Who eats the most cheese in the world?

Some of you many not aware! Which country consumes most of the world’s cheese?

Here is the answer, France. But while there are known for their fromage – loving ways, they still manage to avoid the harrowing obesity rates that plague the U.S.

The French are both mocked for the amount of cheese they eat and envied because it doesn’t seem to make them fat. Every one thinks that France has the highest consumption rate of cheese in the world because it produces the largest amount of cheese annually. More than 1000 varieties are produced in a fiscal year within the French country. But in fact from usage point of view, Germany is the largest cheese consumer in the world as compared to the other countries of the world. Different countries have different consumption rates.

According to a new report from the International Dairy Federation, Europeans consume a staggering amount of cheese. The top ten cheese eating countries are all in Europe, with each person putting away at least 43 pounds of cheese per year. The average French person consumes 57 pounds.

The report also highlighted a new trend in other global markets. While the Chinese ate less than 0.074 pounds of cheese per person in 2013, Chinese cheese imports increased 22 percent from the previous year, reported by the Wall Street Journal. The trend may be due in part to the rising popularity of cheesy fast foods like pizza across Asian markets.

“The global cheese market is characterized by the fact that several of the leading producing and exporting countries are also among the largest cheese importers”, the IDF said.

Cheese is good for your health. It is widely used food which is derived from the milk and it is available in diverse flavors and textures. Consume more cheese than the rest of world as it has a wide range of proteins and fats naturally included in composition which are beneficial for the human health. Its good and huge production requires a reasonable time effort and education.

Top 10 cheese consumers, per capita

France                  –        25.9 Kilograms

Iceland                 –        25.2

Finland                 –        24.7

Germany              –        24.3

Estonia                  –        21.7

Switzerland         –        21.3

Italy                       –        20.7

Lithuania             –        20.1

Austria                 –        19.9

Sweden                 –        19.8

U.S                         –        15.4

U.K                        –        11.6

South Korea       –        2.2

South Africa       –        1.7

Colombia             –        0.9

Zimbabwe           –        0.3

China                     –        0.0