptus oil

This oil is mostly used in skin infections as it soothes inflammation and redness. It acts as a powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and astringent.

Eat fish twice a week

Fish contains omega 3 fatty acids that help to reduce the skin diseases. At least try to eat fish oil supplements if you cannot go with fish directly.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera gel is the best homemade tip used in case of rash. As it contains the vitamin C, E & anti inflammatory properties apart from antibacterial & fungal properties. Apply its juice on the affected area aloe creams reduces scaling & itching maximum if applied continuously for 4-6 weeks.

Chamomile oil

Oil helps in the synthesis of new white blood cells by destroying the dead cells. There by this gives protection from harmful organisms. The herb is boiled and squeezes the oil. This oil is added to some water and applied onto the affected area. It slows down the irritation.

Olive oil

Mixing this oil in the bath water along with the milk will relieve you from scaly and soaring psoriasis. Mineral oil also used for soaring and itching skin. Having a bath with this oil gives soothing effect. Gentle massage of warm olive oil onto the scaly scalp softens the skin and gives much relief. Have the regular shampoo later helps to wash out the oil. A gentle massage with the vegetable oils reduces the stress and pain caused by psoriasis. If any irritation persists still avoid massaging.

Avoid over scratching

Scratching may increase the irritation and worsens the infection, so, avoid it. Apply any moisturizing cream in order to avoid scratching.

Cleaning yourself

Have a bath daily with light warm water helps to keep the skin clean and to avoid spreading the previous rash further.

Wear smooth clothes

Wearing smooth clothes helps with free air circulation and reduces the irritation.

These tips are easily followed at home and can minimize the horrible situations.


How to dress yourself skinny according to your body shape?

Comfortable clothing built the better confidence in you. A proper fitting to the body makes you feel comfortable, pretty and good   no matter heavy or slim. Some of the clothes are so fit enough to the skin that makes to look slimmer than actual. This draws the attention among the people during the parties. Here we are discussing such points to look better with the skinny clothes based on the body shape.

Hourglass body shape

Most of the women bear this type of body shape. Every style can be matched to this body shape. But some of these are kept in mind while dressing.

  • Neckline should be proper.
  • ¾ sleeves are preferable above the wrist.
  • The shoulders of the tops and t shirts should be good enough so that the sleeves are not hanging out.
  • Jackets are fitted with shawl collar and should hide the opening in the front.
  • Coats of different styles are preferred.
  • Any type of dress can be easily fitted with this type of body.
  • Pencil skirts, hemline should be up to the knee length.
  • Jeans of simple, stylish like bootleg, classic can be preferred.
  • Trousers with side zip, plain, straight type are preferred.

Apple body shape

This people bearing this body shape do not have well defined waist but have bust.

  • The cloth lining surrounding the body should be straight or slightly fitted.
  • Keep the bust line, hip line plain and simple.
  • The shoulder line should be balanced from front and side view.
  • The silhouette should be fitted clearly   under bust, arms, and waist.
  • Wear the skirt above knee length.
  • Wearing belts of big /small. High waisted trousers, jackets can be preferred.
  • Clutch bags / shoulder bags are preferred.
  • The sleeves covering the bust

Pear body shape

The people bearing this body shape can wear the top and skirt which is more suitable. A perfect fitting can be used with more comfort.

  • Wear the flat bottom such as skirts, flat front pants.
  • Slim belt is preferred on the waist line rather than on the hips.
  • A flare bottom pant / jeans are preferred.
  • Jackets/ blazers covering up to the hip area are preferred.

Busty body shape

  • Shorter neckline over chest.
  • Skirts, trousers are preferred.
  • Light colored dresses are preferred.

Petite body shape

The people with this body shape should go for hemline up to the knee so that they can look taller. Full skirts, long length suits a lot.

  • Skirts of knee length are preferred.
  • Wear V/U shaped neck tops.
  • 3 or 1/3 sleeves are preferred.
  • 2/3 – 1/3 tops look better on them.
  • If you are interested in a tight, slim silhouette they also help them look taller.
  • Right fit/ size clothes are very comfortable to them.
  • High heels are best for them.
  • Short trousers/pants are avoided.
  • Vertical patterned clothes are preferred.
  • Tops are up to hip line, exceeding that makes you look short.

