Top best bridal hairstyles for wedding – Best hairstyle ideas for any wedding

The bells are officially ringing for wedding season! Whether you’re a spouse-to-be, a maid of honor, a guest, these matrimony-appropriate looks are sure to bring out your inner celebrity on the big day.

Chignon wedding hairstyle

The hairstyle looks as long fishtail braid with low bun. The hairstyle can embrace looks. The simple side swept braid hairstyle decorated with a flower adds more beauty. This hairstyle makes you look beautiful and is more attracting. Thus, the hairstyle with this petal that is pushing for a stylish look make you look trendy and gives a decent look with simple necklace and beautiful flowers in hand. The hairstyle in wedding dress turns everyone’s attention.

1. wedding-hairstyle12_hair-and-makeup-by-alixann-loosle-photography

Bouncy mid hairstyle

The hairstyle with bouncy looks good, this gives a wedding look. The hairstyle makes you look good with a trendy look. The stylish hairstyle with a bouncy look and hair accessories adds more beauty to your hairstyle. The hairstyle with curly and trendy look on shoulder adds more beauty. The soft curls and straight classic look with a friendly look. This hairstyle makes you look trendy and are more attracted. The bouncy hairstyle at the mid top of head with a crown like accessories is cute.

2. Wedding hairstyle

Short haircut for wedding look

Don’t worry to have a trendy look with a short haircut. This can add more beautiful and classy look. This hairstyle makes more attracting. The flower hair accessories can add a more beautiful look. The earrings with this side hair accessories make you look beautiful. This stylish hairstyle can turn every one attention. So, no need to worry about your short hair. You can try this stylish short hairstyle with a trendy look. Thus, the hairstyle can add, more beautiful look and is more attracting for your wedding with a unique look.

3. Simple classic look

Curly bouncy hairstyle with a crown

The light brown hairstyle can add a classic and impressive look. The hairstyle is made with a full roll and curly hair. This stylish hair can be more interesting and is attentive. The hairstyle looks as a soft and smooth side swept bang with a front look. The curly hairstyle with a stylish look is more interesting for rolls. This stylish low curls with bangs on giving a stylish look. Try this classic and trendy complete rolled and bun hairstyle with a crown can turn everyone’s looked at in and makes you look unique special on your wedding day.

4. Curl bouncy hairstyle

Emmy Rossum

Inspired by Grace Kelly on her wedding day, Emmy Rossum’s tiara-topped braided chignon imparts a polished elegance. Rick Gradone, the hair stylist behind the show stopping ‘do, explain how to pull off a crown in the twenty-first century: “The sleekness of this look keeps it more elegant and contemporary, whereas softer and fuller styles make tiaras look more prom queen or pageant-like. The look has to be as clean and Kempt as possible.” Gradone also recommended following the shape of the headpiece for maximum impact. “Since this Chopard tiara was angled into a v, I drew a middle part that directly paralleled its peak and allowed me to sculpt the hair into a similar silhouette,” he said. “Then I crafted the braid at the nape of the neck so that the end of the tiara met right in the middle of the bun, which gives the eye a nice line to follow.”Emmy-Rossum1

Alexa Chung

“Fresh flowers add softness and romance to a wedding hairstyle,” said George Northwood, who works with Chung. This charming floral crown paired with her ombré waves imparts a youthful, bohemian vibe perfect for a laid-back wedding. To keep the crown in place, Northwood recommended lightly becoming the top of the hair. “Teasing allows bobby pins to grip to something more substantial and helps anchor the crown of the head,” he explained.Alexa-Chung2

Amanda Seyfried

Renato Campora, who sculpted this updo, suggested choosing this look to match the unabashed drama of an ornate gown. Inspired by Botticelli, Campora crafted a flawless braided bun that coiled around to epic proportions thanks to a few extensions. But the key here, he said, is the slicked-back base: “A sleek and clean ponytail to start is essential since it’s the foundation of the entire look.” Add to that a quarter-size amount of Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil for shine and a blast of Oribe Superfine Strong Hair Spray to hold, and you’ve got a look fit for a queen.Amanda_seyfried3

