How to look beautiful & attractive to your crush

Well if you have a crush, it is most expected that you will be ready to go that extra mile to look more beautiful and attractive to him. In fact it is not a great deal to appear attractive to your crush, all you need to do is to take some extra care to ensure that you look your best and do the things that he is sure to like in you. Here is a guide on how to do that.

Look good

First of all, girls make one thing clear in your mind that you need not to be beautiful to appear attractive to your crush. Looking your best is all that you need to do. The first thing to look attractive is to get that right appearance. Read on to know more,

Pick the right dress

The right dress can make you look your best. So, pick a dress that highlights your best features. If you have a curvaceous body, opt for dresses that flatter your curves and hides the extra fat. Dress according to the shape of your body to look your best. If you have a bottom heavy figure, opt for black and other dark cloth colors for the lower part, and combine it with a light colored blouse. Top heavy women, should opt for deep colored tops and pair it with lighter shades of bottom wear to look their best. Also ensure to wear a dress that fits you perfectly.

You can pick literally any color of dress that suits you. Many studies suggest that men have been found to have special attraction for the red color. However, it can always vary from person to person. So, chose a dress color that looks best on you and if you look good in it, no matter if your crush already love that color or not, he will like you in it.

The perfect hairstyle

To look beautiful to your crush you actually need not to have a very tidy and neat hairstyle. In fact, most of the men do not like or do not notice very complicated hairstyles; so better be simple. Either opt for an open, messy hairstyle if that suits your look and the dress you have picked otherwise you can also opt for a high rise simple bun if that suits you. There are no need of using a setting spray or anything like that; just let your locks flow in its own way. However, always ensure that your hairs are soft and heathy, because unhealthy, dry and damaged hairs will not help you to look good.

The right makeup

To look more beautiful makeup can be your best friend. However, it is important that you use it with caution. No man will like it if you appear like you have painted a face over your own face. For impressing your crush always take the minimalist way and ensure that you look naturally beautiful, unless you are going out on a special occasion. For this, do not take layers of makeup rather complete it with only a few products. A light touch of blush can be appropriate to give your skin a healthy glow.

  • Eyes: To impress your crush you need not to opt for a heavy and detailed eye makeup every day. You only need to take care so that your eyes appear naturally brighter and pronounced. To achieve this look, use a white liner at the inner corners of your eyes, which will brighten up the eyes; and line the upper eyelid with a thin black liner. Do not opt for cat eye style, because it will again make you look artificial. Do not forget to curl your eyelashes and add mascara to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. And one last thing, ensure that your eyebrows are well shaped and clean, so that your eye area appears bright.
  • Lips: Your lip makeup should be as natural as possible, unless there is a special occasion. Ensure that your lips are well exfoliated and moisturized and then add an appropriate shade of lipstick or lip gloss to make your lips appear naturally plump and soft. Pick a lip color that suits your skin tone and also goes with the season. Opting for peach and nude tones that suits your skin color is always a good option. Many studies say that men like women more in red lipstick, but it is not true in every case; particularly when the color does not go well with the overall appearance of the person. So, pick the color which suits you, not the one he might like.

The right shoes and accessories

Well, men like women with long limbs. So wearing a high-heel shoe can surely be the right option. It can also help you to get a confident walk, which a man is sure to appreciate. However, only opt for a heel length that is comfortable for you; otherwise, it can make your walk really funny. Pick accessories that are simple yet classy and truly adds to your looks to appear your best.

Get a healthy body

It is not only your crush who admires a fit body. So, if you are trying to get more attention from your crush, go the extra mile to get a fit body that adds to your overall personality and appearance. You can simply adopt a healthy food habit, along with regular exercise regime in your lifestyle to get that healthy body and to enjoy more attention from every one including your crush.

The magic of softness

You can add tremendously to your appearance by making your skin look soft, healthy and flawless. Make it a point to exfoliate the skin of your hands, legs and neck area regularly. Also wax your hands and legs and moisturize the skin properly to get soft skin. Naturally beautiful and soft skin can add a lot to your overall appearance and it can be highly effective to make you appear more attractive to your crush.

Smell right

To appear most attractive wear a feminine perfume that does not smell too strong but leaves a lasting presence on the mind. Too strong perfume is not preferred by most of the men; so opt for floral or musk scents that smell fresh.

Get the right attitude

To look attractive and beautiful to your crush, getting the right attitude is a must. You should be polite and appear confident about yourself. Confidence is something that is always enjoyed by men, and confident women are cherished always. Men prefer women who enjoy themselves, so do not keep yourself within a shell to appear “good” to him; enjoy yourself and be original. However, ensure that you do not behave too bold just to make it look that you are enjoying.

Do not avoid him

If you think that you avoiding your crush is going to get his attention for you; you might not be right. Ignorance is something that men never prefer, particularly from a woman. So, simply greet him with a smile when you meet him and have a few words that show your best side, but do not stick with him for too long. Initiate discussions on recent topics and while discussing pay genuine attention to his words. Look directly to his eyes, men feel really good about women who pay attention to their words. Also, do not opt for any negative discussion; let it be a happy talk for all.