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Top home remedies for bruises : Natural home remedies to treat bruises

Bruises can be medically characterized as skin discoloration, pain and swelling. It is bleeding on the skin when blood vessels break off. It appears to be sometimes pink or red marks, then suddenly turns blue or deep purple in just a few hours. The color goes on, more intense when the broken capillaries are very close to the skin surface. You can be prone to bruises, even due to a small injury, thinning of skin, even lack of nutrients like vitamin C and K, obesity, anemia, leukemia, other bleeding disorders and even use of certain medication. Bruises can last for days or even for months. The symptoms are relieved and can be recovered soon with the use of any effective home remedies.

Natural home remedies for Bruises

Chocolates for bruises

Chocolates are rich in cocoa bioactive compounds that are rich in anti-inflammatory property. This helps to prove the beneficial skin health. Thus, met some chocolate and keep that warm melted chocolate on the bruised area. Cover the affected area with a bandage and let the chocolate dry over the affected area. Leave this hot chocolate pack, compress with the damaged blood vessels to control blood flow. This helps to reduce bruising instantly. Make sure not to apply a hot chocolate pack and do not apply too hot chocolate on the affected area.

Ice packs reduces swelling

Ice packs are very much effective for any type of pain and swelling especially of bruises. It helps in constriction of vessels which may prevent speedy recovery of blood in the skin and even tissues.

Take a small cloth or towel and then wrap in it ice on the affected area for almost 15 minutes. Try this immediately as you get bruises. Try this every day for a few hours in the first 24 hours.  It is ice isn’t available, then use a frozen vegetable.


Sometimes the extreme cold isn’t bearable so particularly children you can use cloth soaked in cold water. This will enhance the soothing effects, you can even add lavender oil in water.  Do not use ice directly on skin.

Herbal tea compress treatment for bruises

Cold tea compress is another best remedy in soothing the affected area and also in the reduction of swelling.

Take a teaspoon of dried chamomile flower and then lavender flower in a cup of hot water. Cover it and then steep for almost 15 minutes. Strain solution and refrigerate it. Dip a clean cloth in the tea and use it as a cold compress. Try this a few times a day for better results.

Arnica to decrease pain

Arnica is an herb that help in decreasing the inflammation as well as reduce pain and even the circulation in the area of bruise.

Take the Arnica gel and apply it on affected area few times a day for positive results.

Combine one tablespoon of Arnica, witch hazel bark and chamomile flower. Mix four drops of lavender oil and add two tablespoons of cold water. Soak the cloth in the solution and place it on the affected area. Leave it for 15 minutes, try this once to twice a day in the first couple of days.

Note: Do not apply Arnica to broken skin.

Turmeric and tamarind paste for bruises

Turmeric is best to get rid of bruises. This helps in therapeutic and medicinal properties. Prepare a thick paste of tamarind and add two pinches of turmeric into it. Heat the pack and gently apply this hot pack on the bruise. Cover the bruise with a soft cotton cloth and let them disappear faster. This is the effective treatment for bruises naturally at home.

Vitamin K to treat blood clots

Vitamin K helps in decreasing the bruising as it helps in regulating the blood clots.

Gently rub vitamin K comprising cream to affected area twice daily.


Intake food rich in vitamin K, such as alfalfa, spinach, broccoli, lettuce, kale and other leafy vegetables. You can even intake vitamin K or alfalfa tablets, but only after consulting a doctor. Do not consume vitamin K if you are using blood thinning medication or if your health has issue with increased risk of clotting.

Bromelain to prevent bruises

Bromelain is best protein digesting enzyme which is available from pineapple. It comprises of anti-inflammatory properties as well as help in healing bruises very rapidly. It is useful in the treatment of bone bruises too.

Take a bromelain supplement in our daily diet almost 250 to 400 mg thrice a day till bruise clears.

You can also intake fresh pineapple, but it’s not enough in providing sufficient amount of bromelain for treatment of bruises.