Ashley Madekwe

Although the “Revenge” star’s Jennifer Behr broach looked glitzy, her loose and textured top knot added contrast for a more effortless and less contrived feel. In order to balance out the sizable hair ornament, Sally Hershberger’s wedding hair wizard Ruben Colon said the side swept bangs are essential. “It makes the clip more proportional and also keeps the style looking more youthful,” he said. To tidy up a top knot just a bit, Colon recommended spritzing hairspray on the backside of a paddle brush and using it as a tool to smooth the surface of the bun.Ashley-Madekwe4

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence’s updo provides the best of both worlds, with its tousled and organic framework that flows into a more carefully crafted low chignon. “It is still formal, but fun and romantic,” said Jen Atkin, who counts Lawrence as a client. “This look would be great for a fall wedding, or for a modern bride who isn’t afraid of playing with texture in her hair.” To get such great texture and movement, Atkin said it’s crucial to start with a nourished scalp. She recommended Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Damage and Color Repair Nourishing Shampoo and Daily Conditioner to prep, followed by Charlotte Ronson A Perfect Mess Beach Hair for ruffled waves that can then be pinned up in a bun at the nape of the neck.jennifer-lawrence5

Jessica Alba

“A ponytail is the simplest way to style the hair, making this perfect for a no-fuss bride who still wants to look elegant and polished,” said Campora, who gave Alba this look for the Ralph Lauren spring 2013 show. “It allows you to move freely so it’s comfortable, but this one is still timeless and classic.” Campora specifically placed Alba’s pony high up at the crown of the head and softly curled the tail to give it “bounce and movement like Jessica Rabbit,” he said.jessica-alba6

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough combines a braid in front and twists in the back for an intentionally unkempt style that feels more casual. “This would be a good alternate option for girls who want a natural-looking updo for a daytime beach wedding instead of the standard beachy waves,” said Colon. Since it relies so heavily on bobby pins, Colon recommended this look for shoulder-length hair in particular.julianne-hough7

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington demonstrates how to take a break from the traditional hair broach or tiara with a more fun and playful oversized bow. Takisha Sturdivant-Drew, the coiffeur behind the half-up ‘do, stressed that placement is imperative when working with a bow. “It needs to sit on the side and not directly on top of the head,” she said, explaining that the latter looks too Minnie Mouse rather than modern Madonna. Sturdivant-Drew recommended a voluminous bouffant and side swept bang to balance out the jumbo bow, and suggested curling the rest of the hair in opposite directions to keep the waves from settling into each other.Kerry-Washington8

Lucy Liu

“A fresh and cool braid offsets a powerful and more mature ball gown,” said hairstylist Andy LeCompte, referencing Liu’s voluminous dress that she wore to this year’s Golden Globes. “It makes the whole style look edgy rather than a lady.” What’s more, such intricate plaits still tie in the decadence of a statement-making gown without turning it fussy. To get the look, LeCompte constructed a reverse French braid around the head on both sides of the part, “which gives hair more volume and also helps to show off the dimensions of the braid on dark hair.” Once both braids meet underneath one ear, he suggested tying them together with elastic, splitting the hair apart right above the elastic and pulling the tail through the hole to exaggerate the shape of the fishtail and get it started. Wella Texture Touch Reworkable Clay helps to give the lengths some hold and texture as you braid to the ends.Lucy-Liu9

Michelle Williams

When it comes to short hair, Colon said it’s all but essential to utilize accessories to give cropped looks that extra panache. “It’s also a great excuse to get away with a particularly bold piece of jewelry,” he said. Case in point: Michelle Williams’ diamond-encrusted Fred Leighton headband that gussied up her dramatically parted, shaggy pixie cut. To get her piece-y style, Colon recommended dipping fingertips in pomade, such as Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Sculpting Pomade, and lightly rubbing select ends of hair for a textured definition, rather than raking the product directly through the whole head (which gives off a clumpier look).Michelle-Williams10

