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Best eyebrow shaping tips – How to shape eyebrows

Eyebrows play a very important role in revealing the appearance of the face. Well-groomed and well-shaped eyebrows highlight the features of the lady. The correct shape of the eyebrows that would suit the face should be carefully determined by a professional.

Touching up your eyebrows is one of the most subtle ways to highlight your face. The right shape can make you look thinner, younger even happier. You need to trim eyebrows from time to time, especially to people who have bushy, big and very thick eyebrow.

Most people confuse eyebrow trimming to shape. It is recommended that you first trim them before you can shape them or apply other brow makeup. Trimming eyebrows at home can be very time and cost effective.

The first step to trimming and shaping your own eyebrows is to brush them into place so you can judge where you might want to do some trimming and places you’ll want to avoid. This gives you the shape you desire and the look you want to leave the trimming and plucking to whatever might be outside of the stencil you’ve made for yourself.

Now that you’ve got a basic idea of your desired eyebrow shape, you are now going to take the eyebrow brush and brush your eyebrows up toward the ceiling as much as you can; sure you look a little crazy for the moment! Once you’ve got your eyebrows brushed upward you’re going to take your tiny trimmer and carefully trim the ends of your eyebrow hairs; trim as much as you need to for you to be satisfied with your eyebrows.

Now, make it happen by brushing it into place and filling it in with an eyebrow pencil, powder and or gel.

The most important trick to doing this is to trim just a little bit at a time, you can always take off more but you can never put more back on. Trim a little bit and then brush them back to a natural state so you can see what you want to do next, if you want to trim more or if you’re satisfied with the results you have. The growing process isn’t that long (about two weeks) so if you do slip does not worry, just grab an eyebrow powder or pencil and keep it handy for you to be able to fill in with.

Trimming your eyebrows in a dimly lit room can result in you trimming off way more than you realized or than you expected.

Eyebrow solutions for different face shapes


Oval: Face gracefully tapers toward the chin, wider forehead, prominent cheekbones and an ideal face shape. Goal to maintain this ideal oval face. Solution generally a soft angled eyebrow shape would be best maintained this ideal oval face.

Long: Face gracefully taper toward the chin, a Bongated feature from forehead to chin and some have prominent chin. The goal is how to make a long face appear shorter. The solution is a flat eyebrows shape. Its horizontal line would stop the viewer from seeing the elongated face, instead makes it appear to be shorter.

Round: Face width and length almost the same and widest at the cheeks. Goal to make a round face appear to be longer. The solution is that a high arch eyebrow shape. It’s up & down lines would draw the viewer’s eye up & down and lengthens it. It creates more vertical lines as you can avoid rounded brow as it makes the face more round.

Square: Forehead, cheekbones and jawline almost the same width, square and bony Galen are prominent features. The goal is to soften balance the strong jaw line. Solutions depend on the curved eyebrow shape and then add more angles to create balance. The stronger and move bony the jaw line is the more angled brow shape should be created. A defining sharp peak at the top of the brow makes it appear longer.

Heart: Face strongly tapers toward the chin, shin tends to be pointy and the forehead may be a prominent feature. Goal to soften/balance the strong pointy shin and may be the prominent forehead. Solution forehead may be the widest of the face. Depend on how prominent of the forehead, start first with a low arch, round curves brows, then adds more volume to it as it adds more length to the forehead as well as balancing the pointy chin.

Diamond: Face highly angular and somewhat bony. The widest at temples, not as common compare to others. Goal to soften the whole face and makes the widest portion less wide. The solution is a curved eyebrow shape. Its curves will soften the angled face and reduce the widest part of the face temples.

Steps to determine the shape of one’s eyebrows

Step 1:  The innermost beginning of the eyebrow is determined by holding the tweezer vertically on the outermost part of the nostrils up to the eyebrows.

Step 2:  The middle part of the eyebrows are determined by holding the tweezer horizontally. Both eyebrows should be of the same height

Step 3:  The end part or tail of the eyebrow is determined by holding the tweezer diagonally from the outer part of the nostrils to the outer part of the eye.

Mark these portions with a pencil and remove the extra hair from all sides. The head of the eyebrow near the nostrils is broader than the tip of the eyebrow near the corner of the eye. The middle part which is in the form of an arch is the broadest.

Guidelines for filling the eyebrows

Steps 1- Filling of the eyebrows should be done with a shade lighter than the original color of the eyebrows. It should be started with the head of the eyebrows with light short strokes.

Step 2— the middle part of the eyebrows are the most dense and should be filled gently.

Step 3—the tail of the eyebrows is the thinnest which crosses to the outmost corner of the eye.

Step 4—Brush the eyebrows with a spoolie brush to blend the pencil marks with the natural hair.

Grooming of thick eyebrows

Step 1—Pluck out the extra hair around the natural line of the eyebrows with the help of a tweezer. Always move the tweezer against the grain.

Step 2- Tweezer and remove the extra hair from above the eyebrow arch.
Step 3- Thin excess hair from the temple can be removed with the help of a razor. The excess hair on the forehead can also be removed in this manner.

