Beauty Care

How to look beautiful & attractive to your boyfriend

Well, first of all know that you already look beautiful and attractive to your boyfriend; if not, then, it might be the right time to cut him loose. Beauty does not only depend on how you actually look, rather it also resides heavily on the feelings of the man looking at you; and if he is your man, he will always find you beautiful and attractive. So, do not really get panicky about how to make yourself more beautiful and attractive to your boyfriend, because it is when women get overly cautious they do the wrong things. Just check out the next few things every time you plan to meet your boyfriend and be sure that he will find you the most attractive.

The pre-preparations

Be clean and fresh

Cleanliness is surely the first thing that not only your boyfriend but even your colleagues notice in you. As your boyfriend is permitted to get closer, so if you are not clean enough there is maximum chances that he will notice, and it is sure to put him off. To be clean, you really need not to spend 1 hour in the bath daily, just ensure that you take enough time to clean yourself. If you are going to meet your boyfriend in the evening, take a short bath before you start to get ready. It can help you to feel fresh and clean adding so much to your beauty.

Have soft skin

It has been noted that many men, find soft skin of women really attractive. So, if you are trying to look more beautiful to your boyfriend taking some extra care for that soft skin can surely do the trick. Here we are talking about not only the skin of your face but also the skin of your hands and neck. Get into a regular cleaning-toning-moisturizing routine and always make it a point to exfoliate regularly, because that can really help you to get a softer skin.

Get clean hairs

Your boyfriend will not surely like it if you have uncleaned, sticky hairs. In fact no one likes it. So, make it a point to wash your hairs and give them the right amount of care so that they are soft and look good. Soft and well maintained hairs can always add a lot to your natural looks and hence give your best to get those clean and healthy locks.

Wax your hands and legs

Yes, many men find the hairs on the hands and legs of women a big turn off. So, if you are really willing to make yourself appear more beautiful and attractive to your boyfriend make sure that you have properly waxed hands and legs; that are well moisturized and feel soft to touch.

Groom your eyebrows properly

Men do not usually prefer bushy eyebrows; neither the too thin ones. So, make it a point to check that your eyebrows are well groomed before you meet him. However, boys do not really tend to look at things too precisely, like women do, so it does not matter if you have a few small hairs left here and there, but as a whole your eyebrows should appear clean and tidy.

Wear a light perfume

Men like feminine perfume unless they are too strong. So, wear a light perfume that smells fresh.

Light makeup is the right makeup

Many women find it confusing to decide the right type of makeup that their boyfriend will like or if they even notice the makeup that they put on with so much time and patience.  Actually doing makeup in the right way can make you look more beautiful not only to your boyfriend but to everyone. However, the trick to make it perfect is to take up makeup without showing it off; which means you should look natural as a whole and not like an artificial doll because you have done your makeup. Your boyfriend is bound to observe it if you look more beautiful and stylish, but a huge load of makeup can be a real turn off for him. So, try to keep it simple and natural. If you are not going out with him on a special occasion try to look as natural as you always do. Here are some tips on how to do the right makeup to look more beautiful to your boyfriend,

  • Use minimum layers of makeup. A light foundation and a loose powder should be sufficient for the base makeup.
  • Using a natural shade of blush on your cheeks can also be a good idea; because it will make your skin look healthy.
  • Line your eyes properly, with liner or Kajal but better not to opt for those cat eyes unless you are going out on a party.
  • Curl your eyelashes with a heated curler than using mascara. It will make you look more natural.
  • Wear a natural color lipstick or lip gloss and ensure that your lips are properly exfoliated and hydrated.

Get the right hairstyle

You really need not to visit a hairstylist or spend long hours in front of mirror styling your hairs before going out to meet your boyfriend. Style your hairs in a natural way that suits your overall looks and also makes you feel comfortable instead of stiff. Do not use a setter; just make sure that your hairs are naturally shiny and soft. He might like it actually more if a few traces come over your face at times, so do not opt for a too tight or formal hairstyle.

Those flattering clothes

Most of the girls spend the maximum time deciding on what to wear. Keep in mind that it is not the dress that you wear which is important, rather it is the way the dress make you look that matters. No matter what you choose to pick, a normal jeans and tops, or a simple saree, or a salwar suit, if you are looking your best in it; it is the best dress for you. Here are some tips for choosing the right dress,

  • Make sure that your dress highlights your best features and hides the not so good parts. So, if you have a heavy bottom, look for clothes that highlight your upper body more than the lower body. A combination of light colored top with a dark colored bottom can be ideal for bottom heavy women; and it is the opposite for the top heavy girls.
  • Always wear clothes that are a right fit with your size. Wearing clothes that are bigger or smaller can never make you look good.
  • Ensure that you are feeling comfortable in the dress you have picked to wear. Because being comfortable has a lot to do with feeling confident; and unless you are feeling confident in a particular dress, you will not be able to carry yourself in the best way, which is really important to look attractive to your boyfriend.

Accessorize it

Your boyfriend is most probable to love those accessories on you; but do not overdo it or you will look like a hippie, which your boyfriend might not like at all. Put on some nice earrings, bracelets. You can also opt for a cute necklace. You can experiment with your accessories which can make you look pleasantly different at different times. Just take care that you do not go overboard.

Get the right attitude

This is the most important part of looking more beautiful and attractive to your boyfriend. You actually need to have the right attitude that your boyfriend is sure to like and it will naturally make you more attractive to him. Work on the next tips if you do not already follow them,

Be confident

Being confident about your own self is very important to look attractive to anyone. So, opt for everything that can help you to feel more confident. When you believe that you are looking beautiful, automatically you feel more confident. Walk confidently and behave confidently, it can help you a lot in every aspect of life.

Be positive

This is another thing that can make you more beautiful and attractive to your boyfriend. Being pessimistic does not really help in life in anyway; rather being optimistic and positive can help not only you but also the other people around you. If you are positive, you can encourage your boyfriend and that can actually help your relationship.

Do not criticize

Criticizing is something that most of the men do not like. Do not criticize other women or compare yourself with them and try to highlight your own good natures in front of your boyfriend. Instead of helping you, this can be harmful for your relationship and can make you less attractive to him.

Be intelligent and smile

Every human being is sure to appreciate intelligence. You need not to solve out a 12 standard math problem in front of your boyfriend to make him know how intelligent you are, just make your words and acts wise. And yes, always smile and let him know that you care.