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Why do you have split ends | How to prevent split ends

Split ends are common in long hair women and also seen in all the age groups. Even though the end of the hair is split, the whole hair style looks dull. This split occurs when the protective layer of the hair is faded, thereby it becomes weak, dehydrate, and finally complete damage leads to splits. This occurs due to over exposure of hair to the dust, pollution, salon/parlor chemicals, over drying, lack of biotin in diet, heat. So, here we are discussing the causes for split ends.

Why split ends and hair breakage

Usage of narrow tooth comb

Improper brushing the hair after the shower with the conditioner leads to occurrence of tangles and tresses on the hair. While combing the hair, more stress is applied onto the tangles leading to splits. This type of combing the hair with narrow bristles is avoided.

Combing wet hair

Wet hair is prone to easily break out the ends finally lead to split ends. So combing the tresses/ tangles in the wet condition is avoided.

Hair dryers

The dryer is so hot enough to occur a split. Try to avoid usage of those expensive tools and go for a natural drying with a towel or air dry. If mandatory use a nozzle directed air flow dryer which controls the air in all directions completely rounding the hair. This prevents the splits. Minimize the heat produced by dryers for better hair growth.

Folic acid, iron, & biotin rich food

Food containing biotin & iron are preferably taken for hair growth. Nuts, green leafy vegetables, oats, cashews, brown rice, lentils, peas, sunflower seeds, walnuts, and soybeans dry fruits, oranges, wheat, figs, and berries promote hair length, thickness, & healthier hair.

Minimize hair treatments

A treatment like hair color, hair styles, bleaching, straightening and perms also the reason for developing the splits easily. Natural hair styles are preferred than a perm with chemicals. So, avoid this hair treatment to a maximum extent for the occurrence of split ends and keep the hair healthy too.

Get a regular trim

Whether there is an occurrence of splits or not, making a habit of a trimming the hair for every 6-8 weeks gives a healthier look over the hair. If already there are splits over the hair should cut their hair so that it will not be spread over the shaft. So practice this trimming technique to avoid the splits.

Hair mask

Prepared paste of papaya, beet root, and banana is applied as a mask over the hair. This locks the moisture of the hair inside and prevents dryness. This dryness may lead to splits finally. Mask of fenugreek leaves, avocado, almond paste can also be used.

Over shampoo and conditioning

Anything over is harmful to the body and the hair so, avoid over shampooing the scalp. This may lead to drying and splits at last.

Tight ties of rubber band

Tying the hair with a rough hair rubber band till up to the ends may also cause the splits. So make use of loose and smooth bands over the hair. Ponytail also leads to split ends.

Hair puller

Is there is a habit of swirling the hair with fingers, pulling the tangles hardly with the comb or puller may also leads to breakage of hair. This may also cause split ends.

Over brushing

Combing the hair frequently also may lead to split ends as they are sensitive enough for the friction.


The weaved hair for a great hair style also may lead to split ends. The weaving in the tight manner along with the chemicals is the main cause of breakage of hair.

Avoid style in wet

Wet hair is more prone to breakage and friction over it. Combing more on wet stressfully creates the split ends due to the tangles. So, avoid different styles on wet hair.

Hair color

The coloring of the hair with different colors also makes hair unhealthy and worse. Natural henna products are preferable.

Over rubbing with the towel

It’s a natural way of drying the hair, but anything in over is harmful as excel rubbing causes dryness which leads to split ends.

These are the causes for the occurrence of split ends easily, try to avoid these factors preventing the split ends.

How to prevent split ends naturally

Get regular trimming

The regular trims obtained with a cause of some wear and tear that helps to prevent split ends entirely. This is at some point to control split ends. The proper care helps you to allow you to stretch trim to every 8 – 12 weeks. This helps to keep you regular check on them and can take a pair of scissors to get rid of it. Leave the split ends uncut, which is not a good idea, as it could potentially get way up to the root. It is better to choose sharp scissors ones meant for haircuts. It is by using blunt pair that can fray your ends and can cause more splits after a while. You can cut your hair for about ¼ of an inch above the split.