Steps to perfectly groomed eyebrows

Eyebrow raise for a beautiful look

Touch up your eyebrows that is one of the most subtle ways to highlight your face. This is the most important task to set out with an outstanding look. An eyebrow can overshadow with a set of fantastic features that are not to mention and take a week to grow out. This is best and an eyebrow can expect the fancy look. Try arches looking eyebrows with a clear and neat look.

Gathering eyebrow making tools

Gather your tools that you need for your eyebrow shaping and is simply with a brow pencil to fill out the sparse areas that an eyebrow brush, slanted tip metal tweezers and grooming scissors for a perfect eyebrow shape. This helps to get the perfect eyebrow shape that can add a beautiful look with shaped brow.

Map with brows

The best and important this is to map out brows. The best to find your natural brow shape is by thickness. Thus, let the brow out you for a month to get a better look. Hold the brush against the side of your nose at the side of your nose is its tip rests on your forehead. Thus, the brows should begin where the edge of the bris. The perfect eyebrow shape adds more beautiful look on your face. Try to get the better eyebrow shape from the well experienced beautician to get a natural looking face.

Trim out extra hairs

This is another best way to trim the extra hairs. Use the brow brush and sweep brows up toward your forehead. Thus, the grooming scissors, and snip strands of hair for longer than your natural brow line. Thus, the brush hairs back to a natural position.

Tweeze your brows

Tweezing is best to stand out a foot from the mirror, pluck the hair in one row of hair on the bottom of brows. The nose to arch to temple. Thus, it is better to pluck always in the direction of hair growth that helps to prevent ingrown hairs. Pluck the hair stray along to get a natural beautiful look.


Homemade natural tips to get different shapes of your nails

Freshly manicured and polished nails look beautiful. Most of the girls prefer to have nail polish that matched to their dress and have accessories that matches to it. Shape your nails to get a great substitute for a fresh manicure. Here you have the different shapes of your nails and how to get it?

First, start with the basic step that you need to choose which nail shape suits to you best. So prefer to do it. The best way to shape your nails is by using a nail file. Choose a nail file that emery boards the basic nail file. They come under different grits like lower the number, the rougher the grit, and the more of your nail it will take away at once. Find, a file with grit between 220 – 300 if you are having healthy natural nails. As for the type of file which there are a variety of forms like glass file, metal file and emery board.

A glass nail file is made from small crystals and this type of file lasts longer than emery files or metal files. The fine grit of a glass nail file allows for more detailed shaping than a coarse file. To shape a gel nail or an acrylic nail, opt for an emery board or metal file. Their rougher texture will smooth away the thicker nail faster. You can see, how to shape your nails and perfect nail shape at home naturally.

Tips on how to shape nails different-ways-to-shape-your-nails

Oval shaped nails

If you want to wear a fancy, traditional nail shape, choose for the oval. This nail shape isn’t as strong as the square. Because the sides are filed down. Oval nail shape gives wide nail beds a more feminine appearance. Classic nail shape is nothing in egg shape by holding the nail file at an angle. Oval nails are the best sites for short fingers as they replicate the shape of the finger and give a longer appearance.

How to file oval shape nails

An oval shape is a bit difficult as it is slightly imperfect that make the nail look unbalanced. First straighten your side walls and should, be even. Then, begin to file your nails by side with toward the top, using smooth, arching motions with the file. This will work your angles on both sides and are around the free edge to smooth into an oval shape. This makes you look perfect with a nice balance between cuticle shape and free edge.

Almond shaped nails

To start this by shaping the process of almond shape that marks a spot in the center of your nail. File toward that point. File the nail at an angle that is just off the center of the nail. Leave a flat tip to round out. After that you have the angles on both sides, file the corners to smooth out the sharp angles and blend the nail into an almond shape. It elongated fingers and adds a feminine flare to shorter fingers.

How to file almond shape nails

The almond nails style is a very feminine that make your fingers appear thin and delicate. This gives a look of forward to growing your nails long, and they don’t go with this style too. Simply file your nails on both sides and make sure not to go deeper. File in a curved shape and are somewhat like a pointed nail.

Round shaped nails

If you are constantly working with your hands and need to keep a short nail, this shape suits well. It is a safe choice as they maintain and complement longer fingers or larger hands. Start with a square nail and then round the nail out at a slight angle or you can also follow the curve of your finger.

How to file round nail shape

The best file to get round nail shape is by filling the side walls straight out. This has just rounded the edges and is nicely curved shape. But, be careful not to take deep sides if so, this makes you look unbalanced. For this you need to visualize by making a square and filling the side walls straight out. Simply round the corners and moderate angles to complete the shape. This can finish your round shaped nails and are tapered.

Squoval shaped nails

This is a strong nail choice because the majority of the nail is as wide as the nail bed. It is similar to square nails. To get nail shape, start as you would with an oval nail by filing the edges of your nail an angle. Once you got the oval shape, flatten the peak of the nail by filing as you would a square nail, straight across in one direction. The nail shape is flattering on any finger length.

