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Natural ways to bleach your hair at home

Dark hairs can be embarrassing, but you want to have live with unsightly facial hair. Dermatologists provide permanent hair removal services, or you can try removing or bleaching your facial hair at home. Except for a few, nobody is born beautiful hair. Most people prefer natural beauty treatments due to harsh and dangerous chemicals.

Gradual hair lightening sprays are great because they give you natural looking color and highlights without the damage or unpredictable results of bleach. Bleach can damage your hair and may make your hair lighter, but they also leave it feeling rough and brittle. Most of the people prefer a natural version of the product, they’re also incredibly cheap and easy to make and you probably already have all the ingredients.

Homemade lightening is much less expensive than buying highlighter in the store and you can use it more than once because there are no chemicals to cause dry and brittle hair. The natural ways to lighten hair are as follows.

Natural simple ways to lighten your hair

Lemon juice for light hair

Lemon juice is hugely popular as a natural hair lightener, avoid commercial hair products that claim to use lemon juice – they’re often full of unwanted chemicals. So stick with lemon juice, which is natural lighten your hair with lemon juice by mixing one part lemon juice with one part water this will reduce the acidity of the lemon juice and minimize the damage to your hair. You can use this mixture to spritz your hair or rinse and leave in at the end of a shower. The longer the lemon juice stays in contact with your hair, the stronger the lightening results will be.

Cinnamon powder and conditioner to lighten hair

Cinnamon is the greatest hair lightener which has a great smell. Cinnamon is known for its medicinal properties and also it provides a sweet way to lighten your hair. Take cinnamon powder with conditioner to treat your hair. You need to add cinnamon powder with a small handful of conditioner. Mix 3-4 tablespoons of cinnamon powder with your conditioner to make a thick paste. Coat your hair with this from top to bottom. If you want, you can even comb to spread the conditioner evenly to the entire hair. Cover damp hair thoroughly with the paste and comb. Pull your hair up and secure them with a clip. Secure hair with a clip and cover head with a shower cap. Leave on overnight to lighten hair. Rinse your hair with shampoo in the morning. Repeat as often as you like since this method neither will not damage the follicle. Repeat the process to maintain color, or reach the color you desire. This is the perfect mixture to secure your hair and get natural looking black hair.

Chamomile tea to color your hair

Chamomile tea is a hair lightening agent. If you don’t get chamomile tea you can replace it with black tea as it provides equally good properties. Chamomile tea naturally lightens color pigments in your hair. Start by brewing a pot of chamomile tea for a good half an hour. The tea has to be very strong, so allow it to brew well and leave it to cool. Now add 5-6 tablespoons of the chamomile tea to your conditioner and leave it for 10 minutes. After you wash your hair with your regular shampoo, apply this chamomile tea conditioner mixture to your hair. Chamomile tea works slowly so you would be seeing results only after 3 weeks of application.

Vitamin C for hair lightening

Vitamin C helps to lighten hair with its citric acid property. One of the simplest natural remedies to get brighten your strands is to make this treatment. Crush 15-20 vitamin C tablets into a fine powder and combine with a small amount of anti-dandruff shampoo to make a paste. Then, gently massage the paste through damp hair. Leave the mixture in for 1-2 hours by using a shower cap to cover it. Gently rinse your hair and use a deep conditioner to avoid dry-out.

Honey to lighten dark hair

Honey contains a small bit of hydrogen peroxide. The amount is so tiny that using honey will not give you the damaged, dead hair that a high concentration peroxide solution is bound to. But it can lighten your hair and as a plus, it is great for the hair and the scalp too. You can apply it by mixing 1/3rd cup with 1/4th cup of a conditioner and keeping it on overnight. It doesn’t work very fast and is not too powerful, so try mixing this method with the others for a faster, better results. These natural solutions will give you a healthy way to get the pale hair you always desired.

Sea salt to get light hair

Take half a cup of sea salt and mix a little bit of water with it to make a paste. Apply it to damp hair and spend some time in the sun. Rinse is thoroughly followed your sun session. This is a great way to slowly lighten hair and enjoy some outdoor time in the process.

Honey and olive oil to treat dry hair

Mix honey and olive oil in a bowl. Add half cup of honey and half cup of olive oil. Mix them well using a whisk. Honey can get a little stiff, so make sure the solution is completely smooth before proceeding. Apply this mixture to wet hair. Massage it into the strands you want to lighten making sure you cover the shaft from the roots to the tips. Leave it for about 30 minutes and rinse it out with warm water. Shampoo and condition as usual, then dry and style your hair.

Grab some sun to boost and lighten hair

The sun will naturally lighten hair, but it can also enhance the effects of sunshine. Use them before heading out in the sun. Your hair is usually lighter during the summer when you are outdoors more. But if you want to know how to bleach your hair naturally is then simply lie down outside. Cover your body with cloth and spread your hair so that it will absorb those pure, golden rays. You will have incredibly beautiful and natural hair highlights and if you spend enough time outside your hair coloring will be as light as you could possibly wish.