Oil your hair before you wash

Shampooing or washing your hair causes damage to your hair. When hair gets wet during shampooing, it can absorb water and swells. This is a very fragile and therefore is easier for splits or chips to occur. Oiling your hair protects a sheath around your hair and can reduce the damage during washing process. This helps in nourishing your hair and can restore its lost moisture balance. The best way is to oil for pre-wash treatment with any of the oil massage. Apply oil of your choice on the scalp and gently massage it with the pads of your fingers. Keep it for an hour and then wash your hair.

Gently dry your hair

Wet hair is a fragile and leads to damage your hair. This helps to treat it with utmost care. Thus, vigorously rubbing your hair dry with a towel that helps to create tangles and twists in unnatural directions. This causes hair breakage and split ends. So, gently dab the dripping hair with a towel in order to get rid of excess water.

Reduce using heat appliances

Heat appliances are hair dryers, flat iron and heat curlers. The reduce blowing to dry or apply heat on your hair. This can reduce your hair’s natural moisture and leave them dry, rough and brittle. This causes physical hair trauma and can damage hair and split ends. This is the best way to dry your hair. The healthiest way to style your hair is heated less and dry your hair naturally. This will look and feel better and can also last longer.


Hair care

Effective home remedies for head lice – How to get rid of lice quick

Head lice is a type of parasite that is mainly observed on the scalp and hair shafts, they feed mainly on blood. It is a very common issue among small children. Lice comes in contact with an infected person through play, school, sports, sleepovers and even in gatherings too. Even wearing clothing of an infected person, sharing of personal care items like brush, combs can be contaminated and is spreading. It is also due to laying on bed of infected person. Two main common reasons of lice infestation are itching and red bumps on scalps. Their reproduction rate is very high, so it becomes very difficult in the elimination of lice parasite in just few day. Here are few home remedies that will help in effectively solving the problem of lice’s.

Simple ways to get rid of head lice naturally

Garlic treatment for head lice

The fragrance of garlic being strong can suffocate lice and even kill them. Therefore, it is considered as the best remedy.

Take 8 to 10 garlic cloves and make paste of it. Mix it with lime juice. Apply it on scalp. Leave it only for half an hour. Wash it off with hot water.

Essential oils to remove lice

Essential oils have proven to help and eliminate lice with the help of combing. But it is better to check before to use it for allergies. The effective essential oil is nutmeg oil, red thyme oil, eucalyptus oil, neem oil, peppermint oil, cinnamon leaf oil, and clove oil. Mayoclinic recommends to aniseed oil, ylang ylang oil, nerolidol, and tea tree oil.

Take 15 – 20 drops of essential oil to two ounces of olive oil and apply them to scalp. Allow it to sit for about a minimum of 12 hours or overnight. Comb everything out, then shampoo twice. If you want, you can also mix the same amount of essential oil with 4 ounces rubbing alcohol and spray it on the hair, leave it for 12 hours.

Baby oil to clear head lice

Another best and easy method of head lice all you need is baby oil, laundry detergent and some white vinegar. It is believed that baby oil is best in suffocating head lice and killing them.

Take some baby oil and apply it on the hair and then comb your hair slowly so that lice start falling from the head.

Apply some baby oil on your hair and then comb your hair slowly so that lice start falling from your head. Then wash your hair with laundry detergent and hot water. Before going to bed apply some white vinegar on hair and cover head with shower cap or towel for overnight. In the morning, wash again your hair with regular shampoo and then apply conditioner too.  Try this process for at least thrice a week for positive results.

Sesame seed oil to remove lice

Sesame seed has a natural antibacterial and natural antifungal and insecticide properties. Take a quarter cup of sesame seed oil, one-eighth cup of neem oil, half teaspoon of eucalyptus oil,10 drops of lavender oil. Mix all the ingredients and keep it aside.This is an effective moisture to be used as if your scalp is affected too much by lice attacks. Wash your hair and let it dry. Apply this oil mixture to the hair and scalp, cover it with a shower cap and leave it overnight.  Next morning, comb your hair thoroughly, you can see the lice fall from the comb. The next day repeat the same and now wash your hair with a mild shampoo and preferably you can use leaves of hibiscus as a shampoo. Just grind some hibiscus leaves and use it as a shampoo as it’s the natural mild shampoo.