How to file squoval nail shape

The squoval shape can begin with the square shape. This builds square and make the sidewalls straight. Tilt the file underneath the corners and file back and forth from the underneath up. This can gradually take the corners off. The round the part of the tip and past the free edge which is something away from the side walls in the stress area.

Square shaped nails

Square nails are most important that it is fashionably famous. It also sturdiest that the nail shape will span the entire width of the nail bed. It slices steel in two, but it won’t break as easily either. Shape, trim your nails to the desired length, and file nails in one direction straight across the entire nail. Finish the look by file lightly around the edges to clean up any snags or roughness. This nail shape works best for long fingers with a wide nail bed.

How to file square shape nails

Square shape is a classic shape that can instruct a medium grade file of 150 grit. This is used to get shape free edge and side walls. Your hand around to straighten the free edge, when we look it the file should be perpendicular to the nail to get square shape. So, file the side wall straight up and change the angle to blend. Repeat the other side and use angles that are lightly feather to bevel the nail to sharpen the corners.

Stiletto shaped nails

This is a great look that is pointed along. Create a quite the sensation among rock that stars such as Rhianna and Adele. It’s the shape of looking for a long and slender look to their hands. There is an alternate filling both sides to the center of the nail. You have to mark the middle of the nail as a guideline. Point the nail that may be trendy to try, its weakest nail shape. It is often done in acrylic or gel nails that to avoid damaging the natural nails.

How to file pointed nails

The pointed nail shape can be attained based on the letter “I”. The center and upper arch form a line running down the nail bed.  The top “I” bends the cuticle flush to get a natural nail. Thus, the bottom of the “I” looks down the barrel of the nail and make sure to “C” curve is even. Thus, the pointed tip requires a top pointed nail that meets at the center of the apex.


Top best hairstyle according to face shapes

Hairstyles on a face are like putting a frame around a picture.  The most important aim of the hairstyle is to minimize the non-pleasing features of the face and to promote the positive ones. It is a general rule that that on the whole the face should give an oval look which is the most pleasing and perfect shape those appeals to the human eye.  In order to achieve these long faces need to be shortened and wide faces need to look longer. The factors that need to be considered in deciding on a hairstyle are the texture of the hair, features and the shape of the face.

Hairstyles can be different that mean different things to a variety people. No matter how the hair is cut and both long and short enough for you to style it many different ways. We have rounded up different styles to get you a creative hair juices flowing. Different medium or long haircuts that you can mix and match to suit your facial features, style and personality.

How to determine your face shape

Women say that the face shape is only a round face. But there are some other six basic face shapes. Here, you can easily find the exact face shape of your actual face shape. This is by just pulling your hair back away from your face. Then, have a good looking face in the mirror. You have to find that what’s the widest part of your face either the forehead or jaw? This is either the cheekbones which are the widest and are looking at your chin which points to your round or square. So, now picture the imaginary line that is going around your face shape.

Following are the six different face shapes with distinct characteristics.

Oval face shape: The oval face looks that the face length of your face is long. Half times its width and forehead is just slightly wider than your chin length.

Square face shape: The prominent jaw line and square chin give a square face shape. The forehead and jaw line are approximately of the same width.

Heart face shape: The forehead and cheekbones are the wide face shapes which are with a narrow jaw and pointy chin.

Diamond face shape: The best way to make your forehead is that the jaw line is narrow and can give your cheekbones with a widest part of your face.

Round face shape: The prominent cheeks are wider in length and can make your face look equally at chin and forehead.

Oblong face shape: Oblong face shape is often confused with an oval, and this shape is slightly longer but not as wide. For this face shape you can see a pointy chin.

Facial shapes and hairstyles

Oval face shape

The oval face is longer that it is wide and its forehead is slightly wider than the jaw. Many haircuts and styles suit an oval face shape. The best styles to go for are the ones that have layers at the height of your best features such as cheekbones, lips or chin. You can have flattering cuts as they suits you best. Short layers at the top of the head should be avoided as they make the face look longer. The best hair cuts that best suits you are blunt bangs, central part, bob with side bangs, edgy short cut. Try to avoid cuts that are almost every style will flatter.

Oval shape

Oval faces are similar to round faces, but are a little elongated. The chin and forehead are of the same width and the cheekbones are slightly wider. Any type of haircut will suit an oval shaped face. French twist or side swept bangs will flatter the features of this face.

The top knot twisted tightly in the middle of the head looks good. First tie a tight ponytail and twist them up with a topknot. The stylish hairstyle best suits for oval face shape. Try this hairstyle for parties. This is the best stylish and different hairstyle to look beautiful.

Round face shape

Round type has a round chin and adds height on top of the head. Cut the bulk from the sides of your face to give it an oval look. One length haircut or blunt cuts on short hair should be avoided. Hair width needs to be minimized on the sides and are around the ears by keeping them flat at those points. Hair styles that fall right below the shin and have layers from the top down elongate the face.

