Top healthiest winter foods | Best fruits and vegetables to eat in winter

Winter is a time to smell inside and especially around the savory of a kitchen in full use. Our bodies require certain things from us during the cooler months. They want us to have extra sleep, they want us to rug up and stay inside more, they want us to be gentle with ourselves, and they want us to eat quite differently to other times of the year.

Life is good in the summer when green smoothies and raw salads are popping up out of the ground in great abundance. Raw vegan food diet seems a bit more daunting once those cold winter months set in. Eating lots of raw vegan foods will also keep your immune system thriving during cold and flu season when friends and family are sniffling the days away.

Body temperature drops due to the cold weather and your body have to spend more energy to warm it so your appetite rises. You may lose energy rapidly when you do physical activities. Frequent hunger pangs in winter are natural, but what is important is to keep a tab on what you eat and how much, else, it can create problems with digestion, as digestion generally, slows down in winters.

Top foods to eat in winters

Pomegranate in winter to be healthy

Pomegranate is best and is tasted in the form of popular juice. This is a heart health perspective that’s probably a good thing. The pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidant, with a cup of daily might that helps to keep free radicals from oxidizing LDL cholesterol. Thus, the oxidizing LDL can contribute to plaque buildup in arteries. Drink pomegranate juice might improve blood flow to the heart in people with myocardial ischemia, which is a serious condition in which the heart’s oxygen supply is compromised because the arteries that lead to it are blocked.

Hot soups best winter food

You are back home from outside and very hungry. Soups give you extra energy to push off the blankets and get moving on a chilly day. Simple tomato or chicken, oats, vegetables and mushroom soup will be enough to keep you full until your meal. Soups not only give you nutrients, but are also low in calories unless you put lots of butter and cream to it. They keep your throat infections at bay as well. They are the best nutritious, healthy, energetic and fat-cutting food suited for any day.

Consume cooked foods instead of cold or raw foods

Food must be “burned” in the “fire” of digestion. It’s still important to have some raw in your diet so that your body is receiving fresh, liver enzymes. Cold and raw foods must be “heated up” more than cooked foods and as such they dampen and weaken the fire of digestion. Winter is the month when raw food diets can become tricky. Our bodies naturally crave warm food during winter, and it’s important that we give it to them. You can decrease the ratio of salads and increase the ratio of cooked food.

Dark leafy greens healthy winter food

Dark leafy greens, such as kale, chard and collards, thrive in the chill of winter when the rest of it produce section that looks bleak. A frost takes away with the bitterness of kale. Thus, the greens are particularly rich in Vitamins A, C and K. All the collards, mustard greens and escarole are the best sources of folate that are important for women in childbearing age.

Eat heating foods and spices for good health in winter

The spicy food will not only keep you warm, but will have a healing effect on your overall health. The better producers of heat in the body that are spices like cinnamon, clove, coriander, ginger, garlic, pepper, nutmeg, turmeric, sea, salt and chili. Warm beverages are a great way to satisfy a sweet craving as well as give the body some spice.

Chocolate best winter food to eat

Chocolate keeps you sweet tooth in check, while exploring new combinations, varieties and flavor profiles. Smoked sea salt and toasted almond, extra dark and dotted with cacao nibs. Have one small chunk broken off a bar each winter day or popping one perfect truffle. Never chew just let that puppy melt.

Citrus fruits for good health

Citrus fruits that include lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit are best in the juiciest with a wintertime and can add sunshine to the dreary winter. The citrus fruits are fully loaded with Vitamin C and is one of the medium orange that can deliver more than 100 percent of your daily dose. Thus, the citrus fruits are rich sources of flavonoids. This can afford at a predominant flavonoid in these fruits that has hesperidin, which can boost you with good HDL cholesterol that can lower bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

Eat simply and chew your food well

Eat simple meals of just two or three different foods that can mix many different types of foods taxed the digestive system. You should chew each mouthful at least 30 times, breaking the food into small particles and allowing the salivary enzymes to begin their work digesting the food.

Eat grounding foods during winter

Your body will feel more supported if you feed it heavier meals that include legumes and beans and grounding foods like root vegetables. It’s no mistake that these are the veggies that are in season during autumn and winter: potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, turnips, celery root, pumpkin and beet-root. It’s super important that we eat seasonally, so look for foods grown locally in your area.