Rectangle shaped body

  • Curves around the bottom.
  • Light colours are preferred.
  • Full skirts suit them.
  • A boot cut pant, flare, wide pants suits them.
  • Nipped jackets / sweaters / tops are preferred.
  • Simple tops are preferred.
  • Colored belts suit for them.
  • U/V shaped necklines suits for them.
  • A very cute tops suits for them.
  • Avoid waist length handbags.
  • Tops with soft sleeves are preferred.
  • Collar less shirts are preferred.

Cone shaped body

This people bear flat hips and bottoms, wider straight and squared shoulders. Bottom half is smaller than the upper top with a straight rib cage.

  • Straight lining Clothes, hemline jackets are very comfortable for them.
  • Tops with good design and pattern with a scarf on it gives a great appearance to them.
  • Broad neck lines, halter neck tops, big collar necks, pencil skirts, skinny jeans, puff sleeves, shoulder pads are avoided. Simple straight lined dresses like A lined pattern are preferred.
  • Wider collar and lapels, longer jackets/ coats suits them. Wrap tops, straight lined, split end tops at waists suits for them.

These tips are kept in mind while buying the dresses so that they will be very skinny to our body texture and feel comfortable.


Home remedies that you should know to get rid of winter skin problems

In winter, the skin becomes dry, itchy, flaky, dull, and unhealthy. If we left untreated, this may lead to bleeding and skin infections too. Dryness occurs mostly around the eyes, mouth, hands, and cheeks. This happens because the moisture present in the skin is completely drained away. Cold creams, lotions are used to control the dryness, but still due to heavy chemical content in it, the skin also becomes flaky even. So here are the remedies in order to retain the moisture present in the body.

Papaya packs

Add the smashed banana to the ripened papaya along with the honey of 2-3 spoons. Mix it well and apply it to the face skin. This prevents dryness and gives the skin a healthier and younger.

Milk & almond pack

A paste of milk and almond powder is prepared and applied to the face and to the skin. Leave it for 10 minutes, massage it, and wash it off. This prevents dryness and gives softer skin.

Yogurt and buttermilk

Mixture of buttermilk and yogurt was taken and applied onto the skin. Allow it for 20 minutes and wash it off. It nourishes the skin and keeps clear and fair. Yogurt and honey also use as a moisturizer.

Glycerin & petroleum jelly

These can all be easily applied over the body. This acts as best moisturizer and keeps the skin soft.

Egg yolk and olive oil pack

To the few drops of olive oil, add egg yolks, mix it properly, and apply it onto the skin. Allow it for 20 minutes and wash it off. This gives soft and glowing skin in winter.

Avocado and honey pack

To the Avocado, add 2 spoons of honey and apply to the skin. Allow it for 20 minutes and wash it off. This reduces the dryness of skin. Avocado oil mixed with the apricot and glycerin also gives an instant glow.

Coconut oil

This acts as the best moisturizer during winter as it keeps the skin soft. This prevents dryness if it is applied during night time. Oils like Almond, Olive oil also used for softening action.

Lemon and honey

A mixture of honey and lemon is prepared. Apply this onto the skin. This prevents irritation and dryness in winter.

Sunflower oil

It’s the best for dry skin as it contains vitamins and fatty acids. This keeps the skin healthy and soft in winter.

Egg yolk paste

Paste of egg yolk, honey, and milk powder is prepared and applied onto the skin avoiding the eyes and lips. Allow it for 20 minutes and wash it off, this gives soft skin.

Rosewater and honey

A mixture of honey and rosewater is prepared and applied onto the skin. This is the remedy for dryness and cleaning action apart from glowing effect. Honey and sugar also used for glowing action. Rosewater, lemon, glycerin mixture can also be used as a moisturizer.

Aloe vera gel

Apply the pulp of aloe vera onto the skin for about 30 minutes and allow it to dry. This acts as moisturizer and cleanser during winter.


