How to dress stylish in college

College is a place where we all want to appear special and stylish. It is a special time in our lives that do not come back again. So, if you are looking out for ways about how to dress stylish in college here are few tips for you. Wearing the most expensive dresses can surely make you look stylish, but you can make that stylish tag your own even if you do not spend so much on your clothes. In reality, it is more important how you wear your dress and carry yourself than what you wear. So, always keep in mind that it is not the dress but how you wear it that matters most.

Wear tailored dresses

Wearing tailored dresses can actually help you a lot to look stylish. Tailored dresses are stitched according to your size and body shape and hence they fit you well, giving you a perfect look. Wearing a dress that is not a perfect fit can never make you look stylish. While tailoring your dress make it a point that it highlights your best features and hides the not so good ones. So, if you have some extra fat in the waist region, instruct the tailor to ensure that the dress highlights the bust line and not the middle part of the body.

Opt for unique designs

Another benefit of opting for tailored dresses is that it enables you to implement your unique styles in what you wear. You can easily add ribbons, buttons or a unique neck design to your tailored dress to ensure that it looks most stylish on you. Believe us, if you can add unique specialties to your dresses, they can make you look more stylish even than those branded clothes. So, think of new ideas and implement them in your dresses to make them really unique.

Ensure that your dress is clean and in proper condition

This is a must pre-requisite to dress stylish to college. Your clothes, no matter what you are wearing should be clean, pressed and in proper condition to wear. Un-cleaned and not so well maintained clothing can never make you look stylish even if they are from expensive brands. Also ensure that your clothes smell well.

Put on a jacket

This is one of the easiest things you can do to ensure that your dress looks stylish in college. No matter what you are wearing today, a simple pair of jeans and tops, a salwar suit, a long skirt, a small dress or whatever, just put on a jacket over it. You do not even need to look out for a matching color, just opt for any color and design that you prefer. However, the trick is, you should not button it up and let it be on you casually. You can opt for a simple denim jacket, a leather one or even a cotton hand designed one according to your likings. The colors of the jacket can be anything, just ensure it suits you.

Stick to the classics

To dress stylish to your college you need not to go with the trends always. Stay close to the classics and you will look effortlessly stylish. You can always follow the trends once in a while, but it is the classics that makes you most comfortable. So, pick the classic dresses like jeans and a T-shirt, a salwar suit or a skirt or whatever that makes you feel comfortable and confident and wear it with style.

Put on a scarf

A scarf is a simple thing which when worn in the right way can actually make the difference. Collect scarfs in different colors, materials and designs and use them with your dress to make yourself look effortlessly stylish. You can use both short and long scarfs and wear them in different styles.

Go for layering

Layering is something that can give you a stylish look with ease. Whatever is your outfit, consider layering. If you are wearing a crop top follow it with a jacket. If you are putting a shirt on, wear a body hugging T-shirt underneath and leave the buttons of the shirt open. Always ensure that the clothes that you are wearing inside are well fitted and the layering is not actually making you look fat.

Adopt the half-tucked in style

If you are wearing jeans or any trouser, consider tucking in only the front of the T-shirt, top, sweater or whatever you are putting on. The half-tucked in style gives a casual look and it simply increases your style quotient instantly. This style trick can actually make you get the stylish tag in college without doing anything much.

Consider folding up the sleeves

If you are wearing a full sleeved shirt or salwar, consider folding up the sleeves to quarter. You can always opt for long sleeved clothes and fold up the sleeves to look stylish. In fact you can use the same for your trousers or that loose jeans as well. Folding up the lower lose part of the trouser for a few inches can give you a stylish look instantly.

Wear a belt on your waist

If you are wearing a loose dress, consider tucking it in with a belt at the waist. Opt for wider belts and the ones without much bling. You should wear these belts over your dress and they can help you look not only stylish but also taller and well-toned by highlighting your waist area.

Accessorize your dress

This is another way to dress stylish to college. Add a broche, a chain a beautiful pin or any other accessory that gives a bling, on your dress. Pin it or stitch it up according to requirement. Keep in mind that you are attaching it at the right place of the dress and it should not come off on its own.

Wear the right shoe

A high heel shoe can actually make you appear stylish in college, but if it is not very comfortable for you, it is of no use. So, put on a pair of shoe that looks stylish but is comfortable to wear on for the whole day. You can easily opt for those stylish flip flops with just any dress to look gorgeous. The ankle length leather or canvas shoes can also go well with dresses that show your legs.