Ways to impress in an interviews – How to dress up for a job interview

Getting your foot in the door for a job interview is an accomplishment within itself – but once you’re in, that’s when the pressure really sets in.

Dressing properly for an interview can earn you extra brownie points which will help you to get that dream job. It is true that a lot can be said about you by not only the kind of clothes you wear but also your footwear, jewelry, and accessories say a lot about you.

How to dress for an interview

Wear something you’re comfortable in the interview

One of the most basic but the most important rule is to opt for clothes that are comfortable enough. “Be you” may be the most trite, overused piece of advice ever, but it certainly rings true here. However, that doesn’t give you a reason to hold yourself in your pajamas. Women on the apprentice may trot around town in four inch heels, hip hugging peplum dresses and a stack-load of makeup and succeed. Pre-plan and research a little before going for the interview. Lay out your best options and if you don’t raid your buddy’s closet or even your sibling’s closet. Opt for a comfy cotton leggings and a pleasantly bright colored kurti. Or you can even opt for trousers and a smart shirt with a stole. Don’t wear heavy bordered and brighten color dress. Make sure that you don’t wear a dress with a plunging neckline or a dress where you have to adjust your neckline or sleeves every five minutes.

Choose the right color dress for an interview

A pleasant color doesn’t necessarily means bright colors that pricks the eyes of the interviewers. It is true that you don’t always have to stick to regular colors like black or grey. You can experiment with pastel shades and lighter shades like blue, peach, cream, beige and more. It is better not to wear most dark colored dress, but if you are opting for a dark colored outfit adds a little hint of color by opting for a bold colored scarf/stole or a bold colored small piece of jewelry.

Accessories ought not to be an afterthought

Accessories add up a lot to your plaid look a lot of it causes distractions. Don’t carry a huge bag, a small tote or a box bag will suit such occasions. Accessories play into the projection of self confidence and status that goes with your behavior. Also, if you are wearing heels make sure that aren’t broken or makes a lot of noise. Wedges are best suited here. It is better not wear dangling jewelleries. A small pendent along with shiny studs and a watch works great here. Men make sure that their footwear is well polished and wear a darker shade of same colored socks. No bright socks or ones that have smiles and bright colors. Ties and jackets should be placed right and should be ironed. If you have got tattoos, cover them up. Follow these tips to overcome in an interview.

Ways to impress at a job interview with hair and makeup 

Let your makeup define your best features. Apply minimum makeup; define your eyes, but don’t go overboard with kohl pencils. Make sure your hair is clean; your nails are freshly manicured. Lip balm or a gloss in nude, peach or the lightest shade of pink looks great for such events. Avoid any out-there trends. For men apply moisturizing cream on your face and hands, especially in winters.

Formal or informal interview

A lot depends on how you are going to be interviewed which is formal. And a more formal interview calls for crisper and formal attire, while a casual interview held in a coffee shop can have more chilled out attire. You should focus on the things that actually come out of your mouth.

Tips on how to dress to impress at an interview

With an appropriate key: The best way to get best impression is being appropriated. You should consider the industry of the company and does a bit research with roles in the financial and corporate sector. This generally means to be suited and can boot well. You should be smart enough and well groomed with a pair of trousers and shirt or dress and top. Make sure the clothes are not tightly fitted; they make you feel free and more relaxed. This is always better to gain proper benefit.

You should not reach for failing or safe black: The most and memorable ways to wear colors that are particularly for taking part in a group of interviews. The colors indicate some psychological properties, so, some color can help invigorate you to give a good energy. Be careful in wearing garish or clashing colors which are not preferred.

Maintain a minimum amount of stuff: You can maintain a minimum amount of stuff that is an essential item and helps to get a neat and compact handbag. This helps to rather than using a lugging or an oversized bag bulging full of tissues such as makeup receipts. Men should make sure not to fill your pockets with their keys and wallets that can spoil the look. So, you should be carefully selected outfit that gives a smart and simple look. Either it may be bagged or folder, which is neat, put your CV and other documents that make you look far more professional.

Well groomed hairstyle: If you are having long hair and are prone to nervous fiddling, the its better to wear a usual back hairstyle from your face. Try to avoid detracting from what you are saying. If you have a short haircut, then put it off on or before your interview. These take time in your grooming to wash and style your hair. For both men and women should have clean and tidy nails. Having dirty nails or old nail varnish is one of the important things an interviewer remembers about you.  