Naomi Watts

Hair guru Giannandrea conjured up a refreshing take on the classic French twist with Watts’ deconstructed and windswept version of the Oscars. “I wanted to pull the hair away from the face without it looking too constricting of too coiffed,” he explained. “Its height and softened texture give the style a more womanly sensibility.” Giannandrea recommended using no tools other than hands for this look. After rough-drying hair, use fingers to lift the front for volume and to smooth back the sides, then wind the ends into a disheveled roll in the back—while pinning stray hairs into separate twists where necessary.Naomi-Watts11

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman’s elaborate updo proves hair stylist Mara Roszak is more than just a one-trick pony: the twisted bun placed off to one side paired with the faint braid and the gilded pin give this look interest from every angle. “Nicole’s dress was very sexy and glamorous and I wanted to contrast that with a cool, textured updo that was a bit tousled,” Roszak said of her inspiration. To define wavy hair’s natural texture and highlight movement before pinning it up, she recommended touching up hair on the sides and top with a one-inch curing iron, being sure to take random sections so that the waves are not too perfect and look more organic.Nicole-Kidman12

Rachel Weisz

“It’s quite strong and confident with the slick and architectural loop, but also very feminine with the deep side part,” explained hairstylist Ben Skervin of the samurai-inspired graphic bun he sculpted on Weisz for the Los Angeles premiere of Oz: The Great and Powerful. Skervin recommended using a bungee band instead of a traditional elastic when securing the ponytail “so you don’t have to fiddle with pulling the tail through,” and also suggested placing the pony higher up at the occipital bone rather than at the base of the neck to leave room for the tuck-and-rolled loop underneath. A healthy coating of the Vidal Sassoon Mega Firm Hold Gel shellacks the style, while a light misting of shine-enhancing spray adds a patent-like finish to it.Rachel-Weisz13

Reese Wither-spoon

Reese Witherspoon channeled an old-Hollywood movie star at the Oscars this year with Veronica Lake-esque waves, which were made modern with brushed out, loose curls instead of stiff and cramped coils. “It’s pure beauty and glamour and just perfect for a special occasion,” said Campora, who was responsible for giving Witherspoon the vintage-inspired mane. “Hair pulled all to one side shows off the neck and earrings, and at the same time it both opens and frames the face.”Reese-Witherspoon14


“These easy and sexy waves are ideal for a summer wedding or a barefoot beach wedding,” suggested the creator of Rihanna’s less-is-more style for the Grammys, Ursula Stephens. The trick here, she explained, is to wrap hair around a one-and-a-half-inch curling iron instead of inserting it in the clip, and starting the wrap a few inches down from the root “to give it an undone feel.” In order to lock in each wave before curling, Stephens suggested spraying each medium-sized section with a hairspray, such as Motions Light Hold Working Spritz. Then use a paddle brush to brush out the waves and add body before flipping your head over and shaking the entire look out with fingers. Rihanna15

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock’s sleek, pin-straight hair is understated and edgy, while the accent of a subtle broach keeps it looking elegant and wedding-appropriate. “I see this style at a big city wedding that’s both minimalistic and modern,” said Colon. The ornament’s placement directly behind the ear is what Colon explained makes this look so new, since it’s not so obvious and is only visible when Bullock turns her head. As for how to pull off such linear locks, Colon said it’s all in the part: “The part is drawn precisely off-center, which softens the look and minimizes the severity of it is so straight.”Sandra-Bullock16

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek proves that creativity is a virtue with a necklace that she repurposed as a headband to decorate her mussed up high bun. Hairstylist Peter Savic embellished the billowing bun at the Oscars with Cindy Chao’s Maple Leaves choker that he coiled around the base. “Hair jewelry doesn’t have to be made specifically for the hair,” he said. When trying to secure necklaces or garment broaches into looks, Savic recommended attaching wire to the ends of the jewelry and creating a loop, which gives bobby pins something to hook and latch onto.Salma-Hayek17

Stacy Keibler

“The finger waves in front and pin curls along the bottom give this look a definite retro feel,” said hairstylist Robert Vetica, who created this faux-bob Keibler wore to the Oscars. But instead of forming the pin curls on wet hair as were traditionally done in the past, Vetica crafted them on dry hair and then brushed them out, giving the look a more modern and relaxed vibe. Add a birdcage veil along the part to make your period-wedding dreams a reality.stacy-keibler18

