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How to prevent hair fall after straightening

Hair straightening has become a common style these days among ladies especially for those who have curly or wavy hair. No one wishes to get same type of hairstyle for years. Thus, it has become important to carry on with the changes of life style and adopt the trend that is having its strength. But, some ladies have recently complained about falling of hair excessively after carrying on with hair strengthening schedule. This is normally expected when you are using the hair strengthening iron at home that is having no ceramic coating at all. You should visit the professional dealing with the hair straightening schedule. You should choose the professional with great expertise in order to prevent hair fall after straightening. Individuals have become really cautious about their hair a finds out ways to prevent hair fall.

Ways to prevent hair fall after straightening

Restrict the salon treatment

People with money in hand have a desire to keep and maintain smooth touch over their hair. You can go for smoothening treatment for twice or thrice in a year. But, if you go for more salon treatment, that can give rise to damage hair. Thus, it is better not to go for any salon treatment more than 3 times in a year otherwise you can come across hair breakage and other issues.

Use silk or satin pillow covers

Most of the people have got a habit of using the pillow cover made up of cotton. But, this is not at all a very good practice as your hair gets stuck to the cotton pillow while you are asleep. Once you get up your hair still gets attached to your cotton pillow. You will have a tendency of pulling it off and thus it will give rise to hair breakage. But, if you are using the silk or satin pillow cover, this will not lead to breakage as your hair does not stick with silk or satin cover and have no chance to break.

Formaldehyde gas level 

In many places Formaldehyde gas levels are used. Keratin is used in many of the hair product in order to make it straight and smooth. Keratin combining with heat and other factors gives a smooth effect. You can also find a much keratin treatment formula that involves formaldehyde gas. Most of us are still unaware of the fact that this particular gas is really harmful for our hair. The gas used for styling effect. Keratin in general is very good for hair which strengthens the hair roots and makes saves from damage. But, involving gas is dangerous. Thus, you must avoid it.

Deep conditioning hair 

Even if you have made your hair straight with the help of professional, deep conditioning will be always required. If you don’t condition your hair in certain interval this can give rise to damage of hair and hair break. There are some home remedies through which deep conditioning can be done which involves egg yolk treatment, yogurt treatment, henna treatment etc. There are also several branded conditioners in the market which you can use for carrying on with deep conditioning of your hair.

Biotin supplements 

Only your routine hair care schedule is not just enough. You should also avail the biotin supplements along with the routine hair care.  There are biotin capsules readily available in the market, which includes vitamin B complex. If you are not very sure about the biotin supplements, it is always better to consult with the physician. This will help you stay away from the harmful effects of hair and its damaging part.

Use of shampoo 

After you have gone through the process of Thio straightening, it is really important to care your hair on a regular basis. It is important to condition your hair on a regular basis, even if you are not using shampoo on a regular basis. Even if you want to get back the wavy or normal hair tone that you had originally, its better you use the shampoo which is mild and is suitable for regular use. You must use a moisture rich shampoo that too is gentle in nature, so that your hair does not come across any damage or hair fall.

Tips to take care before hair straightening

Hair care after Thio-straightening

The better way to choose the Thio-straightening is to have or take care of your hair regularly. If you are not using the shampoo daily, you have to condition your hair every day. This is because of the straightening method leaves you the option of getting back your normal wavy permed hair whenever you want. Use a gentle yet that is well moisturized and is rich in shampoo. So, that you can keep your hair moisturized regularly to prevent hair fall.

Hair care after Hydroxide method

The best way to treat your straight hair is by using hydroxide method. For this, you need to follow a few things to take off your hair and can be changed irreversibly. If you are looking to get back natural curly hair, then it will damage your hair severely. Thus, this is the method that you don’t have to worry which is caused due to the moisture or heat. This will not have any effect on your straightening hair.

Hair care after Thermal reconstruction

The thermal reconstruction method is used to straighten the hair. This is better to follow the instructions of the stylist. You should follow the instructions when you use the shampoo and recommended conditioner by your hair stylist. You may notice that the hair gets dried easily and faster because of the moisture that does not get into your hair shaft deeply.

Tips for straightened hair care

  • The straightening, hair care method that you should follow is to have to take special care of it. You must keep in mind the instructions to you by the hair stylist. You have to prevent and get rid of dry and brittle hair.
  • Daily use a leave in conditioner to your hair that will take care of your hair properly every day.
  • You should take care of your hair that make you look shiny and are rinsed thoroughly after you shampoo your hair. This is because of the residue that you might remain stuck and are ready to get newly straightened hair.
  • Detangle your hair by using a wide tooth comb always. Follow, simple, natural herbal and natural hair pack to get a good straightening silky hair.
  • You should deeply condition your hair treatment that would be given to your hair. This should be at least once a week or more depending on the instructions of your hairstylist.