How to choose an Indian wedding dress style for your body shape

A wedding is an every woman’s dream to look more beautiful with different accessories and dress. There are countless styles and colorful wedding dresses for the bride to choose to look gorgeous. How to know which dress style perfectly matches for your wedding is best for you? Indian weddings are full of customs and rituals which are important for women to be beautiful on the special wedding day. Once a wedding is fixed, it continues for at least three to four days at a stretch to decide what to wear and how to style you?  There are the engagement, Sangeet, haldi, wedding and reception parties, for which you have to plan your dressing. Therefore, the bride requires her wedding collection to be a fast and unique one. Even if ‘lehenga’ are truly the ultimate wedding dress for Indian brides might choose it to wear it on her engagement as well according to their rituals.

The ultimate wedding dress for Indian brides might choose lehenga to wear for engagement which make the bride look beautiful which makes you different from others. Choose a modern mermaid cut, embroidered satin lehenga choli for ring ceremony that can turn everyone’s attention at you. You can opt for a more heavily embroided lehenga choli with jewelry for the very special D-day. The bride on her wedding day can look pretty in an embroidered saree or a designer Salwar Kameez for Haldi or Sangeet. Colors play an important role while choosing a lehenga as there are a wide range of colors available today. While selecting the color of the dress or a saree, first you should know your body shape and skin tone, as they are important in choosing your dress color.

We are here to help you choose that ideal bridal wear that is fashionable as well as traditional. Choose the right Indian style for your body shape.

How to choose best bridal wedding dress according to your body shape

Pear shaped body wedding dress selection

If you have a pear body shape which looks slightly smaller upper body and a heavier bottom with the well defined waistline. You will have a heavier body shape from your waist below, so, your immediate action is to work on your upper body and tone down the heavier bottom.

You can try with a beautiful V neck top and a short blouse to accentuate your killer waist or opt for a rushed top to create the illusion of a bigger bust. Lehenga skirt should not be mermaid, A shape would be more flattering for you. Heavy lehenga is to compliment a pear shape figure. So, make sure to wear a heavily designed lehenga choli to look gorgeous at your wedding. 

Apple shaped women in wedding dresses

An apple shaped woman is one with ample bosom and a slightly slimmer but less defined waistline. It is important to know your body shape to select the dress that best suits for you. You will have to work on your lower body as it is heavy. So, by adding more volume to the lehenga that helps to make you look slimmer. If you have an apple shape, then you can go for softer fabrics such as chiffon and a style that compliments your body. Those are just like an Anarkali or Sharara style which make you to cover the body shape and adds gorgeous look. These styles draw attention away from a larger upper body.  A great look for apple shapes is with the right choice of fabric and dress type to attain beauty.

Best wedding bridal dress for hourglass shape

The women who have hour glass is lucky as any dress suits for them. You don’t need any guide because anything will look good on you and can select your loved dresses. For this shape a number of styles work well, such as lehengas with short tops that helps to cover the waist. Make a note that Anarkali dress best suits with a tight material at the midsection that can accentuate the figure and also saree make them look really good. But, try to avoid banarsi saree as they make you look as a crusty tea towel. Avoid mermaid style lehengas which accentuate larger hips/bum and gives an odd look. All you need is a dress that enhanced your natural asset. 

Petite shaped wedding dress

A petite body shaped women should wear an outfit that creates height. As they appear smaller. A lehenga choli can show the midriff that would create too much horizontal negative space and does not look good. They can go for an outfit that is fairly light. It is better to choose an outfit without too much heavy material or material draped over you.

You have a tiny but feminine frame that looks pretty cute. You should consider yourself lucky this is because you can try different wedding dress according to your choices. But, you should avoid heavy debates as they make you look thinner. A great look for petite girls is a shareware, chore dar and Anarkali suit with long sleeves which suits you best to look perfect. This can focus on the vertical outfits. Avoid heavy debates and focus on vertical shapes and U or V necklines which make you look heavy and thinner.

An athletic body shape with perfect wedding bridal look

The athletic body shape is also known as rectangular body shape You look fit and slim in this body shape. The best and perfect wedding dress look can improve your volume and textures in your lehenga choli that can add beauty. An A-line lehenga with full flare is best for your body shape. A traditional lehenga with lots of pretty pleats or a layered skirt which can add flares out beautifully at the bottom. This is the ideal selection for your special wedding day. A bridal wedding saree with heavy designed work is also perfect. Wearing your saree or lehenga that can make you look slim and thin.