Vaseline and mayonnaise for lice treatment

Apply Vaseline and mayonnaise to completely saturate your scalp and hair and then cover the head with a shower cap. Leave it for about 12 – 24 hours. Heat the shower cap and then shampoo the hair without getting it wet. Cover your scalp for 30 minutes and so the oil breaks down. Rinse out your hair and still it feels oily. Squeeze fresh ground basil leaves juice on your head before combing it using a wide toothed comb for removing tangles. Use a lice removing comb as normal, going through the hair section by section. Regularly rinse out the comb and wash your hair with shampoo again and wear a shower cap at night.

Olive oil to prevent head lice

Olive oil will effectively smother and kill head lice.

Olive oil is too best in smothering and kill the head lice.

Apply some olive oil on hair generously before going to bed. Apply shower cap or towel on head for keeping oil on the hair overnight. In the morning, comb, tiny parasites and then wash your hair with any best herbal shampoo comprise of tea tree oil.


Take olive oil in the conditioner and add liquid soap in it. Apply this solution for hair and then leave it on for an hour. Then wash hair and apply conditioner. Comb hair thoroughly for removal of dead lice. Repeat this remedy twice a week for positive results.

How to get rid of lice with neem oil

Neem has a very pungent odor that helps to inhibit biting and kill lice. Neem oil is one type of natural insecticide and is safely and effectively helps to get rid of lice. Buy a shampoo that includes neem oil or add a several teaspoons of neem oil to your shampoo and then start using it.

Salt to clear lice from head

Salt is best in eradication of head lice with the desiccation.

Take a cup of salt in half cup of vinegar, and mix it thoroughly. Gently spray solution with hair so it gets wet. Put shower cap and then leave it for almost two hours.  Wash it off with shampoo and conditioner.

Wet combing to remove lice

Sometimes wet combing helps to remove lice. Combing wet hair with a fine toothed nit comb removes lice and sometimes. The hair should be wet and add some lubricate the hair as hair conditioner. Comb the entire head from scalp to end the hair at least twice during a session. The process should be repeated every 3- 4 days for several weeks. At least two weeks after no more lice are found as a result.

Petroleum jelly for lice

Petroleum jelly is best in stifling the effect of roaming lice.

Take a thick layer of petroleum jelly on scalp before going to bed. Cover head tightly with a cap or towel. Leave it in overnight. In morning use baby oil for removal of petroleum jelly. Comb hair thoroughly for removal of lice. Try this at least thrice a week for better results.

Garlic lemon juice treatment for head lice

Garlic smell is so strong and can suffocate lice quickly. This is the best home remedy without any side effects. Prepare a smooth paste of 8 – 10 garlic cloves. Mix them well and add 2 – 3 teaspoons of lemon juice. Mix them well and apply this mixture on the scalp. Leave it for 30 minutes. Rinse your hair with warm water. Alternatively, you can use garlic and lemon juice combination with green tea. Prepare a thick paste of garlic juice, green tea and lemon extract. Mix them well and apply it on the hair. Leave it for some time and prepare a paste to sit for about 30 minutes. Rinse it off with water and then shampoo your hair. This helps to get better results in one or two months.

Apple cider vinegar to get rid of lice

Apple cider vinegar is best to treat head lice. This treatment is similar to that of vinegar. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is rich in anti-microbial properties with regular white vinegar. ACV need to determine allergic or not. Apply a drop of diluted ACV on a part of the skin. This should give a minor stinging sensation that disappears after a few seconds. This gives a persistent burning sensation. Thus, the afflicted person may have an allergic to ACV and can treat head lice. But, this is not the correct treatment and stop using this as and when you feel allergic or irritation. For better results, you can use organic apple cider vinegar.

Hair gel to treat head lice

Hair gel helps to provide a stamp of approval for better treatment. You can find plenty of anecdotal evidence that can support and is an effective home remedy. This gives a main theory that is used for hair gel. This helps to suffocate the head lice to death. Thus the hair styling gel into your head lice treatment can be a regimen. Simply, apply liberal, i.e., a small amounts of hair gel on the hair. You should mainly focus on the roots of the hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap. Leave it overnight. Then, shampoo your hair when you wake up. You can now use a nit comb right after shower.