Round face shape

Round facial characteristics are smoothly curved lines and a round chin. The chin and forehead are wide and the cheekbones are wide. This round face call for a long layered hair cut that falls just below the chin or edgy layer cut or fringe bangs that fall on the shoulders. The suitable hairstyle on these features is curled and waves with thick side bangs. Blunt cuts and one length cuts must be avoided.

Heart face shape

The heart shape is widest at the temples and narrowest at the jaw line with a small and delicate. It is pointed chin. Hairstyle for this shape need to add width at the jaw line. Short hair with top layers, long, side swept bangs, longer hair can try long, wavy layers will suit for this face shape. Harsh copy layers or blunt cut bangs do not suit for heart shaped face.

Heart face shape

Heart shaped faces have a pointy chin and a wide forehead. Cheekbones are the same width or sometimes slightly wider. Side swept bangs one short, fast cuts will suit a heart shaped face. Pushed back up do will add volume to the top of the head and will also help in flatter in the features on the face.

Diamond face shape

Widest the forehead, but narrow at the forehead and chin. Unflattering hair styles, best suited for diamond shaped face. Hairstyles for a diamond face are softened, fringe, low side parting, a sweep of hair brushed across the forehead, width to the face and make it look shorter. This type of fuse is found rarely. Asymmetric haircuts look good. Adding hair volume with curly or wavy style also suits best.


This hairstyle best suits for oblong face shape. This hairstyle can add volume to thin or fine hair. This is an excellent hairstyle that can drive you for wavy hair. The brown streaks of fringe wavy haircut best suits for oblong face shape. The hair on shoulders with mid part makes you look stylish and are good. This gives a beautiful look in a black color dress.

Rectangular face shape

The rectangular face shape is like long and narrow face shape with a square. It adds width with a fringe on the forehead that style a side part to soften the square in the face. Short or extremely long haircuts make the face look longer while chin-length bobs and haircuts add width to the face. The long and narrow facial shape makes you look with this hairstyle more stylish. Add the width to add the curls and waves. Short layers lend volume to the top further elongating the face then balancing it.

Square face shape

Facial shapes have a square jaw line. This type of face needs a hairstyle that lends length and roundness to it. Layered hair around the jaw line softens a bit while wispy hair takes the attention away from the square of the face. A layered haircut, short, blunt cut bangs, chin length bobs spiky cuts, or long, sleek styles with top down layers starting at the jaw line are the best suited for square faces.

Square shape

Square faces have a wide, angular jaw, wide cheekbones, and a broad forehead. This facial shape requires sleek cuts with graduated layers that start from the jaw line, angled cuts with long hair in the front.  Hairstyles with curls will be suitable. A small ponytail or bun with hair pulled at the back will be suit the shape of the face. One length cuts and blunt cuts will highlight the jaw.

Pear face shape

It is a narrow forehead and wide jaw line with a round chin. Your hair should appear wide and full at the top. Bob haircut for heart shaped face is quite simple to pick up. Wear brushed away from the face and up toward the ears. Down from the ears, the hair should fall along the chin to soften. Create a volume around the forehead with a partial bang. Chin length, curls around the temples, sides, and around the ears will suit for this face type. The best hairstyles are heavy straight bangs, heavy rounded bangs, long, soft bangs, side parted curtain bangs, side swept bangs. The mentioned hairstyles best suit for pear shaped face.Facial-shapes-and-hairstyles

A great hairstyle that can lift years off your look and make you feel for completely reinvigorated. As the foundation for any haircut, the shape of your face determines. This can emphasize your eyes, lips, and cheekbones. The haircuts and layering techniques are shown, that is finely tuned to your face shape. Your face shape that can be truly the best that can bring more life and vitality to your face. This different hairstyle according to face shape, makes you look naturally.

Long or oblong face shape

Long or oblong face shape is longer than it is wide. Long face shape has the same width of forehead, cheeks, and jawline. The jawline is probably round in shape. Your face looks longer than as it is wide and has a straight cheek line. The most flattering haircut for long face shape is shoulder length hairstyle. This is the perfect length and is very popular. The very best way is to get bangs. This is because bangs make your face appear shorter and can cover up a particularly large forehead. You can also with blunt bangs to long, side sweep bangs. Bob haircuts should be avoided out.

The right hairstyle that best suits for your face shape model is to have bangs that are to shorten the overall length of the face. This layer helps to add body and bounce the creating needed width. The shapes that will work straight or curly textures are best for long face shape.


The sleek straight layered haircut is best for oblong face shapes with oval ones. The more the hair length is and a pointy chin. To style this hairstyle, you should avoid drawing attention to the chin. That’s the reason why long layers that start below the chin are ideal.


