Natural beauty tips for sparkling, bright, attractive, younger looking, and beautiful eyes

Eyes give your face energy and individuality. All eyes have their own unique beauty. The eyes are the mirror of the soul. When your makeup to look natural it will bring out the eye’s true color and enhance the eye’s beauty. Eyes are important to lead a happy life. There are many items that have the makeup items that a women uses can vary from several dozen to a few basics like foundation, lipstick and something like an eyebrow pencil. Many of the people neglect the importance of eye care and do not pay proper attention towards eye care.

Causes of eye problems

  • Reading inadequate lighting or paper too close causes squint and redden. You should maintain a distance of 10 inches away from the eyes.
  • Wear makeup lenses that will be a stopgap arrangement for sparkling eyes. It uses too much harm that delicate skin around the eyes.
  • Dull, lifeless, bloodshot eyes are due to illness, fatigue, inadequate diet and dryness. The whites appear pinkish or greenish yellow at times due to lack of sleep or a weak liver.

We proceed to the natural tips for bright glowing eyes with some natural cures to give any eye related problems.

Best tips for attractive bright glowing eyes

Milk cleansing: Water is the best natural cleansing agent, but fresh milk is also a great eye cleanser. Raw milk is the best option for eye cleansing. Dip a cotton ball in milk and carefully clean your eyes. Take 2 cotton pats and dip them in milk after cleansing with milk. Place them on your eyes for about 15 -20 minutes. Then wash it off with fresh water.

Beetroot juice: Liver is sluggish to detoxify your system. Take half a cup of beet-root juice in the early morning works wonders in your body.

Rose water: Rose water has natural properties that deeply cleans your eyes and gives natural glow. Take 1 – 2 drops of pure rose water that can create a natural glow in your eyes.

Indian gooseberry: Soak a teaspoon full of Indian gooseberry powder in a glass of water overnight. Strain the solution and apply to splash eyes. You might slight sting but the eyes will sparkle. You may also soak cotton pads in this liquid and add a drop of castor oil on the pad. Place them on closed eyes.

Honey: Honey acts as a natural disinfecting and soothing agent. It also reduces the chance of eye infections and creates a natural glow in your eyes. Pour a few drops of pure honey in your eyes. Leave it for 15 – 20 minutes, then wash them carefully. Repeat it for 2 – 3 times per week.

Apple juice: Apple juice has beneficial to some people. Grate fresh apples and squeeze the juice through a muslin cloth, soak cotton pads in the juice and place on closed eyes. Relax well for 15 -20 minutes. Repeat as it is required.

Fennel seeds: Fennel is effective in curing eye problems. It improves eye health, cleansing, and vision for your eyes. Prepare a solution of fennel by boiling a teaspoon of fennel seeds in two cups of water. Make sure it reduces to half of its original volume. Strain and collect the clear liquid after it has cooled down. Use a few drops of this decoction once every week to cleanse your eyes.

Splash fresh water: Try to splash your eyes with pure water. This washes away pollutants and dust particles that reach to the surface of the eye. It also soothes and moisturizes the eyes after they have been exposed to heat and harsh light. They clean your eyes, but also give your eyes an instant fresh look.

Green tea solution: Green tea makes eye feel refreshed. It also relieves itchiness and irritation. Make sure the green teas solution is cool enough to wash your eyes. After green tea eye wash, then wash your eyes with fresh water. Apply tea bags on closed eyes to reduce swelling and lighten dark circles around your eyes.

Sun glasses: Protect your eyes with sunglasses from harmful UV sun rays. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses. They protect your eyes from pollution and dust particles.

Chamomile tea solution: Chamomile tea solution is a natural eye cleanser. It works effectively for burning, itching, and dry red eyes. Pour boiled water into the chamomile tea bad in a bowl. Let it stand for 2 – 5 minutes. Remove the tea bag and let it cool. Make sure it is cool enough to wash your eyes. After washing with this solution then again wash your eyes with fresh water.

Enough sleep: Proper sleep of at least 6 – 8 hours is also essential to have attractive and bright glowing eyes. Lack of sleep not only diminishes the natural eye glow, but also cause dark circles.

Multi vitamins, diet: Multi vitamin diet is essential for good looking beautiful eyes. A diet that is rich in Vitamin A, C and E are good to maintain the eyes health and natural beauty. Apricot, avocado, orange, mango, grapes, guava, strawberries, papaya, and peaches are the best fruits for eyes. Carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach and red or green bell peppers, broccoli, kale, turnip greens, and collard greens are the best vegetables for eyes.