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Quick home remedies to reduce body heat

Body heat is not any disease or symptom of any kind of disease. Increase in body heat causes many health issues. This is the good sign for your body that is working against disease and illness. It causes headaches, acne, and pimples on the skin. During summer heat slowly raising the mercury levels outside. There are many ways to cool you’re your body. Feel irritated, but sapped of energy.

The symptoms of body heat are acne, heartburn, skin rashes, and diarrhea. Drug intake may also occur increased heat in your body. There are some safe and easy ways to get rid of your body heat.

Home remedies to reduce body heat

Watering in body heat

When you notice excessive body heat, drink a large glass of cold water and then take a half bucket of cold water. Add some ice cubes into it if possible. Immerse your feet in the bucket and soak them for about 15 – 20 minutes. Then you can feel relax and comfortable.

Butter to reduce body heat

Butter helps to reduce body heat, which is quick and natural home remedy. Take one glass of warm milk and mix two tablespoons of clarified butter into that milk. Drink it will regularly and it can protect you from cholesterol problem.

Poppy seeds natural way

Poppy seeds have cooling effect on the body. This helps to regulate body temperature. This helps to reduce body heat. Eat a little amount of poppy seed to get rid of excessive body heat. Take necessary precautions to go for this remedy. Don’t take large quantity take little amount only. They are not safe for the children so be careful while taking any poppy seeds.

Watermelon for excess heat

Watermelon helps to reduce body heat with high water content. This can detoxify, and fruit helps to remove harmful toxins from the body. This can contribute the body heat. Eat watermelon regularly during the summer season that helps to keep you hydrated. This is good for your health as it contains 93% of water and it is red and juicy fruit. It contains vitamins A and C, fiber. Apply some crushed watermelon slice on your face to round cooling off your body. It helps your body to cool down.

Cardamom for high temperature

Cardamom or elaichi is an Indian spice, which is widely used for cooking recipe dishes. The cardamom has an excellent detoxifying quality which can in turn cools down the body. This is taken along with tea. Cardamom is the best way to reduce body temperature. It is great to reduce your body heat. This is the most ancient home remedy for many health issues.

Barley water best way

Barley water is the best way to keep you hydrated. This helps to reduce body heat and keeps you healthy. Consume barley water to take out the heat from your body. Boil two tablespoons of barley in two cups of water. Boil it for about 3o minutes. Cool down the liquid and sip them it at regular intervals. It helps to reduce body heat.

Sandalwood and fuller’s earth pack

Sandalwood has natural cooling property. This is effective to reduce body temperature. Fuller’s earth or Multani Mitti keeps you hydrated. Sandalwood and fuller’s earth have cooling properties. Prepare a paste of sandalwood powder or fuller’s earth that gives some raw milk and apply it all over your body before going to bath. It helps to cool down the body immediately.

Buttermilk natural home remedy

Buttermilk helps to reduce body heat. This helps women who are suffering with hot flashes and men with high metabolism. This provides the required amount of minerals and vitamins that are lost during excessive sweating. Drink a glass of buttermilk when you find your body is heated during summer season. It reduces the unnecessary body heat and flushes out toxins from your body.

Pomegranate juice and almond oil for hot body

Pomegranate is the best and heavenly fruit with lots of nutrients. This helps to treat cancer with a fatal disease that can undergo medical treatment. Pomegranate juice helps to recover the body quickly with an excellent cooling food. Take some almond oil and extract juice from pomegranate in a glass. Prepare a mixture and then drink it, in the every morning. It helps to reduce your body heat and make you healthy.

Honey and milk for body heat

Take a glass of cold milk and add one tablespoon of honey. Mix them well and prepare a paste with the salad wood, water, and cold milk. Apply this paste on your forehead; it helps to reduce your body heat.

Coconut water best in summer

Sipping on tender coconut water can cool down your body during the summer. Coconut water is rich in vitamins and minerals. It helps to reduce the effect of body heat, dehydration, without adding anything to your calorie count. Drink water from tender coconut water to keep yourself fit and cool.

Avoid spicy food 

Spices add heat to the food. Avoid spicy food that causes more heat in your body. Consume foods that are easily digested and has lots of fiber and water content. Add leafy vegetables, cucumber, and buttermilk in your diet. Cut down your consumption of sour foods and nuts.

Apricot for excessive heat 

Apricot works as an alternate to water. It can quench your thirst and reduce body heat. Take a glass of apricot juice in the morning that reduces excessive body heat. Apply the simple method that reduce the excessive heat and produce required amount of heat in your body.

Sabja seeds to reduce heat in the body

Sabja seeds help to reduce excessive body heat and keeps you cool. Sabja seeds can be soaked in water for some time and then add them into milk. Add some rosewater that is effective in reducing body heat.

