Junnu / Milk pudding – Natural Colostrum milk cheese recipe

Junnu is one of the natural cheesy desserts made from natural colostrums milk. Junnu is called with lot of names in india like Ginnu in kannada, Posu in Konkani and Kharvas in Marathi. Actually this junnu is made with colostrums milk which you can get from the cow or buffalo at the time of calving. After giving birth to a calf the milk which is produced by the cow is known as colostrums milk. The color of this milk is light yellow. If you want to taste the real flavor or junnu then prefer the first two days milk of cow or buffalo after calving. The thickness of the milk gives more taste.

Yesterday we got some colostrum milk from my village. So I thought of introducing the recipe to how to make readers. Junnu is my favorite dessert. It is also a traditional dish in most of the places of India. It is delicious thick milk white pudding. This natural colostrum milk is not available all time so some people prefer making this milk pudding by using condensed milk. But tasting the real flavors gives a different taste. Do you agree with me? Yes that’s why I have chosen this natural colostrum milk for today’s recipe. This colostrum milk or the junnu palu consists of lot of health factors. After preparing the junnu it looks like milk cake but taste like pudding. Coming to health corner this junnu consists of lot of growth factors, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and rich immune factors.

So why do you want to lose this healthy super food if it contains these many health benefits. Junnu can be served as a snack. You can store it for three to four days in refrigerator. You can taste when it is hot or cool. Jaggery gives a nice sweet taste. So why delay start preparing this tasty dessert with natural colostrums milk / junnu paalu.

How to make junnu

how to make junnu


ingredients for junnu

  • Colostrum milk / Junnu palu (natural)– ½ liter
  • Jaggery – ¼ kg
  • Sugar – 2tbsp
  • Black pepper powder – 2tbsp
  • Elachi / cardamom – 2

How to Make

Step 1: Take a cutter cut the jaggery into small pieces.

jaggery into small pieces

Step 2: Keep it a side.

Step 3: Take black pepper seeds, elachi and sugar in a jar.

pepper seeds

Step 4: Grind these into a fine powder.

fine powder

Step 5: Take junnu milk in a bowl and add jaggery grate to it. Mix it well till the jaggery absorbs into the junnu milk.

Step 6: Add pinch of salt to this milk.

salt to this milk


Step 7: Now add the grinned black pepper powder into that milk.

grinned black pepper powder


Step 8: Take a tea filter and filter this junnu milk.

Step 9: Now pour this milk into the vessel which you want to cook the junnu.

Step 10: Now take rice cooker / pressure cooker.

Step 11: Add ½ liter water into the cooker. And keep this junnu milk vessel into the cooker.

water into the cooker

Step 12: Switch on the cooker and cook it nicely till the cooker comes into warmer.

If you are choosing the pressure cooker don’t keep the whistle. Keep only lid. Cook it for 20 minutes and turn off. Take a spoon and dip it into the vessel. Test whether it is cooked or not.

Step 13: Take out the vessel from cooker and let it get cool.

vessel from cooker

Step 14: Start making into pieces and serve it.

pieces and serve it


Note: If the junnu milk is freshly taken means if it is first day junnu milk then you can add ½ liter of fresh milk along with jaggery grate.

Points to remember

  • Before starting the recipe just test the thickness of the colostrum milk by adding normal milk. If the obtained junnu is watery or loose in substance then reduce the amount of normal fresh milk.
  • If the junnu is hard then you can increase the amount of adding ordinary milk to the colostrum milk.
  • After making black pepper and cardamom seeds powder doesn’t forget to cover the jar with lid till you use this retain the flavors.
  • While removing junnu from the vessel rum the knife to the edges of the vessel and cut the pieces.
  • Don’t keep weight if you are using the pressure cooker.