Tips to protect and soothe the eyes

Eyes express emotions and thoughts beautifully when words fail to say. It’s our responsibility to take care of them. Nowadays no one is ready to spare time to protect the eyes, due to heavy work load and strenuous lifestyle. Due to these eyes have lost their natural beauty. It leads to the chance of getting dark circles, puffiness, redness, itchiness, wrinkles, and what not. Even after waking up in the morning, your eyes look tired and dull because of the dark circles and under eye bags. So here are some homemade tips to protect eyes and gives a soothing affects easily.

Homemade tips to protect your eyes

Tea bags

Apply cooled tea bags over closed eyes. Don’t use herbal tea bags because most aren’t as effective as the black tea bags because they may cause side effects sometimes.

Chilled cotton balls

Dipping cotton balls in chilled water and placing it over the eyes for 5-10 minutes will give you soothing effect.


Cucumbers work wonders for cooling eyes from tiredness besides lightening the dark circles. Using the slices of cucumber over the eyes everyday for a while gives splendid results.

Cucumber juice

Extract cucumber juice by grating and squeezing them through a muslin cloth. Dip cotton pads in the juice for 2 minutes. Place it on eyelids and darkened areas. Relax for 15 minutes and then remove. Continue this procedure for 2 to 3 days and you will observe remarkable results apart from soothing effect.

Tomato pulp, turmeric, lime juice and gram flour

Mix 1 tsp of tomato pulp, pinch of turmeric, ½ tsp of lime juice and 1 tsp of gram flour till it becomes a paste. Apply gently on eyelids and darkened area. Leave it for half an hour. Then, remove gently with moist cotton pads. This gives cooling effect. Follow this for a week for best results.

Almond oil and lime juice

Alternate hot and cold compress under your eyes for 10 minutes. Then apply a teaspoon of almond oil mixed with half teaspoon of lime juice on the dark surface every night before going to bed. This is a very good beauty tip that can be tried at home for dark circles.

Rose water

The rejuvenating, multifaceted features of rose water can be also effective to reduce dark circles. Just apply cotton balls soaked in rose water on closed eyes for about 15 minutes. This is the best tip in treating dark circles.

Cold compress

Cold compress is made either out of cold water or bags of ice cubes. Place them on the eyes and allow it for some time, when you feel them warm, dip either in cold water, or add more ice depending on what you are using. Repeat till the puffiness drains out. This is the best tip for soothing eye.

Chilled spoon

Allow the rounded spoon to cool in the fridge for a few minutes. Once cooled, take it off and place it against the puffy portion of the eyes. This is a very effective method in reducing puffiness.

Cucumber/ potato pulp with basil tea

Slice or grate small raw potatoes or cucumber and blend to fine consistency. Strain juice and preserve pulp. Prepare a cup of basil tea and add the pulp to it. Pour the mixture into ice trays and make cubes. Place them on puffy eyes. This gives cooling action and relief.

Almonds and milk

Soak the almonds one day before a night. Peel them off and eat them in the next morning. Have a glass of milk later. This gives you a pretty & healthy eye.

Protect eyes from the sun

Protecting the eyes from sun exposure is very much essential because it may lead to some eye diseases such as redness, cataracts, and macular degeneration. So make it as a habit of wearing sunglasses when you go out. Preferably use the glasses having a sticker showing UV400 rated.

Stop using skin care products that contain irritating ingredients around the eye area:

It’s better that the skin present on all over the body is not being affected by irritating skin care ingredients such as fragrance, coloring agents, some cleaning agents, hairspray – like ingredients, or irritating plant extracts. This is especially true in case of eye area because as these ingredients come in contact with the eye that it can become red, itchy, or teary too. So avoid it completely if possible.

Here are some best homemade tips which are made easily available by us at home by using naturally available items. This will protect from various conditions and gives soothing effect to the eyes. So friends hurry up to follow these tips at home by saving this page.