Best drinks to reduce body heat in summer

Summer is very hot and gets longer and warmer. Dehydration can cause illness and problems with your health. It can seem impossible at times to keep cool in the blistering heat. Exposing for long hours in the sun should be avoided. The refreshing drink is made using raw mangoes which are rich in vitamin C and contain antioxidants which prevent us from several diseases. It can heat up the body extremely making to cool itself that can result in dehydration and heat stroke. Stay cool that can depend on much more than ice-chilled. If your body heat rises or lowers too much, you could damage your organs and disturb the proper functions of your cells and body. There are the best tips to control body heat in summer. Home remedies to reduce body heat in summer. Top best drinks to reduce body heat in summer.

Summer heat slowly raising the mercury levels outside that feel irritated, but slapped of energy. Summer is extremely hot that brings a set of problems with it. It causes many health issues like ranging from headaches to weakness to acne and pimple eruptions on the skin.

Drinks to reduce body heat in summer

Drink plenty of water

The more water you drink, the more heat is dissipated from your body. Your body remains hydrated and does not feel exhausted from the heat when you drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day.

Coconut water in hot summer

This is a magical natural drink that is the best source to beat the body heat. It helps to replace the fluid loss in the body. It also lowers fat and zero fat that ha anti ageing profits and benefits to make it the top drink in summer.

Buttermilk to lower heat strokes

Take some water and a pinch of salt to taste to thick yogurt. Mix them well and the tasty buttermilk is ready to drink. Buttermilk can lower the risk of heat stroke. It improves immune system and repairs digestive problems.

Sugar water: Take a glass of water and add two tablespoons of sugar. This is the simple homemade drink that can be prepared instantly. The sugar water instantly reduces body heat and has immediate and fast relief.

Watermelon juice cools your body

Watermelon is sweet and good fruit that has 92 5 of water. It is rich in vitamin C. Watermelon juice rapidly cools down the body from summer heat. It can also easy to prepare at home.

Cucumber juice reduces summer heat

Cucumber is rich in water content and can remove the skin, chop to pieces and throw into a blender to prepare juice. Cucumber contains 95% of water that is just like watermelon. It has natural properties that can lower the body temperature that is very quick. It also takes care of your hair and skin. Cucumber is great to fight against cancer.

Barley water to protect you from body heat

Barley is rich in fiber and other nutrients that makes it healthy. Barley consists of zinc, copper, phosphorous, and selenium that helps to protect our body. It also fights against various diseases, including cancer. You just take some barley seeds and pour them in water. Boil them for some time and take sips throughout the day. It can keep the body cool, and prevents constipation and gall stones too.

Lemon juice to keep your body cool

This is the cheapest homemade drink that surely works in the summer. Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, riboflavin and minerals like calcium, phosphorous, magnesium. Take some chilled water and squeeze out some lemon juice in it. Then add some sugar or salt according to your taste and drink this juice. It helps to keep your body cool.

Sugarcane juice prevents heat strokes

It helps to prevent heat stroke by drinking sugar cane juice. It helps to pack a punch of instant energy and also helps to fight common infections. Sugarcane juice is rich in potassium, glucose, antioxidants, calcium and magnesium. It works good for instant energy and protects you from dehydration. You can just drink sugar cane juice or you may add hygienic ice, lemon, and ginger into it according to your taste.

Mangoes for dehydration

Mangoes are very popular in this season and are rich in vitamin C. It contains antioxidants that help to prevent you from several diseases. Drink a mango juice or you can have it by cutting them into small pieces. The drink has cooling effect on the body and prevents you from a heat stroke and dehydration. It is healthy and tasty too. It can enhance the flavor by adding spices.

Gooseberry to get rid of body heat

Gooseberry is the best food to reduce body heat. Amla is rich in Vitamin C. This is good for skin, hair, glands, and internal organs of the body. Indian gooseberry is rich in anti-ageing properties. This helps to cool down your body temperature. So, drink this amla juice during hot summer. Amla juice prevents body heat and helps to reduce stress. You can get amla juice, which is easily available in the market.

Muskmelon for cooling effect to heat body

Muskmelon is the best food to give natural cooling effect to your hot body. Muskmelon is rich in water content and is the best fruit that is loaded with lots of nutrients. This helps to reduce stress. Prepare muskmelon juice and drink it every day to reduce body heat. This also helps to reduce health problems and good in summer.

Mint to reduce body heat

Mint is good for health and reduces body heat. This is a deliciously dish of mint. Mint has best cooling properties. This helps to soothe the body and helps to get rid of heat efficiently. This is a natural aromatic herb that is incredible with cooling properties. Include mint chutney or juice in your diet in summer to maintain body temperature. A cool peppermint bath with a concoction of mint leaves and essential oil added to cold water. It can prove the benefits of reducing body heat. Drink ice cool min 3 – 4 times a day. This helps to increase body heat and can lower body temperature effectively. This works better for long working hours and soothes head massage with mint oil to reduce body heat both for men and women.

Honeydew melon for body heat

Honeydew melon is fully loaded with water. This is rich in potassium and is low in calories. Cut the slices of honeydew melon and mix it with chilled milk and sugar. Drink this juice as a refreshing cold drink. This helps to get rid of body heat. So, honeydew melon best food to reduce body temperature in the summer. Honeydew melon is the best diet during the summer.

Sugar water reduces body heat

Sugar water is the best and easiest home remedy to reduce body heat. Take two tablespoons of sugar and mix them in a glass of water. Mix them well and drink it to reduce body heat. This is an extremely simple drink that makes the drink for instant results. Sugar water instantly reduces body heat and makes you feel refreshed.