Zoe Saldana

Also looking back on yesteryear, Roszak referenced the über-femme ’40s when molding Saldana’s hair for a recent Star Trek Into Darkness premiere. “I wanted the hair to have a bit of height much like the ’40s styles, but with a modern ‘twist,’ literally!” she explained. After fashioning a side part, Roszak rolled the front sections of hair all the way around to the nape of the neck, leaving volume at the front and adding more hair as she went along. She secured the remaining tresses into a bun with bobby pins, and then decorated the style with a Jennifer Behr headband she inserted backward so that it encircled the head from behind.zoe-saldana19

Zooey Deschanel

Roszak said Deschanel’s ample updo is extremely flattering due to the volume at both the crown and in the back. “It looks beautiful in pictures from all angles,” she said of her creation. The ticket to getting so much lift is to start with a dollop of mousse, like Pantene Flowing Body Mousse, on damp hair, before blowing it out with a boar bristle brush. After setting hair in large Velcro rollers for extra volume, remove the rollers and gently brush out the lengths. Roszak said to tease the crown with a fine-tooth comb “for a bit of a ’60s-inspired bump,” then to pull the hair back into a mid-height ponytail. Once you backcomb the base of the pony, pin the ends underneath to create a tucked chignon.Zooey-Deschanel20


Stylish Braid Buns to Try This Wedding Season

Winter weddings are always about looking Stylish and Colourful … For hair, think no further than braids and Buns. Style your hair like a braid bun with lowlights. Style your hair with a stylish bun in the wedding season.

This season brought a new Trend that Women around the world are experimenting with. Here a mix of your favorite Braids and Bun. Here are a few wedding braid buns that you must try!

Wedding Braid Buns hairstyles

Here we are presenting 9 specialist Braid Buns from around the world that you can try at the earliest.

Side braid bun braided hairstyle

Everyone knows that the most important thing to your look is your hair. Braids always look trendy and stylish. Take a look and change your hairstyle today. Make a side part and bring your hair all to one side. Take three small pieces nearest to the part and start a braid going down the side of your head towards your ear. Once you get down to just below your ear, gather the rest of your hair and make one long side braid. Twist the braid as you want it and pin into place.

Loose French Braid Side Bun

Create two loose French braids on either side of your head and then secure each section with elastic for a French braided bun. Part your hair asymmetrically and begin French braiding from the temple of the side of your head with less hair to directly beneath your ear on the opposite side. Continue braiding down like normal for an inch or two and then tie off the end with a clear elastic hair tie. Using a curling iron, wrap the rest of your hair away from your face to create loose. To balance out your French braid, grab a few random pieces from the opposite side of your head and do a loose twist. Join the French braid and twist together to fashion a very organic, loose French braid side bun. Secure your bun with several bobby pins and to add a bit of texture, spray your up do with hairspray.

Top Braided Bun

Start a French braid at the base of the neck. Continue braid upwards. Add all hair below the ears into French braid. Continue braid to crown of head. Secure braid with an elastic. Gather remaining hair and twist top knot around braid elastic. Secure top knot with pins.

Fishtail Braided Bun

A high bun is definitely may go to hairstyle when you have dirty hair. Start by putting your hair into a high ponytail. This is about where you bun to sit. You can do it higher or lower if you would like. Use the hair in the ponytail to do a fishtail braid. Secure the end of the braid with small elastic. Use your fingers to loosen and widen the braid. Wrap the fishtail braid around the base of the ponytail. Tuck the end of the braid under the bun and secure the bun with bobby pins.

Waterfall Braided Bun

Waterfall Braided Bun is the braided hair flows diagonally across your head into a bun. If you know how to make a French braid, you’ll be able to make this one in seconds! With some loose bangs in the front and some hairspray to hold your locks in place, it would give a professionally done look no matter how messy it turns out! It’s fit for every occasion – from the daily school girl look to high end fashion events!

