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Natural home remedies for itchy and dry scalp | How to get rid of dandruff

Itchy scalp is a common condition that occurs from time to time. This is due to a skin condition or might come about due to temporary reasons like weather change, diet change and lifestyle changes. When one scratches their heads, the flakes that fall off such as dandruff or even lice could get transported when one itches their scalp in public.

The scalp contains sebum (sebaceous glands) which helps to moisturize your hair and scalp. The amount of sebum you produce can vary at different times of your life and depending on the amount it produced your scalp will be changed to dry, normal or oily scalp. Dry scalp is the white, scaly flakes on the scalp which makes your hair to get damaged if not treated properly. Dry scalp is that the scalp which has lost its moisture and becomes dry due to many reasons like stress, environmental factors (cold weather, pollution), diet, chemical based hair products, hot water, etc., and this dry scalp can cause many hair problems like dandruff, head lice, itchy scalp and at last it leads to hair loss also.


  • Dandruff is the most common problem brought on by a number of factors like dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and others.
  • Dandruff and itchy scalp indicate that one is suffering from a scalp infection, which could be fungal in nature.
  • Itchy scalp is due to an attack of lice. The saliva of the pest creates an allergic reaction for which the hair or the scalp itches.


  • Flaky skin like tiny white particles coming off the scalp.
  • Hair or scalp becomes dry and flaky
  • Persistent urge to itch the scalp

A dry, flaky scalp can be the result of a number of conditions. Psoriasis, eczema, poor nutrition, dehydration and too much shampoo are just a few factors to poor scalp health. Simple changes can take your scalp from parched and irritated to smooth and soft with a heedful of healthy hair.

Both dry scalp and dandruff can be treated and prevented using the following natural remedies at home.

Home remedies for itchy and dry scalp

Honey with olive oil for itchy scalp

Honey is rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. This is effective to treat a dry scalp. Olive oil is best to get rid of itchy scalp. Olive oil can moisturize and helps in retaining the moisture content of your scalp. Take half cup of virgin olive oil and mix them with 2 teaspoons of honey. Apply this on your scalp and gently massage them. Leave it for about 10 minutes. Rinse it off with herbal shampoo and use a towel to cover your scalp that helps to hold the moisture that are effective. Alternatively, take 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, 2 tablespoons of pure vegetable glycerin and 2 tablespoons of pure honey. Shampoo your hair and apply this mixture as a conditioner. Mix them well and combine honey into it as 2 parts of conditioner. Repeat the process regularly.

Beer treatment for dry scalp

Beer is a great natural conditioner similarly as eggs and oil. This is a bit different, but works well as it is weirder than slathering mayonnaise in your hair. So, use nicer, full bodies’ beer for a better and deep treatment. So, stay away from conditioning with Coors light. Rinse your hair with shampoo and warm water to condition your hair. Use beer as a final rinse as it helps in conditioning your hair. This can substitute your conditioner that is exactly after shampooing. Take two cups of beer with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and apply it on your hair. Shampoo your hair. You can also use a mixture of eight ounce bottle of nice and dark beer with a few drops of jojoba oil. Apply it on dry hair and leave it for about 15 minutes. Rinse your hair with warm water.

Sesame seed oil to get rid of dandruff

Sesame seed oil is rich in nourishing, healing and lubricating to treat dry scalp. This is an effective home treatment for dry scalp and helps to relieve from itchiness. Take some sesame seed oil and heat it until it becomes warm. Gently massage your scalp with this warm oil using fingertips for about 10 minutes. Cover your hair with a hot towel and leave it for 10 minutes. Do this before going to bed. Leave the oil on the scalp all over night. This can provide an optimum moisturizing effect. Shampoo your hair and rinse your scalp thoroughly in the morning. Repeat it and continue it as long as necessary.

Natural oil to treat dry scalp

The key to combating dry scalp is to incorporate natural oils into your hair care regimen. Olive and coconut oil has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties and they also absorb easily into the scalp. Jojoba oil resembles sebum. Oily secretion of the sebaceous glands that acts as a lubricant for the hair and skin provides some protection against bacteria. Oils like coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil work best when sealing in moisture from water.

Lemon for itchy scalp

Lemon is known to be a useful ingredient, when it comes to healing itchy scalp. Take a fresh lemon juice that needs to be poured on the scalp. Leave it for a few minutes and you will notice a drying effect on the scalp. Then rinse off with shampoo.

Aloe vera to get rid of dry scalp

Aloe vera has many beneficial properties for the skin as well as for the scalp. You can apply the gel on the scalp and once it is one the scalp for sometimes it should be shampooed off after some time which gives better results.

Diet to get healthy scalp

It is important to follow a balanced and nutritious diet for a healthy scalp to ensure balanced amounts of micronutrients in one’s diet. Add nuts, fruits, vegetable and other essential ingredients that should be consumed.