The citric acid present in lemon removes the dry skin in the body and rejuvenates the skin cells. Apply it over all the body gives the glowing effect. In winter, as the skin becomes dark due to the sun, this lemon removes this dark shade. Cucumber also can be used to do this action.

Oatmeal, turmeric, and lemon

Mixture of oatmeal, turmeric, lemon juice is prepared and applied onto the skin. This is washed after 20 minutes. It gives softer and glowing skin apart from reducing the dryness. It removes the dirt present on the skin by cleaning the skin pores.

Milk, lemon, and almond oil

A mixture of milk powder, lemon juice, and almond oil is prepared and applied onto the skin. This gives a soft and glowing skin. This acts as a best cream / lotion in the winter than the normal cosmetic cream available in the market. This increases the skin tone too.

These are the simple homemade tips which can be followed at home easily. This can be effectively increases the skin tones in winter.


Baby skin care in winter

Babies are very sensitive and are prone to diseases. Their skin is too tender. During winter they are particularly affected by the irritated and dry skin over the face, hands and all over the body. This dryness leads to reddening, itching, cracking, and flaking. Finally, this makes baby uncomfortable, so here we are discussing some tips for baby skin care during winter.

Moisturize frequently

As oil based contains oil, they protect skin from drying more. In winter, especially   the moisture is retained by applying these creams. Emollients are used frequently in a day in order to prevent from moisture loss.

Avoid wet baby gloves, socks, kerchiefs

Wet clothes, anything may lead to irritation, itching, and cracking, redness which may finally lead to bleeding or any infection. So avoid it.

Hydrate the body

Drinking more keeps the skin and body healthy and glowing. As the baby’s skin is young and growing make a habit of drinking water.

Massage the baby body

Massaging the body with baby lotions helps the baby to improve the blood circulation and look the skin healthy and glower. It also retains the moisture over the body and to increase the immunity power of the baby. Also notice that the oil is cleaned off totally during bath because left over may also cause skin rashes.


Adding coconut oil to the water before bath acts as a moisture retainer. After rubbing the skin during baths by the soaps may lead to drying the baby delicate skin more. Instead, go for a warm water bath of mild baby soaps. Prefer for a sponge bath than a normal bath during winter. The hot water run has been used in the bathroom for a while helps to create a warm environment during the baby bath. Also check the windows are closed or not due to heavy wind blow during winter. Cover the baby completely with the clean towel after the bath and also don’t allow the baby to play in the tub for more hours.


Overall family members and if any house maids present in the home are tidy and clean enough while feeding or touching the baby. Keep the home and surroundings, any leftover gaps, windows, doors, floors, bathrooms in the home also clean. Avoid smoking in the home as the sensitive baby may easily affect by this habit.


Woolen clothes are good for a child during the winter. Baby hats, socks, gloves, whatever the baby clothes are made of wool are very comfortable to the child. This keeps the body warm. Don’t cover complete with woolen clothes because they block sweat pores and cause sweating and rash. Cover them with a soft cloth.

Minimize nappy rash

Changing the nappies is done frequently in order not to be affected by the rash. Also use the creams to protect the skin. Allow the baby skin to air indoors maximum. It helps the baby to feel cozy and comfort.

Pre winter check

Check the heaters, geysers and all the heating appliances whether they are in good conditions are not. Check out the power points to avoid any short circuits. Baby bed sheets, blankets are cleaned before they are used up. Winter is prone to spreading of many diseases like cold, cough on direct contact so avoid the baby to that condition.

Night cream

Apply petroleum jelly as a coating over the baby nose because it prevents dryness in the nose, which may finally lead to bleeding even. Over rubbing is avoided. Apply lip care jelly or pure coconut oil for babies to prevent dryness of lips.


Make sure about vaccination of baby is up to date or not as they prevents serious diseases from bacteria and virus.


Have a food containing green leafy vegetables, fruits, carrots, spinach, liver, cod liver, nuts in your daily diet. Make sure that enough fat, protein, and vitamins in your daily diet which is good for baby skin. Food rich in Vitamin A and C has antioxidants which are good for baby skin during winter. It prevents all sorts of eye related issues such as dryness, inflammation and further improves the vision of a growing baby.


