Top best hairstyle according to face shapes

Hairstyles on a face are like putting a frame around a picture.  The most important aim of the hairstyle is to minimize the non-pleasing features of the face and to promote the positive ones. It is a general rule that that on the whole the face should give an oval look which is the most pleasing and perfect shape those appeals to the human eye.  In order to achieve these long faces need to be shortened and wide faces need to look longer. The factors that need to be considered in deciding on a hairstyle are the texture of the hair, features and the shape of the face.

Hairstyles can be different that mean different things to a variety people. No matter how the hair is cut and both long and short enough for you to style it many different ways. We have rounded up different styles to get you a creative hair juices flowing. Different medium or long haircuts that you can mix and match to suit your facial features, style and personality.

How to determine your face shape

Women say that the face shape is only a round face. But there are some other six basic face shapes. Here, you can easily find the exact face shape of your actual face shape. This is by just pulling your hair back away from your face. Then, have a good looking face in the mirror. You have to find that what’s the widest part of your face either the forehead or jaw? This is either the cheekbones which are the widest and are looking at your chin which points to your round or square. So, now picture the imaginary line that is going around your face shape.

Following are the six different face shapes with distinct characteristics.

Oval face shape: The oval face looks that the face length of your face is long. Half times its width and forehead is just slightly wider than your chin length.

Square face shape: The prominent jaw line and square chin give a square face shape. The forehead and jaw line are approximately of the same width.

Heart face shape: The forehead and cheekbones are the wide face shapes which are with a narrow jaw and pointy chin.

Diamond face shape: The best way to make your forehead is that the jaw line is narrow and can give your cheekbones with a widest part of your face.

Round face shape: The prominent cheeks are wider in length and can make your face look equally at chin and forehead.

Oblong face shape: Oblong face shape is often confused with an oval, and this shape is slightly longer but not as wide. For this face shape you can see a pointy chin.

Facial shapes and hairstyles

Oval face shape

The oval face is longer that it is wide and its forehead is slightly wider than the jaw. Many haircuts and styles suit an oval face shape. The best styles to go for are the ones that have layers at the height of your best features such as cheekbones, lips or chin. You can have flattering cuts as they suits you best. Short layers at the top of the head should be avoided as they make the face look longer. The best hair cuts that best suits you are blunt bangs, central part, bob with side bangs, edgy short cut. Try to avoid cuts that are almost every style will flatter.

Oval shape

Oval faces are similar to round faces, but are a little elongated. The chin and forehead are of the same width and the cheekbones are slightly wider. Any type of haircut will suit an oval shaped face. French twist or side swept bangs will flatter the features of this face.

The top knot twisted tightly in the middle of the head looks good. First tie a tight ponytail and twist them up with a topknot. The stylish hairstyle best suits for oval face shape. Try this hairstyle for parties. This is the best stylish and different hairstyle to look beautiful.

Round face shape

Round type has a round chin and adds height on top of the head. Cut the bulk from the sides of your face to give it an oval look. One length haircut or blunt cuts on short hair should be avoided. Hair width needs to be minimized on the sides and are around the ears by keeping them flat at those points. Hair styles that fall right below the shin and have layers from the top down elongate the face.

Round face shape

Round facial characteristics are smoothly curved lines and a round chin. The chin and forehead are wide and the cheekbones are wide. This round face call for a long layered hair cut that falls just below the chin or edgy layer cut or fringe bangs that fall on the shoulders. The suitable hairstyle on these features is curled and waves with thick side bangs. Blunt cuts and one length cuts must be avoided.

Heart face shape

The heart shape is widest at the temples and narrowest at the jaw line with a small and delicate. It is pointed chin. Hairstyle for this shape need to add width at the jaw line. Short hair with top layers, long, side swept bangs, longer hair can try long, wavy layers will suit for this face shape. Harsh copy layers or blunt cut bangs do not suit for heart shaped face.

