How to look beautiful & attractive to your husband

We have heard many married women complain that after a few years of marriage the spark in their relationship seems to have gone and they do not anymore feel the same for each other as they used to do. According to many, their husbands have changed after marriage, they do not find their wives anymore beautiful and attractive, and it is some unknown mystery to them what has caused this transformation. So, if you are one of them, or you think it is happening to you also but you are quiet because you are not the complaining type, here are some tips and suggestions to help you.

First of all keep in mind that the definition of beauty for a girlfriend and for a wife might be different for many men. He might have appreciated you before when you used to load up in those heavy makeup and flirty dresses; but he might not like it in your now. With time every person and their relationships change and you also have to change yourself to make the relationship work. So, if you are really concerned about how to look beautiful and attractive to your husband read on.

Ways to be more attracive to your spouse

Take care of yourself

You used to spend the whole time after your college in caring for your looks, but now you do not even give five minutes to file your nails. This is not something to be done. Your husband is someone who knows you from real close and hence slathering up on makeup is surely not the way to look beautiful to him. The way to look beautiful for your husband is to be beautiful, naturally; and this you can attain by taking regular care of yourself. Take up a regular exercise regime to get back in shape and also opt for some beauty care to look beautiful without make up.

Be presentable always

Well, we are not saying that you always need to be in that party wear in your home too to impress your husband; but you should not spend your whole day in that faded nightie either. If not the whole day, make it a point to change to a more suitable and presentable dress up for every evening. Tie your hairs neatly and in a way that suits you. In a word, try to look your best without makeup, even when you are at home. It is not always about being beautiful, it is mostly about being charming. So, try to be charming to your husband.

Have a supportive attitude towards your husband

To be attractive to your husband it is not enough only to look good and that is the catch in a relationship. You actually need to make him feel better by your presence and naturally you will become beautiful and attractive in his eyes. Whenever your husband is going through a rough patch in personal or professional life, always make it a point to stand by him. This is something your husband is sure to appreciate in time and it can make you really attracted to him in every respect.

Do not pry and let your spouse feel free

Men often go through life issues that they prefer to solve on their own and they might not be even ready to share them. You should let your husband know that you are always there to support him whenever he needs, but do not pry unless he wants to talk with you. Let him have his own space. Keep in mind, that every human being needs his/her own space and this is true for you and your husband as well. So, give him the space he needs and do not make him feel that you are always looking over his shoulder.

Value husbands opinion

In a relationship, the opinion of both the partners should be given equal importance. So, when he has an opinion, you should consider it. If you do not agree with it, you can surely discuss on it before making the final decision, but do not make it the way it always is. You should also listen to his opinions without giving a fight at least at times; even for your own stuffs, like shopping or cooking that new dish. This makes him feel admired and is sure to help your relationship making you appear more attractive to him.

Share his interests

It is most expected that you and your husband might have different interests. While you might be dying for catching a serial, he might be interested to play that video game. So, do not always nag him about his interests rather you also try to get involved in it. If your husband likes video games ask him if he can play dual and face a challenge from you. Sharing the same interests can help you to have some real close and healthy time together, which can heal your relationship effectively, and can again make you appear beautiful and attractive to your husband.

Encourage him

Encouragement is a very important thing for achieving anything in life. If you can encourage your husband in the right way, keep in mind he will never find any other women more beautiful than you. Encouragement from a wife in the form of appreciation can work wondrously for a man and hence you should know how to appreciate your husband and encourage him about things that truly matters to him.

Behave well with the people and things he loves

This is another point often women miss out. No man will like it, if his wife misbehaves with his friends or family or even his dog or that plant he cared for. Even if you do not like them, try to maintain a formal relationship that will not at least make him feel that you are against everything he loves. Making him feel that you like them, only because he wants you to, is not the right way of doing it either.

Make him know that he is important to you

Well, if you are trying to look beautiful and attractive to your husband, let him know that he is how much important in your life. Every man enjoys his importance in the life of his wife; if you make him feel that he is not even needed in your life, things are not really going to work out. If you can make him feel that he is the most important person to you, he is sure to find you the most beautiful and attractive women on earth.

Show him you care

That matters. You really need not to complete every household chore of your husband to make him feel that you care, just let him know through your small acts like packing his lunch box, pressing his shirt once in a while, that you really care for him. Once he realizes that you care, he will start caring back for you; and that is the best way to be the most beautiful in his eyes.

Love is the powerful attraction

You should share your feeling and cultivate love actions to your mate that enhances your attraction to him. The more you feel love for your mate, then the more attractive they become. Thus, the bond and connection to your mate is more and will be attracted to them. It is more often to wait to feel love instead of involving ourselves in the act of loving. You should observe the best positive qualities in your mate and appreciate, encourage them for those traits. You have to notice the wonderful unique qualities for your mate and love those traits.

Laugh together and his happiness is important

The best way is to sit together and laugh, this finds humor. Laughter makes your relationship alive. This is the best ability to find humor in everyday situations. Share a few laughs with your partner that makes you a long way towards retaining the spark in a relationship. This helps to increase her allure to her partner. Most of the women say that her husband’s happiness is important to her. This makes them feel very lucky to have her in his life. Plan a surprise part of his birthday, cook his favorite meals, plan a movie or rock show, and buy gifts for his mother, which makes him happy. These all serve to make a woman more attractive to her husband.

Know what they are passionate too

You should take care of it instead of nagging him endlessly but, about tinkering him with electrical gadgets. This makes them wander and is so fascinating about the dumb soccer match. Your join make him more fun. This shows an interest in things that fascinate him too. This makes them to share with you and doesn’t feel guilty about his passion. Enjoy them with unadulterated pleasure. This is quite often and it comes to their passions that the men are little boys in big bodies. You should adjust like kids and give a little attention occasionally.