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How to wake up refreshed – Ways to sleep better

One of the most important things you can do for your health is to get enough deep sleep. With these simple nighttime beauty tricks, you can kiss messy hair, dry skin, and a dull complexion goodbye. So it’s not surprising that one of the most common concerns that my patients have is trouble sleeping. Best of all, you will honestly be able to say, “I woke up like this.”

You know those rare, but lovely occasions when you get to sleep a full eight uninterrupted hours and then wake up looking and feeling better than you did the day before? Ok, ok. The more common problem is sleep disturbance—not sleeping soundly through the night. We know from experience that those moments are close to non-existent, but with some prep work the night before, you can make people think you’ve spent eight wonderful hours in dreamland.

By doing these nighttime beauty tricks, you will save time in the mornings and who knows; you may even incorporate these tricks into a relaxing bedtime routine. It may vary from age to age. Best of all, you’ll wake up feeling and looking refreshed. Throughout our lifespan, we have different sleep requirements.


Drink enough water, i.e., about 3 liters a day. You hear this all the time, but water should be the last thing you drink at night. Don’t drink too much before sleeping. Drinking half your weight in ounces of water every day will not only improve your complexion, but it will increase your energy, relieve fatigue, boost your immune system, flush toxins, and make you feel better overall. Water balances your body’s nutrients, hormones, and muscles. By drinking it before bed, the water has time to reach every part of your body, which relaxes and rejuvenates it completely.

Go to bed early and wake up early

The best and most important thing that you need to follow to be healthy. The body will start to relax and make your mind to start to rest. This means that if you do nod off sooner than you can rise earlier too. This gives you time for a proper breakfast. Thus, you should get back the pleasant look with a relaxed mind and resting your body.

Get glowing

Mix some self tanner in your moisturizer to wake up with a back-from-the-beach glow. The best part is that you can wash away any undesirable self tanner smell in the shower the next morning!

Cut down sugar beverages and caffeine

Cut out the sugar for better sleep. Stop consuming sodas, Starbucks and grande lattes. Try to cut them into half and stop your sugar consumption after 5 pm. This makes your body to detox and metabolize all the simple carbohydrates. The insulin spike right before bed is best counterproductive to a good night’s rest. Cut down sugar in caffeine that increases insulin levels. Thus, caffeine can up your adrenaline.

Spot treat

Acne blemishes don’t stand a chance. Apply it on stubborn spots before bed and let the combination of Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide and Micro-Exfoliating LHA do its magic by the time your alarm clock sings.

Create better sleep space

De-clutterring for a bedroom is by avoiding distractions and decorates the space with your loved warm or pastel tones. This makes you feel relaxed and peaceful. Thus, pull the duvet back during the day that give the mattress a good airing and make your bed to get informed work so that it’s cozy when bedtime comes.

Soften hands and feet

Although this is a very simple tip, it’s extremely important since it’s said that our hands are the first thing that ages us. Moisturizing your hands and feet will not only feel relaxed before bed, but it will make your tips and toes look better than they did the evening before.

Banish the booze to avoid bad sleep

We’re not the spoil sports and will say is a better to cut out the common culprits of bad sleep. The diet makes you feel better when the alarm goes off. So, it is better to avoid alcohol, caffeine and sugary foods. This is best before bed and will make sure to hydrate during the day. So, it is better to drink a glass of water and try to drink at least eight 200 ml glasses throughout the day. Thus, makes you feel refreshed. This helps you get natural, glowing and healthy skin.

Overnight facial

Why not let your skin benefit from a fabulous facial while you’re catching? The first aid beauty facial radiance overnight mask is packed with powerful ingredients that will brighten, hydrate, and deeply nourish your skin. While sleeping, your body will heat up, allowing the mask to be absorbed much well than it would while awake. You’ll wake up with skin that’s hydrated, refreshed, and more even-toned.

Sleep on satin or silk

It’s time to say goodbye to bed head and face creases. Did you know the average head weighs 7 to 8 pounds? Think about that the next time you shove your head into your cotton pillowcase. The resistance between rough fabrics and your skin will cause creases and potential wrinkles on your face. However, sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase will allow your face to move without resistance while you sleep (and on the same note, it will keep your hair from breaking!). Since cotton absorbs moisture, a silk pillowcase will also allow your skin to stay more hydrated throughout the night.

Plan the following day for better sleep

The best way to get better sleep is by making a to-do list in the evening. This makes your mind to do thing in a planned way and doesn’t start racing when you lie down. So, it is better to pick out and iron your clothes ready that works well and make your packed lunch and pop it in the fridge. This can save your time and no need to rush into the things in the morning. You’ll be relaxed with all these known things tomorrow that is already planned and won’t have to rush in the next day morning.

Sleep on your back

If you’re a stomach sleeper, you may want to rethink your snoozing strategy. This sleep position can cause fluid buildup around your eyes, giving those very unwelcome puffy eyes, we have all come to know in the morning. Your best bet is to stack a couple pillows and sleep on your back—it will prevent fluids from building up where you don’t want them.