How to choose an Indian wedding dress style for your body shape

A wedding is an every woman’s dream to look more beautiful with different accessories and dress. There are countless styles and colorful wedding dresses for the bride to choose to look gorgeous. How to know which dress style perfectly matches for your wedding is best for you? Indian weddings are full of customs and rituals which are important for women to be beautiful on the special wedding day. Once a wedding is fixed, it continues for at least three to four days at a stretch to decide what to wear and how to style you?  There are the engagement, Sangeet, haldi, wedding and reception parties, for which you have to plan your dressing. Therefore, the bride requires her wedding collection to be a fast and unique one. Even if ‘lehenga’ are truly the ultimate wedding dress for Indian brides might choose it to wear it on her engagement as well according to their rituals.

The ultimate wedding dress for Indian brides might choose lehenga to wear for engagement which make the bride look beautiful which makes you different from others. Choose a modern mermaid cut, embroidered satin lehenga choli for ring ceremony that can turn everyone’s attention at you. You can opt for a more heavily embroided lehenga choli with jewelry for the very special D-day. The bride on her wedding day can look pretty in an embroidered saree or a designer Salwar Kameez for Haldi or Sangeet. Colors play an important role while choosing a lehenga as there are a wide range of colors available today. While selecting the color of the dress or a saree, first you should know your body shape and skin tone, as they are important in choosing your dress color.

We are here to help you choose that ideal bridal wear that is fashionable as well as traditional. Choose the right Indian style for your body shape.

How to choose best bridal wedding dress according to your body shape

Pear shaped body wedding dress selection

If you have a pear body shape which looks slightly smaller upper body and a heavier bottom with the well defined waistline. You will have a heavier body shape from your waist below, so, your immediate action is to work on your upper body and tone down the heavier bottom.

You can try with a beautiful V neck top and a short blouse to accentuate your killer waist or opt for a rushed top to create the illusion of a bigger bust. Lehenga skirt should not be mermaid, A shape would be more flattering for you. Heavy lehenga is to compliment a pear shape figure. So, make sure to wear a heavily designed lehenga choli to look gorgeous at your wedding. 

Apple shaped women in wedding dresses

An apple shaped woman is one with ample bosom and a slightly slimmer but less defined waistline. It is important to know your body shape to select the dress that best suits for you. You will have to work on your lower body as it is heavy. So, by adding more volume to the lehenga that helps to make you look slimmer. If you have an apple shape, then you can go for softer fabrics such as chiffon and a style that compliments your body. Those are just like an Anarkali or Sharara style which make you to cover the body shape and adds gorgeous look. These styles draw attention away from a larger upper body.  A great look for apple shapes is with the right choice of fabric and dress type to attain beauty.

Best wedding bridal dress for hourglass shape

The women who have hour glass is lucky as any dress suits for them. You don’t need any guide because anything will look good on you and can select your loved dresses. For this shape a number of styles work well, such as lehengas with short tops that helps to cover the waist. Make a note that Anarkali dress best suits with a tight material at the midsection that can accentuate the figure and also saree make them look really good. But, try to avoid banarsi saree as they make you look as a crusty tea towel. Avoid mermaid style lehengas which accentuate larger hips/bum and gives an odd look. All you need is a dress that enhanced your natural asset. 

Petite shaped wedding dress

A petite body shaped women should wear an outfit that creates height. As they appear smaller. A lehenga choli can show the midriff that would create too much horizontal negative space and does not look good. They can go for an outfit that is fairly light. It is better to choose an outfit without too much heavy material or material draped over you.

You have a tiny but feminine frame that looks pretty cute. You should consider yourself lucky this is because you can try different wedding dress according to your choices. But, you should avoid heavy debates as they make you look thinner. A great look for petite girls is a shareware, chore dar and Anarkali suit with long sleeves which suits you best to look perfect. This can focus on the vertical outfits. Avoid heavy debates and focus on vertical shapes and U or V necklines which make you look heavy and thinner.

An athletic body shape with perfect wedding bridal look

The athletic body shape is also known as rectangular body shape You look fit and slim in this body shape. The best and perfect wedding dress look can improve your volume and textures in your lehenga choli that can add beauty. An A-line lehenga with full flare is best for your body shape. A traditional lehenga with lots of pretty pleats or a layered skirt which can add flares out beautifully at the bottom. This is the ideal selection for your special wedding day. A bridal wedding saree with heavy designed work is also perfect. Wearing your saree or lehenga that can make you look slim and thin.

Inverted triangle shaped body for bride

The body shape is in the form of a cone, which exactly opposite to that of the pear shape body. Most of the women with inverted triangle shape have heavier top and a lighter bottom with broad shoulders. The perfect dressing for them in a wedding is lehenga with a wide flair that to with the detailing at the bottom which helps to balance the body shape. Try to avoid wearing heavy choli which make you look bulky. Choose simple choli’s and go with the lehenga to look beautiful.

The inverted triangle shaped body can go for A –line Kurta or lehenga which has a cropped jacket. This will suit as it can provide an angular structure which is just underneath the chest. It also has a wide hemline with a bottom which make your waist look smaller. Try to avoid stiff fabrics and go for Patiala salwar’s and chudidhar draws everyone’s attention at you.