Inverted triangle shaped body for bride

The body shape is in the form of a cone, which exactly opposite to that of the pear shape body. Most of the women with inverted triangle shape have heavier top and a lighter bottom with broad shoulders. The perfect dressing for them in a wedding is lehenga with a wide flair that to with the detailing at the bottom which helps to balance the body shape. Try to avoid wearing heavy choli which make you look bulky. Choose simple choli’s and go with the lehenga to look beautiful.

The inverted triangle shaped body can go for A –line Kurta or lehenga which has a cropped jacket. This will suit as it can provide an angular structure which is just underneath the chest. It also has a wide hemline with a bottom which make your waist look smaller. Try to avoid stiff fabrics and go for Patiala salwar’s and chudidhar draws everyone’s attention at you.

1. inverted traingel

Wedding dress for ruler shaped body

The ruler shaped body can also be known as straight body shape, which has an upper and lower torso equally. Is the width is of an average bust with an undefined waist, a flat buttock and a slender legs too for women who has straight body shape. They can choose to wear a straight cut lehenga which can resemble a wrap around the skirt. This makes you feel like a princess with the addition of a lot of flounce for your lehenga choli. It is better to select the choli with a neckline that falls below the collarbone which gives an elongated look.

2. ruler shaped body for bridal dress


Fashion trends for college going girls – How to dress up for college in India

Youth is the most energetic, enthusiastic and fashion loving category of any country’s population. They like to try out the latest fashion trends, styles, music and of course the shoes. College fashion has been  merely about dressing up just another day. A fashion trend has the perfect variety available for youngsters, a collection that is not only inspired by their moods and trends, but is also a glamorous as their dreams and hobbies. Move aside plain Jane, as it’s time to welcome the most stylish outfits and accessories. Here, you can see how to dress up for college in India.

Here we have clothing tips for college going girls. College life is stressful and you are going to want to be comfortable more often than you’ll want to be stylish. With several students across the city are making their closets more vibrant by sporting trendy outfits, the trend of presenting yourself well seems to be the high point. The norms on how students dress differ from campus to campus.

Hindi tips on how to dress up for college in India]

Some college campuses are more “Abercrombie” than others. We know that you are preparing for the first day in college by updating your wardrobe with stylish outfits. In most cases, though, there’s not going to be nearly as much pressure to fit in with the latest fashions as there was in high schools.

But picking outfits that don’t grab unwanted attention must top your list! With several dress codes being imposed, it is important to stay stylish yet abide by the rules of the college. Choose what kinds of clothes should you bring to college? We have some practical fashion tips.

College going girls  is deeply interested in  the modern trends and  latest fashion in the way they carry themselves, the accessories they carry and the shoes they wear. They are interested in getting rid of the old fashioned clothes and shoes and want to develop a new wardrobe that is in latest trend. Here are a few tips for the modern college going girls.

Bring comfortable clothes

You may be the type who doesn’t mind a little discomfort in the name of fashion, and that’s fine. Dress codes are really a tough one to abide by. But there will be days when because clothes are a must, like during finals or the day after a nasty breakup, so make sure you have them on hand. As youngsters you would love to sport funky tee shirts and western casuals for college. Think T-shirts, sweats and cozy jeans. Also, bring comfortable things to sleep in that won’t embarrass you in front of your roommate. Kurtis is very much in for college wear. You can pair them with colorful leggings and the right accessories to go with.

Wear comfortable walking shoes

Unless you enjoy being miserable, this is mandatory. Platform shoes, particularly the trend of wearing outlandish styles, were popular fashion trends on the disco scene among men and women. Ladies, please don’t walk around campus in high heeled pumps. This isn’t the city – it’s a college campus, and you’re going to be constantly constant. You should try for formal or simple shoes in weekdays. Save the cute heels for the weekend.

Bring low maintenance clothes

Time is at a premium in college. If it needs hand washing, don’t bring it. Maintain the clothes according to change in fabric as they may damage due to careless washing. If it needs ironing, don’t bring it.

Bring weather appropriate clothes

Here are some suggestions for winter warm clothe that are great for the campus. Keep in mind that you’ll be walking around campus all the time, so if your school is in a cold climate, bring a heavy coat, scarf, gloves and waterproof boots. You need to wear whatever you need to keep warm even if it messes up your outfit. If whomever it is you’re trying to impress likes you less with hat hair, this isn’t someone worthy of your attention.

Bring weekend clothes

Go ahead and bring the cute stuff. You’ll probably want to save it for the weekends, though. So be dressed in something special than normal days which makes you look simple and beautiful.