Tree oil for dry scalp

Tea tree oil is known to be a beneficial ingredient for the hair. It has anti inflammatory, anti bacterial properties. It is recommended that the tea tree oil be added to the scalp regularly. It will definitely help to ease itchiness, flakiness as well as any swelling that might appear on the scalp. A shampoo with just 5 percent tea tree oil significantly improves the severity of dandruff. You can also add a few drops of tea tree oil to your favorite shampoo as you wash normally.

Baking soda and water for itchy scalp

Your kitchen could hold the key to an itch-free, flake-free scalp. Wet your hair and then rub a handful of baking soda vigorously into your scalp. Skip the shampoo and go right to rinsing. Baking soda reduces overactive fungi that can cause dandruff. Your hair may get dry out at first, but after a few weeks your scalp will start producing natural oils, leaving your hair softer and free of flakes.

Apple cider vinegar to treat dandruff

Apple cider vinegar as a dandruff treatment, as the acidity of apple cider vinegar changes the pH of your scalp, making it harder for yeast to grow. Mix a quarter cup apple cider vinegar with a quarter cup water in a spray bottle and spread on your scalp. Wrap your head in a towel and let sit for about 15 minutes to an hour and then wash your hair as usual. Repeat it twice a week.

Mouth wash to prevent itchy scalp

Mouthwash’s has anti-fungal properties help to prevent dandruff which causes yeast from growing. Wash your hair with your regular shampoo and then rinse with mouthwash. Follow with your regular conditioner.

Avocado to treat scalp dryness

Avocados are rich in minerals, vitamins and natural oils which help to treat the dryness problem of your scalp and hair. It also makes your hair soft, glossy and moisturized after conditioning with it. Take a ripe avocado with two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and a teaspoon of honey. Rips avocado to be mashed either in the blender and mix all the ingredients properly. Then apply this to your dry hair and wrap it with a shower cap for at least 30 minutes. Wash your hair with warm water thoroughly and shampoo your hair lightly afterwards.

Mask for itchy scalp

A mask contains honey, banana and onion juice. Honey is known for its richness and its role as a natural moisturizer. It is an antibiotic agent. Take a ripe banana and mash it with honey, Mix onion juice into it and make a paste out of the mixture. Apply this mixture on the scalp and leave it for about 2000 minutes. Then rinse off with shampoo.

Tips to control dry hair

Brushing everyday

You should brush your hair regularly especially if you have long hair. Brushing your hair helps to increase blood circulation. It also distributes the natural oil on the scalp.

Do not tie wet hair

Nowadays busy schedule for many women with long hair might be tying up their hair before it is fully dried. Mold can even grow on hair and damp hair collects dirt. Thus, drying and brushing the hair is vital for good health of the air and scalp.

Protect your scalp from sun

Ensure that you wear a cap and protect the scalp if you are out in the sun for long time. The scalp suffers very much from sun damage. Long exposure will reduce the oil content and make the scalp dry and itchy.

Do not use products with alcohol

Itchy scalp may be due to the alcohol content in the hair product you use. So choose the product while you are going to buy. You need to check the labels of the hair shampoo and conditioner. You should check the ingredients listed on the bottles to be sure.

  1. Use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to prevent this dry scalp.
  2. Don’t over blow the dryers on your hair as it can take away the moisture and leaves your hair dry.
  3. Have a regular massage of your scalp and hair with vitamin B and E oil or lavender oil to increase the blood circulation and helps to prevent the dryness.
  4. Massage your scalp for at least 2 minutes daily with your finger tips will helps to boost up the blood circulation which in turn helps to stimulate the follicles to produce and release sebum.
  5. Use the shampoo or conditioner which is free from sulfate (sodium lauryl sulfate) as it harms your hair.
  6. Choose either shampoos and conditioner which suits your hair type and also it should contain tea tree oil as the main ingredient.
  7. Over styling your hair (curlers, straightness) will also cause dry scalp as it can damage your hair. So style your hair when it is utmost need to do.
  8. Use almond oil to massage your scalp as moisturizers the scalp and avoid it to get dry.
  9. Avoid using chemical substances to your hair always use the nature based products to your hair.
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How to use coconut milk for hair

The coconut milk will quench thirsty skin while leaving a sweet, overpowering scent. Coconut milk is prepared by boiling coconut meal in water, after that strain the solution. Let it cool for some time that it may take one hour. It forms to a thick, creamy consistency.

Coconut milk is rich in vitamin C, E, B1, B3, B5, and B6, that it is well in iron, calcium, selenium, sodium, magnesium, manganese, and phosphorous. It is a good source of proteins and natural oils.

Coconut milk can be used as a shampoo, conditioner, and treats for hair. It nourishes the hair, because of fatty acids that coat the cuticle of the hair. Apply coconut milk to damp hair, and then place a shower cap on your hair for around 20 minutes. Leave it for some time and lock with a shower cap. Allow your hair to absorb the coconut oil. Rinse it off with water. Here you can see how to use coconut milk for hair care with homemade tips.