1. inverted traingel

Wedding dress for ruler shaped body

The ruler shaped body can also be known as straight body shape, which has an upper and lower torso equally. Is the width is of an average bust with an undefined waist, a flat buttock and a slender legs too for women who has straight body shape. They can choose to wear a straight cut lehenga which can resemble a wrap around the skirt. This makes you feel like a princess with the addition of a lot of flounce for your lehenga choli. It is better to select the choli with a neckline that falls below the collarbone which gives an elongated look.

2. ruler shaped body for bridal dress


Choosing saree according to the body type & color of a woman

If you are going to choose a sari for yourself, it is important to select particular fabric and color that goes with her body shape and complexion of women.  Sari being one of the attractive outfits of the ladies must be draped in a proper way in order to view well. Sari can easily hide all the flaws of your body if chosen the right fabric and color. Let us find out some interesting tips with regards to complexion and body structure of a lady.

A right choice and carefully draped saree can hide all imperfections of a woman’s silhouette while highlighting her best features or assets. Follow some tips to chose and draping a saree for your personality to enhance your natural beauty. An ideal saree for any woman is the one that lightens her skin tone. Wearing a saree according to your body weight, shape and structure matters really a lot to bring out the grace. Wearing saree can hide your flaws and make you look beautiful when you choose right saree.

Hindi version ]

Saree for tall women

Saree for Tall Women

  • If you then tall choose a saree with bold colors, large prints and broad & heavy borders.
  • Saree with large prints also good to make you look shorter.
  • Cotton saree, raw silk saree and pure silk saree are also ideal.
  • Sheer sarees with net & lace work and embellished with heavy border gives taller and slim women gorgeous and sexier look.
  • Heavy borders in contrast, are quite trendy nowadays.
  • Tall and slim women have more option to choose from saris.

Saree for short womenSaree for Short Women

  • Select a saree for short women that creates an apparition of length.
  • Saree with light colors, short borders and vertical prints is a great choice.
  • Light colors, prints in vertical designs and with short or no borders will make you look tall.
  • Try to avoid sarees with large border will make you look short.
  • Chiffon, georgette, shimmer, and silk sarees are ideal for short women.

Saree for overweight women

  • Any kind of light weight sarees like georgette sarees, chiffon sarees, crepe sarees are best.
  • Heavy Mysore silk saree is a good option for you.
  • Try to choose dark colors and prints that will give you slim and beautiful look.
  • Sarees without border will make you look bulky and fleshy.
  • Wear sarees that are made from cotton mixed with other fabrics like cotton, silk sarees, they will also give you a slimmer look.

Sarees for slim and skinny women

Sarees for slim and skinny women

  • Slim women should choose heavier sarees that they should try sarees made from heavy fabrics like heavy cotton sarees, heavy silk sarees, heavy brocade sarees, heavy designer saree etc.
  • Embroided sarees with heavy zari and other work well for women having more beautiful and gorgeous.
  • Printed sarees that are attractive, large prints and beautiful designs can give a cool look to slim ladies.
  • Slim ladies can try heavily embellished lehenga style saris, tissue sarees, organza sarees, tussar sarees and Kancheepuram silk sarees.
  • Try to avoid chiffon, georgette and crepe sarees. Try light color saree like white, off-white or any other light shades.

Saree for short and slim women

Saree for short and slim women

  • Silk sarees with thin border can add height and volume that are best for short and slim women.

Short height and dark color women

Short height and dark color women

  • Sarees that are dark colors sarees like dark pink, gray, black, maroon, green or contrast colors like white, off white.
  • Saree in plain opaque black or white color.

Saris for voluptuous busty women

Saris for voluptuous busty women

  • Chiffons, georgettes, and silk saris are the best outfit for voluptuous busty women to show their natural voluptuous and curvaceous body figure beautifully.
  • Sarees not only accentuate the curves of a woman that will give them gorgeous and enticing look.

Choose sarees according to complexion of women

Fair complexion and pale color women

Fair complexion and pale color women

  • Bright colored sarees will make them look more beautiful for off white, light pink, white, yellow, peach etc.
  • Fair complexion women with any fabric and color of saree.

Dark or tan or dusky color women

  • Try sarees in a dark color like dark pink, dark purple, maroon, green or completely contrast colors like white and off white.
  • You can choose any different colors because dark color, women look beautiful and sexy in any outfit.
  • Dusky women always look more appealing than fair color women.
  • Dark skin tone women should wear less jewelry as possible to make sure that their makeup is fine tune with the color of a saree and other accessories.
  • Light color sarees with small floral prints with simple accessories will also do well.

Tips of choosing right sari for women

Sari for apple shaped women

Sari for apple shaped women

You must have viewed women with variety of body shape and features who wear sari of different designs and fabrics. Now, if you have an apple shaped body such that if a larger torso is visible, choice of garment should be little different. In such a case, you must wear embroidered sari to suit your body type. This will give you an impression that you have torso of flattened shape.