Lemon quick home remedy

Lemon helps to get rid of body heat quickly. This is the most common home remedy to the fluid intake to a level of dehydrated body. Lemon helps to become a high in Vitamin C that can reduce body heat and is a healthy fluid. Lemon juice makes juice to lower body temperature. Squeeze out half lemon in a glass of water and add a pinch of salt into it. Mix them well, don’t add sugar into it, which is really unhealthy and gain fat. If you like, then it is better to use a spoon of honey in it. Drink this solution for best results.

Indian gooseberry to control body heat

Indian gooseberry helps to control body heat mostly in summer. This helps to come across with the foods and drinks to control your body heat. Amla or Indian gooseberry is a natural powerful home remedy and is a great source of Vitamin C. This helps to give you relief from extreme heat. Blend amla juice and take 2 tablespoons of it. Add 1 tablespoon of honey and half a lemon juice into it. Add a pinch of salt for taste. Mix them well and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. This helps to reduce irritation and excessive heat.


How to determine your skin tone?

Skin is the biggest organ with different colors that is referred as skin tone. They are determined by outer layer’s supply of a pigment called melanin. Melanin serves as your body’s defense against ultraviolet rays, which are commonly referred to as UV rays that causes skin cancer. As UV rays start penetrating your bodies, skin cells called melanocytes that are high gear and start producing melanin. Fair skin indicates you are a descendant of people who lived much farther from the equator. So knowing your skin tone is important.

The skins undertone is the warm, cool, or neutral hue that shows through the surface color of skin. It depends on sun exposure and other skin conditions like rosaceous and acne, the skin’s undertone remains consistent.

There are different types of skin tone that, could you keep in mind while applying makeup or foundation. The surface of the skin tone is the color that you can see on the surface of your skin. It often describes as light, medium, tan, deep etc. The undertones are into three types.

  • Cool (pink, red or bluish undertones)
  • Warm (yellow or golden undertones)
  • Neutral (mix of warm and cool undertones)

How to determine skin tone?

Skin color depends on melanin in your skin and the size and number of blood vessels that lie closest to the skin’s surface.

White paper test to find skin tone

Wash your face with warm water. And then with a facial cleanser. Your skin should be completely clean of makeup and other impurities. Let it dry completely and pat with a towel. Use a moisturizer or toner. Don’t rub your skin hardly with the towel.

  • After applying moisturizer. You just wait for about 15 minutes in order to reach its most natural state.
  • Then stand in front of a mirror. You should be in full of natural light, as shadows or florescent light can alter the appearance of your skin coloring.
  • Check whether your skin tone is warm or cool. Hold a piece of white paper to your face. Make a note of your skin tone in contrast with the white. If it looks yellow or golden, then you have a warm skin color. If it looks pinkish, you have a cool tone.

Gold or silver test to get skin tone

Take turns by holding gold foil, then silver foil. So, that your face is to determine skin tone. It affects the reflection on the look of your skin. Right foil will give you a healthy, glowing appearance. If the gold foil is right for you, then you have a warm skin tone. If the silver foil is right for you, your skin tone is cool.

Vein test to determine skin tone

Just hold your wrists out and facing up under direct sunlight. Then you can notice the blood vessels to be greenish in color, and then you have a warm tone. If they appear a bluish tint, then you have a cool skin tone.

Olive skin tone identification

It tends to look ashen or gray. The combination of the natural yellow undertone everyone has and the greenish hue that is unique to olive skin of any depth.

How to find a neutral skin tone 

This is obvious overtones of olive, sallow, or pink. Skin tone tends to have the easiest time finding the foundation, concealer, and powders that are just right for them.

Deep skin tone determination

The people with this deep skin tones are usually have dark brown eyes. The skin looks healthier in bright hued cloths such as royal purple or green. The darker skin tone is easier that can pull off more intense colors on your lips. Thus, the plums, reds and deep burgundies look great with your skin tone. Thus, the veins on your wrist purple tint and you can wear both silver and gold jewelry.

