Common fast food burger chain in your region

Ever wondered about which fast food burger chain has the most locations in your neighborhood?

Fast food joints are known for spicy food. A big chain has begun nowadays. Most of the people are looking for easy going life’s. So it makes eating at out that taste spicy and tasty.

Statistical site Flowing Data has compiled a series of cool looking maps based on information from AggData to showcase how fast food chains are laid out across the country.

There were different types of burgers where people can choose for vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Most of the people will have a burger according to their choice with a soft drink too. These make them to gain fat, weight and are rich in calories.

On first glance, burger chains seem to be everywhere, but look closer and you can see there are a lot of McDonald’s (golden yellow) in the Northeast, but very few Dairy Queens (purple).

Low priced burger and others make the people more attracted towards them. It might be priced a bit higher, but you get more value for what they offer.

And if you’re in California, good luck finding a Sonic (green).

Pretty much everything exists along the Bible belt.

The California based burger chain is known for its premium quality charbroiled burgers, is making a foray into the Indian market.

Flowing Data also broke down the data by each individual chain location. While the general trends show that densely populated areas not surprisingly, have a lot of restaurants, each region of the country appears to have a specialty chain.

But, the Golden Arches pops up everywhere. McDonalds leads the pack with an over 13,000 restaurants. Burger King, the second largest burger chain, has a measly 6,900.