Style tips for overweight women

Are you always obsessed about your flat tummy popping out of the dress when you sit? If you are always cursing yourself because you are overweight, stop now! You could look as stylish and appealing without your weight coming in the way.

Well, it’s a very common problem that most women face today to look beautiful and slim. Reducing tummy takes some time, but should the present look go on a toss? You can reduce them with exercises and certain diet control. No, you should need it to be not as we have a few tips that make fashion for fat very smart. Here are some tips that can guide you through the right wardrobe.

A great pencil skirt to look slimmer

The reason why we suggest pencil skirts is because it tucks bumps of flesh, making the lower half slimmer. Whether it’s for work or an evening out, a pencil skirt is refined, yet classic, and complements all shapes. The stretchable skirts in blacks give a good shape to the body and don’t look too tight or clingy. You may also liven up the classic pencil skirt by going for a dramatic color. It is comfortable, long and goes well with any type of top.

A cool blazer can add style to an outfit

A blazer can be used to add a stylish layer to any outfit for office meeting and wedding parties. This is a piece that can carry you from the office to after work engagements. This makes you look professional and elegant. Try a current style, like a boyfriend cut, or stick with a classic for a more polished look. Add blazer to your outfit to look slim and fit with a unique identity attraction.

Lycra tops for flabby skin

Lycra is the best material to conceal the flabby skin. Wearing light or dark colored Lycra tops like blossom style, colored horizontal stripped tops hide the belly region, arms and even bust magically. The way you dress reflects the way to look, so try to choose the clothes that make you look slim and better.

A wide belt for outfits

A great belt can add an element of interest and stylish, comfortable to any outfit. Try incorporating a brightly colored one into your everyday skirt-and-blouse office combo to be comfortable with loose clothes. A thicker belt is to support your outfits with a beautiful look. This can that of inches and can make your waist will help emphasize your curves in the best way possible.

High waisted briefs

One of the main advantages of wearing high waisted briefs is that it tones the tummy and abdominal region, giving it an even shape to look fit. You should take care of your tummy fat and this can be reduced by daily exercises and a change in diet. The buttocks are also taken care and thus wearing a tight fit jean doesn’t bother the body much.

Latest trendy style with jeggings 

Jeggings are light, non transparent and good talkers. The elastic property of the fabric pulls the skin behind giving it a perfect shape. They are similar to leggings with a change in cloth and fitness. Always choose a slightly loose fit jeggings so that the lower half looks even. This fashion for fat is the most comfortable as most Indian women of today prefer wearing cotton Kurta and jeggings.

A shift dress style makes you look slim

A shift dress will skim your curves in the most flattering way, and don’t be afraid of color! It’s true that wearing all black will streamline your silhouette, but you can get the same effect with any solid color.

Accessories which suits you best

Wearing a thin beaded belt, layered beaded neck piece, thin and long stoles and mall bags add to the slim look. Wearing these accessories will draw the eyes towards them without much effort.

A pair of jeans that really fit

Jeans are a closet staple that every woman should own. It’s better to have one pair that fits you perfectly than several that you aren’t completely happy with. Dedicate an afternoon to tryon jeans and finding your perfect fit; it’s totally worth it!

Tips while selecting trousers

Select trousers that do not have two big pockets. Prefer slim jeans and flared pants. Choosing dark colored trousers hides the tires and fat belly without any hint.

Fashion tips on combining outfits

While matching clothes, our fashion tips for fat would be wearing a long floral top with short tapering skirts or a comfortable fit dark colored trouser. Nowadays the trendy fashion and styles to be followed by the combining outfits is by floral tops and comfortable bottoms. They are the best and light tummy tuck dresses.

Don’t wear too tight clothes

The worst way in trying to be fit is the clothes those are too small and tight. Avoid this way of wearing a smaller size clothes as they make you look thinner and also makes you look bigger. The small and tight clothing has a big body that can exaggerate your weight with a clothing to be fit and can forget about the body size. This means that you can start trying the plus size women’s clothing to look stylish.

Try to wear dark colors on the heavy bits

The color is the important fact on how you look. So, try dark colors that can recede and make you look advance with a dark color on heavy parts with those parts that looks smaller. This is the way you wear different colors such as dark navy, brown, black, gray, burgundy pants, and brighter/lighter tops. Make sure to wear dark colored tops and light colored bottoms.