Don’t come to class half naked

This may be appreciated by some of the male students, but this is not the way to be taken seriously in the classroom. Come to class looking a little more professional. One can look most attractive and fashionable with the very simple style threats. Even outside the classroom, if you wear a navel baring shirt, wear baggy pants. If you wear a micro mini skirt, pair it with a big sweater.

Bring clothes you can layer

You’re going to be coming in from the cold into overheated classrooms, and in from the heat into classrooms fit for a polar bear. While being in college and the semester is nearing then what you are running for and nothing can suit you better than a satchel.


The very first and the one trend which a college girl should consider following religiously is the handbags designs and styles. Handbags may do the magic the dressing sense does matter, because without the right dressing sense and right colors.


The latest trend of shoes in the current year is stylish pumps, heels and pointed shoes. You can also go for the formal shoes with some wear as college goers will never go for something which is formal from the head to foot. For both girls and boys stylish shoes are very well available in the market.

Stylish College Bags  

College bags are an important item in the college accessories. Bags are the symbol of the person’s taste and style. The latest trendy bags are the cross body bags, shoulder bags and knitted bags in bright, bold and neutral colors with attractive details on them.

Trendy wrist watches

 The most suitable wrist watches in 2015 for college goers include strap wrist watches, jewellery, watches, bold dial watches and bracelet watches! Bold and striking floral prints and patterns are in fashion for college going girls.


Jeans is the most popular stuff among college students Jean jackets are also in fashion for college goers. They look decent and gorgeous. Tight fitting jeans with narrow bottoms are back in fashion. Lycra leggings in fancy prints are the best option among the college goer girls.


These leggings can be full length or ¾ length ones. Knee length Capri pants made from denim are the latest fad among college goers. These can be worn with trendy shirts or t- shirts with quotes.

Striking bright color

Similarly, clothes in striking bright colors are in great demand this year. Tunics which look like frocks and have large, colorful prints are in vogue. Ethnic wear like Salwar Kameej or Churidar kurta are still admired.

College goers must remember that fashion can be followed, but one must be comfortable in those clothes and the style must suit their physique. Do not follow fashion blindly!

How to dress up for college in India in Hindi ]


Fashion tips for every girl

Fashion is common in today’s world. Every girl wants to look special and wear cute outfits. The secret to remain fashionable includes watching worldwide fashion trends. You can find styles within those trends that fit your body type and budget. Make sure to pair a cute top with jeans and boots. There are many easy fashion & style tips that make an outfit look special, in the way you style it. The accessories can add a boring outfit into one that will catch everyone’s attention. So here are some tips to follow.

  • The people who have an hourglass figure should wear clothing that accentuates those attributes that includes scooped or V neck outfits, vertical striped outfits, or dresses. They can also wear one piece outfits that cinch at the waist.
  • Tall women should avoid stripes, because that make a wearer look even you are taller. In order to create volume that accentuates a triangle shape can add colors and patterns to pants or skirt.
  • Male any jeans look like skinny jeans with the following trick. This shows how to tuck non skinny jeans into boots.
  • Tie your handbag or shoe colors with other accessories instead, like a belt, hat, bracelets etc.
  • If your jeans are too long then you can use a few strips of fashion tape and fold the amount you want in or outside.
  • Tiny shaped belts are classic and chic. Scarves are great accessories. You can also try ones with bold patterns and color. This will brighten up your face.
  • Coming to accessories, if you wear big earrings then go for a dainty necklace. It you wear a statement necklace pair with small stud earrings.

Build and maintain a fashion forward wardrobe by making the right fashion choices for your body type. Determine which fashion styles work best with your body type. When you think about your body type, height and weight, then you have to focus on shape. You can have the same body shape as a curvy gal, just as a short woman can have the same body shape as her taller friend. When you have determined your body shape, you can begin to consider which fashion trends to embrace and which to avoid. You need to spend some time in front of the mirror and do a fair and honest assessment of your body. You need to put these fashion tips to work for you.

  • Skinny pant with a high boot, your ballet flats, whether your style is a skinny jean or an edgy leather leg in.
  • Scarf keeps you warm while looking like a fashion, a must have staple for warmth. You can polish your look and accessorize from preppy to cosmopolitan there is a scarf for every look.
  • Hat is just like a cherry on the cake item. It is about style and looking polished, summer or winter. If you feel like flying under the radar that day, it’s a perfect accessory piece.
  • Team it up with shorts, bare legs or with tights. Your skinny jeans or get the hipster look and wear them with a dress from outfitters.
  • A sunglass is your classic look with a pair of aviators. If you have a long night of study or a later GNO and you want to cover those late night eyes, sporting a pair of fabulous sunglasses will do the trick.
  • Belt is another fashion taste, whether, preppy or classic, you can find a belt to enhance your look.
  • If you want to continue your summer wardrobe into the winter, team it up with heavy tights and your motorcycle boots.
  • A high heel has to be something you can walk into, when you are walking in them.
  • The most essential item is free. Your smile will rock any outfit you choose.

