How to look beautiful and attractive at party

Looking beautiful and looking attractive is not the same thing. Though beauty surely contributes to one’s attractiveness there are many other factors that make a person attractive. Even if you are not very beautiful you can be extremely attractive and that is the essence of attractiveness. Always keep in mind that beauty is a relative aspect which varies extensively from society to society because there are no specific standards for measuring beauty and it often depends on the eyes and tastes of the onlookers. So, always it is a better option to depend on your own likings to get that perfect party look than thinking about what the others will like.

In this article we will tell you about some ways that you should follow to look more beautiful in a party and also to carry that beauty in the right way so that it can make you attractive. So, read on to know these secrets,

Get the right look

First of all, your look should be according to the occasion and the time of the party. If you are going out for a wedding party, you can opt for a gorgeous look, but that might be overkill if you are opting for a day time birthday bash. Always pick your dress, makeup and accessories according to the occasion you are going to attend and the weather; so that you are comfortable and can enjoy the party as well apart from looking beautiful and attractive.

The right makeup: Yes, makeup surely has a lot to do in looking beautiful. If you are new to it, and you have a big occasion ahead, we suggest you to opt for a professional artist because makeup is something that can make you look perfect or can make you look like a clown. So, taking a risk on a big occasion is never suggested. Keep one thing in mind, that the makeup which looks most natural is the one that makes you look most beautiful. A good makeup should be something that will make you look beautiful without showing the makeup.

The first step to get the right makeup is to get the right skin. Even minimum makeup can be enough for a party look if your skin is naturally beautiful and believe us it is not something difficult to attain if you are ready to take the extra care. Here are a few tips to help you get that perfect makeup for a party,

  • Clean, scrub and moisturize your skin before you start with the makeup
  • Use a makeup base to keep your makeup in place for long
  • Avoid using any makeup in much quantity. Go minimalistic and lather up only if you need
  • Always take the best care to blend in your foundation and whatever makeup you apply in the most perfect way
  • Try to get that naturally perfect look instead of that made up look
  • Always groom your eyebrows properly because they can make a real difference in the way you look
  • Opt for an eye makeup that suits the time of the party and also your dress. You can use falsies or more coats of mascara to give your eyelashes that perfect look.
  • If you have opted for a heavy eye makeup, keep your lip color to light. In case you have done a light eye makeup you can go with a bright pout. Having high makeup on both your eyes and lips is a strict no, even for evening wedding parties, because that is sure to make you look overly made up and plastic.
  • Take care that every part of your body, that will remain exposed, including your face, neck, hands, back and legs, should have the same skin tone. Slathering up foundation only on your face, and leaving your neck all ripped off will make you look awkward.

Other aspects of self-grooming to look beautiful in a party

It is not only your face that makes you look beautiful and attractive; it is your whole appearance that makes the final call. So concentrate on your legs and hands as well. Ensure that they are waxed and well cleaned. Your nails should be cleaned and well maintained. Use a nail paint of matching or contrasting color with your party dress and also ensure that your feet appear their best. You should not have yellow teeth or a bad breadth and use a perfume that smells really feminine but not very strong.

The right hairstyle

Opt for a hairstyle that suits with your looks, dress and the occasion. Ensure that your hairs are not limp or smelly. They should be well cleaned, hydrate and should appear well-groomed. You might use a setting spray to make them more manageable.

The right dress

Well, now if you ask me which one is more important to look beautiful in a party; the right makeup or the right dress? I will surely tell you that it is your looks which can make even a normal dress appear exclusive on you. So, the dress is obviously the second important thing for a party. Here are some tips to help you pick the right dress that can make you look beautiful,

  • Pick a dress that highlights your best features. Which means, if you do not have a very slim waist, do not opt for a dress that makes the waist line prominent; rather opt for one that takes the attention and highlights the bust line or your shoulders.
  • Selecting the right color of the dress is also important. You should choose the color according to the time of the party and the season. Picking a dress considering these two factors might not be easy always, but if you succeeded you are sure to make the best out of it.
  • Never opt for a dress that is not a good fit for your size. This can ruin your whole look and make you appear ridiculous instead of beautiful and attractive. Keep in mind you can never look beautiful in a dress in which you are not very comfortable and confident.

The right accessories

Accessories make the other important item that contributes to your overall appearance. Always pick accessories according to your dress and makeup for the party; and if you are confused, opt for pearls, which go for any occasion and with any dress. Put on accessories that not only look good but also make you look good. The right shoes are also very important. Pick one that makes you look smart but does not make you feel uncomfortable. High heels can give you the perfect walk that can make you look attractive in a party, but if you are not comfortable with them, better you skip them for short heeled ones; because unless you are habituated with using high heels you run the risk of making yourself a fool in the party by tripping over.

If you are able to follow the above tips in the right way, you are most expected to look beautiful in the party. However, if you are aiming not only to look beautiful but also to look attractive there are a few more things that you need to take care of, in addition to the above.

Carry yourself in the right way

This is the most important thing to look attractive in a party. You should be able to carry yourself most elegantly to appear really attractive not only to the people of the opposite sex but also to the people of your own sex. To carry yourself rightly, you need to have that perfect and confident walk. To make people find you as attractive, first you have to find yourself as attractive. If you are confident enough to carry yourself with the right modesty and grace in the party, you are sure to appear not only attractive but un-resistible to all.

Be well behaved and mysterious

How you behave has a lot to do in making you attractive. Being polite and well behaved is the key to be the center of attraction. Pay attention to every speaker and communicate with everyone in the party with the same interest. You should not decide to pour your heart out to someone or all in the party, rather behave a bit mysterious and listen more than saying. This is something that everybody is bound to like and can make you really attractive to everyone.

Laugh and be yourself

You really need not to be tight lipped to look attractive in a party. Rather be completely natural and yourself. A plastic smile might be appropriate at some occasions, but being extremely artificial actually shows. So, pay genuine interest to the ongoing conversations, participate in discussions and make your point as well, without forcing others to pick it. Keep in mind that beauty with a brain is the most attractive thing in this world.