Coconut oil prevents lice

Coconut oil acts as an effective lubricant, application of it on the scalp, prevents the lice to move. Wash your hair thoroughly, apply coconut oil to the scalp and hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it overnight. Comb your hair the next morning, you will see the lice falling through the comb. Wash your hair after this, you may do it everyday to remove the lice. This allows promoters in growth of thick hair as coconut oil is the effective agent of hair growth too.

Tree tea oil to remove dead lice

Tea tree oil is a natural insecticide that is best in treatment of head lice.

Take a teaspoon of tea tree oil and one section of natural shampoo and three tablespoons of coconut or olive oil. Apply this solution gently on hair and cover head with towel. Leave head covered for half an hour and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Comb the hair when it’s still wet for removal of dead lice. It is advised not to use tea tree oil directly on scalp.

Now head lice cannot cause any embarrassment to your routine. One can easily avoid the embarrassment, though home remedies so one should try some few home remedies and easily get rid of lice in just readily available items at own home. So use and get rid of head lice in a few weeks.

White vinegar home remedy for lice

Take equal measures of white vinegar and water and mix both. Soak your hair in this solution completely. Wrap a towel on the hair for an hour. Dip your comb in white vinegar and comb your hair in small sections. Repeat this process every day for better results. This kills the lice in hair and when you comb they will gradually fall down dead. So this is an effective home remedy.

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Easy steps-by-step guide to wash your hair with shampoo

Good hair is the sign of good health and it gives people the first impression. You need to take care of yourself that it is gorgeous looking hair. People are just blessed with naturally beautiful hair. Using the proper techniques can make a world of difference in your hair’s, bounce and shine, but if you are making some common mistakes. You could damage your hair strands without even knowing it. It is brought to you right ways to wash your hair that makes your hair looking good. These are simple steps to get shiny, healthy and bouncy hair.

Right ways to wash your hair

Comb: It is very important that combing removes dirt and dead cells to a lot extent. It obviously reduces your efforts while shampooing.

Soak properly: You need to soak your hair by keeping the water run low. This will prevent water from getting waste and don’t use hot water to wash them. This makes your scalp dry, and if you have a dandruff problem, it may worsen.

Shampoo: Every time you need to remember to pour a little amount of shampoo on your palms and dilute it with water. Then you have to start applying it thoroughly and massage until foam is formed. Remember not to rub the top part with your palm to avoid any tangling. Use your fingernails while massaging instead of your fingertips. Make sure the shampoo should not remain in contact for more than a minute.

Wash off the shampoo: It is important as shampooing. This is because any leftover shampoo can damage your hair. It makes roots to dry out. So, rinse thoroughly.

Again reapply shampoo: It is important to check whether your hair is properly cleaned or not. If the foam forms easily, then your scalp is clean, and it is ready to be conditioned. You need to re-massage the shampoo. Then again wash off it once.

Tips you need to follow after your hair wash

Conditioning: Cleansing your hair is not enough but you need to apply a conditioner as well. Here many of the girls make mistakes by not applying conditioning. You need to choose the shampoo and the conditioner is of the same brand. Apply a conditioner evenly from root to tips. It is very important to condition your scalp as it produces its own natural oil. Leave the conditioner on for a couple of minutes before rinsing off.

Wash off the conditioner: Rinse the conditioner well because any leftover conditioner in your is as harmful as leftover shampoo. It is better that you should use cold water at this stage as it helps in closing the pores of your scalp and also add shine to your hair.

Dry out: If in emergency use a blower otherwise ignores it and have a natural dryer. Because hot air damages your hair and don’t rub your hair with the towel just pat them softly.

Comb your hair: As soon as it dried up, then combs it. Don’t use a comb when the hair is wet as it leads to hair fall. You need to make sure not to run the comb down too hard to avoid hurting your scalp.

Hair washing tips

Avoid excessive amount of shampoo: As shampoo massage produces more oil. You may shampoo your entire hair. Same goes with the conditioning process. Apply shampoo from the tips to the middle part. You have bangs or shorter fringe, condition that too. Thus, it saves shampoo, conditioner and as well as water.

