Natural ways to overcome eye minus

Eye minus is a disorder that occurs in the eye that makes a person unable to see objects at a distance that is too far. This problem can be experienced by anyone. The cause of the eye usually caused as a result of minus often read in the dark or do not get adequate lighting. It can also be caused due to reading while lying down, TV, exposed to radiation monitor, or mobile phone and so on. People with this problem usually wear glasses or contact lenses.

Symptoms of eye minus

A patient with nearsightedness has the axis of eye shadow that it is too convex objects. It falls from the retina. As a result the distant objects are not seen clearly. The symptoms are head pain, especially the front, eyes sore and heavy, feels like going out and excessive tears melted. It improves when eye rested or anti-pain medication.

Natural ways to reduce eye minus

Fruit and vegetables

If you want to reduce your eye minus naturally, this is the best solution. Consume foods that are good for the eyes. Good food to nourish the eye are avocado, eggs, garlic, carrots, onion erah, spinach, salmon and other green leafy vegetables. Consume healthy fruits directly by preparing them into juice or salad.

Train the eye

Train the eye to see distant objects without glasses. You can go into the fields or the beach because at that places have a point of view far and wide.

Treat eye with beautiful panorama

Looking at the expanse of the sea, that the mountain chain is decorated with greenery and helping to lower the minus eye. There is no harm in taking the time to relax that you have to visit the places that are beautiful scenery and panoramic. This helps to treat and spoil the eye.

Eye therapy

Treat the eye minus that with betel leaf. Betel leaves can help to cure eye minus by natural way. Clean betel leaves and applies it on your eyelids while you sleep. Apply it on a regular basis.

Perform gymnastics eyes

You can reduce eye minus by eye exercise every day. This will be helpful to train your eyes to focus. It can be done by looking at various objects that are different distances, and then blink the eyes normally with not too fast or too slow.

Wax therapy

Candles help to reduce the level of minus on your eyes. It is simply that, just light the candle and the wax face without much blinking. Try it not to blink too often so that many tears come out. This is simple and yet powerful enough to reduce eye minus on regular exercise.

Use glasses

Glasses are used for the last alternatively eye therapy. Use sunglasses that will reduce glare, just sake glasses that will probably restrict your vision.

Cleaning your eyes

You just clean the eyes regularly that can use eye drops and wear the glasses when driving. Thus, it is intended that your eyes are not in direct contact with the dust.

Some of the Bayes methods are as follows


Eye exercise helps to relax and rest. Try to sit comfortably at the table and then put a couple of pillows to high sejejer eyes. You just put your elbows on the pillow that it then closes your eye with the palms of the hands until no cahanya intake. Breathe slowly, relaxing and imaging in the dark. Do it for 10 minutes that to 2 – 3 times a day.

Shifting visions

People spent most of the time at the computer. So try to shift your vision on an object or a poster on the wall. It helps to improve peripheral vision and nearsightedness, farsightedness. It eliminates cataracts.


Close your eyes and look at the sun directly with your closed eyes. While looking at the sun, slowly just move your head to the left, and right as far as possible that until it touches shoulders. It also helps to bring more circulation to the neck. Do it for 3 – 5 minutes. Repeat if once a day and it required a sunny day.

Wiggle eyes

Try to stand and focus on distant objects or point. Toss the ball from the left and right eye or vice versa, while flashing 100 times per day. Flash useful that to clean and lubricate the eyes.