Thin body women

Thin body women

If you are among that category of women who are thin in appearance, go for cotton sari. Other than cotton there are fabrics such as tussor which will give you a fluffy appearance. Thus, these categories of sari will be appropriate for thin women. Ladies with thin body must avoid chiffon saris as that will make them look much skinnier.

Hour glass shape

Hour glass shape

There is another category of body among women which is named as hour glass shape. If you belong to such a category of individual, go for fabrics such as chiffon, net as well as designer collection as these categories will very well suit the figure of women who have hour glass shape body.

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How to dress yourself skinny according to your body shape?

Comfortable clothing built the better confidence in you. A proper fitting to the body makes you feel comfortable, pretty and good   no matter heavy or slim. Some of the clothes are so fit enough to the skin that makes to look slimmer than actual. This draws the attention among the people during the parties. Here we are discussing such points to look better with the skinny clothes based on the body shape.

Hourglass body shape

Most of the women bear this type of body shape. Every style can be matched to this body shape. But some of these are kept in mind while dressing.

  • Neckline should be proper.
  • ¾ sleeves are preferable above the wrist.
  • The shoulders of the tops and t shirts should be good enough so that the sleeves are not hanging out.
  • Jackets are fitted with shawl collar and should hide the opening in the front.
  • Coats of different styles are preferred.
  • Any type of dress can be easily fitted with this type of body.
  • Pencil skirts, hemline should be up to the knee length.
  • Jeans of simple, stylish like bootleg, classic can be preferred.
  • Trousers with side zip, plain, straight type are preferred.

Apple body shape

This people bearing this body shape do not have well defined waist but have bust.

  • The cloth lining surrounding the body should be straight or slightly fitted.
  • Keep the bust line, hip line plain and simple.
  • The shoulder line should be balanced from front and side view.
  • The silhouette should be fitted clearly   under bust, arms, and waist.
  • Wear the skirt above knee length.
  • Wearing belts of big /small. High waisted trousers, jackets can be preferred.
  • Clutch bags / shoulder bags are preferred.
  • The sleeves covering the bust

Pear body shape

The people bearing this body shape can wear the top and skirt which is more suitable. A perfect fitting can be used with more comfort.

  • Wear the flat bottom such as skirts, flat front pants.
  • Slim belt is preferred on the waist line rather than on the hips.
  • A flare bottom pant / jeans are preferred.
  • Jackets/ blazers covering up to the hip area are preferred.

Busty body shape

  • Shorter neckline over chest.
  • Skirts, trousers are preferred.
  • Light colored dresses are preferred.

Petite body shape

The people with this body shape should go for hemline up to the knee so that they can look taller. Full skirts, long length suits a lot.

  • Skirts of knee length are preferred.
  • Wear V/U shaped neck tops.
  • 3 or 1/3 sleeves are preferred.
  • 2/3 – 1/3 tops look better on them.
  • If you are interested in a tight, slim silhouette they also help them look taller.
  • Right fit/ size clothes are very comfortable to them.
  • High heels are best for them.
  • Short trousers/pants are avoided.
  • Vertical patterned clothes are preferred.
  • Tops are up to hip line, exceeding that makes you look short.

Rectangle shaped body

  • Curves around the bottom.
  • Light colours are preferred.
  • Full skirts suit them.
  • A boot cut pant, flare, wide pants suits them.
  • Nipped jackets / sweaters / tops are preferred.
  • Simple tops are preferred.
  • Colored belts suit for them.
  • U/V shaped necklines suits for them.
  • A very cute tops suits for them.
  • Avoid waist length handbags.
  • Tops with soft sleeves are preferred.
  • Collar less shirts are preferred.

Cone shaped body

This people bear flat hips and bottoms, wider straight and squared shoulders. Bottom half is smaller than the upper top with a straight rib cage.

  • Straight lining Clothes, hemline jackets are very comfortable for them.
  • Tops with good design and pattern with a scarf on it gives a great appearance to them.
  • Broad neck lines, halter neck tops, big collar necks, pencil skirts, skinny jeans, puff sleeves, shoulder pads are avoided. Simple straight lined dresses like A lined pattern are preferred.
  • Wider collar and lapels, longer jackets/ coats suits them. Wrap tops, straight lined, split end tops at waists suits for them.

These tips are kept in mind while buying the dresses so that they will be very skinny to our body texture and feel comfortable.


The perfect breast looks like according to men and women

Every woman worries about what her breasts look like; this is especially after childbirth or wear and tear as the years go by.

If you have ever wondered what the perfect breasts look like, you don’t have to wonder anymore as scientists have finally found what the perfect breasts should look like.

It may sound like a headline from The Onion, but actual British researchers have pinpointed the ideal breast shape, according to a study published in the very real journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

British researchers have pinpointed the ideal breast shape, according to a study published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

British doctors surveyed 1,315 people (men, women and plastic surgeons), asking them to look at photos of different breasts and pick the proportions they liked best.

The wining ratio across all three groups: 45:55, as in 45% of breast tissue falls above the nipple line and 55% below. Turns out, this is a “natural” shape—similar to the Venus de Milo—and nothing like the orb-like, fake boobs of yours.