Heart face shape

Heart shaped faces have a pointy chin and a wide forehead. Cheekbones are the same width or sometimes slightly wider. Side swept bangs one short, fast cuts will suit a heart shaped face. Pushed back up do will add volume to the top of the head and will also help in flatter in the features on the face.

Diamond face shape

Widest the forehead, but narrow at the forehead and chin. Unflattering hair styles, best suited for diamond shaped face. Hairstyles for a diamond face are softened, fringe, low side parting, a sweep of hair brushed across the forehead, width to the face and make it look shorter. This type of fuse is found rarely. Asymmetric haircuts look good. Adding hair volume with curly or wavy style also suits best.


This hairstyle best suits for oblong face shape. This hairstyle can add volume to thin or fine hair. This is an excellent hairstyle that can drive you for wavy hair. The brown streaks of fringe wavy haircut best suits for oblong face shape. The hair on shoulders with mid part makes you look stylish and are good. This gives a beautiful look in a black color dress.

Rectangular face shape

The rectangular face shape is like long and narrow face shape with a square. It adds width with a fringe on the forehead that style a side part to soften the square in the face. Short or extremely long haircuts make the face look longer while chin-length bobs and haircuts add width to the face. The long and narrow facial shape makes you look with this hairstyle more stylish. Add the width to add the curls and waves. Short layers lend volume to the top further elongating the face then balancing it.

Square face shape

Facial shapes have a square jaw line. This type of face needs a hairstyle that lends length and roundness to it. Layered hair around the jaw line softens a bit while wispy hair takes the attention away from the square of the face. A layered haircut, short, blunt cut bangs, chin length bobs spiky cuts, or long, sleek styles with top down layers starting at the jaw line are the best suited for square faces.

Square shape

Square faces have a wide, angular jaw, wide cheekbones, and a broad forehead. This facial shape requires sleek cuts with graduated layers that start from the jaw line, angled cuts with long hair in the front.  Hairstyles with curls will be suitable. A small ponytail or bun with hair pulled at the back will be suit the shape of the face. One length cuts and blunt cuts will highlight the jaw.

Pear face shape

It is a narrow forehead and wide jaw line with a round chin. Your hair should appear wide and full at the top. Bob haircut for heart shaped face is quite simple to pick up. Wear brushed away from the face and up toward the ears. Down from the ears, the hair should fall along the chin to soften. Create a volume around the forehead with a partial bang. Chin length, curls around the temples, sides, and around the ears will suit for this face type. The best hairstyles are heavy straight bangs, heavy rounded bangs, long, soft bangs, side parted curtain bangs, side swept bangs. The mentioned hairstyles best suit for pear shaped face.Facial-shapes-and-hairstyles

A great hairstyle that can lift years off your look and make you feel for completely reinvigorated. As the foundation for any haircut, the shape of your face determines. This can emphasize your eyes, lips, and cheekbones. The haircuts and layering techniques are shown, that is finely tuned to your face shape. Your face shape that can be truly the best that can bring more life and vitality to your face. This different hairstyle according to face shape, makes you look naturally.

Long or oblong face shape

Long or oblong face shape is longer than it is wide. Long face shape has the same width of forehead, cheeks, and jawline. The jawline is probably round in shape. Your face looks longer than as it is wide and has a straight cheek line. The most flattering haircut for long face shape is shoulder length hairstyle. This is the perfect length and is very popular. The very best way is to get bangs. This is because bangs make your face appear shorter and can cover up a particularly large forehead. You can also with blunt bangs to long, side sweep bangs. Bob haircuts should be avoided out.

The right hairstyle that best suits for your face shape model is to have bangs that are to shorten the overall length of the face. This layer helps to add body and bounce the creating needed width. The shapes that will work straight or curly textures are best for long face shape.


The sleek straight layered haircut is best for oblong face shapes with oval ones. The more the hair length is and a pointy chin. To style this hairstyle, you should avoid drawing attention to the chin. That’s the reason why long layers that start below the chin are ideal.


