Hair care

Hair care products for split ends

In the beauty world split end is a common problem facing by everyone. It is very hard to examine and picking them from the cuticles. Your hair needs some moisture. Split ends happen when the protective cuticle on your hair strand is stripped away. Due to dehydration and daily activities the hair shaft dries out. A single hair stand splits into two at the tip. The hair strand splits into multiple ends and overall, this gives a very ragged, unhealthy looking mop of hair. The longer your hair, the more split ends you have.

Split ends occur due to severe mental or physical stress. When you put too much thermal, mechanical, or chemical stress on the hair it reacts by becoming too coarse, it loses sheen or develops split ends.

Tips for repairing and preventing split ends

Brush your hair before showering

You need to brush your hair before showering in order to remove tangles and prevent breakage. This can lead to split ends that can occur when you brush your hair before the shower. The method of applying shampoo towards the crown of your head and lather it gently downward. You need to keep your hair straight without bunching it up. By making a zigzag motion with your fingers down the length of your hair makes you repair split ends.

Lay off using heat styling tools

The hurry life makes everyone to rush and that makes them to blow dryers to dry your hair. And fast growing world fashion also plays a major role in split ends. Different hair styles by strengtheners, curling irons etc., make your hair damaged. Try to avoid them and style your hair with a little mousse to add texture and maybe even let it air dry.

Avoid brushing wet hair

It is a common thing everybody will do. Due to time adjustments and heavy works people are supposed to rush out with wet hair. This is a hard thing to avoid. Avoid scrunches your hair up in a towel. Make sure that your hair is completely dry before going to comb your hair when you take head bath.

Using plenty of conditioner

Showering and applying conditioner has become more passion in today’s world. As it became important that need be. With this your hair feel super smooth to the touch, the lubricants present in conditioner may prevent breakage and also lead to split ends.

When should your hair trimmed?

Split ends will continue to split if they are left unattended. So, it is better to prevent that and cut about one and a half inches above your split ends.

Hair therapy

You need to identify the hair care products that remedy split ends. Hair care products are created in different forms like serums, conditioners, silkeners and even shampoos. You need to strand all the hair that you need to become healthier.

Hair coloring products

The hair moisture loss may occur due to hair coloring products or strong shampoos. They contain high chemical composition. The natural hair coloring product is henna which does not contain any harmful chemicals. But all other colors obtained for hair colors are due to some chemical composition. Shampoos too are added either to add fragrance or some smoothening agent to get rid of frizziness. Because different people have different hair types and a particular hair product reacts differently on different people. You never know what is the problem causing ingredient in your hair color or shampoo which can result in moisture loss?


Pollution is the major problem for split ends apart from getting your hair trimmed at regular intervals. As your hair grows from the roots, we constantly give attention to the roots and the hair ends are left ignored.

Wash your hair properly

You need to wash your scalp hair and leave the remaining hanging hair down your back. When you rinse the shampoo out of your hair, the shampoo will run down the length, which is as much washing as the ends of your hair need. You need to condition your hair by properly applying to the length to soak for a while before rinsing out. Avoid hot water, as it strips away moisture. So it is better to rinse your hair with the coolest water you can stand.


Acne caused due to ditch habits

Acne is a problem that is there with you throughout the year. This problem increases during the party season because you want a zit free face. Dr Sushil Tahilian, cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Abhijit Desai, who specializes in makeovers and cosmetologist Dr Rashmi Shetty, said some simple habits that could lead to acne and how to deal with it.

Choosing the wrong products

There are some products that may block the pores of your skin. That it leads to acne. Many products that are very oily and they clog pores leading to comedones and subsequently acne. So, it is more important to choose makeup or sunscreen with the label non-comedogenic.

Clear the skin while going to bed

As soon as you reach home it is very important to clear the makeup immediately, in order to prevent acne formation. You can use makeup remover first, and then cleanse your face. Wash off thoroughly and you should use a toner. Now you should slather on some rich moisturizer.

Makeup that can cause irritation

Avoid using makeups with ingredients that can cause irritation. There are certain ingredients in the makeup and sunscreen. It may cause you to break out. The ingredients present in artificial colors, fragrance, etc., can cause irritation, and result in acne. It is better to have a look before buying any product.

Over drying your face

Using harsh cleansers, alcohol based toners etc., will remove all the oil and moisture out of your face. So it’s better to avoid them as they can result in acne, drying out your skin will actually cause it to produce more oil. This phenomenon of rebound oiliness leads to acne. So, it is important to use the right medical cleansers that take away excess oil, but never make the face too dry or stretched.

Dirty laundry

Unclean towel or dirty pillow covers might be a reason for the acne on your face. Your face lies in your pillow case for hours at a time and if it’s not clean. You can see that you are rolling around in a bunch of dead skin cells and bacteria. If your towel is not clean, you could be wiped germs all over your just cleansed skin. Cosmetologist doesn’t believe this theory.

Hair products that you use

Many of the hair products can cause acne, but then often your hair touches your face. Hair products with oil, silicones, and plasticizers will clog your pores if they get onto your skin.

Choose your diet

Not only chocolates and French fries give you zits, it’s really the overall unhealthy diet that affects your skin. Some people may have allergies to certain kind of food which causes them to break out; we should be watchful about this. Most of the doctors say that there is no scientific evidence to prove chocolates or French fries give you acne.