Feather Braided Bun

You can use for a little flower girl at a wedding, or probably just about any special occasion you’re attending. It really is quite simple but looks rather fancy we thought! Make a basic ponytail wherever you want on the head, and secure with a rubber band. Begin making a basic 3 strand braid but pulling sections out for a cascading or feather braid. Use wet hair which is a bit easier, but you’ll want dry hair for this style, since you’re curling the sections you pull out. Braid all the way down to the ends of the hair. You pull hair out from each side of the braid. Secure the end of the feather braid with a little rubber band. Then wrap the hair to make a basic bun. Secure the bun with a few bobby pins as needed. Be sure not to push bobby pins in anywhere where you have the loose sections of hair hanging out. You want those to be free. Take a small curling iron & start curling all the sections of hair that hang off the bun. Lightly spray each section of hair with hairspray before you curled it too. Be sure to curl them in opposite directions sometimes so you don’t end out with one big ringlet.

Low Dutch Braid Bun

Dutch braids are my absolute favorite because they are easy to do and always look so chic! Start by parting the hair; a side part or middle part works fine for this look. Now part the hair the hair into two sections by tracing a line down the back of the head. Tie off the right side so it doesn’t tangle with the left.  Take a section of hair, on the left side, at the front of the head, and divide it into three sections. Cross the side strands under the middle, pulling in hair as you go. Tie off the braid when it reaches the back of the head. Repeat it with the right side. Make a ponytail with the leftover hair at the center of the back of the head. Take a section of hair from the top of the ponytail and tuck it into the hair band creating a loop.  Repeat the hair into two sections by tracing a line down the back of the head with the rest of the hair creating 4 to 5 loops. Pull the loops tight by gripping the center of the bun and pulling in opposite directions.

Side braided bun hairstyle for wedding

This is the flawless side braid bun that best suits for glamorous autumnal affairs during winter wedding. This gives a duplicate and easy look. This helps to separate your hair into two high pigtails that are braided with one section of your hair. This helps to pull it back along the rest of your hair. You just need to wrap it into a loose bun and secured them with a pin. This is the best versatile and stunning braided bun that is easily tweak to get a romantic look.


Braid bun hairstyle for wedding

The front puff low braid bun hairstyle looks unique and different. Try this stylish hairstyle that best suits for long face shape. The braid bun from top to end at the center of the head makes you look stylish and good. The braid hair with some sliver colored hair extensions and light brown hair color make the hairstyle look more beautiful. To try this stylish hairstyle like a fishtail braid looks awesome with a clean and neat comb. Try this stylish hairstyle that best suits for your face shape.


Best rope braid hairstyle

Loose low flatting hairstyle looks awesome. Try this stylish hairstyle that best suits for oblong face shape, as it covers one side cheeks with a stylish look. This is best known as it is more popular with a stylish look. Style your hair with a different low braid bun. The hairstyle which gives a special look in party of low flowing pinned loose hairstyle. Tie a low loose braid bun pinned securely and loosely to easily flow the hair like a bang. This hairstyle best suits for parties and other occasions like wedding.


Braided bun up do hairstyle

This is the stylish braided hairstyle that best suits for your face. Side swept the low braid along with a bang. The stylish hairstyle with a side swept bang and braided around the head like a hairband. This low bun stylish hairstyle best suits for your face. Bun the lower hair like rings and are pinned securely. Style your hair with a different look to get an elegant look.



How to choose an Indian wedding dress style for your body shape

A wedding is an every woman’s dream to look more beautiful with different accessories and dress. There are countless styles and colorful wedding dresses for the bride to choose to look gorgeous. How to know which dress style perfectly matches for your wedding is best for you? Indian weddings are full of customs and rituals which are important for women to be beautiful on the special wedding day. Once a wedding is fixed, it continues for at least three to four days at a stretch to decide what to wear and how to style you?  There are the engagement, Sangeet, haldi, wedding and reception parties, for which you have to plan your dressing. Therefore, the bride requires her wedding collection to be a fast and unique one. Even if ‘lehenga’ are truly the ultimate wedding dress for Indian brides might choose it to wear it on her engagement as well according to their rituals.

