How to protect your skin in summer?

Summer is the season to take special care of your skin. It looks radiant throughout winter, and suddenly becomes dull, blemished, and oily. It can be estimated that it is free of wrinkles that causes due to sun exposure. The ultraviolet rays penetrate the deepest layers of skin that damage the collagen. Fair skin wrinkles more readily than dark skin because it contains less pigment. It acts as a natural sunscreen blocking some of the suns damaging UVA and B rays. Wear protective clothes and apply sunscreen lotion before 15 – 30 minutes, leaving in the sun. Tips for skin care in summer. How to protect your skin during the summer?

Sun damaged skin

The signs of aging are wrinkles, freckles, skin thinning, sun spots, pigmentation are the aftermath of sun damage. Wrinkles are caused by the sun, and overexposure of harmful sun damage.

Choose a moisturizer and body lotion with SPF that is always possible to choose a higher SPF for your face. Hands are instant to your age that has hand cream that offers SPF protection.

Tips of summer skin care

Use sunscreen lotion

Protect your skin from the sun by applying sunscreen lotion for about 20 minutes before you are going out in order to absorb the skin. Reapply few hours or as needed. Sunscreen offers protection for both UVA and UVB rays to keep in mind that a high SPF number is no longer enough to have sunscreen lotion.

Moisture with SPF

Apply moisturizer with SPF that is essential regardless of the season. Moisture with SPF before the sun, and use a richer lotion after sun, after a bath, and before bed to keep the skin hydrated, soft and smooth. The onset of warmer weather, can switch your current moisturizer to another with higher SPF and lighter formulation to prevent sun spots, freckles, and early signs of aging.

Protect your hands and feet

Your skin is an instant giveaway to your true age. Moisturize your face with the oil free moisturizer SPF 30 that bring down to your neck. Apply sunscreen to your chest area and your body that is more susceptible to sunburn. Apply hand cream that is SPF protection to keep two-third of sun damage is purely incidental. Exfoliate, moisturize, and protect exposed feet by rubbing against the straps of your shoes and abrasive sand. Avoid closed shoes that can block free circulation of air, in its place to go for flats and sandals that make necessary circulation.

Hydrated skin

You need to keep your skin hydrated by drinking water throughout the day. Try to bring a bottle and a container of fresh fruit juices to prevent dehydration and sunstroke.

Make a healthy switch

Tanning bed or sunbathe to get the ever cover able summer skin that can make the switch to self tanners to achieve that color without yielding yourself to the dangers of overexposure. It is the time to get most tan so be aware of tan removal tips and have a color gradually important, healthily.

Cleanser with salicyclic or glycolic acid

Dry, combination, or sensitive skin is completely avoiding chemicals in the products. Oily skin or combination skin is more suitable for cleansers that contain one of the two acids. It has loosened dead skin cells and encourage cell turnover. It can effect, helping shed damage while keeping the complexion clean to prevent future breakouts. Salicyclic acid increases sensitivity to the sun. It can cleanse for using at nighttime. It can moisturize during the day with extra SPF protection.

Eye creams and lip protection

Sun exposure will gradually thin skin and causes wrinkles. So protect your face with appropriate creams and lip balms. Use an eye cream that is usually felt heavy for summer. Replace your current product with a lighter formulation. Use night creams and apply a lip balm with SPF.


Skin care products contain antioxidants like vitamin C, E, and green tea. They help to reverse sun damage. Try serums like our own Vitamin C, Serum that is suitable for all skin types to help and boost your block.

Exfoliate your skin

Depending on your skin type, exfoliate either 1 – 2 times a week if you are having dry skin or 2 – 3 times a week if you have oily skin. This helps to shed out dead skin and build up slough off previous sun damage.

Homemade face packs to protect skin during summer

Lemon and aloe vera face packs for skin tan

Lemon is a citrus fruit which is widely used for various skin and hair care. Lemon acts as a natural bleaching agent which is rich in antioxidant. This helps to relieve from suntan, which is rich in Vitamin C and lemon juice to get a glowing skin. Aloe vera has antiseptic properties which kills bacteria, fungi and viruses that are settled on the skin due to dust and air pollution. This is the best and most effective home remedy to remove sun tan. Lemon has skin lightening property and doesn’t cause any harm to it. Squeeze out a fresh lemon juice and take out some aloe vera gel. Mix them well and apply them to the affected skin. Leave it until it gets dry. Rinse it off with water. Repeat it 2 – 3 times a day for better results. This helps to cleanse and prevent the skin. This is the effective way to get rid of dark circles around eyes.

Sandalwood and rosewater face pack for fairer skin

Sandalwood is to give fair skin. This is used to treat acne and skin aging. It has better cooling and soothing properties. This helps to relieve from sun tan and severe sunburn. Rose water is best used in beauty care and in aroma therapies. This is used as a natural cleanser, toner and also leaves you to give a refreshing feeling. This makes your skin perfectly and removes sun tan to give a gentle nourishing way. Prepare a thick paste of red sandalwood powder and rose water. Apply this paste on your skin and leave it for about 20 minutes. Wash it off with cold water and pat it dry with a clean cloth. This face pack helps to relieve from sun burn and suntan effects.

Curd and gram flour face pack for instant skin glow during summer

Curd is the best dairy product which plays a major role for bone strengthening. Curd is rich in calcium, magnesium and other nutrients. This uses a great natural exfoliating agent that helps to remove dead skin cells. This helps to moisturize the skin deeply. This also gives a cooling skin when exposed to sunlight for hours. Gram flour is used to whiten your skin and helps to give an instant glow to your skin. This face pack acts as a natural scrub or exfoliator which helps to remove dead skin cells from the skin surface. Take curd and mix it with gram flour in equal quantities. Mix them well and add lemon juice into it. Apply this paste to face and neck. Let it dry and rinse it off with warm water. Repeat it twice a week for soft glowing skin.

Turmeric, yogurt and honey face pack for glowing skin

Turmeric is the best ancient ingredients used for beauty and health care. Turmeric is rich in antiseptic and has antibacterial agent. This helps to relieve pain and is used for cuts and skin burns. Turmeric is the best way to treat Ayurveda and various skin diseases. Yogurt is the best product for skin texture. Honey has a sweetening agent which acts as a natural skin moisturizer. This helps the skin to retain its supple and elastic natural. Turmeric helps in tan removal and moisturizing your skin as well as treats dry skin in the summer. This is because your skin loses its luster and requires skin moist when it is subjected to dehydration.