Step by step procedure for manicure

Nails are front and center for life’s activities. It is better a manicure only to have it chip hours after it’s done? Everyone around you get a gander at your ragged cuticles, shameful hangnails, and torn, sorry nails. Manicures can make you feel pampered and pretty even though they’re so quick. Your nails should reflect your inner goddess, or at least your inner well groomed goddess winnable. A trip to the nail salon won’t fit into your schedule when you want nice nails. You need to learn everything you need to know about how to transform your naughty nails into fabulous finger paintings.

This simply beauty treatment for your fingernails and hands may not only enhance your appearance but also help your nails look healthy & strong.

First, you need to remove old nail polish

After the polish is removed, clip the nails straight across, slightly above the skin. While removing old nail polish, if it’s a bright shade, place the cotton dipped in nail polish remover on the nail and wait for 5 seconds before removing, it will come off easily.

Nail filing for old nail paint

After removing your old nail paint, then take some time to file your nails. You can use any nail clipper to trim your nails. You should make sure that you do not file the nails too short. Just you need to get a desired shape either straight or cone shaped as per your choice. This is better and understandable. You should not put much pressure to check out on how the expert uses the hand to save the nails from nail breaking. Thus, try these creating smooth curves through each stroke instead of angles. So, do not file the corner nails too short or else you’ll get uneven growth.

You need to shape your nails

You need to clip the nails, if necessary, after soaking for just a few seconds to prevent the nail from splintering when it is dry, and then gently file them into shape. Shape your nails with the desired shape. A slight rounded nail shape or square, rounded edge is generally the best way to go. Make your nails smooth and even look beautiful. Avoid metal or extremely coarse nail files to prevent splintering. File each fingernail from the corner to the center, going from right to left and then from left to right.

Choose for a gently abrasive emery board or crystal nail file instead. The fingernails should be filed into oval tips. Smooth the tops and sides of the nails with a slightly abrasive buffer to ensure an even surface, but don’t forget, if you buff the nails too smooth, the polish won’t adhere as well and can literally slip right off.

Soak away

After trimming your nails, apply cuticle remover on the cuticles. Then place your hands in a bowl of warm water and add a bit of your gentle face cleanser to the water. It can make the nail soft, making it harder to apply polish. Soaking the cuticle before trimming is crucial, but over soaking actually damages skin and nails, so keep it to 3 minutes or less. Add a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice to the water, if your nails are yellow or stained with polish.

Remove callouses around your nails

You need to cuticle back away from the nail with a cuticle pushing tool. Push it too far because it can damage nails growth. You should not pull, lift, teat, rips, force or cut into the cuticle. You should not clip into the cuticle, merely nip off the free edge with a pair of metal cuticle nippers. Be careful not to cut into the nail itself or to cut into the skin too deeply.

Moisturize with cuticle cream

Apply a cuticle creams to soften and revitalize cuticle tissue. It keeps your nails soft and also helps to seal out bacteria. Regularly you need to apply cuticle cream to your nails, especially before you give yourself a manicure.

Push back your cuticle

After completing the massage for cuticle, you need to take an Orangewood stick that is wrapped with cotton. Push back the cuticles with the help of this stick. Then moisturize your nails with hand scrub and cleanse your nails with a cotton swab to remove any oil residue.

Exfoliate and refine your hands for a beautiful look

Apply a generous amount of your desired scrub to the hands and fingers. Massage them gently with the scrub. Massage in circular motion for about 3 minutes. Wrap your hands in a plastic and cover them up with a warm towel to seal in a heat and moisturize them. Let them absorb into skin. Leave it until 5 minutes to get absorbed into the skin. Remove towel and plastic wrap. Use a towel to remove masque completely. This gives a natural beautiful look for your hair. Thus maintain the proper care for a natural glowing hand. You can also look for natural homemade hand packs to remove tan and makes your hands glow naturally.

Apply a base coat of nail polish

Moisturizing will prevent from adhering properly. Using a cotton swab, apply nail polish remover over the nail surface to remove any residue. It avoids getting remover on the cuticle because you want to keep that are moisturized. Moisturize again as soon as the first coat nail polish is dry.

Apply first coat of nail polish

After applying a basic coat of nail polish, apply the first coat and design the nails according to your nail art selected. Additional coats of nail polish will give deep and rich finished color, i.e., up to three coats. Wait! Until it gets fully dry.

Apply a top coat

A top coat of nail polish gives shiny and super hard. Choose a transparent color for top coating. When you stock up on nail supplies and this gives you stronger and less prone to chipping.

Keep your hands and the nail area healthy requires moisturizer and sunscreen. You should have the right tools lined up and you use the right techniques.

Clean your nails before your nails dry

You should clean up any mistakes that are wobbly with edges by wrapping a piece of cotton swab that is soaked in a nail polish remover. Remove the excess nails polish around the end of your cuticle and stick them carefully that are traced around the edges. You can also try nail polish remover pads and try the folding one into a triangle for more precise application. Leave your nails dry and add some more additional five minutes, even though when you’re totally antsy. This is worthwhile when you show off those nails and shock everyone by revealing their DIY.