Do go for the too baggy clothes

The baggy clothes make you look fat, so avoid them as they are too loose and doesn’t work for you. This comes to be a fashion for the overweight women that are really big to pay attention to you. This is very common for which to be heavy and walking around in a tent.

Clothes can skim your body

Some of the clothes need to skim your body and doesn’t have mattered according to your body shape and size. The best choice of clothing for oversize is by preferring trendy plus size women’s clothing with more sophisticated plus size women’s clothing. It is important to style women when it comes to look fabulous.

A fashion designer brand which offers sizes 14 to 30, one can find out the “Do’s and Don’ts” while dressing up:


  • Soft fabrics such as jersey, cotton, flannel or cashmere
  • Narrow V-necklines
  • Figure-hugging shirts and blouses
  • Pencil skirts with a high waistline
  • Low-cut and single-breasted jackets
  • Straight-cut, wide trousers
  • Shift dresses and dresses with an asymmetric cut


  • Shiny fabrics such as satin, as well as thick materials such as velvet
  • Horizontal Stripes and halter neck tops
  • Empire style
  • Playful details such as ruffles or flounces in the bust area
  • Skinny jeans & special tip for accessories
  • Double-breasted jackets and coats
  • Loosely draped scarves can skillfully conceal a large chest.
  • But be careful with accessories like brooches and short necklaces – they can make an ample bosom look even bigger.

Fashion tips for every girl

Fashion is common in today’s world. Every girl wants to look special and wear cute outfits. The secret to remain fashionable includes watching worldwide fashion trends. You can find styles within those trends that fit your body type and budget. Make sure to pair a cute top with jeans and boots. There are many easy fashion & style tips that make an outfit look special, in the way you style it. The accessories can add a boring outfit into one that will catch everyone’s attention. So here are some tips to follow.

  • The people who have an hourglass figure should wear clothing that accentuates those attributes that includes scooped or V neck outfits, vertical striped outfits, or dresses. They can also wear one piece outfits that cinch at the waist.
  • Tall women should avoid stripes, because that make a wearer look even you are taller. In order to create volume that accentuates a triangle shape can add colors and patterns to pants or skirt.
  • Male any jeans look like skinny jeans with the following trick. This shows how to tuck non skinny jeans into boots.
  • Tie your handbag or shoe colors with other accessories instead, like a belt, hat, bracelets etc.
  • If your jeans are too long then you can use a few strips of fashion tape and fold the amount you want in or outside.
  • Tiny shaped belts are classic and chic. Scarves are great accessories. You can also try ones with bold patterns and color. This will brighten up your face.
  • Coming to accessories, if you wear big earrings then go for a dainty necklace. It you wear a statement necklace pair with small stud earrings.

Build and maintain a fashion forward wardrobe by making the right fashion choices for your body type. Determine which fashion styles work best with your body type. When you think about your body type, height and weight, then you have to focus on shape. You can have the same body shape as a curvy gal, just as a short woman can have the same body shape as her taller friend. When you have determined your body shape, you can begin to consider which fashion trends to embrace and which to avoid. You need to spend some time in front of the mirror and do a fair and honest assessment of your body. You need to put these fashion tips to work for you.

  • Skinny pant with a high boot, your ballet flats, whether your style is a skinny jean or an edgy leather leg in.
  • Scarf keeps you warm while looking like a fashion, a must have staple for warmth. You can polish your look and accessorize from preppy to cosmopolitan there is a scarf for every look.
  • Hat is just like a cherry on the cake item. It is about style and looking polished, summer or winter. If you feel like flying under the radar that day, it’s a perfect accessory piece.
  • Team it up with shorts, bare legs or with tights. Your skinny jeans or get the hipster look and wear them with a dress from outfitters.
  • A sunglass is your classic look with a pair of aviators. If you have a long night of study or a later GNO and you want to cover those late night eyes, sporting a pair of fabulous sunglasses will do the trick.
  • Belt is another fashion taste, whether, preppy or classic, you can find a belt to enhance your look.
  • If you want to continue your summer wardrobe into the winter, team it up with heavy tights and your motorcycle boots.
  • A high heel has to be something you can walk into, when you are walking in them.
  • The most essential item is free. Your smile will rock any outfit you choose.

Weekends more fun by trying there weekend outfits to carry out with your plans. Come weekends, you have so much catching up to do. Your work and other worries drown your plans and turn weekends. Try out different outfits that make you look gorgeous. Meet your family, friends, going on a date or having some other plans during weekends. This is the best way to make the most of this time is by turning up in a great outfit.