Onions are healthiest winter foods  

Onions are rich in flavoring anything from soup to grain salads to pasta to meat. Onions are good for health. This helps in unassuming veggies that can low in calories, but can surprisingly high with Vitamin C and fiber. Thus, the onion has lower LDL cholesterol levels and can raise HDL cholesterol. The various types of onions are easily available in the market. The stash onions outside the fridge in a cool, dry place for several months. This is best with a sautéed white onion jazzes up this fig, ricotta and arugula flatbread pizza.

Grains are healthy eating in the winter months

Take some time to try a few new grains during the winter. Add a multitude of fabulous and nutritious grains to my repertoire. Things like wheat berries, faro, buckwheat groats are all staples for breakfast porridge or savory salads at lunch and dinner time. They are a superb source of complex carbohydrates, so they really keep you going and keep you happy.

best healthiest winter foods are dry fruits

Almonds, pistas, raisins, dried anjeer and cashews can be great sources of energy during winters. You can easily find these in Indian markets. They are heavily loaded with vitamins, minerals and can also satisfy hunger for a long period of time. You can carry them while travelling or eat them as a quick snack. You can also drink a hot glass of milk with the powder of all the dry fruits. These will not only warm you up, but will also induce a good sleep. You should remember not to go overboard with dry fruits; else, too much would make them heavy to digest.

Warm beverages to protect during winter

Besides hot chocolate, eggnog, coffee and tea, cocktails made out of whisky, brandy, gin and other beverages are great warmers for cold winter days. Some beverages are taken smoking hot for the feel of warmth, whereas others impart the feel of warmth in the body on consumption. Simmering apple cider with spices like ginger is excellent for all occasions, but more for the cold chilly winter day.

Avoid overeating during winter cold

Excessive intake of food greatly burdens the entire digestive system. The ancient Ayurvedic medicine recommends consuming the amount of food that will fit into two supped hands at any meal. Practice moving away from the table while you are still a bit hungry.

Winter season food items

Along with a pleasant weather, winter welcomes various vegetables and fruits with varied health benefits. But winter is a time of downtime as a result human metabolism slows down. It is important to conserve energy and build strength by consuming the right seasonal food items.

Fruits to be taken in winter

Orange is enriched with vitamin C and is low in calories. Orange is capable of fighting against germs. Biting and chewing an apple stimulates the production of saliva in mouth, reducing tooth decay by lowering the levels of bacteria. It also helps to keep Alzheimer’s away, curbs all sorts of cancers, decreases risk of diabetes, reduces cholesterol, prevents gallstones, neutralizes irritable bowel syndrome, controls weight, detoxifies liver and prevents cataracts. The carrot has a good level of carotene. Carrot is also a good source of Vitamins B, C, D, E and K, as well as calcium pectate.

Fenugreek and mustard leaves in winter

Fenugreek leaves are enriched with vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients. It can lower cholesterol and help to keep diabetes under check. Mustard leaves are highly nutritious and a good source of several vital antioxidants, vitamin, minerals and carotenes.


Homemade beauty tips for eye care in summer

In summer, we need to take more care of our skin especially the eyes, because as we go in the sun due to heavy temperatures many problems has been undergone. Some of the homemade eye care tips are helpful to protect and make your skin look healthier and glowing.

Tips for eye care in summer

Get enough sleep

The very important thing is to take a proper eye care with required amount of sleep. You should have an enough amount of sleep for at least 6 – 8 hours. This helps to refresh your eyes and keeps you fresh. This helps to feel comfort.

Try to avoid the cold air that directs into eyes

The air conditioned room makes you feel cool. Make sure to cover your eyes that the cool air is not directly entered into your eyes. The cool air condition causes dryness and sensitivity.

Protect your eyes while driving

It is better to protect your eyes while driving a car or motorcycle. Most of the people think and not to wear the sunglasses when driving a car or vehicles they don’t need glasses. But, it’s wrong; the windows of cars don’t protect your eyes from the UV rays.

Lubricating drops for eye care

The eye care in summer is very important as they become dry and irritating due to excess heat and increase in body temperature. The summer eye care tip is to use lubricating eye drops. This helps to soothe your eyes and reduces dryness in summer.

Eye shade

Save the eyes with large shades, because sun exposure may cause serious damage to eyes. Brown shades are preferable. Use water based skin/eye care products as water is most needed by the body during the summer.

Vitamin A consumption

Vitamin A is good for eyes.  Make sure to take an appropriate quantity of it. Vitamin A tablet is artificial to prefer and take it in natural form. The natural sources of Vitamin A are green vegetables, yellow fruits, carrots and nuts.