Henna powder for hair coloring

Henna powder has been traditionally used for hair coloring. It provides excellent hair conditioning and nourishing properties along with lightening. Mix equal amounts of henna and chamomile powder and make it into a thick paste. Then add it to the boiling water and let this mixture cool and apply it to damp hair. You can also comb your hair to allow the mixture evenly coat between your hair strands. After applying this mixture, wrap a plastic wrap or towel or a shower cap on your hair to prevent drying of the recipe. Leave it for an hour, if you have dark hair and then leave it for about 2 hours. Follow it by rinsing your hair and you can skip conditioner as henna itself will deeply condition your hair.

Honey and vinegar to treat dry hair 

Honey is a great lightening ingredient and the olive oil in this recipe will help to keep hair from drying out. Take 2 cups of distilled vinegar and 1 cup of raw, uncooked honey for which you can find this at most health food stores. Take 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and 1 tablespoon of ground cardamom or cinnamon either one is good so it’s really your choice. Mix the ingredients together and then apply onto damp hair, just wrap your hair in plastic wrap. Leave it overnight and then wash it out in the morning. There is no need to sit in the sunlight. Cinnamon and cardamom along with the extra virgin olive oil help to boost the lightening effect.

Baking soda to lighten dark hair

Baking soda is the best way to get light hair. This is great for stripping your hair of chemical buildup and is used as a lightening agent as well. This process would take more time when compared to other remedies. But, if you use baking soda on your hair about once each week, you can strip harmful chemicals out and lighten your hair naturally. With this home remedy, you can get out of harmful chemicals out which helps to lighten your hair naturally over time.

Vinegar and water for light colored hair

Rinse your hair with water and vinegar that will help to lighten it. It takes a bit of time for this to work so it is best for those looking for gradual lightening. Mix one part of vinegar with 6 parts water and rinse hair. Leave the rinse on for at least 15 minutes. Apple cider vinegar works the best and smells a bit better.

Hydrogen peroxide is the best way to lighten hair

Hydrogen peroxide is the best and most used home remedy for cleaning up to lighten your hair. This is the best solution to lighten your hair quickly. You should make sure to follow a deep conditioner after applying hydrogen peroxide as it leads to dry and damaged hair. You should test your hair, if you have brown or dark hair. As this cause the shades of hair to turn orange. Take a bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide and mix it with equal amounts of a solution of water. Leave the product on your hair for about an hour. This will depend upon your hair color and you wish to receive the darkness of your hair. It is recommended to do it before going to bed. This causes unwanted results and is extremely drying. If you want to take more risk, then you can add honey into it and plan to do during day time. You can also try out in the sun. As sunlight causes the peroxide to work quickly and also you can avoid sun if you wish. If you want to avoid sun, then check out the changes that are gradually longer than you obtain. Now, shampoo and condition your hair. This is well to style your hair as normally. Repeat the process often for quick results.

Beetroot juice to color your hair naturally

If you want to color your hair, then use beet-root as it has high potential of staining ability. This brings a natural red colored hair. Beetroot juice works better for concoction. Mix it up with distilled water in the beet-root juice. Blend juice from sliced and chopped beet-root. Dilute it with a bit of distilled water. Coat your hair strands with the concoction. Soak them for 15 – 20 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water.

Brew some black tea

The best useful way to reach out beauty quests is with black tea. Black tea is rich in tannic acid and helps to bring out highlights in your hair over time. Brew a few cups of strong black tea and pour them to your hair. Soak your hair for about 30 minutes in black tea. You can use several tablespoons of tea dust and water or tea bags to prepare strong black tea. Rinse it off with warm water.

Alternatively, cinnamon tea bag is a great lightening agent. This helps to keep your hair sleek and healthy. Boil water and steep a tea bag for about 10 minutes. Let it cool down and rinse it off. Leave it for about 15 minutes. Repeat it 2 – 3 times a day before you shampoo. Rinse it off to get extra lightening hair.  This is simple and is easy to get light hair. You can use cinnamon tea bag to your hair.

Rhubarb to get lighten hair

Rhubarb works best and is a good choice during summer season. This helps to grow rhubarb which is not costly. Purchase rhubarb from the market. This helps to lighten hair with rhubarb. Take ¼ cup of chopped rhubarb and 2 cups of water. Dip rhubarb in a boiling water and allow them to cool down completely. Now, strain the solution and use this liquid to rinse your hair. Rinse your hair by using this solution. Leave it for about 10 minutes. Wash it off with normal water. This helps to give lightening hair.

Use some dried marigold for quick hair lightening

Marigold pack is similar to chamomile flowers. Marigolds are best and most effective to give golden highlights. Take 1 cup of water and add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar. Into that mixture, add some dried marigold flowers in a pot. Bring them to a boil. Let them cool down and strain out the flowers. Let the liquid cool completely and pour it into a clean spray bottle. Spray the mixture on dry hair and massage gently into the scalp. Let the hair air dry completely. Then, rinse it off with normal water.