Simple and quick methods to determine your skin tone

  • Observe the skin’s natural melanin level is higher if you tan easily and do not burn. This is most likely that has a yellow to olive skin tone that can warm undertone. Thus, this is true for African Americans and is people of Indian descent. This is with a deep ebony skin tone that may actually have a cool undertone, so dark copper shades looks off but can espresso type shades match perfectly.
  • The skin has less melanin with those who can burn and either tan minimally. This results in pink, bluish-red or ruddy cooler undertone. Thus, it looks for telltale signs which is a ruddy skin tone and has obvious signs of redness. This tends to flush easily. There are some other neutral skin tones that can fall into this skin tone. You can experiment with cool to neutral tones that looks best on your skin.
  • Olive skin tone looks ashen or gray in combination with the natural yellow undertone. This skin tone has greenish hue which is unique to olive skin of any depth or ethnicity. Neutral tones tend to work best with an experiment and warm tones. Cool tones make olive skin look dull and drab.
  • The neutral skin tones have no obvious overtones of olive, sallow or pink. This skin tone has an easier time to find the foundation, concealed with a right for them. This is good with neutral skin tones that can find any easily wear to one shade in any given foundation lineup.
  • There is a shortcut test to find out skin tone. Thus, the people like to rely on the color of their veins. The veins look on the inside of your wrist. If your veins appear blue/ purple and are used with a cool toned spectrum. If your veins appear to be green that are warm toned with yellow spectrum. Thus, neutral undertones will have difficulty discerning the blue/green.

Some more tips to find out skin tone

  • Stand under yellow or white light bulb to determine your skin tone. If your skin tone will look better in the yellow light and appear gray and sickly in the white light. The reverse is for cool skin tone.
  • Stand in front of the mirror and put on a silver necklace or a pair of silver earrings. Take them off and replace them with gold ones. Check out which suits you better? If silver suits you better then you have a cool skin tone. It gold suits you better than you a warm skin tone.
  • You just pull down your ear forward and look behind in natural light. If you have a yellow hue, then you have a warm skin tone. If you have pinkish tint, you have a cool tone.
  • Roll up your sleeves if you are wearing long sleeves. Look at the underside of your wrist. Check your veins look blue-purple or blue-green. If it is blue, purple, then you have a cool skin tone. If it is greenish, then you have a warm skin tone.

Right Choices for Winter Clothing

Cold weather is here and all the ladies are ready to set up their wardrobe with warm clothes. Winter clothing is a necessary part of everyone’s wardrobe and a shopping craze is on as soon as the winter approaches. The right choice in accordance with the weather conditions is an important task to carry out. However, while shopping the feature that concerns us the most is fashion.

Keeping you warm does not mean that you wrap up wool all around you. To be very precise, fashion is not just about wearing what is trendy or in demand but it also mean wearing something that makes you feel comfortable. There is a way to keep your body warm yet maintaining the style. Choosing an appropriate and worth-seeing color according to the season is also a priority choice while shopping winter clothing. For some people it is quite hard however if they follow some important tips they will achieve a trendy look yet maintain the body temperature.

Some of the following tips are ideal for you. If you adhere to these tips you will be successful in keeping your body warm without damaging your stylish look.

Favor natural materials

There is nothing warmer and lighter as compared to natural based clothing. Like an overcoat made up of natural materials will keep you warm. A warmer overcoat or oilskin coat should be on hand as this protects all of the inner layers and keeps the wearer dry and completely protected from the elements and an Oilskin coat breathes. There are number of leading brands that are damn good in looks and are best for winters because they help maintaining your body temperature.

Don’t Prefer synthetic Materials to a Great Extent

Man-made materials usually are said to be highly suggested. Many synthetic fabrics offer warmth when they are dry – particularly if they encase a layer of synthetic wadding/filling. Prior to you choose to buy synthetic materials make sure they will help you keep yourself warm. But you should consider that these materials are not always suitable for the unpredictable outdoor conditions. Many of the inorganic materials fail to provide you much needed warmth. By ensuring that you have a woollen layer close to your body, you will stay snugly warm and wool repels moisture so that even when damp, wool does not feel cold. When you check out their cost they are way up high but do not work to keep your body warm. Wool will keep you warm even when it is wet. No synthetic material that will do this.

Keeping Your Head and Feet Warm

Many people think that their head do not feel cold so there is no need to keep it warm during cold days. Keeping your head warm will make your body remain warm. This can be very deceptive and your head never feels cold. The reason behind is that your body transmits more heat to your head as compared to any other part of your body to protect it. Keeping your brain warm is vital that your body will give up any other body part before it will let the brain get cold. Mostly women prefer woolen shawls and head scarf to keep their head warm. Teenagers also like polo caps or stylish woolen caps in order to keep their head warm.

In cold days, always wear well insulated boots and wear woolen socks to keep your feet remain warm. When your feet are warm you will feel less cold during winters. So make proper arrangements in keeping your head and feet warm.

Keep Your Neck Warm

A scarf around your neck or a jacket that zips up to your neck will do the job for you. There are two significant reasons for covering your neck. A less noticeable reason is that you want to seal the top of your jacket so that air does not leak out of the body of your jacket. You actually lose a lot of heat when the top of your jacket remains open hole surrounding your neck. Make sure to buy a jacket that has seals on the cuffs of the sleeves so that you get a tight seal against the cold around your wrists too.