Steps to extract coconut milk from coconut

  • Take a fresh coconut, break it and grate the coconut grater.
  • Take some amount of grated coconut and put it in a muslin cloth after grating the coconut. Press the mixture to squeeze out the milk from the grated coconut. Collect the squeezed milk in a bowl.
  • Filter the squeezed coconut milk from the grated coconut and remove the particles of the coconut from the coconut milk.
  • Now, heat a pan and pour this coconut milk into that pan. Let it cook for about 3 – 5 minutes. Switch off the flame and cool it down. Freeze the milk in a refrigerator for night. It is ready to use on your hair.

Top best benefits of coconut milk for hair

Coconut milk prevents hair loss

Coconut milk is mixed with organic compounds. It controls hair loss. Mix 50 ml of coconut milk and a few tablespoons of camphor solution. Add them into 100 ml of water. Massage your scalp and leave it for about an hour. Rinse it off with warm water and place a towel to absorb the excess mixture. It treats bald spots as well as hair loss.

Apply coconut milk to treat hair loss by massaging the scalp. Let your scalp absorb the milk for about an hour to rinse it off with warm water. Repeat the treatment of 4 times a week.

Acts as a hair moisturizer

Coconut milk is an excellent hair moisturizer even when you don’t mix it with other organic compounds. Apply the coconut milk to the hair directly that gives nourishment for your hair from the roots to ends. It takes less than 5 minutes to cover your hair. Leave it for about 20 minutes. Then, wash your hair with water and shampoo.

Organic hair conditioner for long hair

Coconut milk acts as a natural hair conditioner to give you long hair and greater volume. The benefits of coconut milk for hair are to use it as a conditioner. Take some drops of milk into your palm and rub your hands against the hair. Make the job easier that bends forward and let your hair hang toward the floor. Start from the roots, including the back side of your neck. Continue it on your hair to get soft, silky hair.

Coconut milk treats dry scalp

Coconut milk helps to treat dry scalp. Take warm 2 cups of coconut milk, but don’t let it reach boiling temperature. Dip your fingers into the warm milk, and use them to massage your scalp. Leave it for about an hour and then wash it off your hair.

It can also be used in another way. Take 2 cups of coconut milk and pour it into a saucepan. Keep it on low heat, flame and stir frequently. Take it out from the stove and leave it for about 10 minutes. Pour the hot milk into a bowl and check out the heat that you can bear. Apply the hot milk on your scalp. Then drape a towel over your shoulder to protect your clothes. It helps to remove tangles. Take a small amount of oil by dipping your finger and massage your scalp gently. Wet your hair with coconut oil. Leave it for about 15 minutes and let the milk sit for an hour. Wash your hair with shampoo to remove the remaining milk on your scalp and let it dry to get soft, silky hair.

Coconut milk and yogurt to stop baldness

Mix ¼ cup of coconut milk with a cup of yogurt. Add 3 tablespoons of camphor lotion. Apply this on the scalp directly and leave it for about 3 hours. Then rinse your scalp with warm water.

Coconut milk for hair growth

Prepare a cup of coconut milk with 1/8 teaspoon of black pepper, and ¼ teaspoon of powdered fenu greek. Massage the mixture on your scalp and leave it for some time. Then wash your hair with warm water.

Coconut milk for hair nourishment

The coconut milk is good for health, skin and hair. This helps to get natural shining and damaged free hair. Take a coconut and blend coconut milk from it. Apply his on your scalp. This helps to give a cooling sensation. Coconut milk nourishes your hair and also gives natural moisture from the roots to ends. Simply, apply some fresh homemade coconut milk and massage it for about 3 – 5 minutes. Leave it for about 20 minutes. Shampoo your hair using a mild shampoo. This helps to boost your hair follicles and helps to stimulate hair growth. This helps to treat damage, weakness, split ends and brittle hair.

Coconut milk for hair detangler

Coconut milk is used in conditioners for tangled hair. Coconut milk is best, natural detanglers for your hair. Rub a little amount of coconut milk to your hair just before combing and see the tangles get more manageable. The simple thing you need to do is that you just rub the coconut milk while combing your hair on the tangles. Comb in the right through with little or no hair left on your comb. You should make sure that the coconut milk is less moderate as your hair might end up while looking greasy or otherwise.

Coconut milk and amla prevents premature hair graying

The best way to treat your premature hair graying is by combining the best way in suffering from premature graying of hair. Take equal quantities of coconut milk and amla oil in equal proportions. Mix them well. Leave the mixture for an hour as it is. Apply this on your hair and scalp. Leave it for an hour. Rinse your hair with warm water. This is the natural best home remedy for graying hair for quick results. Premature hair graying can be controlled by using coconut milk. It helps to slow down the graying of hair. It also stops balding head.