How to dress yourself skinny according to your body shape?

Comfortable clothing built the better confidence in you. A proper fitting to the body makes you feel comfortable, pretty and good   no matter heavy or slim. Some of the clothes are so fit enough to the skin that makes to look slimmer than actual. This draws the attention among the people during the parties. Here we are discussing such points to look better with the skinny clothes based on the body shape.

Hourglass body shape

Most of the women bear this type of body shape. Every style can be matched to this body shape. But some of these are kept in mind while dressing.

  • Neckline should be proper.
  • ¾ sleeves are preferable above the wrist.
  • The shoulders of the tops and t shirts should be good enough so that the sleeves are not hanging out.
  • Jackets are fitted with shawl collar and should hide the opening in the front.
  • Coats of different styles are preferred.
  • Any type of dress can be easily fitted with this type of body.
  • Pencil skirts, hemline should be up to the knee length.
  • Jeans of simple, stylish like bootleg, classic can be preferred.
  • Trousers with side zip, plain, straight type are preferred.

Apple body shape

This people bearing this body shape do not have well defined waist but have bust.

  • The cloth lining surrounding the body should be straight or slightly fitted.
  • Keep the bust line, hip line plain and simple.
  • The shoulder line should be balanced from front and side view.
  • The silhouette should be fitted clearly   under bust, arms, and waist.
  • Wear the skirt above knee length.
  • Wearing belts of big /small. High waisted trousers, jackets can be preferred.
  • Clutch bags / shoulder bags are preferred.
  • The sleeves covering the bust

Pear body shape

The people bearing this body shape can wear the top and skirt which is more suitable. A perfect fitting can be used with more comfort.

  • Wear the flat bottom such as skirts, flat front pants.
  • Slim belt is preferred on the waist line rather than on the hips.
  • A flare bottom pant / jeans are preferred.
  • Jackets/ blazers covering up to the hip area are preferred.

Busty body shape

  • Shorter neckline over chest.
  • Skirts, trousers are preferred.
  • Light colored dresses are preferred.

Petite body shape

The people with this body shape should go for hemline up to the knee so that they can look taller. Full skirts, long length suits a lot.

  • Skirts of knee length are preferred.
  • Wear V/U shaped neck tops.
  • 3 or 1/3 sleeves are preferred.
  • 2/3 – 1/3 tops look better on them.
  • If you are interested in a tight, slim silhouette they also help them look taller.
  • Right fit/ size clothes are very comfortable to them.
  • High heels are best for them.
  • Short trousers/pants are avoided.
  • Vertical patterned clothes are preferred.
  • Tops are up to hip line, exceeding that makes you look short.

Rectangle shaped body

  • Curves around the bottom.
  • Light colours are preferred.
  • Full skirts suit them.
  • A boot cut pant, flare, wide pants suits them.
  • Nipped jackets / sweaters / tops are preferred.
  • Simple tops are preferred.
  • Colored belts suit for them.
  • U/V shaped necklines suits for them.
  • A very cute tops suits for them.
  • Avoid waist length handbags.
  • Tops with soft sleeves are preferred.
  • Collar less shirts are preferred.

Cone shaped body

This people bear flat hips and bottoms, wider straight and squared shoulders. Bottom half is smaller than the upper top with a straight rib cage.

  • Straight lining Clothes, hemline jackets are very comfortable for them.
  • Tops with good design and pattern with a scarf on it gives a great appearance to them.
  • Broad neck lines, halter neck tops, big collar necks, pencil skirts, skinny jeans, puff sleeves, shoulder pads are avoided. Simple straight lined dresses like A lined pattern are preferred.
  • Wider collar and lapels, longer jackets/ coats suits them. Wrap tops, straight lined, split end tops at waists suits for them.

These tips are kept in mind while buying the dresses so that they will be very skinny to our body texture and feel comfortable.