Keep regular hours and maintain plenty of sleep for the baby, as they are in the growing stage sleeping is done most of the time and they feel relaxed of the body.

These are winter based tips for a baby skin care which can be easily followed at home without causing any serious effects.


Skin problems you face in winter season

It becomes very difficult for us to carry out a daily routine or enjoy an outing during winters as our skin just doesn’t seem to cooperate due to the harsh weather conditions. Winter is a moisture thief. Cold winter air has extraordinarily low moisture content, to the point where it steals moisture from the skin. Let it be any type of wind, the molecules of water in your skin are stolen even faster. So here are the problems we face during this season and their solutions.

Irritated and red skin

Your skin will easily become irritated throughout the cold weather season, so you have to change your skin care routine by using a more gentle cleanser and a heavier moisturizer to soothe the skin on your face as your skin needs more moisture to stay soft and supple.

Wind burns and sunburns can still occur

Always remember to apply sunscreen as it is not reserved to be used only in the summer season. Even if it’s a cloudy day, you can still get a burn – especially if it’s super windy outside. Make sure you use a lip balm with SPF in it just for these circumstances.

Bone dry body

If you see that your legs seem reptile-like, stock up on moisturizer as it will avoid your skin to hurt. You can also use an extra moisturizing body wash. Remember to apply your lotion right after you step out of the shower in order to lock the moisture of your skin.

All over itchiness

There are a few causes of winter itching, which is normally caused due to the drop in temperatures, but if you notice that your dry skin is leading you to scratch, make sure you’re not spending too much time under the hot shower as this will just dry out your skin even more. Also, take note of the clothes you’re wearing, as wools will irritate your sensitive skin and soft cottons and silks will be more comfortable.

Continual dryness, even though you’ve moisturized

If your skin is constantly dry even though you’ve moisturized, make sure you’re staying hydrated. The dry, cool air will obviously dry out your skin and extracts the moisture from inside out. So keep yourself hydrated by drinking sufficient water.

If you really want to get through winter with silky-smooth skin, then you need to take some preventive measures well in advance. Switch to a moisturizing soap, and use less of it on arms and legs as they don’t need as much soap as other body parts. Start applying cream everywhere twice a day especially on your lower legs, lower back and arms. Also avoid scented body wash as it is too drying, instead go for fragrance-free moisturizing bars.

If you still feel you need few more preventive measures to take care of your skin then you can try few homemade remedies.

Avocado mask

This super food is full of good fats, and its oil is very similar to the oil we generate on our skin. When our skin is unbearably dry, this mask is a great option to regain that dewy complexion you’re craving while avoiding those heavy moisturizers that can clog pores.

Take half of a ripe avocado, skinned and mashed, 2 tbsp dry oatmeal, ½ orange, or 1 egg white. Mix all these ingredients to form a paste. Wash your face with warm water, so that your skin absorbs the oils quicker. Apply the paste on your face, and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. Rinse your face with warm water, and pat your face try with a clean towel.

Banana mask

Bananas are rich in antioxidants and vitamin c, which will work together to brighten your skin and target the toxins. The yogurt helps to calm the redness and tighten your pores, locking out the grimy dirt, oil, and dry skin that can clog your pores. The honey is just to add bonus that will destroy any lingering bacteria.

This facemask is a soothing option for wind-burned, red skin that you can’t handle. Take 1/2 a ripe banana, 1/2 cup of plain yogurt and 1 tsp honey. Smash the banana and mix in the honey and yogurt thoroughly until the ingredients form a paste. After washing your face with warm water, leave on this nourishing mask for 10 minutes, and then rinse with cold water to seal your pores.


Homemade best moisturizing tips for dry skin

Do you want to beat the winter with home remedies? Here we have some tips to get rid of it! Moisturize forms a protective layer on the skin that keeps your skin safe and hydrated.

Dry skin is a common problem and affects more during winter. There are many types of skin where it may vary from person to person. First, you need to find out that the type of skin you have and then go on for taking care according to skin type. Itchy, flaky, dry skin is unpleasant and a common problem for dry winter skin.

