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Simple face massage for stress relief

Facial massage is easy to do and is a great form of stress relief. They help to control stressful. Stress may lead to death – heart disease and cancer. Stress can create and exacerbate physical and emotional conditions such as chronic fatigue, digestive upset, headaches, back pain, high blood pressure, and risk of stroke.

Chinese medicine

There are many facial acupressure points that can reduce stress and restore energy. Acupressure is based on principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It can restore the energy flow in the body. It is a firm finger pressure on these facial acupressure points to increase circulation, alleviate fatigue.

Locate a facial point on your face that can sink in gradually with your finger, hold pressure for at least a minute. Make circles or rock back and forth on the place to stimulate it more. It’s all right if you felt some tenderness at the location is called nerve center. Then take a deep breath that benefits your body’s ability to calm down and promote healing. At least take a full glass of water to flush out toxins that are released from the pressure points.

Simple face massage

Stress relief massage helps you to relax in this busy world. There are many techniques to use as stress management. Massage for stress reduction is one of the most effective tools. There are simple things you can do to help relieve stress. Your body may respond to stress by tensing up, which can cause pain. Learn to relax your muscles that reduce muscle tension and anxiety. Muscle relaxation is an exercise will help you to relax.

Stress relief exercise

  • Take 5 ml of your essential oil in your hand and work it into your fingers a little bit. Apply it quickly over your face, starting from your forehead. Strokes around the eye area, then over the cheeks, nose and chin. Last at your neck.
  • Place your hands that ends of your fingertips meet together in the middle of your forehead. Circular movements all over your fingers, work from the middle of the forehead out to the sides. Bring the fingers back to the middle and repeat twice more.
  • Start massaging between the eyebrows using your first and middle fingers on each hand. Gently work your way outwards around your bony eye socket, pressing down briefly then moving on. Make circles all round your eye areas. Prepare tiny circular movements down each side of your nose, from between the eyebrows down to the tip. Repeat the sequence.
  • Make a tiny circular movement down your cheeks using all your fingertips. Continue it from the cheekbones to your chin. Make a circle of tiny pressures all around your lips. Use your first finger and thumb on both hands will meet in the middle of your chin. Massage along your jaw out to the side.
  • Make gentle sweeping movements by using the palms of both hands. Continue the strokes up your cheeks. All over your nose and forehead to your hairline. Meanwhile, rest your hands on your forehead to finish the massage.
  • Take a dime-size amount of massage oil or lotion between your hands until it’s at body temperature. Oil helps your hands to slip over the skin and avoid chafing. Massage the scalp, your partner may need to wash afterward if you use oil.
  • Locate the hard bones of the shoulder blades and the spine. Try to avoid bone while you are massaging, focusing, only on the muscles.
  • Tap the face starting at the chin and moving slowly up the forehead using fingertips. Avoid eyes and move back down again taping the cheek. Increase circulation that improves skin firmness.
  • Make tiny circles on the forehead and temple using fingertips. Move down the sides of the face and back up again.
  • Firmly pinch right between the eyebrows increases blood circulation. Slowly work down the eyebrow, pinching lightly and repeat on the other side.
  • Press two fingers on the skin next to the nose and staying in one spot, move your fingers in circles, move outwards repeating for ½ inch every motion. The pressure points, massaging them will relieve sinus pressure and problems that promote lymphatic drainage.