“Particularly in the United States in previous decades, plastic surgeons have used implants that were often round due to being filled with saline,” wrote researchers Dr. Patrick Mallucci of The Cadogan Clinic and Dr. Olivier Branford of the Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust in an email. “These inevitably gave an unnatural football-like or ‘Baywatch’ breast with overfilling of the top of the breast due to the implant shape and lack of understanding as to what to aim for.”

Surprisingly, one subset in the study was more apt to choose perfect, even melons: women over 40. The likely reason? They pine for what they’ve lost up top. “As the breast ages,” wrote the researchers, “it becomes fatter, the skin sags and the nipple fall, often with breast volume loss.” (As if those of us in our 40’s need a reminder of all that!)

Maybe you’re thinking: How dare experts reveal what’s “perfect” when we all know beautiful breasts come in all shapes and sizes! Well, before you get too worked up, keep in mind that the study was meant to help plastic surgeons have a more consistent template not only for breast augmentation, but also breast reductions and reconstruction after cancer.

Top line takeaway? A natural bosom is the favorite, even with guys—no matter what beer commercials would have us believe. As the British doctors explained, “Preconceptions that man prefers an artificial augmented look are false.”

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes so don’t get too worried to comparing your breasts to this perfect ideal. The study was meant to help plastic surgeons have a more consistent template not only for breast augmentation, but also breast reductions and reconstruction after cancer.


The foods that fight against diseases

New research is uncovering the age-defying, disease-fighting, fat-blasting superpowers of common foods you already love. Highly colored vegetables and fruits tend to be your best bet, like the lycopene in tomatoes and pink grapefruit, the anthocyanins in berries, the isoflavones in legumes, carotenoids in carrots and flavonoids in chocolate. Prevention is key when it comes to taking care of your health. This means going to regularly scheduled doctor and dental appointments, but it also means getting plenty of exercise, fruits, and vegetables.

Most naturally occurring fruits and vegetables contain disease-combating antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Together, these three types of nutrients are called micronutrients and are known to promote immune health and protect against cancer. Some plant foods have benefits beyond fighting cancer.


The research on turmeric is too extensive to leave out. This tropical Asian spice is used heavily in curries and Indian cuisine, lending a yellow color to food. Before the Western world got a hold of it, herbalists used turmeric for centuries as a natural remedy for several ailments.

Turmeric contains an antioxidant called curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory properties, so it may be beneficial for such diseases as arthritis and ulcerative colitis. In addition, turmeric has anticancer properties. Curcumin has shown promise in preventing and treating several types of cancers, including prostate, skin, and breast cancer.

Fatty Fish

Omega 3 fatty acids are what make fish like salmon and mackerel true super foods; experts recommend three servings per week and for good reason. Fish oil has been known to be protective against heart disease for years and is recommended as part of any heart-healthy diet. Fish oil was discovered to help improve memory and is being studied in Alzheimer’s disease patients.

But the anti-disease benefits don’t stop there. In clinical trials, fish oil has proven to be beneficial for patients with ulcerative colitis, making the disease less painful. In those with autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s or rheumatoid arthritis, fish oil reduces relapses.


Like many dark, leafy vegetables, it’s also a great source of several vitamins and minerals that keep the immune system in top shape. It seems like Popeye was on to something. Thanks to high concentrations of the antioxidants lutein and beta-carotene, spinach is a nutritional powerhouse. Research has credited spinach with anticancer benefits in addition to heart disease protection for those who eat it regularly. Lutein is also great for the eyes and can help preserve healthy vision.


Blueberries are one of the most famous super foods available because they are densely packed with antioxidants and vitamins. Many of those antioxidants are known to be protective against cancer, but the benefits of blueberries don’t stop there.

Blue berries, which are the most commonly consumed in America, can also help to lower blood pressure and stimulate your metabolism. They’re also a brain food and may have protective effects against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, which are neurodegenerative, according to new research.


Like all cruciferous vegetables, broccoli has several anticancer components. Research shows that lung and breast cancer patients eat significantly fewer cruciferous vegetable servings than people who have never had cancer, and the results have been mixed for similar studies involving prostate and pancreatic cancer patients. Many researchers believe this point to a protective effect of cruciferous vegetables against cancer.

But broccoli seems to have a greater protective effect against cancer than other cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. It has been studied more extensively in humans, and several components in broccoli and broccoli sprouts have been pinpointed as anticancer agents.

The antioxidants in broccoli also appear to lower the risk factors for heart attack and stroke in men and that fight against cancer.


Tomatoes have anticancer benefits due to naturally occurring antioxidants found in all varieties of the fruit. The major antioxidant in tomatoes is called lycopene, and it has shown the most promise in protecting against prostate cancer in trials.

But lycopene also has a sunscreen effect that helps to correct the damage done to skin cells after UV exposure. That means that not only can it help prevent skin cancer, but it may also protect against premature aging.

These are the diet that fights fine lines, fatigue and heart disease and helps you to fight against cancer.