Tips for dry skin at home

Oil therapy

Take some olive, almond or coconut oil and massage gently onto your hands, legs and the rest of your body. It is better to use the oil by heating. It can be applied before going to shower and let it stay for some time. Then take showers and use a light moisturizer or sunscreen because the winter sun isn’t any less harsh. This makes your skin smooth and dry free.

Drink more water

Drink lots of water to keep skin hydrated. Water helps to remove toxins through urine. Excessive toxin levels in the body may create irritation and itchiness.

Olive oil and egg yolk

Olive oil and egg are used in practices of taking care of flaky dry skin. Olive oil is a natural antioxidant with vitamin E and K that works wonders when a teaspoon of it is combined with two egg yolks and whipped together to obtain a stable consistency. Egg yolk has vitamin A that controls the shedding of the skin and makes it soft and smooth. It is better if you add a few drops of lime juice and rose water.

Use some milk cream

Take good milk cream that makes for a very good moisturizer. Add a tablespoon of milk and two tablespoons of milk cream. Mix few drops of lime into it. Rub your hands and legs with this cream and leave it for a while before you are going to shower.

Lemon juice and sugar

Lemon juice and sugar leaves your skin soft and glowing. Massage in circular motion of the skin with beauty scrub, rough spots on the face. The vitamins C in the lemon lightens skin tone, removes patches on the skin. Mix a teaspoon of sugar with half lemon juice. Use a cotton ball to scrub all over the face. Leave it for some time and then wash off with water.

Pumpkin and cinnamon mask

Pumpkin is good at vitamin A for healing the skin, vitamin V for antioxidants as well as zinc for healthy skin. It also helps to remove dead cells, but also nourishes the skin with its beta carotene anti-oxidants. Take a half cup of pumpkin puree, half a cup of coconut milk and half teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Mix them well and apply on your skin and massage gently. Leave it for about 10 minutes and take a bath with warm water. After bath use a good moisturizer.


Curd has excellent skin hydrant and antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties that will help soothe your dry, itchy skin. Apply plain curd just as it is or mix it with some honey and a few drops of lime. Leave it for about 10 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water.

Avocado and honey

Avocado and honey are good sources of strain and humectants to treat the dry skin. A mask is prepared using mashed avocados and honey for problematic dry areas. Mix a half cup of honey with half mashed avocado and leave the mixture on for 15 minutes. Then wash off with it.


Honey has properties like moisture, antioxidant and anti-microbial properties, which makes it a sought after ingredient in many over the counter skin care products. Not everyone is in a position to spend more money on beauty care. So it is better to go with homemade remedies. You don’t need to spend more money on cosmetics. Just you can buy a bottle of honey and use it to treat your skin. You just need to do it lightly heat 2 tablespoon of honey and apply it onto your skin like face, hands, legs while it is warm. Leave it for about 15 minutes and then wash off with water.

Essential oils

Essential oils are anti-inflammatory and have soothing properties. They get relief to itchy skin and alleviate irritations. Essential oil includes Agrimony oil, basil oil, bay leaf oil, Calendula oil, chamomile oil, chickweed oil, clove oil, Geranium oil, Jewelweed oil, lavender oil, neem oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, thyme oil. Apply any one of the oils directly, or you can add them to your bath.

Banana and yogurt

Banana and yogurt are a good cosmetic product that moisturizes the skin, but exfoliates dead cells. Mash the banana with yogurt to form a paste. Apply this paste on the dry patches and leave it for half an hour. Then wash off with warm water.

Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera works for many skin problems and it’s good for your skin. After the bath, take an aloe Vera leave and slice it into pieces. Squeeze the gel out and apply it onto your face, hands, or legs. Aloe Vera gel not only moisturized your skin, but also forms a protective layer that will keep impurities from entering your pores. Aloe Vera is good for skin hydrant and will feel tight.

Castor oil

Castor oil has ricinoleic acid and vitamin E that guard your skin against soap, warm water and the dryness in winter. It removes all impurities from the skin as it can nourish it. Dab some castor oil extremely on dry areas of your face like corners of the nose, around your mouth and around the hairline. Then wash off with warm water.


Milk is rich in protein and makes your skin smooth and soft. Take 4 tablespoons of raw milk and add a few drops of rose water or lime and rub it all over your body. Leave it until it’s dry. And wash with cold water. Repeat it twice a day.

