Steps to use nail file and decorate your nails

Nails are natural, look as acrylic nails. Nails damage and lifting commonly associated with acrylic overlays. Wet nails are more vulnerable and more easily damaged where as dry nails neat. The file should move only in a single direction that can be made for extremely brittle and weak nails, which can be saved only through cross filing. The shape depends on the condition of your nails. Short, stubby thumbs should never wear square nail, no matter how fashionable they are. Here you can see, how to get beautiful nails? Simple steps on how to paint your nails easily and quickly. Quick steps for homemade manicure and nail filing for beautiful nails.

Square nails will look good only on slim and narrow thumbs. The best shape for your nails is the classic oval. It is more stable and resistant to environmental influences. You have to give your nails a glowing polish using a paper nail file. Allowing proper dry time for both in between each coat and post manicure is the key to preserving your manicure. Most cases paper files have four different surfaces. A greater convenience chooses a file with numbered surfaces and knows that the greater number is. Use the finest surface to polish your nails.

The ingredients that you need to paint your nails are as follows.

  • Nails polish
  • Clear top coat
  • Fingernail clippers
  • Cuticle trimmers
  • A file
  • Cotton swabs
  • Nail polish remover

As if you know that the top brands are most often used and a nice line of polishes gives a beautiful look. You have a tried glass file that you should get it.

Tips for painting your nails

You need to go away that it should be clearer to give yourself at least an hour. You have to start this endeavor with the following.

It’s always best to paint your nails on a well lit, clean, and flat surface. Luck painting nails when your hand is not resting on a flat surface. You should get the wobbles, which leads to get nail polish all over your fingers.

First, push back or trim excess cuticle. Soak your hands in a little warm water to ease this process. Trim and file your nails. Otherwise, it could damage them. Finally, go over your nails with a little nail polish remover. This will clean and prepare them for painting.

First coat: Put on a thick coat of nail polish to speed up the process. The thicker your coats, the longer they will take to dry. A thick coat of polish can take up to 20 minutes to dry, while a super thin coat will dry in 5 – 10 minutes. Leave the tiniest amount of space around the bottom and sides of your nail unpolished.

Check your nail polish is dry: After you put on a coat of polish, you will probably want to keep touching your nails to see if they’re dry. Touch your polished nails together if they stick to each other at all, they are not dry yet. You feel tacky at all, they’re dry and ready for another coat.

Additional coats: Chances are you will need at least two coats of nail polish. If you will need three! You can see above the difference one coat of polish makes. Make sure that your additional coats are thin, that the polish does not touch the skin. It gives them enough time to dry before adding more polish. Painting over polish that’s not entirely dry that can be lead to smudges, bumps.

Top coat: Top coat your nails that the polish never lasts as long 2 – 3 days. Make sure to completely cover the polish. Make sure to take the top coat over the edge of your nail. Swipe the nail polish brush across the end of your nail. It helps to seal the end, which will keep the polish there looking nice for longer.

Cleanup: Clean up your nail polish on your skin by dipping a Q-tip into nail polish remover. Somewhere for a little while longer without touching anything at this point is a really upsetting thing to do.

Additional tricks: Try pressing down on the polish with a clean finger. You can flatten out the smudge and let it dry and cover with one more coat of polish. Swears by spraying cooking oil onto wet nails if you need them to dry pretty fast.

How to paint your nails quickly

Cut and file your nails: Cutting your nails according to your desired shape. Use the nail clipper to trim your nails and is too long that to have any uneven edges. Make sure that your nails are approximately same in length. File your nails round or square to get a finishing look.

Cuticle removal: You need to push back the cuticles are little pieces of skin at the bottom of each nail. This is due to that the nail polish application looks messy, if your cuticles are not pushed back. Cuticles are easier and are pushed back when they are softened. So, it is better to try soaking your nails in a bowl of warm water for a minute. Dry them and then push them back using cuticle stick. This gives a clear and neat nails. So, follow these steps to get beautiful nails.

Choose a nail polish: First you need to choose a nail polish that is best suits to your skin color. The best way of wearing the matching nail polish makes your fingers look beautiful. The dark colored nail polish such as purple, black or dark red remains longer. Make sure to choose a fresh nail polish, avoid older nail polish as it becomes thick and gloopy. If you are willing to get salvage an old nail polish, then the nail polish becomes thick, add two drops of nail polish remover into it and twist the lid back on. Shake well to combine.

Gather necessary thing and take off the excess nail polish: You need to gather things such as q-tips, nail polish remover, nail clippers, nail file, a cuticle stick and bottle of clear nail polish. Soak some cotton in nail polish remover and hold it against for about 10 seconds. This helps to remove excess nail polish around your nail. Q-tip soaked in nail polish remover removed any polish trapped around nail edges. You should swipe some nail polish remover even you don’t have any nail polish, as it removes the natural oils on the nails.