Homemade face packs to lighten the complexion

Many of the people are suffering with combination skin during summers. If you, looking to lighten and at the same time anti-ageing, moisturizing, toning effects. Then you can follow these tips to get rid of this problem.

Here we have a list of ingredients that benefits you. You have all-in-one face pack to get skin lightening.

Rice flour

Rice flour is used to lighten brighten skin. It contains two other sums protecting agents like Ferulic acid and allantoin. It is a good anti inflammatory agent. That it soothes sunburns and also promotes the skin repair. Apply the paste on your skin helps in pigmentation.

Ambi Haldi

It is also known as kasturi manjal which is a haldi powder that it’s antibacterial properties. It helps to lighten skin tone and fights against wrinkles. It also stops the formation of acne.

Green tea

Green tea has anti-oxidant property and tones the skin. It fights against wrinkles and helps to reduce pores.

Milk with cream

Milk is a natural source for lactic acid, which helps in lightening skin. It is a good cleanser and has skin softening properties. It also moisturizes skin.


Honey helps to lighten skin spots and moisturizes skin. It also acts as anti-bacterial.

Procedure to prepare all-in-one face pack

First mix rice flour and Ambi haldi powder in a bowl. Then add milk with cream into it. Also add green tea to it. Last but not least add honey into it. Mix all the ingredients well to become a fine thick paste. Apply this paste generously and let it dries. Then rinse with warm water. Lastly wash with cold water and pat dry. Moisturize with a very light moisturizer.

Cucumber, rosewater, and glycerin pack

Blend juice from cucumber by using a mixer. Add rosewater and glycerin in equal proportions to the cucumber juice. Make sure that the paste should neither be thin nor too thick. Apply this on your face overnight and wash your face in the morning and pat dry. Repeated use of this give amazing change and clears dark spots.

Banana face packs

This is an instant glow face pack. You can try a banana face pack when you are going to a party or something. Peel banana and take out its pulp. Crush it to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on your face. Leave it for about 10-15 minutes. Then wash it off with clean water and pat dry.

Potato facial mask

Take a potato slices or paste as a mask. Even the juice on the tanned areas of skin of potato can be applied at least twice onto skin. Leave it for about 15-20 minutes. Then wash it off with normal water.

Aloe vera mask

Aloe vera is a very soothing substance which helps to ease redness and fade discoloration. It acts as moisturizer on the skin. It will aid skin rejuvenation. Peal the leave of aloe vera and rub the gel on your face. It is gentle, so it’s not necessary to rinse it off.

Dried orange peel and yogurt

Orange peels can be dried grind it into a fine paste. Mix 1 tablespoon of it with 1 tablespoon of fresh yogurt. Mix them well and apply this paste on your skin. Leave it for about 15-20 minutes, and then rinse it off with water.

Tomato, yogurt, and oatmeal mask for bright skin

It packs acts a skin lightening treatment. Take 1 tablespoon of yogurt and tomato juice to a teaspoon of oatmeal. Clean your face and apply this mixture on your face. Leave it for about 15-20 minutes, then rinse it off with cold water.

Pros of homemade face pack to lighten the complexion

  • It won’t cost you hardly any penny.
  • It lightens your skin complexion to brighter skin.
  • It is easy and peasy.
  • It gives clearer complexion.
  • It fades dark spots/acne scars over time.
  • It acts a Tonner and gives refined face.
  • It gives softer skin.
  • It gives balanced skin pH.
  • The skin can be hydrated.

Cons of homemade face pack to lighten the complexion

  • This pack will suit for all skin types as the ingredients are all balanced where we used in all-in-one face pack.
  • If you have a lazy day, you need to might not make it out.

Makeup tips for optimizing and acne prone skin

When it comes to your skin, you’ve won the genetic lottery. Your attractive, healthy skin doesn’t need much help, but by making a few twists to your beauty routine, you can reach complexion perfection. It’s hard to find room for improvement, but even if you have small-pored, even skin that never breaks out, you can still look brighter and well-rested with just a few simple tricks.

Basically, your skin is functioning perfectly. It’s getting enough water, vitamins, and fatty acids from your diet; and you’re sebaceous and sweat glands are providing everything your skin needs to create its own moisturizer.

Tips to perfect your complexion

  1. Apply a light moisturizer right after you get out of the shower to lock in moisture.
  2. Add some sheen by applying a pearly highlighter underneath foundation. Dab it high on the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose and lightly across the forehead and blend.
  3. Skip foundation as you don’t need it and apply a tinted moisturizer like for just a hint of coverage. Next, blend a skin brightener under your eyes, in the inner corners and over your lids to neutralize any shadows for the eye-opening equivalent of downing a double espresso. Set makeup with a light dusting of clear powder.
  4. Pick a powder bronzer with a tiny bit of shimmer. Using a large, fluffy brush, sweep it where the sun would naturally kiss your face. Dust what’s left on the brush over your neck so it all blends in.
  5. Your most natural shade of blush is the color that you, will, blush naturally. The powder is easiest to apply and lasts the longest for any skin type. Load up a blush brush, shake off the excess, and sweep it over the apples of your cheeks. Soften and blend the color with a clean powder brush.

For Acne-Prone Skin

Covering imperfections without piling on too much makeup is a challenge. You need to just apply a light layer of makeup and then spot-apply an opaque concealer only where you need it. It’ll look much more natural. Whether you’re dealing with blackheads, raised pimples, or deep cysts, the first step to hide blemishes is not to prick them. Acne is often genetic, but almost everyone experiences a breakout at some point in their lives. It all starts with a clogged pore. Your skin produces too much sebum, which then mixes with bacteria and dead skin cells to form a “plug” like a blackhead or whitehead. A blocked pore can also burst and spread beneath the surface of your skin to cause a tiny infection, also known as a pimple.

Tips to perfect your complexion

  1. While you can’t realize how much oil your skin produces typically, using a toner will soak up oil without stripping the skin. Apply a light, oil-free cream labeled “non-comedogenic” or “non-acnegenic” and wait a few minutes to let it absorb.
  2. Using your fingers or a concealer brush, spot-apply a creamy concealer like under your eyes and the corners of your nose. Next, apply a light layer of matte foundation if you like a little more coverage. Or go for a tinted moisturizer if you prefer a more natural look. Use your fingers and start in the middle of your face and blend outward. Using a concealer brush, dot a matte concealer that contains salicylic acid on any blemishes. Gently blend around the area without touching the pimple. Set makeup with a light dusting of clear powder.
  3. Go for a matte powder bronzer using a large, fluffy brush, dust the bronzer. Apply for your forehead, the bridge of your nose, cheekbones and chin. Sweep what’s left on the brush over your neck so it all blends in.

If your face gets shiny after a few hours, lightly dust your T-zone with more powder—or soak up oil without adding another layer of makeup by dabbing your T-zone with a blotting paper.