The ultimate wedding dress for Indian brides might choose lehenga to wear for engagement which make the bride look beautiful which makes you different from others. Choose a modern mermaid cut, embroidered satin lehenga choli for ring ceremony that can turn everyone’s attention at you. You can opt for a more heavily embroided lehenga choli with jewelry for the very special D-day. The bride on her wedding day can look pretty in an embroidered saree or a designer Salwar Kameez for Haldi or Sangeet. Colors play an important role while choosing a lehenga as there are a wide range of colors available today. While selecting the color of the dress or a saree, first you should know your body shape and skin tone, as they are important in choosing your dress color.

We are here to help you choose that ideal bridal wear that is fashionable as well as traditional. Choose the right Indian style for your body shape.

How to choose best bridal wedding dress according to your body shape

Pear shaped body wedding dress selection

If you have a pear body shape which looks slightly smaller upper body and a heavier bottom with the well defined waistline. You will have a heavier body shape from your waist below, so, your immediate action is to work on your upper body and tone down the heavier bottom.

You can try with a beautiful V neck top and a short blouse to accentuate your killer waist or opt for a rushed top to create the illusion of a bigger bust. Lehenga skirt should not be mermaid, A shape would be more flattering for you. Heavy lehenga is to compliment a pear shape figure. So, make sure to wear a heavily designed lehenga choli to look gorgeous at your wedding. 

Apple shaped women in wedding dresses

An apple shaped woman is one with ample bosom and a slightly slimmer but less defined waistline. It is important to know your body shape to select the dress that best suits for you. You will have to work on your lower body as it is heavy. So, by adding more volume to the lehenga that helps to make you look slimmer. If you have an apple shape, then you can go for softer fabrics such as chiffon and a style that compliments your body. Those are just like an Anarkali or Sharara style which make you to cover the body shape and adds gorgeous look. These styles draw attention away from a larger upper body.  A great look for apple shapes is with the right choice of fabric and dress type to attain beauty.

Best wedding bridal dress for hourglass shape

The women who have hour glass is lucky as any dress suits for them. You don’t need any guide because anything will look good on you and can select your loved dresses. For this shape a number of styles work well, such as lehengas with short tops that helps to cover the waist. Make a note that Anarkali dress best suits with a tight material at the midsection that can accentuate the figure and also saree make them look really good. But, try to avoid banarsi saree as they make you look as a crusty tea towel. Avoid mermaid style lehengas which accentuate larger hips/bum and gives an odd look. All you need is a dress that enhanced your natural asset. 

Petite shaped wedding dress

A petite body shaped women should wear an outfit that creates height. As they appear smaller. A lehenga choli can show the midriff that would create too much horizontal negative space and does not look good. They can go for an outfit that is fairly light. It is better to choose an outfit without too much heavy material or material draped over you.

You have a tiny but feminine frame that looks pretty cute. You should consider yourself lucky this is because you can try different wedding dress according to your choices. But, you should avoid heavy debates as they make you look thinner. A great look for petite girls is a shareware, chore dar and Anarkali suit with long sleeves which suits you best to look perfect. This can focus on the vertical outfits. Avoid heavy debates and focus on vertical shapes and U or V necklines which make you look heavy and thinner.

An athletic body shape with perfect wedding bridal look

The athletic body shape is also known as rectangular body shape You look fit and slim in this body shape. The best and perfect wedding dress look can improve your volume and textures in your lehenga choli that can add beauty. An A-line lehenga with full flare is best for your body shape. A traditional lehenga with lots of pretty pleats or a layered skirt which can add flares out beautifully at the bottom. This is the ideal selection for your special wedding day. A bridal wedding saree with heavy designed work is also perfect. Wearing your saree or lehenga that can make you look slim and thin.

Inverted triangle shaped body for bride

The body shape is in the form of a cone, which exactly opposite to that of the pear shape body. Most of the women with inverted triangle shape have heavier top and a lighter bottom with broad shoulders. The perfect dressing for them in a wedding is lehenga with a wide flair that to with the detailing at the bottom which helps to balance the body shape. Try to avoid wearing heavy choli which make you look bulky. Choose simple choli’s and go with the lehenga to look beautiful.

The inverted triangle shaped body can go for A –line Kurta or lehenga which has a cropped jacket. This will suit as it can provide an angular structure which is just underneath the chest. It also has a wide hemline with a bottom which make your waist look smaller. Try to avoid stiff fabrics and go for Patiala salwar’s and chudidhar draws everyone’s attention at you.

