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Home remedies for leg pain | Home remedy treatment for muscle pains

Leg pain is a common problem that occurs after an injury, and other medical conditions or no traumatic reasons. That includes bones, joints, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, nerves, and skin. Pain can radiate from other parts of the body that felt in the leg. Back ailments can cause pain and numbness of the leg.

Causes of leg pain

  • It causes pain and numbness of the leg.
  • Stress plays a role in agitating RLS.
  • Walking long distance that leads to these areas.
  • Abdominal aorta and iliac artery aneurysms that can also present with leg pain.
  • The vessel becomes completely blocked; gangrene results and the toes become dark and cold.
  • Leg cramps can occur due to running, walking, riding a bike, standing up, even sleeping.
  • Blood clots in a large vein that are located in the abdomen are further cause of leg symptoms.

Home remedies for leg pains

Chamomile tea to treat muscle pains

Chamomile works as a relaxant and is an excellent leg cramp remedy. Drink at least five cups of chamomile tea during the day for a period of two weeks. It also increases the level of glycerin, an amino acid in the urine. Glycerin can relieve muscle spasms and cramps and thus chamomile tea is an effective remedy for leg cramps.

Water for body pains

Drink mineral water that is rich in magnesium. Thus, the optimal magnesium level will be in the range of 100 milligrams per liter of water. Drink a cup of water for every 20 minutes during and after exercise that will help your system from dehydration. It prevents cramping.

Saffron to treat leg pain

Saffron is the best and most effective home remedy to get rid of leg pain. Take 1 teaspoon of saffron and half cup of water. Boil turmeric in water until it becomes 1 tablespoon. Divide them with three portions and make equal quantities of water. Thrice daily for a couple of days. It is an effective home remedy for leg pains and will help to reduce the pain.

Natural home remedy for leg pain with fibers

Eat cereals for at least five times a week that helps to reduce weight. The cereal helps in easy digestion that has calcium and heart healthy fibers. Thus, cereal has the value with a crunch and can be processed ingredient won’t suffice. Consume natural fibers from fruits and vegetables, pulses, whole grains, calcium, magnesium and vitamin E rich foods that help in fighting against joint pains.

Lemon juice and honey for sore muslces

Lemon is rich in antioxidant that helps to ease out the pain. This helps to maintain the proper level of the pH level of your body that in turn prevents pain and inflammation. Honey helps to reduce the leg pain quickly with its properties. Take a cup of warm water and mix them with lemon juice and honey. It reduces the pain. Drink this juice to get relief from pain.

Diet to treat body pains

Eat healthy diet that helps to promote for a good sleep. Stop or limit alcohol and caffeine, mostly during night. Avoid eating foods that might keep you awake at night. Increase the food that is rich in calcium and protein. Expose to sunlight to get Vitamin D. Increase intake of milk and milk products, Ragi, drumstick leaves which are a great source of calcium and sprouted pulses and nuts are a good source of protein for vegetarian.

Cod liver oil to get rid of leg pain

Bone and muscle pain are the symptoms of low levels of Vitamin D. People with low Vitamin D can notice significant pain in the legs and difficulty climbing stairs. Cod liver oil increases with Vitamin D levels in the body that helps to improve muscle strength and can reduce muscle pain. Take 1 tablespoon of cod liver oil and mix it with one orange. Mix it well and drink it before sleeping.

Garlic for restless legs

Garlic is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This helps with arthritis and other pain. This helps to improve symptoms of pain. Garlic is ineffective to treat leg pain due to poor circulation that is caused by peripheral arterial disease. Take one raw clove of garlic every day. Fry it in ghee or castor oil. Repeat it for about 2 months. It is very beneficial.

Bathu juice to treat restless leg

Bathu juice is effective without adding salt or sugar. Drink this juice on an empty stomach. Drink 15grams of bathu juice daily with an empty stomach without adding any salt or sugar to it. It is a very effective home remedy for leg pains.

Papaya seed to restless legs

Papaya seeds are good to reduce leg pain and is the best home remedy. Papaya seeds are rich in a special compound that helps to stop the formation of tumors and is used for several days before major surgery due to the presence of papain supplements. Prepare a cup of papaya seed to tea that is about 6 – 7 times daily. Repeat it 2 – 3 weeks to get relief from joint pain.

Rice to relieve from restless leg syndrome

Rice is the best treatment for acute soft tissue injuries. This helps to relieve from sprain, strain or bone injury. This also helps for sports injuries and closed fractures. This helps with degenerative joint problems. Consuming rice at night that should be avoided. Among fruits that is has bananas that is the best you should provide strength to the joints and grease them.

Calcium lactate, honey, apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is high in potassium. Mix 1 tablespoon of calcium lactate and 1 teaspoon of honey and apple cider vinegar to a glass of warm water. Drink the concoction for at least a day. Leg cramps can be caused by a potassium deficiency.

Home treatment of leg pain with acetic acid 

The acetic acid in mustard is believed to stimulate the muscles by producing ore acetylcholine in the body. This gives you relief from leg cramps.

Iron rich foods for never pain

Eat iron rich foods that have dark green vegetables, liver, wheat germs, kidney beans and lean beef. Iron is part of the myoglobin molecule, which is a protein that stores oxygen in the muscles. Without iron, myoglobin can’t hold enough oxygen and muscle problems may develop.

Exercise to leg pains

Exercise is one of the most effective remedies in preventing leg cramps. The exercises of walking, jogging, fitness will help your legs and will improve your chances of sleeping. Yoga is also a one of the benefits for people with restless leg syndrome.