Protect your eyes from UV rays

Protecting eyes from UV rays is the best tip to avoid blackness or dark circles. UV rays are harmful to the eyes and make your eyes dull and damaged skin. The sun exposure with direct contact to the UV rays can damage the retina and triggers the other eye problems.

Make up removal

Make up products keeps your eyes looks beautiful. You should follow the old adage that has less been more. So, it is better to avoid the make-up with the caking on the colors. The face masks of foundation make them possible look beautiful. Do not sleep with makeup, because skin becomes busy in shedding and replenishing skin cells, which lead to fading and appearance of spots, so remove & clean it.

Protect eyes while swimming

People mostly prefer to go for swimming during summer, the water in swimming pools or rivers or streams are harmful for eyes. The summer eye care tip while swimming is to develop a habit of wearing goggles in the water to prevent your eyes.

Wear sunglasses

Sun glasses help to protect your eyes from UV rays and are a good tip. This is a simple and easy method that helps to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. The current trend is wearing attracting beautiful designs to protect your eyes from summer. This helps to protect your eyes from sunglasses.

Homemade eye care packs in summer

Apply cucumber to get beautiful eyes

Cucumber makes your eyes cool and relaxed due to more water content in it. Leave a cucumber in the refrigerator to have an hour or so and cut two slices from it one for each eye. Allow them to sit on your eyes for next 15 min and awaken to refreshed up eyes. Alternatively, grate a cucumber, squeeze to get its juice and refrigerate. Create a mixture of lemon juice and cucumber juice. Apply this juice around the eye. Leave it for about 10-15 minutes. The mixture once prepared can be used as 2-3 days. Try this homemade beauty tip for eyes and repeat it to get beautiful eyes.

Use cool tea bags to reduce dark circles

Used tea bags may also be helpful in reducing the dark-circles. Do not throw them but wash them and set them in freezer to relax. Lie down in bed and keep the cold tea bags over your vision for about 10-15 minutes. Keep your eyes closed.

Similarly, a cool tea bag helps to take care of your eyes. This gives you and helps to get rid of summer eye care. Soak the tea bag in cold water and apply it to your eyes. Place them for about 15 – 20 minutes. The tannins present in green tea help to reduce inflammation and also keeps your eyes bright and healthy.

Ice packs for dry eyes in summer

When the ice cubes get too cold, have a small break or wrap them in cloth and then apply them on your eyes. Gently press an ice cube upon your eyes. Leave it for about 10 minutes. After taking out the ice cubes from your eyes, pat your eyes dry with a towel.

Eye masks to get refreshed eyes

Eye masks can be found in some of the brands like “Faces” which may be used as a good alternative to ice. Ice packs by using ice water and two cotton pads. Dip cotton pads in ice water and apply them on closed eyelids. Keep them for about 10 minutes. This coldness constricts the blood vessels and also makes your eyes lightly. The cotton pads should not feel icy but pleasantly cold that make your eyes refreshed.

Apply raw potato to get rid of wrinkles

Potato helps to remove skin pigmentation. But also helps to remove dark circles around eyes. Grate a raw potato in a cloth and place it on the eyes. Repeat it for 10 minutes and you will get relief from puffy eyes. Close your eyes and cover your eyelids with slices of raw potato. Leave it for about 15-20 minutes. Wash with tepid to warm water and apply a good under-eye cream.

Make use of a frozen spoon to treat dark cirlces

Cold spoon is the one of natural beauty tip for eye care. The cold spoons will have to do the treatment in short intervals. This helps to enhance blood circulation and can keep your eyes feeling refreshed. Keep two spoons in the freezer overnight and take them out. Place them on your eyes as curved backs.  Place a spoon in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes. Remove it and place it over the eyes. Hold it there before the spoon is warm again. Thus, the spoon helps to enhance blood circulation and keeps your eyes fresh. This method is found to be a little tedious.

Rose water to remove dark skin around eyes

Dip cotton balls in rose water or chilled water. Place them over the darker areas on your eyes. Leave it for about 5-10 minutes.

Use almond oil to get rid of makeup

Almond oil helps to get rid of eye-makeup and mascara. It will take away the makeup gently and also provides nourishment towards the under eye area. Almond oil helps to increase the eyelash length and density. In the same manner almond oil massage also helps to treat dark circles. Almond oil is a superb skin food and is effective in reducing dark circles. Massage under and round the eyes with almond oil daily for just two weeks.

Almond pack for well moisturized skin

Grind almonds and blend it with raw milk to form a paste. Apply this paste in your eyes. Leave it for about 20-25 minutes. Then, wash off back with cold water.