1. inverted traingel

Wedding dress for ruler shaped body

The ruler shaped body can also be known as straight body shape, which has an upper and lower torso equally. Is the width is of an average bust with an undefined waist, a flat buttock and a slender legs too for women who has straight body shape. They can choose to wear a straight cut lehenga which can resemble a wrap around the skirt. This makes you feel like a princess with the addition of a lot of flounce for your lehenga choli. It is better to select the choli with a neckline that falls below the collarbone which gives an elongated look.

2. ruler shaped body for bridal dress


Tips on blushing bride

From face packs to hair masks, we show you how to start your wedding preparations early. And here we have some tips to become blushing over the bride.

For 29-year-old researcher Haimanti Bhattacharya, who tied the knot in February, time was the biggest hindrance to looking her best on the big day. Because of limited holidays, she couldn’t afford to devote enough time to elaborate pre-wedding beauty prep. “I had only four weeks to spare for sprucing up before the ceremony. So, I couldn’t opt for extensive sittings at the salon,” she says.

Bhattacharya instead opted for a homemade alternative to the salon package that brides-to-be usually choose.

If you’re planning to do the same for your big day, it’s best to start early and is not much expensive. Shahnaz Husain beauty expert says, “For a home-based pre-bridal routine, specialized skin care should ideally begin at least four to six weeks ahead of the wedding date.”

Coleen Khan, skin, and hair expert say, “You could begin using hot oil treatments and hair masks at home as early as six months before the wedding date. If you’re opting for treatments that can’t be done at home – like re-bonding or straightening, make sure it’s either six months prior or 20 days post your wedding. This way, it will replenish whatever damage hairstyling may have caused.”

Test it & try it

Always go for a make-up rehearsal. If you’re not taking a risk with your clothes, then why risk your make-up? There’s no room for error. So it’s better to test and try your accessories before. At least try your bridal makeup before the wedding day in order to leave tension at the time of the wedding.


For a quick pedicure, add some foot salts in half a bucket of hot water, and soak your feet for ten minutes. Use a heel scrubber or pumice stone to remove the dead skin on the heels. Remove your nail polish and re-paint your toes to look beautiful. Moisturize your feet with foot cream. Tie a piece of clean cloth, like a bandage not to remove cream, wear cotton socks and go to sleep. This will help soften the skin. Do this thrice a week.

Pre-wedding beauty preparation

Face mask

The egg white mask is a smelly yet effective alternative to a spa experience. It works effectively in less time.

Beat one egg white into foam and add a tablespoon of oatmeal. Mix well and make a thick paste. Add one tablespoon of honey to the paste. Apply it evenly around your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse off with cold water. Repeat this twice a week. Egg white tightens your pores, oatmeal soaks up excess oil from your skin, while honey renders it soft.

Hot oil treatment

Hot oil treatment once or twice a week will improve your hair quality. Heat almond oil and apply to your hair. Then dip a towel in hot water, squeeze out the excess water, and wrap it around your head like a turban. Leave it on for five minutes. Repeat the hot towel wrap for 3 – 4 times. This will help the hair and scalp to absorb the oil better.

Hair mask

You should give a hair treatment twice a week using simple kitchen remedies. Try the curd-egg-beer mask for a volumising hair mask. Take 2 tablespoons each of curd, honey and olive oil, 3 drops of almond oil and half a banana. Mix them well and make sure you mash it well to avoid lumps. Add half a cup of flat beer and a raw egg to the mixture. Apply evenly all over your hair and cover your hair with a shower mask.

Ubtan is a traditional homemade bridal recipe

This helps to clear the skin of dead cells, leaving it smooth and bright, with a translucent quality. Take wheat bran, gram flour, yoghurt or cream of milk and a pinch of turmeric. Mix them together and keep aside. Then massage your body with sesame seed oil. Now apply the ubtan. Leave it on for about half an hour, and wash off while bathing. Repeat this thrice a week.

Leave it for about 30 minutes and shampoo off with cold water. Then you will feel softer hair after each wash.