Petroleum jelly and glycerin

Petroleum jelly and glycerin oil is used to pamper your skin. They will slough away the flaking skin that makes the smooth and softer surface. Take equal amount of petroleum jelly and glycerin and apply it on your dry skin. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then wash off with warm water.

Vitamin E

Buy some vitamin E capsules it doesn’t cost much. Cut out 2 capsules and squeeze out the oil from the capsule. Mix few drops of lime juice and apply all over your body. Then take a shower after some time. You will find much better compared to other remedies.


Glycerin helps to absorb and retain moisture, so it would be a good idea. Take a teaspoon of glycerin and add a few drops of lime into it. Massage onto your skin. Leave it on for a few minutes before you wash it off.

Milk and oatmeal

Milk can be used for your dry skin. Take a wash cloth drenched with milk to wipe your face or even whole body to get the royal feel. Milk cleanses your skin. Take half a cup of milk, 1 tablespoon of oatmeal, and chamomile tea to make paste if you want you can use water. You may also add a few drops of oil also. Dip a cotton ball in milk and wipe your skin with its then mix oatmeal with chamomile tea or water to get a paste. Wet your skin and gently massage with the paste. Now wash off with water. With your skin still a little wet. Apply your choice of oil to keep your skin hydrated for a long time.

Coconut milk

Coconut milk reduces skin dryness and also blemishes. Prepare fresh coconut milk at home and rub it onto your face and body. Leave it overnight and in the morning wash off with water.



What is soda doing to your skin?

We all want to look good as we get older, and for the majority of people, the signs of aging are most obvious on our face. Dermatologists remind wearing sunscreen, keeping sun exposure to a minimum and avoiding smoking, but what about slowing down premature aging from the inside? Recent studies say part of the answer may be cutting out soda.

We turn around that there is another study about the negative health effects of soft drinks, and recently attention has turned to the damage it can do to your skin.

Dr. Steven Victor, dermatologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City told that in more than 33 years of practice, he’s experienced the effects of soda on his patient’s skin first-hand.

Victor said, “The biggest problem about soda is the crazy amount of sugar.” “The dangers of sugar to the body are not new; scientists have been studying it for years. When a patient consumes a lot of sugar, it shows in their skin.”

The results found from National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found the top source of added sugar in American’s diet is beverages.

“I notice wrinkles, skin texture, oil content,” he said. “When you see somebody who is having a lot of sugar, their skin doesn’t look glowing or bright, it looks saggy and dull.”

Victor said the major problem of consuming soda is the inflammatory effect it has on the body.

“Soda is a factor in the aging process of the skin because it causes the body to produce all kinds of inflammatory products,” he said. “I compare it to Pac-Man, going around the body eating good tissue. Diet, and especially soda, greatly affects your skin.”

Many dark types of cola contain advanced glycation end products, or AGEs. A recent study from the National Institutes of Health determined that AGEs react with proteins, lipids and nucleic acids in almost all skin cells, contributing to and potentially accelerating skin aging.

In addition to sugar and AGEs, the caffeine found in soda can dehydrate the skin, emphasizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

And, soda may cause certain skin conditions to become more problematic.

“If you are drinking a lot of soda, you are starting a whole inflammatory cascade in the body, so if you have a skin condition you are exaggerating it,” Victor said. “Especially eczema or very dry, itchy inflamed skin, and acne, specifically cystic acne.”

The visible effects of soda on the skin can even be compared to those of smoking. The side effects of sugar on the skin, including dullness, dryness and the decrease in skin cell production, coincide with the effects of nicotine.

“Soda causes damage to the skin just like smoking,” Victor said. “Just like sugar, nicotine causes inflammation. Whether you are drinking or smoking chemicals, it’s hard on the body to fight them.”

The good news? Victor said it’s possible for the skin damage soda causes to be reversed.

“Cutting out sugary drinks and replacing them with water definitely produces a visible change in the health of the skin, in a very short amount of time,” he said. “If you can reduce the amount of soda you drink, you will start looking better, and your skin will look better.”