Mint packs for dark circles

Apply crushed mint leaves round the eye. You may also use the strained mint juice with cucumber juice in equal proportions. Apply it on after dark-circles. Leave it for about 15-20 minutes. Then wash off with water.

Fresh lemon juice to treat black circles

Apply lemon juice around the black circles. Repeat it 2 times a day. Begin using these simple home remedies for no deeper circles. This is the best method to reduce their appearance.

Eye mask and homemade clay mask

Grate ¼ of an apple and a small raw potato and mix it. Apply this to eyes for 15 min, covering with a warm wash cloth and relax with some soothing music. We can also go with 100% clay kitty litter mix with water and apply it, dry it and then rinse.

Cucumber, curd and water  to get rid of eye dryness

This mixture is mostly preferred in summer as the eyes get relaxed by applying this for 10 min, and wash it off.

Tomato pack for dark circles

The tomato is best for skin lightening. Take a teaspoonful of tomato pulp and add a pinch of turmeric powder. Add half teaspoon of lemon juice and add 1 teaspoon of gram flour into it. Mix them well and apply this paste on your eyelids. Gently apply it on eyelids and also in the dark area. Leave it for 30 minutes and gently moist your skin with cotton pads. Repeat the process once a day for at least a week for better results.

These home based tips can be readily used as they are easily available and inexpensive. One can protect and improve their prettiness and glows by following these tips.

Hair care

Best hair rules that you are probably breaking

Everyone wants to be gorgeous with beautiful hair. For this you need to stylist the tricks to get you there, thus you need to follow this. If your hair gets on your nerves. Here you have some tips that your hair thick and shiny. People use most of the shampoo that is general hair length. Try to avoid too much shampoo on the ends that cause dryness. Warm bath gives adverse effect on the skin and hair. Use a brush that works through the tangles. Use only the needed amount of shampoo doesn’t overuse it. Long showers can do more harm, so it’s better to go for short showers.

Choose a shampoo that lathers less: It is necessary the clean is sometimes that it means. Shampoo that lathers more are often loaded with heavy moisturizers, which can leave or build-up in your hair. It will make you look and feel dirtier quicker. So it is better choose a sulfate free formula that needs to lather less which helps your hair to make soft and shiny.

Lock a burst of cold: Before you hop out of the shower you need to turn the cold water on for a second. As much as hot water you use will damage your hair and cuticles that causes split ends. Quickly rinse it through your strands. This helps to close your cuticle and add a sleek finish to your locks.

Use hot and cold as you dry: Don’t rub your hair or brush them when they are wet. Try to dry your hair from the roots and dry all the way to the ends. Let it brush linger at the tips of your strands. Cool your hair for 5 minutes, and then repeat on the other section. So alternatively heat and cool down your hair by the time set that you can style your hair for blowout will give more body.

Home glaze between color appointments: Smooth your locks with the help of moisture back into your hair. Fill holes and rough spots in your hair cuticle. This keeps your color shiny and bright so it lasts longer and looks better. You can snag an at home kit from your local drugstore.

Roller for high volume: Blow out your locks until they are dry. Then you need to section off the hair on the tops of your head. Divide that section into three smaller sections vertically, and wrap each in a 2-inch hair roller. Let it stay for 30 minutes and then unwrap your strands. Lightly comb them and spray for hold.

Drop the towel: Keep your hair wet that strand wrapped in a towel for 30 minutes. Make up will cause frizz. This also makes your hair cuticles open. So, instead of that squeeze out excess water as soon as you are out after a shower. Let your hair air dry for 5 – 10 minutes. Then blow drying your hair.

Before you style apply the product: If you want to curl your hair or straightening, apply a product for about 10 minutes before you do so. Because, it helps it fully to absorb into your strands that will get all benefits. It has more bangs for your buck.

Wrap your hair for quick curls: Use a curling iron that will need to fasten your locks to the barrel. Wrap the sections that are around the iron and hold in place for about 10 seconds. Thus, it gives a soft and beautiful curls.

Using a spray bottle: You need to use a spray bottle in order to open your pores that locks are totally flat. Just spray the top layer of your hair. It will damp and then use a big barrel round brush to blow your hair locks dry. Blow on the top layer that will freshly blow out. It will create the illusion of all over smooth hair.

Use dry shampoo: Apply a dab of dry shampoo to your roots. Wash your hair and dry them as soon as possible. Pick me up until your locks need a dirt fighting. Throughout the day the barrier will stave off the debris and oil your strands that it will collect throughout the day. It hits out your shampoo that will make sure to get thick and beautiful hair.