Comfrey heals wounds

Comfrey is one of centuries old remedy that will help in getting healed from wounds, sprains and even bruises. You can even intake comfrey tea as a compress as is done in cold compress for two to three days and then warm compress too.

For preparation of comfrey tea steep one tablespoon of dried comfrey herb in a quarter of hot water for almost 15 minutes.

Pains, Inflammations, swelling are not leaving you behind? You should avoid those by trying this few home remedies and get rid of inflammation of bruises with other symptoms too like pain, inflammation, swelling, etc. Using this few home remedies will help you in the prevention of bruises and the worst pain of it.

Onions to get rid of bruises

Onion is rich in inflammatory properties. This helps to damage skin cells. This treatment works well when the bruises are caused due to blood vessel injury. Take an onion and blend juice from the onion. Apply this onion juice on your bruise. Leave it until the skin absorbs juice and works deep within the blocked blood vessels. This helps to treat the blood clot.

Elevate the bruised area

Reduce blood flow to the area with gravity’s help. Lift the bruised area so that it’s above your heart and will prevent blood from pooling in the bruised area, and reduce discoloration. If the bruise is on your leg, for instance settle onto the couch and rest your leg on top of a few pillows. It is good if your leg is even a few inches above your heart, Try to prop it up on an armrest or a few pillows, so that it’s at heart level or above if your arm is bruised. Icing the area if the torso is bruised and might be out of luck.

Some sun to fight against bacteria

Ultraviolet light breaks down bilirubin. It is the product of hemoglobin breakdown that causes the yellowish color of a bruise. Expose the bruise to sunlight to accelerate the isomerization of the remaining bilirubin. At least get 10 – 15 minutes of direct sunlight a day. It should be enough to help break up your bruise without leading to a sunburn.

Eat pineapple for bruise

Bromelain, which is a digestive enzyme found in pineapples, which breaks down proteins and trap fluids in the tissues after an injury. Take 250 – 500 milligrams of bromelain daily between meals until the bruise has faded.

Lemon juice to treat bruises

Lemon is rich in Vitamin C that helps to treat skin problems. Thus, by applying freshly squeezed lemon juice, you may feel pain and is effective. Apply some lemon juice on bruise and gently rub it for about 5 minutes. This helps to heal the bruises. Vitamin C helps in skin rejuvenation and improves skin elasticity. This helps in fortification of veins, arteries and capillaries.

Flavonoids treats bruises

Increase the intake of flavonoids by eating large amounts of carrots, citrus fruits, and apricots. This helps Vitamin C work better in the body. Grape seed extract is also a rich supply of flavonoids. Daily consume 20 – 50 milligrams.

Ibuprofen or acetaminophen to relieve from bruises

If the bruise is painful, then take an over-the-counter painkiller for relief. Make sure with the recommended dose. But, avoid aspirin as it is a blood thinner and could make you bruise worse.

Rub with vinegar at bruised area

Take some vinegar and mix it with warm water, Rub the solution over the injured area. Vinegar increases blood flow near the skin’s surface. So, it helps to dissipate the blood and pooled in the bruised area. Witch hazel also helps for this remedy.

Sugar syrup to heal wound

Sugar has natural antibacterial properties. This helps in promoting wound healing. Apply some hot sugar syrup on the bruise and tie them with a bandage. The hot syrup is harmful and will fear most of the people to touch it. First apply thick sugar syrup on the bruise and afterwards place an ice pack on the affected area. Leave it until the sugar gets dry to tighten the skin. This helps to stop spreading of sugar syrup.

Citrus fruits for skin problems

Bruise may be deficient in vitamin C. It strengthens capillary walls. So they’re less likely to leak blood and make a bruise. Get some additional vitamin C by eating more peppers and citrus fruit. Take a multivitamin to get rid of bruise.

Vitamin K to get rid of bruises

Vitamin K deficiency can also cause bruise, which you can get from broccoli, Brussels, sprouts, and leafy green vegetables, as well as some supplements.