Beauty Care

How to look beautiful at school

It is not really very tough to look beautiful at school. You need not to spend hours standing in front of mirror before going to the school just to look your best for the whole day. At this age, you are naturally beautiful, because age has not started to show its effects on your skin or hairs yet; so just a little extra care can give you that perfect look in school. Here are some tips that will help you to know about how you can look your best and most beautiful at school without looking out of the place.

Wear a clean and well pressed dress

Well, this is surely the first step to look beautiful at school. If your school dress is soiled, uncleaned or not neatly pressed it is sure to affect your overall appearance. So, always make it a point to only wear well cleaned and pressed school dresses. Also ensure, that you dress should not give out any foul smell. Maintain at least a couple of them and wash them regularly to keep them in the best condition always.

Take care of your shoes and socks

Shoes and socks make the other part of your school uniform that has some important things to say about your overall appearance. You should wear only a school shoe to your school and not some high heels or flats. Heels and gorgeous looking shoes can make you look beautiful when you are going out to a party or just to hang around with friends, but they can never give you the right school going look.  Also ensure that the shoes and socks are in the best condition and they are well cleaned and non-smelly.

Get a fit and healthy body through exercise and sports activity

If you are trying to look beautiful at school, it is important that you have a fit and healthy body. If you are too fat or unfit you are sure to not to make the best impression. However, at this age, do never opt for crash dieting for losing extra fat, because it can hinder your growth. Ensure to have sufficient nutritious diet and take up a light exercise regime like running, jogging, aerobics, dancing or yoga to stay fit. At this age, also stay away from any weight training, which can stop your growth. Taking up a sports activity like swimming can also be very helpful to maintain fit and healthy body at this age which will make you look naturally beautiful.

Get the right hairstyle for your school

A messy hairstyle is not appropriate for school. You need to look tidy and clean in every aspect to appear beautiful at school. Keep your hairs clean by washing them with a proper cleanser at regular intervals. Also use some conditioner to keep the hairs hydrated. Coloring your hairs might not be a very good option for school going girls. Ponytails and plaits are the most suited hairstyles for schools. If you have front bangs try to arrange them neatly so that they do not come up over your face always. Use a ribbon in case it is a part of your school uniform otherwise use clips and bands of only black color to keep your hairs in place.

Get beautiful skin naturally

At this age your skin must be beautiful on its own and all you need to do is to keep it clean and hydrated to ensure that it stays that way. Use a mild and natural cleanser to wash your face 1-2 times a day depending on the pollution in the area you live in and move around. You really need not to tone your skin with a toner during this age. If you are keen to use one, opt for nothing other than pure rose water. Scrubbing your skin at this age should be done only once a week and with a very mild scrub. Also keep your skin well moisturized by using a moisturizing lotion or cream at least twice a day after cleaning your face and never forget to put on sunscreen when you are going out in the sun. The above tips can help you to get skin that looks naturally beautiful even in school for the whole day. The three skin problems school going girls might have at this age include, acne, dark circles and un-even skin tone. Here are the ways to deal with them naturally.

Take care of acne

If you have pimples on your face, it is best suggested to opt for some natural homemade treatments to cure them and keep your face clean always to avert formation of more pimples. You can also consult a dermatologist to cure the acne completely.

Control the dark circles

Students often get dark circles around their eyes due to pressure of study. So, take extra care to control the dark circles. At this age you need not to opt for any cosmetic dark circle removal creams, rather use a pack of potato juice regularly on the eye area before going to the bed at night. This natural treatment can reduce your dark circles quickly and effectively on regular use.

Get an even skin tone: Keep your skin clean and use moisturizer and sunscreen at regular intervals. You can also use a fuller’s earth and green coconut water pack to even out the skin tone.

Preparing your skin to look beautiful all day at school

  • While getting ready for school in the morning, first wash your face with clean water and then use a sunscreen to ensure that your skin is well protected and moisturized. Let the sunscreen set in for a few minutes before you apply anything next.
  • You do not really need to opt for foundation or makeup to look beautiful at school. If you are keen to even out the skin tone, you can opt for a BB cream, which will take care of the moisturizing need of your skin and will also give an even coverage.
  • Opting for a BB cream that comes with SPF can be helpful to make the process simpler.
  • If you have acne marks on your skin that are not hidden by the BB cream, you might opt for a concealer. However, always keep in mind that you should not go overboard.

Do you need eye makeup?

Heavy eye makeup is a strict no for schools, unless there is some special occasions that need you to take the makeup. To the most, you can use a thin line of kajal to make your eyes appear brighter. Do not use mascara or eyeshadow while dressing for school. They will make you look out of the place.

Prepare your lips

Using a lipstick for school is not something suggested. However, you need to keep your lips moisturized and for that purpose you can use a lip gloss of natural shade. You can also use products that keeps your lips moisturized but do not add any shine to them. Do not lick your lips very often and it will continue to stay moisturized.

Maintain the best oral hygiene

If you want to look beautiful at school, you actually need to take care of your oral health. If you have yellow teeth, it can ruin your whole look within a minute. So, clean your teeth and mouth properly and ensure to follow the right oral hygiene so that you do not have a bad breadth. In case you have a setting problem of teeth or a chipped tooth, consult a dentist for help.

Groom your nails

Having long nails painted with some exciting color is not a good idea for school going girls. Keep your nails short and clean. You might opt to apply a light coat of a natural nail color on your nails to make them appear naturally shiny.

Wear minimal accessory

It is best to not to wear any accessory to school apart from studs or clasps on your ears. Studs of solid metal or pearl can be appropriate for schools and they can make you look beautiful naturally.

Beware of body order

This is another thing that the school going girls need to take care of to look their best at schools. A beautiful appearance and personality can be ruined due to body odorand as school going girls go through different hormonal changes in the body, hence body odor is not very uncommon. To control body order, make it a point to clean your underarms daily and try to keep the area dry. You can also use a deodorant that controls the odor but does not have a strong smell before going to the school.