Don’t take hot showers: Hot showers open up the cuticles and cold shower closes them. But hot shower damages your hair, causing it to look dry and unhealthy.

Avoid conditioner: It just adds glow and shinning to your hair. Avoid it not to encourage it as it causes friction and breakage that brushes later on.

Don’t wash your hair daily: Don’t wash daily do it every second or third day. Washing it daily prevents your scalp oils from reaching the tips. There is a worsen dandruff problem. If you find your hair getting too oily, then you have a braid or tie a bun.

Don’t rinse too much: If you are having colored hair then avoid over rinsing it. Colored hair absorbs and releases water very easily. As well it takes the color along, thereby causing it to fade out.


Essential makeup tools that you need to carry while travelling

All the way people like travelling. When it comes to attend a party people may confused to take a makeup kit. When deciding what should go into your essential travel beauty kit, you have to decide what type of traveler you are. Are you a low key traveler who is fine with a lip balm and tinted moisturizer? Or are you a fashionista who prefers to bring all the pieces, including every shade of eye shadow and lipstick?

Like any other packing list, start with the basics and build your essential beauty kit from there. Look for items that can double up i.e., when you are thinking about what makeup to carry, try to consider products that multi-task and are not liquids. However, if you need to bring any liquid you certainly can, but it’s much less risky to pack thick creams or simply dry products.

The Basics

Sunscreen: This should be the first content of your packing list no matter what time of the year or destination as you don’t want to worry about wrinkles or sun spots later in life. Opt for a stick form sunscreen to cut down on those liquids in your bag pack.2.-Sunscreen-lotion

Lip balm: Pack a small container of Vaseline or any kind of lip moisturizer as lips are one of the sensitive parts of your skin. Go with a lip balm with SPF to give your lips some added sun protection. 3.-LipBalm

BB Cream: Packing BB cream is a great way to keep your items low, as it acts like a multi tasking lotion comprising sunscreen, foundation, concealer built into one.4.-BB-Cream

Eyeliner or brown pencil: Use your eyeliner as a brow pencil and lip liner if it’s in a lighter shade.5.-Eye-liner-or-eyebrow-pencil

Mascara: You can easily find a travel sized tube of mascara available at beauty stores. It’s a small item that can make your eyes stand out.6.-Mascara

Concealer: A small container of concealer is good for hiding those blemishes.7.-Concealer

Face wash: Washing off your makeup to keep your skin clear is mandatory. You can carry a liquid wash or a pack of wipes that suits your skin best.8.-Face-wash

Tweezers: Keep your eyebrows in check with a pair of tweezers as you would not like to take a risk by handing your brow pair under a strangers thread in an unknown place.9.-Tweezers

Clippers and Nail file: Carry some small clippers and a couple of disposable files to travel with to maintain quick foot hygiene.10.-Clippers-and-Nail-file

Eye shadow: A simple palette with at least three colors should be sufficient as it will allow you to mix shades.11.-Eye-shadow

Perfume: Try a solid perfume to save on liquids in your pack. It helps in leakage in bag.12.-Perfume

Lipstick: If you prefer some color on your lips, carry a tube or a tinted lip balm as a better option while traveling.13.-Lipstick

Powder: Compacts are more difficult to pack as there’s the risk of    breakage, but if you still want to carry it, make sure there’s something in between the mirror and powder, like a brush or cotton ball or a piece of sponge.14.-powder

Blush: Not everyone wears blush, but as with the powder, take caution to prevent breakage and spillage in your bag. Preferably pick a color that can double as eye shadow and blush to cut back on space.15.-Blush

Multi Purpose Comb: This will act as a magic wand in your travel kit as it will cut down your storage space as you no longer have to carry your hair brush kit.16.-comb

Powder Shampoo and Powder bathing soap: As you would never want to mess up your travel kit with dripping liquid shampoo or damp soap bars, try to carry these handy powder shampoos and soaps.17.-Shampoo

A woman’s makeup kit is one of her most prized possessions. Whether it’s a small makeup bag fit for travel or a CosmoCube packed with products, many secrets are held within. So keep on packing, keep on travelling and stay beautiful. One last thing you should never forget. If you’re worried about looks while on the road, just tell yourself that you will never see those people again.