Weekends more fun by trying there weekend outfits to carry out with your plans. Come weekends, you have so much catching up to do. Your work and other worries drown your plans and turn weekends. Try out different outfits that make you look gorgeous. Meet your family, friends, going on a date or having some other plans during weekends. This is the best way to make the most of this time is by turning up in a great outfit.


How to dress yourself skinny according to your body shape?

Comfortable clothing built the better confidence in you. A proper fitting to the body makes you feel comfortable, pretty and good   no matter heavy or slim. Some of the clothes are so fit enough to the skin that makes to look slimmer than actual. This draws the attention among the people during the parties. Here we are discussing such points to look better with the skinny clothes based on the body shape.

Hourglass body shape

Most of the women bear this type of body shape. Every style can be matched to this body shape. But some of these are kept in mind while dressing.

  • Neckline should be proper.
  • ¾ sleeves are preferable above the wrist.
  • The shoulders of the tops and t shirts should be good enough so that the sleeves are not hanging out.
  • Jackets are fitted with shawl collar and should hide the opening in the front.
  • Coats of different styles are preferred.
  • Any type of dress can be easily fitted with this type of body.
  • Pencil skirts, hemline should be up to the knee length.
  • Jeans of simple, stylish like bootleg, classic can be preferred.
  • Trousers with side zip, plain, straight type are preferred.

Apple body shape

This people bearing this body shape do not have well defined waist but have bust.

  • The cloth lining surrounding the body should be straight or slightly fitted.
  • Keep the bust line, hip line plain and simple.
  • The shoulder line should be balanced from front and side view.
  • The silhouette should be fitted clearly   under bust, arms, and waist.
  • Wear the skirt above knee length.
  • Wearing belts of big /small. High waisted trousers, jackets can be preferred.
  • Clutch bags / shoulder bags are preferred.
  • The sleeves covering the bust

Pear body shape

The people bearing this body shape can wear the top and skirt which is more suitable. A perfect fitting can be used with more comfort.

  • Wear the flat bottom such as skirts, flat front pants.
  • Slim belt is preferred on the waist line rather than on the hips.
  • A flare bottom pant / jeans are preferred.
  • Jackets/ blazers covering up to the hip area are preferred.

Busty body shape

  • Shorter neckline over chest.
  • Skirts, trousers are preferred.
  • Light colored dresses are preferred.

Petite body shape

The people with this body shape should go for hemline up to the knee so that they can look taller. Full skirts, long length suits a lot.

  • Skirts of knee length are preferred.
  • Wear V/U shaped neck tops.
  • 3 or 1/3 sleeves are preferred.
  • 2/3 – 1/3 tops look better on them.
  • If you are interested in a tight, slim silhouette they also help them look taller.
  • Right fit/ size clothes are very comfortable to them.
  • High heels are best for them.
  • Short trousers/pants are avoided.
  • Vertical patterned clothes are preferred.
  • Tops are up to hip line, exceeding that makes you look short.

Rectangle shaped body

  • Curves around the bottom.
  • Light colours are preferred.
  • Full skirts suit them.
  • A boot cut pant, flare, wide pants suits them.
  • Nipped jackets / sweaters / tops are preferred.
  • Simple tops are preferred.
  • Colored belts suit for them.
  • U/V shaped necklines suits for them.
  • A very cute tops suits for them.
  • Avoid waist length handbags.
  • Tops with soft sleeves are preferred.
  • Collar less shirts are preferred.

Cone shaped body

This people bear flat hips and bottoms, wider straight and squared shoulders. Bottom half is smaller than the upper top with a straight rib cage.

  • Straight lining Clothes, hemline jackets are very comfortable for them.
  • Tops with good design and pattern with a scarf on it gives a great appearance to them.
  • Broad neck lines, halter neck tops, big collar necks, pencil skirts, skinny jeans, puff sleeves, shoulder pads are avoided. Simple straight lined dresses like A lined pattern are preferred.
  • Wider collar and lapels, longer jackets/ coats suits them. Wrap tops, straight lined, split end tops at waists suits for them.

These tips are kept in mind while buying the dresses so that they will be very skinny to our body texture and feel comfortable.